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Creating Brand Identity Systems

Brian Schmitt

Creating Brand Identity Systems

Brian Schmitt

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Class Description


  • Understand the spirit of a brand and create design programs that instill that spirit into all consumer touch points.
  • Build a professional brand identity system including key components of a brand identity including typography, color, photography pattern, verbal communication and consumer touch points.
  • Apply expert design philosophies to a brand to capture an audience’s imagination.
  • Prepare properly for your branding project by performing in-depth research.
  • Design an expert creative strategy for a brand from scratch.
  • Craft a symbol as a vehicle for a brand, balancing abstraction, simplicity and meaning.
  • Capture a compelling brand voice that images a target audience immediately.
  • Incorporate a motion component or animation into a brand.
  • Create effective presentations and style guides to sell your branding work to a client.


Powerful brands require a complete visual world to communicate effectively with a target audience. The world’s greatest brands capture consumer mindshare through design and have expert systems in place that capture the spirit of the company and filter this messaging through all of its elements. Creating brand identity systems is an intentional and considered process that requires mastery of a range of different skills including design, time management, presentation, writing and research skills.

In this class, you will explore the entire branding process from brief and ideation to final launch. The class includes guidelines and demonstrations on how to define your mission and values, decide on a logo, typography, color scheme, image style and how to implement a creative strategy to ensure cohesion across all communication and consumer touch points.

By the end of this class, you’ll have learned how to develop best practices and strategies to create a repeatable process from branding programs in all media. Enroll now to start your branding journey.


  • How to ensure that all aspects of a brand work in unison for maximum impact
  • The key to a front-loaded creative process
  • How to research target audiences as well as industry and competitor trends
  • How to interview a client to get the best project brief possible
  • How to work with a brand’s mission and values to connect with an audience
  • How to craft and use symbols and wordmarks for a brand’s visual identity
  • How to work with brand imagery including photography and illustration
  • How to assemble branding examples to communicate your vision to partners
  • How to integrate your brand into products
  • How to create a brand color system, use typography, and incorporate pattern into your identity system


  • Business owners wanting to enhance their brand strategy
  • Creative professionals who would like to improve their branding skills
  • Freelancers wanting to add brand identity and design to their skillset
  • Marketing and brand managers looking for a firm grasp of branding essentials
  • Anyone wanting to start a professional career in the world of branding
  • Digital nomads looking for work that they can do from anywhere in the world
  • All levels of experience
  • Basic Adobe Creative Cloud experience required


Adobe Creative Cloud


Renowned multi-platform designer with 15+ years of experience. CCO and Creative Director, Brian partners with global design leaders to craft culturally relevant experiences and collaborates with world-class talent on each project. Member of Apple’s Human Interface group and Nike's Brand Design team.