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How to Handle Drama Queens

Lesson 18 from: Command the Fees You Deserve

Ilise Benun

How to Handle Drama Queens

Lesson 18 from: Command the Fees You Deserve

Ilise Benun

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18. How to Handle Drama Queens


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How to Handle Drama Queens

So lesson sixteen is how to handle drama queens so what is a drama queen? Do we have any drama queens in the room? No one would admit to being a drama queen someone is implying that one of the people on the couch is a drop, but I actually think a lot of us are we have our drama queen moments let's say, and maybe that's why we have such a hard time dealing with people who are drama queens, but who are they? We know them well, I mean they're people who react impulsively right there people who think everything is the end of the world they're people who are very manic and they're bouncing off for the walls and as I said earlier they're kind of like children, right? They are a little bit childish in their behaviors what justin you're identifying just with mango, a worker of mine nobody in the room? Definitely no, no really I do think that drama is is very prevalent in our culture and so it is everywhere and again it's allowed right it's it's there are no consequences for drama, so I do thin...

k that we have to be strong and be the parents often to ourselves when we get dramatic and also to our clients when they get dramatic and I think you have to feel bad for people like this because they need help and we can be in a position to help them, and one of the ways you can help them is actually by understanding them so I have four tips for handling drama queens the first one is take time to figure them out so I'm not saying that you will you will accept and try to figure out all the drama queens, but there might be some that you have empathy for that you could actually tolerate and they usually have a lot of money to spend for some reason these drama queens maybe that's how they pay for the tolerance but I would say choose carefully you can take the time to figure them out and by doing that essentially what you're doing is listening for what may actually be going on for them. So I'm thinking of one person in particular who calls me a lot and everything is the end of the world oh my god, I'm closing my business right? And so you have to know they're predictable, right? They basically say the same thing over and over, maybe they are addicted to drama and they can't stop themselves right? So again, you have to understand them, you have to help them, you have to know that this is going to pass and that's why, as I said before, you're not going to react emotionally, you're not going to drop everything you're going to when you can give them the attention? Not exactly when they wanted, but okay, I'll get right back to you, so listen for what may be going on for them. The third tip is shift to their frequency, which doesn't mean you become a drama queen, too, but you really have to balance their drama and just listen and let them sometimes just blah, blah, blah until they get it out of their system and ideally be the one who gets them because they could or you could become their best friend. You they may not become your best friend, but you could become their best friend because they with this behavior that usually put a lot of people off. But if you stay with them, if you understand them, if it's a clear to them that you understand them, they could become very, very loyal, like children, they can be very, very loyal, so I see a lot of head nodding, and I don't know if it's possible to talk about drama queens. We know without identifying them or talking about, you know, the particular situations, but I'd be curious in the chat room if people are understanding and a few handle drama queen situations, erin g is joining us from germany, says it's about listening. Listen, listen listen because sometimes they just want to talk on other people are echoed that they suggest definitely listening is it's a really good tip or anne says we'll just take you to lunch, take him to lunch, huh? Feed them they might be hungry maybe that's why they're being dramatic anyone in the room just important? Teo be empathetic on dh kind of like he said begin and see the world from their perspective and tough childhood or you know you just don't know what is what they're bringing to the table and so I think it's just important to be empathetic well, what lee has to say here because lee saying, well, I don't actually have any trouble it'll with drama kings what I feel worse are the tight lipped people who don't tell me everything I need to know and that's mohr troubling to them right? And and there are a lot of those people, but this is another situation where and we'll get to this in session three quite a bit you have to ask for what you need. You have to insist on getting what you need, otherwise you're not gonna be able to do a good enough job and you can't say yes to the project so they may be tight lipped because they don't have the information they may be tight lipped just because that's the way they are with their personality or they may just not understand that they have this information and you need it if you haven't asked for it. All right, so the lesson the, uh, exercise gives me that goes along with how to handle drama queens. Very similar. Do you have any drama queens in your life? Usually we each have one. You shouldn't have more than one, because then it could get very chaotic. But how could you handle them better? And the realtor truth are you won yourself or this is about self awareness identifying the moments in which you do become one of those drama queens are their situations where you react impulsively where you feel like, oh, my god, I need this immediately. And can you step back in those moments and say, you know what? Let me just wait, let me not do or say anything. Let me just wait. And often I think this comes up when we lose something that we thought we had or that we thought was stable and really like that could be a girl, a client that could be a big project that was almost to the point of receiving deposit and then it all falls apart. And is that a moment when you become a drama queen when you feel like the world is over? And I just can't do this anymore. And then you have to step back and say, all right, one step at a time. One thing at a time, I'm in control of my business, and I will do whatever it takes to make it work. That's, really my message for the whole course. Here, I'm in control of my business, and I will do whatever it takes to make it work.

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