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Brand You

Lesson 4 from: Create a Culture of Excellence

Jason W Womack

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4. Brand You

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Brand You

Branding yourself, letting the world around you know what you stand for, what you believe in, what's yours. Let's do this question of the audience just so I can push on you a little bit. It's halfway through the year. I'll date stamp this video. It's halfway through the year. How many of you need a little bit of a refresh on one of your social profiles, specifically LinkedIn? How many of you know it's time to go in and just do a little, right? Because that brand that you're presenting to the world, you look at and go hmm, there's more. There's an article that you've published that's not represented there, there's a speech that you've given that isn't represented there. Brand You, what we call your known for. I truly believe this. It's not so much today that you are creating your brand as much as it is, I believe, you're magnifying or modifying. I've got a couple of quick personal stories just to kind of set the stage. I did work with a bank in New York City, a lot of work with a bank. ...

They had me come out, I ran a lot of programs on productivity in the workplace, and after a few years of doing this in England, London and Zurich and New York and Raleigh and San Francisco, I had traveled enough around these different offices that I started to follow people as they moved. And so, maybe three or four years into this process, I'm in New York City and I see a woman that I had coached in London. And there she was, we made eye contact. I remembered her, she remembered me. She says Jason, Jason, come here. I walk over, she turns, she says Jason, this is my boss, he's in from Zurich. I wanted him to meet you, and then she says to her boss, boss, this is Jason, he is an Outlook expert. And I know I forced a smile, but I had branded myself inside of this 50,000 employee organization as the guy that you call when your email's out of control. Oh, by the way, that's when I knew I had to write a book. That's when I started the process of going in the direction of getting my ideas about self-management, about self-leadership. That's when I started to look to the future and ask myself what is it that I wanna focus on? What is it that I wanna set as a goal? Who can I spend time around that is gonna help me build a bigger vision? Who can I spend my time around that's gonna poke holes in my plan? And who can I spend time around that's gonna hold me accountable to the projects and process that I said I was going to follow? So, if we're gonna talk this afternoon about momentum, we need to focus. We need to practice focus, we need to practice re-focusing. Gosh, we live in a world that is just so easily distracted, so easily distracting us. I've only been talking for a few minutes, and for those of you who are watching online, I'm gonna ask you this same question. Laugh out loud if it's true. I've been talking for about 15 minutes. Quick show of hands, who's thought about something besides me since I've been talking? Thanks for being honest. The rest of you, you're lying, right? No, seriously, you're staring at me, you're off in the audience somewhere. That's why I move around the room or switch slides, to bring you back. My question is where'd you go? When we're daydreaming, when we're focusing on something else, not that that's bad, I wanna follow it 'til the end. We call it focus to finish. Can I open up a page in my notebook and focus all the way to the end? Can I start a video on the computer and go all the way to the end? It's uncanny, and I'll just give you a little example here. If we were to pretend this is a book that I'm reading, it's just a blank page. If I'm reading a book... Has anyone ever had this happen where you're reading, you're reading, you're reading, you get to the bottom of the page and have no idea what you read, right? Has this ever happened to anybody else in the world? You're like oh, man, my eyes moved across the page, I was here, I spent all that time. Now, at this point, you have one of two options, right? If my eyes moved across an entire page and I don't know what I just read, option one is I just turn the page. Maybe they'll repeat it later on. Don't do this with Harry Potter. Changed in one page. It's a snake, whoa, I missed... I just ruined it for somebody. No, no, no, people who come to a class at Creative Live called Get Momentum, Creating Excellence, people who are attracted to this kind of a class, if you got to the bottom of the page and didn't know what you just read, what would we do? We'd go back to the top and read it again. I wanna make the case for practicing focusing to finish.

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Sylvie Leroy

Worthwhile and interesting. Lots of great ideas to implement. No waste of time during all the course. Thank you!

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