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Negotiating Tips

Lesson 41 from: Command the Fees You Deserve

Ilise Benun

Negotiating Tips

Lesson 41 from: Command the Fees You Deserve

Ilise Benun

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41. Negotiating Tips


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Negotiating Tips

So let's move on to negotiating test because I know that katie is ready to talk to us and we want to get to the conversation with her so lesson thirty eight a few negotiating tips and the first point I want to make which I've made before but I'm going to emphasize they expect you to negotiate they do not expect you to say, oh three thousand dollars ok, I'll take it right you want to have a conversation it really says I know what I need and I'm in this with you it really puts you on on par with them if you don't do it you really may be perceived as unprofessional and I really think that this helps you gain respect it's a negotiating tip number one don't approach from a desperate position kind of obvious not always within your control right? How do you not approach from a desperate position if you are feeling kind of desperate that's a dilemma my suggestion is fake it fake it till you make it on what I mean by that actually is not put on a face but um you'd be amazed at the effect of jus...

t taking a small action write an action that you take toward another kind of project toward another kind of prospect just little marketing tasks that you do for yourself even if you don't have another project right away can start to make you feel less desperate that is my suggestion for getting out of that desperation so that it doesn't seep into your negotiations and your conversations with other people. I was referring earlier to the client who asked for the deposit, and then they came back and said, what don't you trust us? And she had to go back and say no and what she was feeling desperate that's why she wanted the job and was afraid to ask for the deposit, but she got it right, she asked for it, and she got it so really have to be careful with this, all right, negotiation tip number to ask for more than you want. We've talked about this a little bit also, and this could be tricky if you're feeling a little desperate but it's better to start high so that you can come down and find a place in the middle and sometimes that starting high, maybe double what you thought you think you will get, you can throw the numbers out again. If you're in a conversation with people, then you have an opportunity to do the negotiation, so especially if you're in real time, whether on the phone or in person asked for more than you want. And the third one think about what else they have that you want right? So if it's not all about money if they can't give you the money that you want then do they have exposure that would be valuable to you can they give you visibility maybe it's credit on a big poster or at an event where you've designed the collateral do they have connections? Do they have a board of directors that you could meat that you could send a letter to? Is there a meeting you could attend? Is there a networking event you could attend any of these things could be negotiated for so think about what else there is besides when you want vanya asked that question yesterday but it's probably now she was saying she sometimes considers charging this if it's something that's going to help her tap into a new market is willing to give up stuff vic it's ofwhat she knew absolutely that's a good one and finally be ready to walk away this is crucial and tricky in a negotiation but again it goes all the way back to what I keep repeating which is have many irons in the fire be detached enough that you don't need any particular project or client to say yes to you and you will automatically be ready to walk away because you don't need it take strength it takes solidity but it is something that we can chief. So which of these negotiating tips that we just went over are the hardest for you? Our studio thinking about that? Because kevin posted this question in session too. But I think this is a good time to answer. He's been in a situation where he's had to do rush projects without first quoting. So then he's had to negotiate on the back end when he's already done the work. It's a terrible situation to be in. Is there anything you can offer advice to get yourself out of that once you're in it, I don't know about once you're in it, I really would, um, discourage people from from in from allowing themselves to get in that situation in the first place. I mean, if the client really wants the job, you have the power right to say, I'm sorry. You more powerful than ever, I think exactly. So, uh, that's a very tricky situation. And you know, if you can say, and maybe you remind them how much you jumped in without really even talking about it. And so now here is the price.

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Rashida B.

I wasn't able to catch this during the day, but I stayed up literally all night for three nights watching the replays. AMAZING. This definitely goes up there with the best of the best and most useful Creativelive courses ever. Pricing isn't the most exciting topic in the world. However, Ilise was passionate about the subject and her enthusiasm made this not only interesting but fun. I loved how she infused it with her vast knowledge and real world examples. Her guests were just as interesting. This was all around GREAT!


Helping others help themselves. Ilise Benun is clear and well-organized. The methods she shares are easy to understand while honest and straightforward in approach, stating from the git-go that work on my part is required. Ilise draws on her own experience as well as the methods and experience of other professionals in this course. She welcomes us into a proven plan for successful growth embracing an attitude of progress rather than perfection and attraction rather than promotion. This is my kind of mentor!


Oh wow! My favorite course to date! Ilise's expertise was tremendously helpful. Thanks to Ilise, I'm not "stuck" any longer and I'm so excited to implement the wealth of knowledge I've gained from this master Marketing Mentor. This course is well worth the cost at any price!! Thank you so much Ilise!!

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