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Capturing Multiple Looks In Your Portrait Sessions

Victoria Will

Capturing Multiple Looks In Your Portrait Sessions

Victoria Will

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Class Description

Whether you’re limited on time, location, or your subject’s focus- being able to provide your client with multiple looks can save them production costs and make them more inclined to book you again. Capturing multiple looks can provide editors with just the right options they need to fit a story. Portrait photographer Victoria Will will cover how to make the most out of your space, time and subjects enthusiasm during your session time. She’ll cover:

  • How to set up multiple backgrounds/looks in one space 
  • How to seamlessly direct your subject from look to look 
  • What type of variety to look for when setting up your space 

Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

An compact look into the unique and highly successful style of a top portrait photographer. Through intense focus, interaction, and willingness to experiment, she can get in ten minutes what others could not get in an hour. A look at her website shows that her style produces photos with great action and life that seem to jump off the page, in contrast to the static and posed look that is so common. For a more complete look at how she works, and to stretch yourself, also take a look at her CreativeLive course, Portraits Under Pressure. Anyone that is trusted and paid to work with top celebrities–and can produce excellent portraits when given only ten minutes and a closet–has a lot to teach us.

Tricia Rubio

Great class, I felt like I was there watching this live shoot in real time. It was helpful to see how she works through her process and I gained several fantastic tips! Thank you!

David Moses

Excellent course. It's really useful if you are comfortable with the technical stuff and want to find techniques to work with your subject and get that lifestyle/editorial look. Loved it!

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