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Posing: Parent/Child Pairings

Lesson 38 from: Children and Family Photography

Tamara Lackey

Posing: Parent/Child Pairings

Lesson 38 from: Children and Family Photography

Tamara Lackey

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38. Posing: Parent/Child Pairings


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Lesson Info

Posing: Parent/Child Pairings

Let's move forward with our next one our parent and child pairs I am a big fan of switching to the portrait lens whenever I'm doing too one's or two's because I just have a lot more control over the christmas of the scene whereas I'm going to be shooting with the twenty four, seventy two eight often when I have larger groups or a lot of action going on uh you know that or the thirty five one four all right, thank you so we're going to try something right here and you're in enemy this I just feel like that's how you would look up put your face in that way yeah we're gonna do just trying to do the I would think the white side because that's going to blast them with the sun yeah just like that and then you're going to ever hear you do some water ok? You're gonna be leading over his shoulder what kind of given a hug like this like all the way yet isn't just like crushing him down yes, but like more like come eyes I don't like that yes we're gonna we're gonna boost exactly against that let ...

you see that it's still pretty okay right? So you're gonna come around like this feel free to just like make him suffer in the quads that's your goal if he feels like you never did that hurt so if you pass out, we'll just get good photographs and put him on the web. One of the things I want to consider from opposing perspective is even though we want to keep it loose and comfortable and all that, we're going to naturally have one shoulder lower than the other and from kind of a masculine head tilt perspective. It's again, it's, how do we you used some of the traditional rules of posing that really do work and make a big impact, but modify it by using a lot of contemporary look and feel in the modern sense of family. So we're right here, we're gonna have this shoulder lower and because of that, I'm gonna want his head tilting in that direction, not with the higher shoulder simply because it will look more rugged and masculine lower shoulder, yeah, so he's going to actually do that? Um and then so if I see, for instance, he's trying to gain his balance and go the other way, it may feel natural to him to regain his balance, but it'll look a little odd in the photograph, and so we just want to keep, you know, be mindful of that, all right, good, they're ready, so you're going to can you make yourself taller, stand up yet their ego and then lean forward like that? When I said make herself tolerably ford what was I going for based on how you've seen me do this with two heads before yes yes but about the same focal plane she was about two inches behind him and I would not be able to shoot that with the shallow depth of field because one would be soft or the other would be soft and then but so by moving her closer in and that's all it was was tall and lean in we'll fix that issue kind of yeah just probably wait on him we're tackling anyway there that's it perfect and then I may be shooting at more of a two front have you leading a little you go a little bit there you go you do look like you're going down for the count is really lovely all right and then just from a media perspective I'm gonna make sure I'm in spot meter because it's backlit and the last thing I think about is how I have everybody together so one of the reasons I want you lean in a little bit so your heads are more aligned together so yeah so it's going to be a little and then you might want to step just there we go that's it all right and then bring your chin almost to the hit yeah right there you're good you're good I don't I know this is like gymnastics all right and then break you'd agree thank you. You gotta go out. He really, like, physically have to go out with good day to get in and bring up their excuse was hard. You can. Yeah, they can suffer that's actually really good that's. Excellent. And then this time, when I when I shoot, I just want you to, like, put all your weight on him and jumped on him, and then you try not to fall over. Ok? Good. I think I think you could take more. The reason I'm making him suffer because I keep saying is because you could tell right out of the gate that he was just going to have fun with it and because he was having fun with it. We're pushing it more and more and more. And I was helping the expressiveness of the kids. And so this would be kind of what I would be delivering these kind of images where out of camera it's more of a three quarter. But, you see, I had to work to that to get her to this level. I had to work to that because her her in that situation with that kind of attention being paid to her aa lot of her interactions, foul was was being masked. We talked about that self consciousness of the preteen kind of stage to get her to crack up and loosen up I had to get her to punish her that I had to get her tio breathe but she actually bree's beautifully shows this beautiful mantra kind of brief on dh then I am getting a second that I would also love to deliver as maybe a fifteen by fifteen kind of portrait I think from a sales perspective I would be delivering that and showing how we could use that all right um I know we're getting tight on time so let's get over here two step mom this yes. So now we're doing repairs on the decision of the end of it. So you comfortable because things in the middle of resident yeah, there we go and then I like oh yeah that's nice and we're gonna have so a couple things to think about it you ready to get there's no jumping or saying hi or anything that was just being crazy. All right, so we're gonna have you go here here and then scooch all way back so you're back to back yet and then exactly like this but you're gonna bring this part forward here so there but you're kind of going to be this way yeah good all right, I'm going to grab the ice light for this that is it you are so malleable you know what valuable means I can move you you're like what are those like little rubber dolls there that is gore just she's got that had been the one that's going to look at that uh brilliant I love it okay let's put this I think you okay you guys look gorgeous all right and I'm going to step back and actually I'm just which now just make things easier to the three hundred please um I switched to the three hundred and step pretty far back and my goal here is to showcase them right and sharp but to really go ahead and have the aperture be very shallow on this and we didn't favor make sure yeah your necklace that you've got the little clip of the necklace in the back see how it's coming around in the front of your collar blow bone just pulled that little back part that clips to the back okay so I'm going to go pretty far back I'm going for but it's a three hundred so can you hear me back here stressing me yelling hold on so we're getting set up for working out color bounds like I said I'm going to be setting up his shot and getting them tio yeah this is pretty far forward interact maybe you great we didn't they would hold a hand and we're camera reason her because she's kind of status is cute believe it or not I'm getting you and then do their make sure that I slights really turned up for a bit more catch light good her eyes are completely closed what's going on girl do they make them nice light touch your nose okay all right so do you never let us stay exactly as you are but if you're wearing a light blue dress with a beautiful headband jump up shake yourself and then stare right back where you are go alright no shaking like ticket awesome give a damn so good yeah playback dances good thank you that's beautiful move the arm into mommy's give you that all that's so cute I love that ok I saw it a little higher you know ah try exactly as you are but put your arm behind try turn your body more towards me and put your arm behind her with a scooter in yet yeah and then lean into his money they're beautiful so good and you're gonna have to squeeze her bit oh that's gorgeous I love my changing a little bit change with me turn your heads towards me they're lovely oh that's so good you tap all gorgeous thank you all right and then so and then what I would be showcasing in terms of those images with a little bit more of a proof finish is we've got the laughs we've got this we've got a limo back here um oh, this is what I want to show you. I would also love that in black and white, I think there's a lot of fun elements that you can show him back. What were they really, pop? All right, where are we next? We've got a mom and her teenage daughter, and we're just gonna have these really lovely she definitely use the light, and so we want to showcase the full length shots and then just have them interacting. And what I'm going for here is all I care about is I don't care what they do. What I want is an image in the natural looking at each other, so I'll come up with any topic of conversation that they should discuss. I'll reroute myself wherever I want to do, but I want them naturally just looking at each other on dh that's the image I want to capture let's try um, you guys have favorite sides? No, no, do they were switch switch sides? Yeah. E I I think you're gonna be easier than those two woman there after the switch sides because in profile, I really like the longer hair coming across where lots of animation all right, so I'm thinking for this. From that you know, part of what we're teaching in this program is how people kind of feel when you turn the lens towards them and what were your thoughts right now as as about to photograph you like do you feel like tell me what to do or do you know exactly what you want tio what do you think you feel like you do that and what do you think yeah like what they're saying is they kind of feel like you're pointing the camera on me I don't tell me what to do which tell me what to do is about the most common response people either verbally say or non verbally express so we get them going back and we're gonna end up giving them a little posing tips uh let me make sure cover that it helps to then forward a hint of the waste especially since I'm gonna be shooting up and you're facing this way so the more the angle is that you see somebody shooting from a lower angle which I'm kind of doing down here you want to leave for a little bit at the waist so practice a little bit yeah, well you know it doesn't like this no no I just a hit a hit right? And then the thing the world is think about sticking your booty out that way nobody can tell and then you just leaning forward at little hint and it helps all right and then we're going to try something really cute actually have never done this shot but I would love to try like this where you guys are just give each other hug come on e you know? Huh? Ok, I'm not even here I'm just going to go over here like look at this it's the sky and it's really pretty. Is that how you normally have? How would you know? Mag? Oh that's cute he do the same thing that show your face all right. Oh, that is I love that actually. And then member and then and then you're come back towards me a little bit remember? I'm still in first minute from me from the crazy children right there and then for a little bit more yes, ok. And as you are, go ahead, say it. This is crazy. What are we doing? I don't get it looks so good. You guys are so beautiful. Oh, I love it. Nobody else is here. Well, can we get a little fan on them? You think about that? I asked them what their natural hug is and to just do that and it wouldn't have been the ideal thing for me because you know you're gonna want watch elbows in this and that, but they melted when they did it did you see the resistance? Like the shoulders dropped? It just felt like them and I'm not going to take that away. I think that's gorgeous. Um and the other thing they had mentioned was people kind of walking by and looking and no one was there, and that helps control things as well. You may have yourself going todo fan on them, and then so the only thing is your chin is a little high and here's a little lower, so I'm going to bring it, you're going to come down here and then on you're going to come just a little bit lower, so so you're actually really yes, exactly. We're going to be some fan, but we'll go fan from this situation. I'll take this situation, why don't keep saying situation? I feel like we're in a situation, okay, hairline sorry, I gotta completely I said the reverse because I want to go with the part lines. Okay, here, here. They try to help you once I get so we're doing that brought pakistan heavy reflectors and that I see so it's like that. Yeah, and I'll shoot when it's click air. Okay, all right, ready? Wait for it and go come from where I am tonight don't worry, I'll fix this now you're back technically front okay those and then I have them walk three other two things don't you notice when I have them hugging next to each other I just want three shots in a row we do the id of the jaw line which is a really beautiful posing configuration and then we do kind of ida I teach other two faces right next to each other and then I just have them simply walk towards me and again I want this interaction with each other yeah and then I'm well wait mac I sorry back up one more second don't focus so much on your feet you're going to look towards each other and the topic is social security oh they actually have a lot to discuss about that I thought I was gonna be a little red so we're just getting this right it's just sweet it's soft is them talking to each other explaining the lockbox so I can figure with extra security on do we have to do it again and we get a few more shots but yeah that's kind of the way to just and if you might notice you know how with the kids from a distance I'm trying to command them with the boys in the running around that kind of how I'm communicate with them and they're responding I'm not doing that with them I'm talking in a regular a nice neutral voice because their energy is very very different then the two boys in the family, their energy, is more soft and it's quiet. It's. Actually, they both have the same energy. And so, even though I'm going to keep the energy up a little bit so we can keep things moving, I'm going to keep it in a calmer place, because could you imagine if I were saying them, it doesn't work at all. It doesn't work it off.

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