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Chase Jarvis

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14. Q&A

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removing to the end of the day. Okay, Least let's talk about community you, me and ah, 100 closest friends. Right? Um so when you say joining communities, do you and I know you meant online? How does how does your building an instagram following Not talking about likes? Necessarily. Sure. But how does that fit into building your community? There's a description under your name and you say what you want people to know about you and that is your declaration of what it is that you why you started an instagram handle mother husband to bar your wife to Bob husband to Gary, Uh, wanna build a $1,000,000 business and by the tallest building in town. Whatever your instagram, that was a terrible one. But the cool thing is is that you can write whatever you want in there, and that's your You're putting out an identity and you're saying, if you are a like minded person, let's talk on instagram, Okay, So and the same is true with all the social networks. I like the ability of being able to embed st...

ories about you, the human and the work that you do in the platform because It's not just the platform, right? The platform to be clear is a distribution channel, right? It's a place where you can put your ideas out into the world. So it's sort of like a hollow vessel that my concept of just the title is the most simple, superficial, simple one. But in what you put out is sort of what you attract, right? You're putting out cat videos, then you're going to get other people who like cats and they will send you cat videos. And then maybe you meet up at the cat convention. I can only hope, Yeah, I mean, like, there's only about a 1,000,000,000 people who do this, and so we're laughing. But this is really how it works when you break it down, right? Never is not in now. This is good. We're getting somewhere. So I like to think of building Community is also not just putting stuff out there blindly. If there could be like intention is a really key word for today, right? Like you heard every one of my guests Say it, I said, at four or five times, and I like to try and add value with the content that I put out there. This doesn't mean that everything that you have to put out is education. Right now, everybody is an expert, right? I was Ah, at an event in San Francisco for the book. And Jason Calacanis, who's an investor and advisor in Silicon Valley, was the co host and he asked me like Everybody is writing books because that's the way to become an expert. But the reality is we want to sort of we wanna not just think about the content that we put out in the world as establishing ourselves as an expert. I started my entire universe trying to add value to others because I didn't I didn't have anywhere to go. There was I couldn't learn. So I figured if I could just emulate and be the person that I wanted to attract, like I'm struggling, here's where I'm not doing well. What does anybody know? Can anybody help me and behold, like a whole world opened up? So I think of not just putting education out there, which is very common, and it's fine because if you heard Jasmine, if you know something about that is an easy way to immediately add value. You're the best in the world that real estate are the best in Seattle, with best Enb awful and you can share about buying homes and bottle. There are thousands of people who want to buy homes and bottle. That's my hometown, by the way. Um, so that is one way you can also entertain. You can also inspire. You can also ask questions, right? These are all ways that you can put content out in the world to build community. Now I want to make sure that you understand that we're just talking about online community right now, but you can do all these same things. You can show up at the bottle city commerce meeting and present your photography, and they're probably find value. That right cool. We had a great photographer from a great presentation from a photographer, namely, So who's, you know, they know your story. So I think, whether it's entertaining, inspiring, educating those air signals that you put out in the world around what you care about, what kind of community you can you can build any other questions about that? Awesome. Next question, we're gonna go to the back. We're gonna go to the side if there's this is amazing. If there's no questions about, I'm sure just check this book in the garbage. That because you got it, You got it all figured out. Okay, We're gonna go. Everyone wanted community questions. That community that There we go. Yes, we've got someone brave. Stand up. Tell us, er Hello. I am Hannah from Seattle High. Hannah, I was wondering if you could expand a bit further upon digital versus in person community and particularly if you're a person like Chris who's traveling a lot and maintaining community, even if you're not completely rooted in a place. Yeah, it's a great question. And I often think that people we go scale because if I put a piece content on the Internet, I can reach people because I have 1000 followers on LinkedIn or whatever is. And if I show up in an event like this, I could meet 99 other people. It's reduced by a factor of 10. I'm also here to tell you that the chances of you connecting with someone more meaningful here are way greater than online with any depth. And as you heard from Jasmine. She showed up at an event after event after event. And how many people did she shakes? She talked to to to Now she has a business that I think has somewhere between five and 10,000 subscribers. She has hundreds of thousands of people paying attention to her on instagram and lengthen and YouTube and and it's because she does both things now. I also some who travels a lot. I understand I'm sympathetic with face to face. Community is tough. But I tell you, when I show up in London, I say I'm gonna be at this bar would be fun to have a couple of beers and 100 people show up. It's not just a boost to my ego. It is a joy to connect with like minded people for whom I can add some value and who can add a little bit of value to me. I'm learning from their stories. I know what kind of content they want to hear. I'm happy to hear that they bought my book. I'm happy to learn that there's a meet up for photographers. The next time I'm in London in September, I'm gonna be able to take all these things happen in person and online. I'm just a huge fan of sometimes picking something inspired. That's why I was so passionate about you guys tapping into Krista's world domination, Summit community, Unbelievable community. And as faras, the events go. That is one of the more affordable events that you could travel to. It's really, really rich, like minded. I mean, if anything we're saying today makes sense to you. This is a community of people that just exude that Creativelive is a phenomenal community of million people or more, who are all thinking and talking about the same stuff that we're doing here and there. In a class there live classes. There are communities like around our social feeds and whatnot. That's just one example you can probably. There's probably examples. I just I'm over indexing on the in person stuff because I think in a digital world, especially for shy or introverted people, what's the tendency to do is to step back into the corner, talk a little bit. It's hard to meet people, right, so by being the person who is like jasmine and go and show the meat to people you're reminded that human human connection? A. It's something that's really, really valuable for business and work and tapping into our our highest cells. But it's also really good on a personal like human level. We need human connection now more than ever. Okay. Thank you for that question. One or two others that someone appeared. Now, here we go. What is it That, uh, good. We've uncorked it. Okay. I am. Jen. How do you overcome the fear of scale? Because you just mentioned scaling. And I'm kind of petrified of raising above a certain scale. Like I feel like I've towed it a certain level. So, like, how do you get from 2010 million? One of the time? E. I mean, it's a simple answer, but like, it's how do you speak in front of a room. First you go to Toastmasters, you speak in front of, like, six top at Farrell's on Tuesday at lunch, and you come with your one minute speech and to give you one minute speech, and then you do that three or four times you start to be comfortable. Like I know all these turkeys. I'm gonna tell you whatever you want to know? It's like and then you speak at the local chamber of commerce and then you speak at the local meet up for photographers or for needle pointers or four coders. And then and then and then And at some point, funny story. My wife. So I enjoy speaking, and I was recently speaking in front of a stadium of people. I was intolerant. What company was it? Was intel, like literally a stadium. It's like their annual meeting is like they fill a stadium. Okay, We're gonna It's like Microsoft is down a quest field or whatever. It it's not Quest Field Mouse t Mobile field. I can't centurylink I can't keep up with it. Um and she is back there, just like on I'm like, I can't wait. That wasn't learned. I mean, so that wasn't native. I didn't natively want to do that. But over time and with a little bit of encouragement, I found it quite easy. And remember Well, I'm gonna tell a little story Super quick. Okay, I waas seven is right before I my film Remember that one? It was at a wedding and I don't really know is going I have my cute little suit on, you know? And then I saw over here a group of started the bride and she had, uh, contains your mic for a second. She had a okay, and she was going like this and she's looking over shoulders. I'm wait a minute, like just for that. And then I'm looking over here and there's a bunch of people standing with their arms in the air there, going like this, and I'm like, she's This has happened. She's gonna throw them, okay? I'm like, Oh, I am so good at catching stuff. So I'm I'm way on the other side of the room, right? And she's like, you know, through two. And then here's me running across the dance floor. I catch it. I fall slide like crickets. 3 300 people going on. I'm like, Oh, and then I get sad. And then the worst thing happened, which is I see my dad. He's like my dad was a cop at the time was like and I'm like, uh uh And sure enough, little tears Well up in my eye and my dad, I will never forget it comes up and he puts his hand out and I put okay in his hand and he was like, This walks over. I mean, how humility is this redo, right? Hands it to her studio to redo this thing in front of 300 people and, of course, is like seven kid No. One. I was internalizing all this, right, and then it comes back up to me and I'm like, I'm about to get it would have been uncommon and he looks to me is like a but like and he says, Great catch. So the moral of the story is that that helped me break through being in front of people in a very small way. I've said it a couple times that the words that we say to ourselves and our loved ones and other people in our community and people that are trying and people that are showing up it matters. That's right. That's my kindness and connection. These things that I'm trying to advocate for, they all matter. I got comfortable being in front of people in a very small way there. And then the next time I was at a cruise ship with my parents and I asked Hey, everyone's dancing. Do we care if I go out there and do some break dancing? My parents were like, No, that's unusual, but I think you should go for it. Sure enough. So my point is, it's a small muscle built over time, and everybody wants to be able to just show up and be the life of the party or show up and share their views. Or show up and, um, promote their work. Uh, gas or build community. Like all these things. It's a muscle. Okay, great question. There's a couple of years back there were gonna go. Yeah, thanks. You move a runner right behind you. I'm Hannah. Two point. Oh, my question is with. Given that community is like the other 50% how do you balance time with, like your craft? Plus giving that amount of time to the Internet and social media and all the promotional work for yourself in the community and your family? Like, how do you cordon off all your time and meet all the buckets you have to fill? It's a great question. It's a great question. I don't actually, I don't believe in balance. I believe in harmony okay, And balance is fiction, because balance implies Stasis, right? It implies that this is always gonna be like this, and I can do every week. I can do two hours of this kind of work in tours of my family and tourist with this and tours of this. And that's just fiction because things Evan flow right. And that's what harmony is like. If I plan out and then I play another note, if I play this known over here, I'm sort of out of harmony. Have to go play this other note over here. So harmony is something we're always chasing, and we're always just keeping it long enough to keep things moving and what we set ourselves up for and when we beat ourselves up because it's not static. But I think recognizing them. That's why I don't love the word balance. Work. Life balance is a myth. I have a great video on the Internet. You should watch it sometimes work. Life balance is a myth, but harmony is possible and what happens to harmony. Sometimes you got a bunch of people saying, Uh uh, you get out of harmony and it's OK, but what do we do with our creative practice? What do we do with meditation? We just bring it back to the middle. Just bring it back. When he gets out of whack, we bring it back. And now I also recognize that we're asking a lot of ourselves in this world, Ray, we're asking ourselves to pursue this passion to take this risk to just unabashedly show up who we are authentically and all these things. They're not effort free. And that's why you can't be doing all these things at the same time, right? But this is where this part comes in. You're gonna figure it out. You're gonna do the right thing at the right time. And when you screw it up and you do the wrong thing at the right time with the right thing at the wrong time, you're gonna learn and you're gonna adapt. And I believe that there is no silver bullet. There's just a bunch of lead ones, okay? And to show up and to just keep trying to figure it out, I think that productivity is a little bit of a myth in our culture, we've been obsessed with, like, what's gonna like productivity is this this thing that we're trying to sign up for? Being able tohave instead of 22 minutes? Five minute means we're gonna try and get 205 minute meetings in our day, and that's like again, that's not that's not effective. That's busy and busy is a lack of priority. So we're always trying to chase this priority in our life. It's never going to be perfect. But it's always gonna be progress, because every time you do something, even if you step in it, you're gonna learn something. So there are some time management tools in the book. I think I want to reserve my answer for just at that level because otherwise wouldn't get too prescriptive. And I don't know enough about your individual situation. But what I do know is it's possible. And I do know that the only person who knows how to do it is you. Okay, we're gonna go back to Blue baseball hat. No, we have to. Richard. I love this so much, you guys, it makes me so happy. We're all learning a little teeny things here. We're gonna keep it going. Yes, sir. All right. If I ask a non community. Related questions were beyond it. Now we can. I just wanted to make sure thank you for breaking the ice. I love it. I appreciate it. I can finally have something. I was waiting patiently, but so early on you had talked about kind of the effort it takes to be an expert. You know, the oft repeated 10,000 hours, you know, become expert. And over the last decade, there's been a lot of interesting research into what makes entrepreneurs successful and contrary to the expert entrepreneurs, often very good being a jack of all trades. Yep, being evenly balanced, I'm wondering being an artist and an entrepreneur. What's your take on that? How do you find up for lack of a better term balance, even though it's static and not something you know, I love harmony. I love the question because I think it is wildly misunderstood that you that I somehow went around trying to become a photographer and going to business school and doing all these things at the same time, back to your point, like how do you do it all? And that's not at all. It was a very clumsy in perfect pursuit of something that I loved. And when I like when the way that I like to think about it is when you tap into the thing that you're supposed to be doing again, the world happens for you rather than to you, Philip pull. And for the people who are just I mean, is anybody in this room tired Right now? I mean, not literally like use of this moment, but just in life, like I know so many people that are tired. And if you survey the people that are tired, very few, there are people who are tired of doing what they love, that more people are tired from doing the thing that does not energize them. And by being around people that doesn't do not lift them up. So my belief is that I happen to tap into a thing in this being photography, where I felt what it felt like to tap into the juice. And then I got on unbelievable amount of energy, this energy that you're feeling or you have felt for me all day, or Jasmine's energy. That's riel. It's really it's like because I'm pumped. I'm doing the thing that was supposed to be doing in my life right now. When I walked offstage, Kate said. It's so fun to be seeing you do the thing that you love to do, and that's contagious and it creates a bunch of energy. And I did that once and I was like, I need some more of that That was fantastic. And then when photography started happening, it's like maybe I can help other people learn, And then I was able to apply that same level of passion and interest in connection to my next area of interest. Think you move along right? It's like I have people all time, like, Oh, can you, too? Can you please do more photography videos like the one you did in 2008 with the Ninjas? And I'm like, I love you, man, but I don't do that anymore, and that's not because I don't want to, because I belong to dogs. But I have prioritized the thing that I'm doing right now because in mastery, this is the part where I didn't want to go too deep into mastery. But when you master something, which is why I advocate going deep enough that you learn how you learn best, you personally, you that you can then apply that to other things. You get enough success and enough you taste. I'm asking if you feel like someone says I don't know how to know if I've mastered something and my answer to them is if you have to ask, you haven't Maybe when you've mastered is being you. But maybe that's an old you. So I like to throw myself at a thing. And that thing, Ideally, it's a thing. This is why I want you to the two purposes. Remember, your first mission is to find out what you do. You are what you love. And then to do that thing like I would advocate that you do that. That's all I did in your You know, the essence of your question is like, Okay, you're an artist, an entrepreneur. How do you do all those things? I didn't do them all at the same time. I wasn't trying to boil the ocean. I would love to have boiled the ocean because doing things linearly or in Syria in serial rather than parallel is harder takes longer. But this is where I reflect back and say, Life is long. I can't believe the fact that meant creative. I was 10 years old. That's like, Whoa, if you ask me, I thought with maybe three or four is what it feels like in my body Summer summarily get good at the thing that's easy to focus on, where you have a ton of energy. Don't try and boil the ocean. When you feel like you have broken through and you're getting that you're making progress and those things become more easy to you. Then you can start to look to your left and right other things. And the cool thing is that this happens naturally because I didn't say Okay, I'm gonna be a photographer. Her shoots 50 campaigns a year for 11 years, and then I'm going to be an entrepreneur, and I'm gonna go raise $60 million. I'm gonna build a company where tens of millions like I didn't do that right. I'm just like, cool. I'm at a place right now where I'm curious. I don't have to see the whole set of stairs before I take the next step so we can talk more about this a little bit later, cause I know it's a big topic, but I had had advocate for passion in the area and then expand naturally. And it's OK. Remember if you went all the way down this path and it was a dead end for you? You had to figure that out. Because now what do you know? You know what you don't need to know anymore. Okay? We're gonna go back to Richard, so everything chases. That is true. Every single one of my every single one of my jobs that I've gotten this year's a freelancer is because the advice he gave me a year ago. So I am in a huge debt to him to begin with Also, I'm Richard. You can find me. Oh, you can find me on the Instagram, Richard Underscore lots and something. Over the last year, I'm a video editor by trade, but I've been getting more in photography and I love it. I love working with models and shooting with them Finally out of strobe in my life. I'm playing with that, but I've noticed in Seattle a SNP isn't very strong. Will be like for five people that show up at the night how, like how, like, what can I do to build that community around my body of work? But more importantly around, uh, photography professionally here in the city because it seems like it's lacking cool. Good question. And this is probably true in lots of cities, right? The community isn't strong for my thing in my community. You know, if you're doing The Matrix, there's a lot of ways of that can line up. I like to do two things I like to say Okay, in that part of the world, maybe I travel to connect with those communities and I twice a year I go to the The Photo Plus Expo in New York. That's where I saved up my money. And I spent four days in New York getting a cheap Airbnb and connecting with because 10, photographers come from all over the world to be there. And I don't have to to flex that muscle or get that juice here in Seattle, I'll get it somewhere else. Alternatively, if not you who? Why wouldn't you build it? Why don't you reach out to other people? Why wouldn't you be the star of your own movie? You be the hero You wish you had. You be the fan you wish you had. You want someone else's certain Everybody wants somebody else to start the community. And you're like, Well, that's not on my dream. My dream list of stuff to do is not started community. It's become a world going, award winning photographer. Impact the lives of millions. Help people help you get clean after clean water to Africa, whatever it is. And starting the community is not on my thing. Maybe it is. And you know how you figure it out. You start. How hard was that? You might be gifted, extremely natural, of getting people together to talk about photography. You don't even have to do anything. You're good at organizing the event. You get the sponsor you get. You know, a bunch of people show up, you join the Facebook group, you do a thing. Who knows? You might be a natural if not you. Who other part travel to get that same bows. Okay, You don't travel for everything. You could get a lot of an online, but a couple times a year you travel next question. Yes. Please tell us who you are. I'm Andrea, from Vancouver. Hi, Andrea. From another country. My question for you is I worked as a corporate communications manager. OK, so for those of us in more corporate jobs who want to injects more creativity into our day in our workplace, what would you suggest? That we start with amazing question. And I think that this is a critical piece of the book, and I feel like I could have done a better job with it earlier on in this in our time together. Today is the book, and the idea of creativity is not remember his creativity inside of every person. It's a muscle. By creating every day, you realize that you can create your life. Those are the three key principles. Every single one of those is true inside an organization. It just looks a little bit different, and it's like you're chuckling right now. But because you also know there's an element of truth in it, right and you can't like you can start a community around photography at your work, you can get someone to get your learning and development person to support a subscription to Creativelive, where you can say, you know Everyone loves the idea of innovation. What is innovation of its not creativity put toe work? So what if you became the champion for creativity? What if you showed them all the studies that say, What's the number one thing? That 1500 CEOs, when pulled, asked about in the workplace or wanted to see more of in the workplace, that one thing. Creativity. Okay, so I think by being an advocate for and a leader in and around these things, it's like a great way to create a little bit of a groundswell. And I think it's also interesting that, um, you know, go back to if not you who? Because also back to the be the change you want to see in the world. And there's another, like a little principle that I like to think about. And this goes, uh, it's really also oriented towards that. There's someone in your life who is like, I really just want you to get a day job because this is risky for our family and risky to our for kids and all these other things that I believe tough conversations are tough, but they have to be had. And if you actually sat down and in a thoughtful, kind hearted, generous approach, shared what your real vision is that you'd get further than you do by just talking and dreaming and not actually, um, stepping into who you really are. That being said, my favorite aspect of this, especially at home and I think it works a corporate, which is why I'm bringing around show Don't tell. Okay, if you if you're busy telling everybody in your family how much you want to be the photographer. But here I am just stuck over here doing my corporate job. Or if you're at work and you're like, You know what? I just wish we had more corporate, more cool stuff happening in our business. If you just start actually doing the verb, you become the noun and what I've heard after sort of coaching thousands of people through this. When you get up early every morning and you write in your journal for 30 minutes and you don't say anything to your spouse, you just get up like I want to be writing every morning and you do that every day for a month or gasp a year. What happens to your partner, spouse or other. You're like, Wow, he really cares about writing show. Don't tell on the same thing is true at work. What can you do to manifest that in your place of work? Because I tell you one thing. When you listen to Jasmine star, that's contagious. And I don't think you have to be the same personality is jasmine start. You don't even have to say the same things. But if you show up in the way that you want to show up and bring creativity to your workplace by asking your boss asking the Ellen de person or just creating a camera club fill in the blank club at your place of work, it's pretty cool. You got this. Okay, Yeah. Um um, in the blue, we gotta might coming back from you. And we're just gonna take a couple more questions and we're gonna wrap it up. Hi. My name is Sandy High Sand A. And I want to say one thing about community and then add a question. Okay. About entrepreneurship. I'm a interview artists on the radio for our National Public Radio in my town. If I just renew an artist that would love to be interviewed. I can't help you there. Sorry. Next question. I'm also building my own landscape photography showing in galleries in that kind of thing. But about, uh, community. My co host and I have started throwing Show your work parties there potlucks. The 1st 1 I invited all these wonderful people and the people who showed up for my family and my friends. But we persisted in the 2nd 1 We did the same kind of thing, and we've got this whole other cut of people and people just loved it. And we had fabric artists and sculptors and photographers, and I mean, on and on. Can I ask you a quick question? Why do you think that they loved it? Well, because they had a chance. Teoh show what's on the bleeding edge of their creativity, and people listened and respected and ask them questions. And there was no criticism involved. Just like, Oh, my God, you made that. That's crazy. Does that sound like something that everybody in the time that we got that from Austin Clay on? Obviously show your work parties, but he brought food and wine, and he's a dear friend I'll make a video with you at the end of the day. Will say yes. You gotta show your work. Party? Yeah, he just said it once, and I went Yes. Yeah. Got it. So just the small take away there is like that is like doing it. That's like we're being the fan you wish you had or being the person. If not you, then who? Okay, Thank you for doing that. Next. Uh, that's the question I have in my mind. Musical question is that I've, you know, jumped up this year. I'm doing gallery shows, and I think that I can sell online, and I'm being heavily marketed by art storefronts dot com. Patrick is emailing me listening to the podcast. I'm reading their stuff when I think I can do this. This is for May. Great. But, you know, uh, my question is, can I do the business part? I mean, how can I learn that? You know, I'm retired. It's like my whole life I married. My husband manages the money. I was like, I've never had to manage money. Google analytics. I'm thinking Can I can I do the business part of it? I know I could do the art. You good. And how can I learn that? Who teaches that you have a classic creativelive? Why people are nodding their heads and clapping is because we have about 1000 of them on by taking all the photography ones? No, but it's It's really important that you hear me right now that I heard in your description of yourself a belief that you couldn't do it. I also believe I can do it, Okay, but that's good. But what you believe in what you say sometimes there's a gap there, and I want you to know that I believe that you can put any you can do anything you put your mind to you. You actually done the hard part. This other stuff it is it's blood blocking and tackling. Now, mastering business might be something different. But if you want to start selling your art, you can literally do it tomorrow with 42 clicks of the mouse, you can have your work on the Internet for sale. I'm not gonna go into telling you the tactics on how, because there are 500 classes on creativelive about it. Research creativelive go there in your search business, like selling work. All these search terms, you'll get literally hundreds of classes You never occurred to be to use those search terms. I would never use them. So you're telling me it's like, Oh, course. Maybe this is business. Your trip here. I just paid for itself. Yes. Thank you. So because I expect to see your work on for sale on the internet soon because that's what we've been talking about. You have to do something instead of nothing. You have to do it in small in perfect ways. The first time you post something, you're probably not going to sell it. And if you do, you should have charged more. Thank you very much. Thank you. Yep. Okay. Two more questions and then we got to cut it off. We're gonna go. Oh, yes. All the way to the very, very back. It was a very shy, quiet raise. Very back row. Yep. Prefer to sit down. So, like the limelight. But just thank you, everybody for let me be here and putting it out there. I guess more of the question would be when you are owning the creative side of yourself, and you're perceiving things from a different filter you can send to feel a little crazy, right? But you put yourself out there with the real life, and you could be involved with the energy in the room in the meet ups, but that still can continue to linger there when you disappear from it. So I guess the question would be, how do you continue to refine your vision throughout your creative process so that you stick to overall heights that you want achieve? Because some of this stuff you can't even talk about because it's so deep been close to us? Yep, that we all shy away from it. Yep, it's amazing question. What's your name? I might see you, but I see you and I'll say a couple things. One. The stuff that we're scared to put out there is our best stuff. It's the stuff that you got to be doing, and I'm not saying you have to do it tomorrow, but I'm saying when you get the courage and you will, it's gonna be your best stuff, whether it's trauma or a wound or an inside that you have. Remember when people were telling me that I was crazy when I had death threats for telling people how to take pictures on the Internet, literally death threats. People threatened my life. And I don't want to be too dramatic here because I really wasn't ever scared for my life. I'm comfortable taking care of myself. But I literally had people telling me that I was taking food out of off the plates of their Children and putting it into the pockets of people who didn't deserve it. So not to overdraw overdramatize it. But I actually also knew that I was onto something. And whether it's trauma or something that you believe in that others don't I truly believe that that's your best stuff. So whenever you decide to step into that because that's authentically unapologetically you, that's the stuff we've been talking about for a long time. You're gonna feel a strong reaction to people in that strong reactions gonna be both great and scary and hard and empowering and all those things all at the same time. It's gonna be confusing, but like we've said 100 times, you have to start doing that in order to really manifest it in a way that you see is possible now thing to it's There's a Bezos quote that I love and I love it because I believe it's true and I believe it's true because I've lived it with everything I've ever done. Go back to that Chinese proverb. The person who says something and not possible she get out of the way of the person who's doing it. Every person told me that it was stupid to take pictures with my phone. It started out as a palm Treo 0.3 megapixels. Maybe that was stupid, But then it was the razor. Remember that cool flip on? And then it was the IPhone one. And then lo and behold, I did the first photo app that shared photos to social networks. That was the app of the year made millions of dollars millions of downloads. Years before Instagram, the $1,000,000,000 was mind to blow. Instagram totally kicked my ass. But I have a hard time seeing that it wasn't a good idea, and you can only connect those dots looking backwards that, among other things, among sharing work, there was no such things behind the scenes videos. When I started putting him out there. Now. This isn't about me. I'm telling you the things that I just know firsthand. But what I do know is that there are the same number or more great ideas that you have in your head and your heart than I've ever had the difference. Maybe right now that I'm I've developed this muscle of putting it out there. That muscle is available to you. Now. The cool Bezos quote is were that we had. Amazon are just willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time. Last I checked there, doing okay, right? But when his investors were gonna leave him and when he didn't believe it, stay in your lane basis. What is this your now offering server space? This is absurd. Stan, your lane. Anybody have any idea how much a W. S makes a year? Now it's like $40 billion or something. That was a side has within Amazon side Hustle be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time. I will tell you right now this is a very strong This is a very powerful tool is a very powerful, um, a tribute to develop, and I'm not saying that you shouldn't be adaptive. Remember what Chris was talking about. So you will know when what you're doing is banging your head against the wall. At some point, if you either find that you don't love it or it's not working or some combination of those things. But until that's true, you do you okay? Be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time. People told me the creativelive was crazy, that it didn't need to be live. That that was stupid. All these things were true. And I'm telling you like this I was just like the emperor has no clothes. This is These are facts. But it's true. So be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time. I got one time for one more question that we're gonna wrap it up. You get served. This cannot not have that smile on the last question. Thank you, God, for giving me this smile. I can't run. I'm Grady High Grade A with the launch of this new book Chase and everyone in the room here celebrating it. What do you want to see happen because of the book? Oh, Ah, wow. How long you got uh, that's awesome. Question, Brady. Thank you. Um, I did not want this toe have to be a book, because the book is hard for me. I love writing. I have a lot of experience writing memos in graduate school for philosophy. What you gotta do. You gotta write a lot. I've written more than 1000 log posts. There was still not one bone in my body that wanted this to be a book. But you know what? When you know when you're willing to trust yourself in the face of everybody else, I knew it had to be a book. Okay? Because I knew it was the vehicle that it needed to be. It needed to be a boxing, and it would be shared and to be talked about. And I need to be more permanent than an online video. It needed to be tacked. It needed to be you something. You can sit on the couch with Oprah and Ellen and talk about 1.2. I'm not kidding. That's part of why it's a book. I'm telling you, I'm way better at a as a photographer than I am a writer. But I managed to make this book. What I think is good enough, maybe even slightly better than that t get these ideas out in the world. So thank you for the question. First and foremost, Um, I there's a really simple arc. I denied my creativity early life. I denied that eight year old kid who had a dream of being creative. And then, fortunately, I found that person on the backside of losing someone very close to me. And when I did that, I was so unbelievably grateful because I felt a personal power to be able to create the outcomes in my life that I wanted. And so I wanted to continue to manifest him. So then I sort of became a creator. And then when I realized that my photography career I'll reveal a piece of the book, there is a 0.100001% chance that I should be standing in front of you. I should be dead. I was caught in a massive avalanche in Alaska at the peak of my photography career, and I remember laying in bed the night after the same night and thinking that all the work that I had done It brought me so much joy, and I was literally was like on a shoot in Alaska. Unlimited helicopter budget. Getting paid a ton of money was like the best you could possibly imagine. And suddenly I realized that I had a higher calling, a different calling. It wouldn't say how different calling to go beyond if I could tap into what I was supposed to do. And maybe, just maybe, I could then share that. They say that there's two arcs in life. The first dark is acquiring, acquiring knowledge, acquiring self confidence, acquiring possessions. Acquiring resource is for me. The second arc is about giving that back. And so I realized that night, laying in bed, staring at the roof, this this Styrofoam roof of, ah, low budget Motel in Alaska that I think I'm able to give this to other people. And so from that point I started making tools, and the tool looks like the IPhone at best camera giving people something that everybody was gonna have in their pocket, giving them the ability to take a picture. Addicts. How crazy is this? None of these things existed at a cool effect. We'll call it a filter and then share it to this thing called Social Media with one touch and have this cool little social network around pictures and have the first ever photo feed had a literally petition apple for a real time photo. They denied it the first time through. Okay, that was a tool. And I'm like, Okay, cool. I became a creator. I started building tools, But what we need now is the ability of platform to learn and to teach and to share. And that was creative life. And so again, I'm only my own brain is only connecting these things looking backwards, right? I don't actually know. This is not some master plan. I think now it is right. But this is the next stage for me. Was the why? Why? Why? Creativity? And so I deconstructed my own successes and failures the successes and failures of all of my most successful and fulfilled friends. And I found out Oh, my God. All of this it's get gets pinned on all kinds of other stuff. It is permanent personal development and growth and business and hacking and productivity. I'm like, what are all those things have in common? You know what it is. It's creativity. And so to need to write the book, the why to connect all these dots and to help us understand that creativity. Is this life affirming that what differentiates us from every other species on the planet? I just had to do what I had to do it. So my ask, my hope for this book is that it becomes something that gets discussed that is shared. There's tell you something about this book. What is this right here? It's a blank camps, right? So if we're gonna like this, is just to show you what one artist, a guy named Vasko that I commissioned to do it, This is what he did. He drug paint across it and helped put bring mice my subhead toe life. But this is a blank canvas, and it's also sort of feels like a textbook right. That's not an accident. Want this to have staying power? That's not why there's no picture of me on here that's on purpose because it's a manual for you. It's a manual for life, and remember, we're all creative. Creativity is a muscle. If we use that creativity every day, we understand that we have agency over our life and in creating in small, daily ways. We know that we can create we want, and that's why I wrote the book.

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Tristanne Endrina

I think this class is an amazing supplement to the book. It's an extension of the ideas Chase wrote about ... with conversations with amazing minds like Chris Guillebeau and Jasmine Starr and a lot of great questions from the audience. You take their thoughts and feeling and interpret them to apply to yourself and what you want to create in life. Thank you, Chase, for having me in the audience. I thoroughly enjoy learning from classes like this. Thank you so much. ~ Lifelong learner, Tris


I’m enjoying the book. I find Chase’s story inspiring and it’s great that he wants to share it and to help everyone learn to be successful at being creative. I am not looking for a career, I am looking to find creativity I seem to have lost in photography and in other hobbies. So far I am learning that I need to make a plan to get where I want to be. I know it’s still in me somewhere, I will just need to put in the work to rediscover and develop it. Interesting book and class and I just discovered the workbook tonight. I tried to watch the live class but the volume wasn’t as loud as other classes and it was difficult for me to hear on all my devices. I am going to connect my laptop to my stereo speakers to watch it soon.


Thank you for this course- I can't wait to read the book. Working through some big projects and struggling to finish the last few miles, these were all great reminders and I love the compass analogy- so true! You can tell Chase really cares about what he's teaching.

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