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Craft a Logo by Hand

Nicolas Fredrickson

Craft a Logo by Hand

Nicolas Fredrickson

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Class Description


  • Navigate your way around logo, lettering and typographic terminology.
  • Work with a creative brief to design an effective logo.
  • Use InVision to create professional moodboards for your logo design.
  • Understand the principles of logo design like hierarchy, symmetry, legibility and spacing.
  • Use the Procreate app on your iPad Pro to hand draw your logo.
  • Work with concept sketches and concept roughs to elevate your design process.
  • Set up your projects and navigate the Adobe Illustrator CC interface.
  • Add texture and professional effects to your vector.
  • Master key Adobe Illustrator CC design tools to complete your logo.


A brand’s logo is often the first thing the consumer sees so how do you create a brand mark that stands out from the crowd? Hand lettering is an incredibly versatile skill that allows designers to create original logos from scratch.

Now, you can create a hand-drawn logo starting with a standard pencil or an Apple Pencil and learn how to turn your hand lettering into professional vector artwork. Explore relevant history, terminology and practical tips to help you improve and gain a deeper appreciation for hand lettering and offer your client something truly unique.

This class is designed for complete beginners and if you don’t have an iPad Pro or Apple pen, you can use a notebook and pencil so there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t get started with your new skill today!


  • How to apply foundational design principles to your logo design
  • The difference between calligraphy, typography, and hand lettering
  • The full history of hand lettering
  • How to use keywords in your design process to get a better understanding of the brand
  • How to examine other professionals’ letterforms for inspiration
  • How to use the color picker, layers, eraser, pen, pen, brush, opacity in Procreate
  • How to use the variable width tool, shape builder tool and pen tool to make letters
  • How to prepare your files in an appealing way for final delivery
  • How to export and send your files in different formats


  • People who are just getting started in hand lettering and need professional resources
  • Designers and illustrators wanting to create hand lettered logos
  • Logo and brand identity designers wanting to enhance their existing skills
  • Freelancers wanting to add hand lettering to their skillset
  • Digital marketers and brand managers wanting to expand into logo design
  • Anyone wanting to start a professional career in the world of hand lettering
  • Digital nomads looking for work that they can do from anywhere in the world
  • All levels of experience.


Adobe Illustrator CC


Passionate hand letterer with experience working with a myriad of brands from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. Nicolas Fredrickson has spent thousands of hours studying and creating letters and enjoys helping other passionate people learn.