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Lesson 30 from: Canon 1DX Mark II Fast Start

John Greengo

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30. My Menu

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Lesson Info

My Menu

Okay, My Menu is where you get to save all of your favorite settings, and so as you've been going through the class, hopefully you've been making little notes about which features you're gonna come back to on a regular basis. I know there are features that I come back to all the time and I don't want to hunt through the menu system to find those. Now, something that's relatively new in the Canon cameras is not only can you add a list of items, which has usually been limited to about five or six items, you can have entire tabs of information. So like, we just went through like eight tabs in the custom settings. Well, you could have, I forget how many tabs we have right now, but you could have multiple tabs in My Menu. Let me go ahead and show you a little bit how I have customized the menu in my camera. Now, I haven't customized the menu in this camera here, but we're gonna add My Menu tab. We're gonna have a whole tab and I'm gonna say let's add a whole tab here and we can configure th...

is tab. Let's say we're gonna add select items to register. Okay, so what are some things that I regularly do that I wanna be able to change in my camera? White, like white balance, that's a button on the top of the camera. I don't need that in here. I think like image size and type, that's a pretty important one. Let me go through and find some others that I would use on a regular basis. Let's just say you turn the anti-flicker shooting on and off, just to choose something. We wanna populate this with a number of items. Now, we can go through and find all sorts of stuff throughout our camera. There are dozens and dozens of items in here. Let's see if I can quickly find one that I use a lot is-- Okay, I check my batteries a lot. I like to have my battery check in there and I wanna be able to find format the memory card, there we go. Format the memory card, okay. Now, we got a list of items in here. I'm gonna hit menu to back out of that. Let's sort these items. Okay, so image size of the flicker, I don't use that very much, let's move that down. Let's go down to format the memory card, let's move that up a couple, 'cause I do that on a regular basis. All right, so I like the order of this now. Now, what we can do is we can come in and we can rename this tab. I'm not gonna bother going through and renaming it, but what I've done in my camera is I have several tabs. I have my JG tab, my John Greengo tab, which has all my basic things like formatting the memory card, how good is the battery? Let's see, what else do I have in there? I forget a number of other things, but just real basic things. Then I have a whole tab dedicated to landscape photography where I have bracketing option turned on and near lock-up. Then I have another tab for action photography where I have some of the auto-focus settings that I might wanna tweak in there. I have another tab for video functions when I'm shooting a lot of video, what are video features that I would commonly want to add? Now, when you get all these done, what you can do is, let's see, let's go back. Under the last tab back here, under menu display, display from My Menu tab. Now, what this will do is when your camera is just in its normal mode and you hit menu, it's gonna go to the green My Menu rather than someplace else that you may have left the camera. It always goes back to where you left it in your menu, so you'll just stay on the things that you use on a regular basis. It's quite possible that if you'd spend a little bit of time to program your camera, you will not use the shooting, the AF, the playback, the set up, or the custom functions menu at all. Everything that you do will be simply in your menu with the few items that you do on a regular basis and only in the rarest of case would you need to dive into any place else in the menu. Once again, this is something that you're probably gonna need to sit down on a couch, go through the PDF that I have, look at the items that are available to you, figure out which ones you want, and it is infinitely adjustable after you do it. Don't feel like the first time you do it, you can't go in and adjust it. You can sort those items, you can delete those items, you can rename the tabs, but I think it's a great way to speed up the workflow in working with the camera. There's nothing better than having a customized camera that just is right for you, and this camera is one that you can customize more than any other camera I've seen. This is one that you can definitely make one just for yourself, so hopefully those tips helped you out and I encourage you to really get your camera set up right if for no other reason than just to mess with anybody who tries to pick your camera up and shoot with it.

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Ratings and Reviews

Joe Berkeley

I quite enjoyed John's course on the 1DX mark ii. To be frank, I should have taken it 122,000 shots ago when I bought the camera. I learned quite a bit. There were only a few occasions when I thought my cranium could explode. But I walked away from the course with some great tips and in the grand scheme of things, the money I invest in education is always more valuable than the latest and greatest camera strap, lens, or bag. It will probably take a few months for all of the information to sink in but I'm feeling good about what I learned and the price I paid for it. All in all, a good value.

Fred Innamorato

John does a great job as usual. He provides so many visual aides and demonstrations which really helps you understand how to operate and set up your camera. His step by step explanation of the entire menu and each tab is excellent. In addition to his many photography tips and instructions. What an excellent class and a great value for all the detailed instructions provided. Much better than the manual you get in the box. Plus you get to watch this as many times as needed. I highly recommend this course and all of John's other classes.

Ian Sherratt

Great video. Loved the clear explanations, great views and mixture of video and slides. I’ve read a lot of manuals and books on settings and use of various Canon cameras but this is the first time I’ve really understood the full range of functions.

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