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Design Literacy and Paul Rand

Steven Heller

Design Literacy and Paul Rand

Steven Heller

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Class Description

Steven Heller is a legend in the world of design and his influence on the industry cannot be overstated. When CreativeLive visited Heller in his NYC studio, we talked about his life-long passion for design and why history matters.

Heller has authored more than 170 books on design-related topics and the list continues to grow. In this candid conversation, Heller discusses the logos of legendary designer Paul Rand and why design literacy is important. He talks about the role of history in a contemporary designer’s work and how being well-versed in what came before you yields better results.

Ratings and Reviews


Terrific, and personal for me. My father Arthur Boden, was the first designer Paul Rand Hired for IBM's in-house design dept. in the late 1950's. Dad worked under the aegis of Rand for 17 years. Now, 90 years old, Dad still loves to recount his days working with Rand, whom he adored as a mentor and friend. Dad was one of the leading designers at IBM, and worked on many campaigns, including the 1964 Worlds Fair, IBM 360, and was a favorite of IBM's CEO, Thomas Watson Jr., for designing his personal, annual holiday greeting card.

Brian Kolstad

Two American design legends. What's not to like? Heller does a wonderful job of illuminating Rand's work in this short, but wonderful video.

Tarek Ben Slimane

Love it. And thanks for the "free".

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