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Cut Page: Overview

Lesson 14 from: DaVinci Resolve: How to Use Every Page

Casey Faris

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14. Cut Page: Overview

Next, Casey shows you how to use the Cut Page to make your editing process more efficient.
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Lesson Info

Cut Page: Overview

Now that we've taken a look at the edit page and how it's sort of the kind of core of your project inside of Resolve. I think it's a good time to explore the cut page because the cut page does a lot of similar things to the edit page, but it's kind of coming at it from a little bit of a different angle where the edit page is designed pretty much like a traditional editor, just like you would find in final cut or Premier or Avid or something like that. The cut page kind of reinvents how we do editing to a certain point. And this is why I like to go over it after the edit page because if somebody is familiar with video editing, the edit page makes a lot of sense. And then you can kind of start to see why we use the cut page. But if we just start with the cut page, it's just like, why would they do it that way? (laughs) So. So the big deal behind the cut page is all about speed where the edit page is again, just really traditional, the cut page is designed to save you time, and basically ...

cut out of the extra things that you normally have to do when you edit a video. Some people really like this, and some people think it's super annoying. It kind of depends on the type of videos that you're making, and your specific workflow, but pretty much everything from the cut page is designed to cut out all the extra work. Cut out all the kind of fluff when it comes to editing a video.

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user 714f13

I'm glad to see the DaVinci Resolve courses have been added to Creative Live. Casey Faris does a great job with his teaching. In this course he clearly explains the layout of each page and shares example workflows for each. It's really good as an intro to Resolve.

a Creativelive Student

Helpful class if you are interested in DaVinci Resolve. Casey Faris presents the information clearly and doesn't waste time. Looking forward to his Color Correction and Fusion classes.


Made navigating through Davinci an exciting thing to do! Great work!

Student Work