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Color Theory for Photographers

Blake Rudis

Color Theory for Photographers

Blake Rudis

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Class Description

Color Theory is often referred to as "Painter's Knowledge." However, the truth is that having a strong foundation in Color Theory as a photographer can make a world of difference in your finishing effects and help you define your artistic style. Post processing expert Blake Rudis walks through Color Theory from the basics to the practical application so that you can improve your photography, post processing techniques, and style.

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Color Psychology Effects
Color Theory for Photographers
Digital Color Wheel

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Ratings and Reviews


Great class! I wish it was longer, because Blake has such fantastic information to share, and his enthusiasm is inspiring. Very much worth the time, although it is best if you have some basic knowledge of Photoshop.

Sabrina Lungen

Amazing class!!! Lots of useful information, very clear and precise in a short course. One of the most useful courses I have ever seen. The teacher also is very dynamic, fresh and clear. This course has encourage me in believing in my own intuition and also opened my possibilities to create photography with more confidence. Thank you!!

Cheryl Tarr

Blake shares some very interesting concepts and tricks which I hope to learn how to use. As a beginner who is still struggling with Photoshop, it went too fast but it is a short class where he covered a lot of ground. I will need some more basic understanding of Photoshop and then I want to watch this again to get a better grip on the tricks he showed. I can see where learning the material in this class will improve my processing workflow and help me bring to fruition the vision I have in my head for where I want an image to end up. Thank you!

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