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Color Page: Overview

Lesson 23 from: DaVinci Resolve: How to Use Every Page

Casey Faris

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23. Color Page: Overview

Casey shows you how to use the Color Page to edit your video’s contrast, color temperature, saturation, and more.

Lesson Info

Color Page: Overview

Now let's dive into color grading in the color page. This is I think one of the coolest features of Resolve. And this is actually what Resolve kind of grew out of over the years. DaVinci Resolve actually started as a color corrector. A long time ago they didn't have the edit page or the Fusion page or the Fairlight page or any of the other pages really. You pretty much just imported a finished edit into Resolve and it was pretty much just the color page. So this is the oldest and kind of most refined feature of Resolve. And it's probably the most powerful color corrector that is available that isn't like $6 million. Okay. So the fact that this exists in free software is just mind blowing. So the big idea with the color page is that you can color grade any of your shots from your timeline. Again, it shares the same timeline as the edit page and the other pages, and any time that you want to work on color and get really detailed, all you have to do from the edit page is just have the sam...

e timeline open that you wanna work with, and you just go down and click on the color page. And that will bring up all of your shots inside of the color page and you can move through them one by one and adjust them with all kinds of really cool color tools. This is a process that can be really overwhelming if you're new to it, but we're gonna take a look at some of the kind of need to know details so that you can kind of get started and work on making some really cool images.

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user 714f13

I'm glad to see the DaVinci Resolve courses have been added to Creative Live. Casey Faris does a great job with his teaching. In this course he clearly explains the layout of each page and shares example workflows for each. It's really good as an intro to Resolve.

a Creativelive Student

Helpful class if you are interested in DaVinci Resolve. Casey Faris presents the information clearly and doesn't waste time. Looking forward to his Color Correction and Fusion classes.


Made navigating through Davinci an exciting thing to do! Great work!

Student Work