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Movie Mode Menu

Lesson 8 from: Canon EOS 6D Mark II Fast Start

John Greengo

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Lesson Info

8. Movie Mode Menu

Lesson Info

Movie Mode Menu

All right, let's talk about the next related mode, which is the Movie Mode. So, by rotating the collar down to the Movie Mode, pressing the start button, that puts the camera into a mode that is ready to start recording. Let's look at some of the options. Of course, you can press the info button for more or less information here. You'll notice some cropped frames, because you're shooting in a sixteen by nine aspect ratio, when you are shooting movies off of this camera. You can turn on more or less information. The level, by the way, will not come on when you have the Face Tracking turned on, so there's a little conflict going on there. It won't be on in that particular case. If you wanna dive in and change some of the common features that you might want to change in the Movie Mode, you can hit the Q button, and you can go in and change modes that we have talked about before, or that we will end up talking about as we go along the road here. But this is gonna give you a shortcut to the...

most common video features that you're likely going to be using in here. Next step, if you do wanna get into the Movie Menu, which is a kind of hidden menu, you need to be in the Movie Mode. Normally, if you just press the menu, there's gonna be a long list of items in there, but the movie items are not gonna be there. You have to be in the Movie Mode, then press the menu button, and then you're gonna have access to several pages of unique movie features that are different than all the other features in the camera. As a note, the camera records in MP4 files, which is a very basic format, but is suitable for most basic needs. We have a time limit of 30 minutes on this, and that means that this camera is not gonna be good for extremely long interviews, or concerts, or long sporting events. You can record more than that, just not in one file take you might say. We have different resolutions. It's got standard HD resolution, it has full HD resolution, I know a lot of other cameras have the new 4K standard. This camera does not have the 4K on it. Kind of wish it did, but it doesn't. It's very good at shooting HD video and full HD as well. If you wanna record time lapse, then you can record the full width of what the sensor has so you can get 4K time lapses out of it. But, it's only shooting on full HD. Frame rates are gonna be anywhere from 23.98, to 59.94. There'll be options that we see in the Movie Menu setting as to what you can select. Not all options are available in all settings. There's a little bit of segmentation as to what's available in particular modes.

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Warren Gedye

John, this is my second class of yours I'm taking on Creative Live. You are a very unique and articulate instructor. Your knowledge, understanding and experience in all matters photography is astounding! You have certainly fine tuned the knack in imparting your deep knowledge in such a palatable way! Your slides are magnificent, simple and concise and caters directly to your audience. I can only imagine the hours upon hours of time spent making these valuable slides. I look forward to many more of your courses!

a Creativelive Student

Always enjoy all of John's classes, but especially this one since I've decided to upgrade from my previous 6D. Awesome camera and this one is so much quieter than the older one. Thank you for explaining things in terms and ways that are easy to understand!

Tim Rogers

Thanks for a very useful course John. Not to get out and enjoy the new toy. Wish I had done the similar course for my previous camera (60D); will be recommending it to the person I am giving the camera to.

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