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Intro - What We've Learned So Far

Lesson 14 from: Command the Fees You Deserve

Ilise Benun

Intro - What We've Learned So Far

Lesson 14 from: Command the Fees You Deserve

Ilise Benun

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14. Intro - What We've Learned So Far


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Class Introduction


The Big Ideas: Your Mindset


Deciding Your Goals


Do You Have What It Takes?


Overview of the Top 5 Marketing Tools


Tool #1: Your Elevator Pitch


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Lesson Info

Intro - What We've Learned So Far

Welcome everybody to command the fees you deserve this is session too and we're going to start by just telling you where we are in the course so yesterday we focused on you and your marketing and I made the connection because some people were a little confused about if we're talking about how to command the fees you deserve why are we talking about marketing? But I made the connection that if you don't clearly market your value to your prospects and clients then they're not gonna be able to justify and pay the fees you deserve that's a really important point and that's why it's important so today we're going to focus on your clients and your prospects and in essence the question we're goingto answer is one that I know is coming up in the chat room a lot which is how does one find clients so we are going to get directly into that today and then tomorrow in session three we're going to be talking about fees more directly we're going to talk about your pricing and your proposals so welcom...

e to session to uh I want to just recap a little bit of what we covered in session one because it lays the foundation and we talked about the first step towards success which is that you need to decide what you need not decide what you want but decide what you need and once you have decided what you need you also learned we talked about your goals and the mindset you need in order to accomplish those goals. We covered the top five marketing tools and we also gave everyone exactly what to do every day in their marketing plan and I happen to know that the in studio audience went home every single one of them last night and did something and so I want to just touch base with them first and maybe j k o we can also do that with the people in the chat room if they have taken actions because as I said in session one, the most important the thing here is that you do something we don't expect you to do everything between yesterday and today or today and tomorrow the beauty of marketing yourself and growing a business that will get you the life that you deserve and can thrive is taking a little step each day and that's why we want you to do this course over a longer period of time because you have to let it sink in and you have to really practice these skills and practice because you're not going to get it perfect ever in fact really the point I want to make is that it is never perfect I am constantly trying to improve my process I'm constantly changing my elevator pitch it is constantly improving and changing it's never finished okay so just get that out of your head so let's, start with justin. Justin, tell us what you did between lat the first session and this morning. Sure, you know what my goals was, tio go two three conferences this year and you went to them? I've gone to three conferences. They were fabulous. No, I decided to the three that I wanted to go teo three that were on the west coast of the us. So they were pretty accessible and they two of them were really in the field, like a field that I hope to target have it be my target market. And one is a little out of my comfort zone, but something that I think a colleague actually recommended to me, so so I just don't know how I'm going to go to those. And so what you did was you decided what you needed and you have are ready to take the next step, and I think that's really important, and I also want to make the connection to this big question for today, which is how does one find clients? It seems to me that and I hope the decisions you've made about which conferences to go to is exactly where you will find your clients that's the hope, right? So I'm just gonna keep answering this question about where one finds clients. Many different ways over the course of the day and maybe at least one of these answers will work for each of the people who are listening and watching. Okay, so beautiful. Thank you, justin raina, what did you do? I only had about forty five minutes on dh sometimes it doesn't take much longer than that for even that long I tried to tackle the length in title more I guess my elevator pitch something along those lines and I realized that, um, before I before I can really define that and make it right, I need to peel it back mohr and think about what do I really want to do? What works best for me? What are my priorities in life? So it kind of I kind of went back all the way even though I felt like it already defined my market and everything but and I realize that it's just not fine tune enough already. I mean, I I still need some more work like you were just saying it so it's always a long going process and, um so I don't you decided you made some decisions and I just want to emphasize that is the perfect thing for you to do because in a way, what you're saying is you thought you were all in yesterday when we were sitting here, but you realized maybe not and so now I need to go back and clarify those decisions and now today you are more all in right? And so maybe we never get to be completely all in but we keep moving toward that goal. So that's beautiful. Excellent. Zane what did ugo yeah, well, so yesterday I committed to a goal of setting up my podcast and I did that. I created it. I got it set up on lip since publish it on itunes on dh eso people who are watching they can go on to the itunes store and type in chile media and subscribe and probably could give me some feedback on how I can improve the podcast as well as give you some recommendations in terms of what guests I could have. So the plan is tio bring some inspiring people that would help other creative professionals and technologists and entrepreneur, you know, get to the next level in their journey so they can search on the itunes store which is called it's under chilling media with c h I l l like a media m e d a beautiful and that's just a little tip for everyone who has a name or a business name that no one would automatically know how to spell it always spell it for people otherwise especially if you say it a little too fast they're not going to get it right? And that could be your unconscious wish I wouldn't really want to hear me know say it out loud so people can find it all right so that's beautiful so and I did if you recall in session one challenge zane to go do his podcast yesterday and he did he didn't do everything he took a few initial steps and he laid the foundation and he made the decision so beautiful thank you all so much that's perfect let's see what people in the chat room did now kathleen alise saying she started a newsletter last night kristen w says I updated my client page on my website and divided into categories that wasn't just a nafta better goal list. The t shirt says she booked two thirty minutes chat with the release beautiful that was great krista set up her linked in profile on damien heart says, I did my follow up calls that were on my list weak so people really did cem very important things lost excellent and I did mention that one of my goals was to do twenty five free mentoring sessions per month to increase to that number and actually I got that many yesterday, so thank you all and please go ahead and fill up my next month if you will were scheduling a little bit in advance, but I'm happy to talk to you so beautiful moneymaking millennials is online and they're saying I'm really excited to be on this course today I'm a seventeen year old entrepreneur voting early very much and I'm trying to decide whether I should stay a virtual assistant or if I should be using my experience in charge more for consulting I have a podcast on entrepreneurship on dime I'm not advertising any services right now so they're joining us the class today to really understand from you released what they should be doing next and let me just respond to that in general because there is a question in there which is should I do this or should I do that and if you have that kind of question no matter what the this or that is the answer is what does the market need? Right? As I said yesterday it's not really about what you want although that is kind of in there but it's about what the market needs and how you can satisfy the market and then you find your place in that that's how I became a marketing consultant for creative professionals I knew all of these creative professionals and I said, what do they need? They need help with organizing then it was clear to me they needed help with self promotion and marketing if you follow and respond to the needs of the market you will be golden that is the path to gold all right, so stop focusing on yourself, it's not about you I think I said that a few times yesterday it's really about what the world needs with the market needs and how you can provide it all right, I think we're ready to move on so today what we're talking about is step two in this process seek and you will find so you've established what you need now you have to go out and find the people who can give it to you this is in direct contrast to taking whatever comes along okay it's the exact opposite of taking whatever comes along you're going to say yes this person is asking me for this yes that person is actually me for that maybe I want to do that that's not really what I want to do I feel like an impostor if I say yes to that but it's money so should I say it? No, you should definitely not say yes to that and really we want you to say here's what I'm good at here's what I see the world needing let me go find the people who need that find more of them at a conference at a networking event you know, in a list we're gonna look at the directory that I talked about yesterday so again the whole point is seek and you will find what you're looking for I I guarantee you that there are good clients out there. There are diamonds out there. If you look for them, you just have to know what to look for and have your criteria and weed out the crap. Frankly, all right, that's, what we're gonna try to do now just to let you look up ahead a little bit to what we're going to be covering in session three. So you know where we're going. Once we establish what you're looking for and where you can find them, then we're going to talk about your pricing and your proposals. And howto ask the people who you've identified as having what you need had asked them for what you need, and that will involve the art and science of pricing. It will be about best practices for winning proposals were going to talk about how to close the deal, how to negotiate. We're going to have katie lane here talking about negotiating. And then in the final segment, we're going to put it all together. All right, so that's in session three.

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Rashida B.

I wasn't able to catch this during the day, but I stayed up literally all night for three nights watching the replays. AMAZING. This definitely goes up there with the best of the best and most useful Creativelive courses ever. Pricing isn't the most exciting topic in the world. However, Ilise was passionate about the subject and her enthusiasm made this not only interesting but fun. I loved how she infused it with her vast knowledge and real world examples. Her guests were just as interesting. This was all around GREAT!


Helping others help themselves. Ilise Benun is clear and well-organized. The methods she shares are easy to understand while honest and straightforward in approach, stating from the git-go that work on my part is required. Ilise draws on her own experience as well as the methods and experience of other professionals in this course. She welcomes us into a proven plan for successful growth embracing an attitude of progress rather than perfection and attraction rather than promotion. This is my kind of mentor!


Oh wow! My favorite course to date! Ilise's expertise was tremendously helpful. Thanks to Ilise, I'm not "stuck" any longer and I'm so excited to implement the wealth of knowledge I've gained from this master Marketing Mentor. This course is well worth the cost at any price!! Thank you so much Ilise!!

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