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Basic Flowers Part 1

Lesson 2 from: Cake Decorating: Gorgeous Gum Paste Flowers

Lucinda Larson

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2. Basic Flowers Part 1

Lesson Info

Basic Flowers Part 1

Now at this point I would like to do this flower and this flower is kind of a little fantasy flower but I was thinking after I made it is if you did this and white and then pearl dusted it would look a lot like a gardenia so you could pull off a gardenia you could do it in you know burgundy's for the fall or you could do it in all kinds of colors and it is so hard to make you guys we're just gonna be amazed so let's start with pink way are needing again it's like watching the paint dry well, who did we have any question jeter's everybody keeping up and we've got a question from appear ok so baking mama says how long does the gum paste last before drives outside of the bag and how long does that last inside the bag um inside the bag you're going to have a little longer shelf life? Um if I keep it at room temperature I can probably keep it around for a month or so before it kind of starts to get weird. If I put it in the freezer I can keep it for months and months and months and months p...

ossibly years and years it needs to be wrapped in an airtight it needs to be wrapped in like an airtight plastic and then put into an airtight container sealed in that um outside you're going to see that these little centers that we made are already starting to crest up it drives really fast thank you you're welcome good question thank you okay, so now that I've got my pink warmed up I'm going to give it's a little sticky so going to get a little dust of the corn starch on either side so it doesn't stick to my pasta machine then I'm going to set my pasta machine of the thickest setting which formed this machine is one some machines go their highest number is the thickest number down to one being their thinnest number and then other machines go from the thickest being one up to you know whatever their thinnest number is, which is sometimes it's seven or six they're all a little bit different and I'm going to take my pace down to a five I'm not taking it to six that's the thinnest on my machine um five is a good workable thickness and it travels well I can work a way thinner than that and I used to love doing that and then every time I traveled all I did was break flowers or skirts off of my figure rains or whatever it was that I was trying to transport and quite frankly we don't get to do any of this without transporting it I mean I don't get to stand in the way in the wedding reception hall and put together a cake it's got all be transported so transporting is a big concern and a big issue and that's why on all these shows they always haven't put a case together and then walk it from one spot to another because that is a big part of it now I'm going to use the end of this large tip has my cutter you could also use a biscuit cutter whatever cutter you want I want about twenty maybe twenty two or twenty three we'll use what we've got tips at one of our cake decorating conventions there was a lady and I think she was from chile or someplace and she did an entire demonstration on all the flowers you could make with just around back of the decorating tip I'd like to say I remember all of them but she did do it the demonstration in spanish so I was trying to follow his best I could I do not speak spanish way have ah international cake decorating organization it's called isis I see e s international cake exploration society way have an annual convention every year this year our convention is the last week of july first week of august it will be held in um albuquerque, new mexico and we have a local chapter and most states do have local chapters and our state will be having what we call a day of sharing next sunday so many of you were interested. You're more than welcome to go to my webs and not my website. My website was half to sorry you have to go to my facebook page lucinda's icing diva or lucinda I seemed even not sure which I'm sure if you put in lucinda, you'll find me, um, anyway and contact me. I'd be more than happy to share that information of when our data sharing this it's a great way to learn without investing a lot of money and, um, if you're not in the state of washington, but you're interested, check your local isis things go to the isis website, which is isis dot or ge org, and they have information on different states or connect or can connect you two, four, six, eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, fifteen I knew it was close because I'm getting bored on one of those people that have the attention span sometimes of grass hopper, and sometimes you forget little scrapes on your cutting just go ahead and wipe it off with your finger now now keep it clean, sharp looking ok, now all of these scraps, I'm going to take him up water mup re needham and put him back in the big because guess what, I could do an entire rows with that theme rest of these, I'm going to cover so that I don't dried out try not to knock over my gum glue that would be bad and then I'm going to put about five or six of them. I work fairly fast so I can have more out than most people onto my pad. This is where I'm going to get my ball tool. This bull tool that I like was made by a man by a old time decorator from england and her husband made these by god sada ring ball bearings on two little nails and then putting it into the woods stick. It was the best gift that's ever been given to me it's been the best little ball tool now what I want to do when I'm bawling is I want my ball tool, the behalf on the pace and half off the paste and essentially what you're doing is you're just thinning the edge so it has a real pedal look to it so half on half off kind of like the crowd a kid wane off wayne on wax on wax off is that line from that movie and I'm not doing I am not doing the whole thing, I'm just doing part of it and this is now the back, so I want to flip the's over this is the front of my pedal I'm going to flip those over, I'm going to get my little brush now I'm using just a little cheapie brush for the gum glue you can use a nicer a nicer brush but here let me show you what it does to your brushes my brush is now solid aiken dio un solid it I can wash it off because it is a food item but it it will ruin your brushes eventually so unless you have brushes to ruin don't bother ok got a little gum glue on there at the bottom edge I want to put just a touch a little gum glue and that's probably a little heavy on some of those heavy on that one that first when I did a little heavy on that one you don't want it too heavy because it will melcher sugar a little glum put up came now once I have that gum glue I want to pinch it and make a little cupper petal shape and I want to just sit that right there give each pedal a little shape if I want or I could just let it be how you guys doing yes rachel though I'm sorry I'm still catching up I have my pedals and then it doesn't matter which side of the balling tool use forty years the fatter end of your bladder and ok and it's just kind of making like a it's half on and half off I'll do one for you okay, thanks I've got more to do I'll do so you want to use the fatter and of your ball tool within and the thinner end of your ball to get going to use so rarely it's good for moke poking ears on two year figures and that kind of stuff so the ball in tool goes half on half off press down it should cause a thinning in a little ripple effect half on half off and I'm not going all the way around I'm just going down about two thirds of the way on each side and I've got a little flat edge there so we'll make that the bottom I don't need to thin or ball the bottom edge because that's going to be stuffed into the center of the flower now that's the back of our pedal once I've evolved the bald it that's the back of the pedal flip it over that your front can you see the difference you have a little ball edge when you flip it over it's all smooth and they issued in some ways be looking to you like rose petals are they looking like rose petals two days yeah okay that would mean you're doing right because guess what our roses air done very much the same way put a little gum glue at the base and pinch that edge give that pedal a little shape does that make sense to you rachel okay you're welcome how you doing? I have a ways to go listen, I'm making mom would like to know could you cover the gum paste with parchment paper or wax paper to keep it from drying or does it need to be plastic? It needs to be plastic it really does dry out fast in parchment paper and lacks paper and allowed too much air. Um I even go so far as to use the big plastic begs that you bring home your produce in those work well, they cover a lot your your little sandwich bags like ahead you know, just a little sandwich bag the sheets of upholstery plastic work well, but that's another adventure if you're just trying this your work's yura, your plastic lunch sacks will work or the produce bag from the grocery store now those of you looking up close at my pad that I'm working on my pad is very old. My pad is probably twenty years old and it's getting worn out and not looking so pretty and crisp anymore, so I just noticed it when I did one of them it picked up some color and I did wash my pad before it came, but you know, star forms a little hard toe really wash and it's got powdered sugar and corn starch on it it's got color and it's got this and that but it's used and it works well and at some point I'll have toe actually, I was thinking, when I go to convention this year, I think I might buy a new pad, a new cell pad, what a treat myself, the international convention it's always held in the u s has to do with our inc laws or something. We tried to do it outside of the country one time, and it turned into a big can of worms. Um, so it's always held in the u s and we literally have cake decorators and kicked a grating companies who travel from all over the world to attend this and demonstrate and teach classes. Um, this is the first year since nineteen, eighty six that I have not demonstrated her, todd, so I'm kind of thinking, I don't know what I'm going to do for that amount of time, since I'm not teaching your demonstrating, so I was thinking, maybe I'll go shopping because part of what they have is they have a vendor's section and the vendors come again from all over the world, and this is where you're going to find you're really unusual, unique, awesome tools, and I've got to tell you, sometimes I buy stuff and I get home and it's I could never get it to work it's never it wasn't worth the investment when I get home sometimes and it's like, why didn't I buy ten of these and then we have things that you can't get at other places and that's where you stock up for your stuff every year you just know that you're going to go to convention and stock up on all your oh what put that one on the back that's talking and not paying attention well did you see what I did? I don't want to have the backing that pedal so I just transferred the glue with my finger to the front it's going to be sticky and I've hang that over the edge so it will dry quicker anyway and the first time I went to convention which was in nineteen eighty four I took thirteen rolls of film and now it was only thirteen because I ran out of film and it was too late to replace to go out and buy more now with our digital cameras it would be a difference I don't know your digital camera you could just take and take and take pictures right so they have cake show no judging it's all show so you can do anything you want try anything you want and then they have the vendors area they had the classes they have the demonstrations they have all kinds of things on then of course you're around fellow cake graders who are interested in this and it's a great great great learning environment okay I did all my petals I forgot to save one for a center because I forgot I actually need to because I want one for a base in one for center I have I have a little plaque here that I made out of fund int I need one more pedal for the center and I need one more for the base and then I'll take up my scripts if you teach yourself one thing about gum paste its effect that you have to keep your stuff covered otherwise it turns to garbage really fast and I'm going to put this sent this flower center on my plaque I'm getting it damp with the little gum glue so it sticks and doesn't move around going to set that center I'm going to put some gum glue on that so that my pedals will stick to it and then I'm going to start taking the pedals and detached him and if I use I'm gonna use my vein ing tool the fat end and just kind of push it in so they stay just work around and keep attaching pedals how you guys doing awesome I make my poor students just work fast, fast fast tonight okay so we have the first row of petals I didn't even count don't care one two three four five six seven eight nine ten nine I think of nine one two three four nine ok so let's add the next row I'm gonna go ahead and brush some gum glue on the base of these so that everything sticks hold it is glue that's what we're doing and then I'm just going to start attaching those other petals in between filling up the spaces, having some height to it with a comment from our quality and a question from june says, do you always use around cutter for the rose petals rather than the f m f five pedal rose cutter and says, I can't make it to I c e s this year have fun, we'll miss her. Um, no, I often use now these teardrop cutters air actually considered a rose petal cutter and these five pedal cutters are for the quickie roses and we're just going to do the quickie rose today, we're not going to do a full blown, assembled type of rose and the round cutters I've just discovered, especially with culinary students, because they don't always get every tool that they need. But they have a good set of round cutters that they can create roses with just around cutters, although I will tell you they come out much nicer and more realistic looking if he used the teardrop. So thank you, but you have to adjust for students sometimes, you know, because not everybody has access to all the cool stuff not everybody gets to go to isis, right? Yeah too bad we'd love it if everybody could okay I've got one got one two three four five six I've got about nine pedals left over got pedal happy I guess or in some circles pedal crazy so I'd made another row of petals there look how close I got my yellows to match my pad I planned that on purpose so you would be able to see what I was doing I'm going to take this last pedal and what that I didn't do anything with yet and I want to ball the edge of it all the way around and if you don't like your ball tool or is you're just not connecting with it try using your bone tool that can also give you a nice it and I want gum glue and I'm going to get a little gum glue in the center I want to fold or accordion this a little bit and I'm going to just kind of roll it so it's almost you could use this is a flower you could use that as a flower and I want to get thiss a little damp with the gum blue not sopping wet just a little damp and then we're going to stick that in here for our center and I can use a tool I tried it try to rise above that my small ball to know that won't work here let me use my wooden skewer and I'm just going to kind of touch it down so that it adheres and let it set up now this point I'm just going to let it set up and you know, if I'm creating these for a flat cake or something, I am not doing them on a plaque I'm doing them on the little round disk and I'm doing them on a foil covered board or tray and then when I'm ready I can pop them off. The other thing that you could do is you could put him into a flower a flower former so that they have a little curve to them so they're not so flat, but the's are really awesome in the fall time with the bright, dark, bright colors they're great in the summertime in the lighter colors, you could just make it into anything you want it's a good flower, easy, easy and a good flower okay, how you guys doing? Oh, and I will tell you see all these that I have made, I'm not tossing those all you see somewhere else, they'll go somewhere, they just have to get dry I don't think I have enough to do a whole nother flower, but they're here they're here all use him someplace spread amiss petals on the cake or something, right? I also never throw away a broken flower because guess what if you're making a basket full of flowers in new york, using mountains and mountains of flowers, that's, where you put those broken weirdo flowers, you put him in, and then you put the good flowers on top. Yes, so you only did like two layers off, like petals. And then you. Then I made a round circle that I kind of twisted up and use that as a century. You can also use a little star cutter for the center, so I could have used something like this for the center that's, not a good little star cutter for the center. Or you could use a little small five petaled cutter. I mean, whatever you want to use your sin for your fence center, you can. You could probably even stuff. Um, pearl pearl statements in your center.

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