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Creating Impact in a Dull Space

Brooke Shaden

Creating Impact in a Dull Space

Brooke Shaden

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Class Description

Brooke Shaden is the queen of crafting ephemeral photo shoots. In only 90 minutes, using a simple black backdrop and natural window light, Brooke is going to show you a number of different ways to create striking portraits through the use of wardrobe, simple props, and quick Photoshop editing. This segment is perfect for an aspiring photographer looking for creative ways to enhance your portfolio or for a seasoned pro looking to reinvent your style.

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Ratings and Reviews

Kelly Ergle

LOVED THIS! I like her simple style and fantastic results. I really appreciated how she walked through the photoshop steps for people like me who don't just "know" how to get to get to specific actions. She was great!

a Creativelive Student

This a great, quick course to get the creative juices flowing. Brooke's use of everyday items to make a remarkable shot is amazing and so inspiring. I highly recommend the watch.

Regi Dm

Brooke as always amazing. I love her master classes she has a lot of positive energetic and inspires me to create something artistic!

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