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Making a Cinemagraph

Lesson 3 from: Creating & Editing Video in Photoshop

Dave Cross

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3. Making a Cinemagraph

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Lesson Info

Making a Cinemagraph

One of things that is a popular thing people are doing now is the most common term that I've heard for it is cinnamon, mcgrath said. I just read it never actually say it aloud where you end up with what looks most like this still image with the portion moving and there's a piece of software out there that is dedicated and I think it's very good, but I was a little dismayed when I saw the minute trade show and they were like, well compared to photo shop where it takes twenty five minutes to do it. I'm like not really there's really not that hard if you get the right kind of thing, so I went looking and I thought, I'm if you guys heard this, but for the first time in a long time niagara falls froze and people were actually like climbing the ice. So this is a video of just but to prove the point that it actually froze, all I would do is select all copy now, if I pasted right now, it would assume it wanted to be in that same video groups of the simple solution just if you close the video g...

roup, then when you hit paste it automatically assumes above so right now you can see on my timeline, the video clip is this long, and the still clip is this long so I have two choices normally these cinema grafts are like a looping kind of thing so I don't we don't want it to be all that long so I would probably scale the video down to fit the still image as opposed to the opposite because I want to ultimately make it this little looping kind of the thing so when you have a video clip and you go to shorten it is actually kind because it pops up this little view and you can actually see so is your creating what they have heard? It was an out point at the end of this video can actually see where your cutting it off which is more appropriate when you're putting various clips together this point all I'm trying to do is make them match the same mountain so now I have a video that looks like this it's happening because I put a still image on top of the video below so let's revisit our original concept is this is like using photo shop so if I had a layer and I wanted to hide part of that layer to let the bottom part show through what would I use a leather mask so if I add a layer mask to this top layer and pick a spot and say well this part wasn't frozen just by doing that it's only one part the rest of it didn't freeze just that one little part is open but that would be the theory for anything if you have any video where there's like a person with their dress blowing in the wind and you want the dress to blow but nothing else to move the same principle so I just picked something that would be easy to show sometimes it's a little more challenging because if you're tryingto loop which I will do eventually you don't want there to be that knows well it started again and that's often the hardest part and in some cases I've tried a few times where it was almost impossible to find anyone I film someone and I said ok, I want you to keep it still is possible and just close your eyes and then opened them so I could do that and she when she tried it five times every time she closed her eyes you just did something with their head that was enough that it just looked it was like the center grab was like and there was just this little kind of max headroom kind ofwork thing that was just like what was that so um so in order to finish this off now this is still video so later on I'll talk and brief overview about how to get the video out of photo shop because cinema grafts are animated gifs to work I need to make this into an animated jeff and the simplest way to do that is safe for webb because in here you khun choose to make it a jiff file on dh eventually it will finish I'm sure but down the bottom it says animation forever and then once it's it's not loading here but anyway if he did and I hid done then it would export that little animate jeff well, there we go finally that well, um obviously could play around with the settings a little bit more to pick the right kind of color scheme but that's a simple way to go from your photo shop layer document and create little jeff file that could be shared with people input on the website zone now, personally, I would be also saving the psd version of this because the chances are once you watch the animated jeff, you'll go that didn't quite work right wish I had done this so I'd like I want to preserve my editing ability and photo shopped to make adjustments to it and tweak accordingly. Okay, so with keeping in mind that was the most about the most boring example I could do quickly. There are so many more things that once you start realize that's available, you start thinking with this in mind, so when you're filming a video site who we had some wind coming from here, we could make this move but keep that static that's where it gets kind of interesting slash creepy because if you've seen some of cinema graphs, they are bordering on the creepy kind of thing where there's like no one's moving except one person just goes like this and like that's a little creepy so I've seen a few that definitely fit into that sort of creepy category for sure. Dave, I just wanted to mention to folks at home if you missed it erin mace did a full class on cinema graphs here in photoshopped leak so what if it is something that interests you? You can check that class out as well. Awesome. All right, so let's take a look at my first video I did in photoshopped this was actually done in c s six but the same principles apply um so this is the finished video and then I'll show you how the concepts of how I built it in photos show I love watching home home what you hold a baby hold on please wait howman don't go home, eh? Help me keep on till the morning kick ups are me you give me so yes even the scrolling graphics are done in photo shop there so just it was free music archive dot organs the name of that song so that's an example because I use that song I had two in the credits name the song and the artist and where I got it and that's generally, what? How that site works is that you're free to use that as long as you give proper attribution to the person. So putting that video together, I learned a lot for the following time is that I didn't really come in with this. Much of a plan is I should have I d just on the fly was going, kyle was walk this way and walk that way, and I'll stand behind you. And then later I was like, I wish I had one more of those and there was a whole sequence that we did by a fence that as I was doing, I'm like that looks so great, and I looked at it compare you have, like, not really at all, so there's like a good four minutes of footage that I was convinced was gonna look awesome and then real life, mostly because of bad camera work. It was just but that's because I've never done it before, but at the same time I was pretty happy with that in result, considering that was quite literally the first time I really tried putting clips together and moving them around and doing transitions and things like that.

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For years I have observe that video thing at the bottom of my CS6 program. What would you do with it. Nor could I do anything with it. I saw this course offered at Create-live. WOW, what a wonderful course. It sure helped me with the basic uses of this part of adobe photo CS6. Thanks

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