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Advanced Flowers Part 2

Lesson 5 from: Cake Decorating: Gorgeous Gum Paste Flowers

Lucinda Larson

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Lesson Info

5. Advanced Flowers Part 2

Lesson Info

Advanced Flowers Part 2

Now I am going to roll some more orange so we can do step two of our rose because you're just weapon right along it's going if you're kelly lily's air falling off, one of the tricks oozes place it at an angle on your board so it kind of will sit sometimes when we do wired flowers rather than put him into a foam if you can hook him and hang them on something they actually do better calla lilies or sometimes that flower peonies air definitely one of those flowers my oranges a little sticky so I'm just reading in a little bit of corn starch a little more corn starch little sticky sometimes you need to wipe the bottom of your pasta machine so that we need christie's don't attach ghanim and rolled out to five you can roll it out even thinner than that, but again I have just found from transporting things I'm better off if I go to five I don't have the breakage issues I wanna cut over here so I can ok, so I want I've got one more coned and this little bit that I've been saving I'm gonna need...

it back in it will be usable cover up the exists so it doesn't dry out ok, so let's take this big one that I just created give a little star powerful I'm not starting from corn starch on corn starch puff my ball tool that's ball the back of this come in cup those pedals okay you guys ready for this big exciting stuff going to brush either edge of those pedals with some gun glue take my rose that I already created the center there's a little edge off of that I'm going to kind of clean that up said it in the center where that gum is bring up the first petal on now when I attached the's attach him on either side were the gum lewis and I kind of give it a point for pooch so it will stay out and then just keep attaching petals as you go around giving each one a little coach and then the last one rather than just to catching it and having it's got to come in here tuck in behind the first one and then reattaching ok so we've got him all attached we're going to make it happen that way then we come in and we start bending those pedals given melo curl love stay attached now then if you're paste is soft and it's starting to fall down that's okay no stress we're going to use a piece of foil I make my little foil squares out of my left over foils that I cover my boards with I want to take a little square punch a little pocket into it I'm gonna take my rose put it here use my foil to make those pedal stay right where I want them these are the kind of tricks you need to have in your back pocket to create beautiful little quickie roses and that's our little beautiful quickie rose in it's drying stage ok, I'll do the same on this small one so you can see how it's done on the teeny tiny level I love these little tiny roses there just so delicate and sweet but they're kind of hard to do because you're so tiny my fingers are so big but they're sweet besides being made out of sugar they're still sweet okay, so I balled the back of it flip it over, I'm going to make a little cup pull that in, so I'm doing just exactly what I did for the large ones of doing exactly what I did on the large ones on the small ones, the small ones on the large trying to find the glue brush brush on either side. I got a lot of glue I'm gonna take some of it off here too much glue is bad too, because then you can end up with a really soggy mess that's not holding up but also little glued to much take that rose bud that we created earlier said it right in the center and do just like we did on that large wouldn't start attaching the pedals giving each one a little pooch little pinch so that it kind of cups many cupcake would like to know what's the most outlandish flower you there are made most outlandish flower well the most difficult flower is the rose but as far as outlandish flowers probably orchids because we can go with such bizarre colors with him on bizarre shapes because you know there's orchids it literally have they look like spiders they've got little thin pedals that come out probably spiderman could also be one of the pens color there's outlandish things and then shapes markets orchids or kind of unusual little weird flower ok, I'm going to call that one done and that when I don't need the foil for it's just going to stay just fine just needs a few minutes to sit up okay and I want to do the center one more time for you guys this is the hard part I'm gonna do it on the large one let's dust the back it's a little a little sticky what's flip it over to the front get that center a little indent taker our center get her petals wet either side you can also get the cone damp if you want but I just find it to be an extra step that usually isn't needed put my center in rapid I'm going to get that first pedal a little wet so one two and three four five take it up wrap tight to three goes up the rose is the most difficult flower to do in any medium I don't care for doing it buttercream I don't care if you're doing it chocolate I don't care if you're doing it and gum paste in royal icing whatever medium you choose the rose is the most difficult flower to do it's the one most often taught though because who wants to learn how to decorate without learning how to do the rose so we always have to teach the rose and usually over and over and over so sometimes the same people okay, so that's our center if you can remember pedal one goes up then pedaled three goes up and then the three pedals remaining go up and if the next step you could remember is just to curl give a curl I know instructors who actually curl with a little toothpick I think that's not necessary for a quickie rose if I was doing a different type of rose for competition definitely but not for a quickie rose and when I see a quickie rose I mean if I'm covering a wedding cake I may have to make one hundred fifty of them so I want to be fast and efficient at it ok what I'd like to do now is I'd like to make some green to go with our flowers and that means we're going to make some leaves now leaves for roses are very vibrant dark leaves for your carnations are softer saved your green kind of color and leaves for our pink flowers can be pretty much whatever we choose daisies have leaves that arm or um what's the word I'm looking for that up they're not a standard leave shape they're more like finger lanes that are kind of roughly and those require a special cutter but truthfully the average person if you're putting daisies on a cake they don't care what the leaves are if you're in competition and they're looking at you and judging you in every direction then you worry about it but if you're doing a cake for somebody they are usually so impressed whatever it with whatever it is you've done that's above and beyond are typical stuff that we get to see that you're fine you can put just about anything on people are happy you have to consider your audience you know the other thing that I always tell people especially if they're thinking about doing this for businesses think about what they're paying for it do not put a thousand dollars worth of work onto a cake that you're only getting thirty dollars for I mean unless this is the love of your life and you guess got so much enjoyment from it that's another thing but generally speaking cake decorators have a tendency to give away the farm so to speak we put in way more work than what's been commissioned and a lot of it is is because we do love what we're doing we do enjoy it it's the fun portion of it you know, if we could just hire somebody to come do all the dirty dishes that be the great part, right? I have an ex husband who said he would never learn how to decorate because he said, I know what'll happen I'll have to do all the ugly work and you get to do all the fun stuff I said ok ok so for relief on a rose I have this type of cutter the's cutters are great because you cut you press and new vein it and then when it gets stuck in there you just press it out and it pops right back out and they come in a variety of sizes the's air p emmy tips and again, this is very much a rose tip or leaf excuse me um we also have that's pretty much the only one I brought that's big timer rose this's also wilton that's kind of a rose or a standard rose and then we have the tear dropped cutters which we could make into a leaf so we'll make some of those in tow leaves too but will also make some with cutter and push see how we get it already imprinted then we also have fancy things like thiss this's a boner tool the's air very pricey they're made out of some sort of rubber very flexible but I will show you the difference if I cut out a teardrop shape and I put it into my vein er press down and pop it out you can see how that's a much more realistic given a pinch at the end give it a little twist much more realistic than this little one but that's ok the's air fast and furious and sometimes fast and furious is what you need especially if you're doing three or four hundred of them the other thing if you want to I mean just gonna pinch and mold it I like draping mine over crumpled foil crumpled wax paper get himto shape you can also take this standard little quickie leaf that you made this little vein er is probably fifty dollars so if you're serious you're serious if you're not don't worry about it you don't need it now this little cutter I think these air about fifteen or twenty dollars a set so they're very affordable so what I want to do though as I can with this standard quickie is aiken ball the back of that and then turn it over and it has a more realistic and look and I like to always pinch the end so I have something to work with cape way just need leaves we don't care let me um let me do a couple more here so let's say I don't have a vein or I don't have any fancy tools I don't have any of that stuff but I've got a skewer I'm goingto cut that teardrop shaped dregg drag a line down the center, pinch it together and I have a leaf ok? So wherever you're at, whatever your interest issue could do all kinds of things and leaves your great they really do cover a multitude of sins multitude it's these air just your little cutters abusing I also want to use use I'll use the blue one so you can see it this is a little these air called k alex cutters come out a little star cutter you can also turn these into flowers we're not going to get into that today but I wanted you to know you can okay? So I'm going to move these off to the side for just a moment while I'm doing that I want to we'll use this one or you could use put a little round cutter I'm just going to use my little knife and I'm gonna cut some carnation leaves or any leaf for that matter if I you know it does not have to be fancy just has to be for a couple questions certainly cool so frozen photo dog would like to know do you use dusting powder to touch the edges and the pro dust to add a little flair yes, we're going to cover some pearl dustin and, um not so much pearl destined as much as we are the pedal dissed and carolina blue would like to know what? What? What's the brand of leaf cutter you could let us know uh, which leaf cutter? The white ones? Sure, these little white ones are p m e out of england, the precision engineering there and they have an entire line of this type of cutter leaf cutter. They've got him where they're holly the standard rose leave that they have ivy. Um, they have snowflakes they have yeah, you can spend lots of money in time. I I like pammy products are very they're really fine and their people are decent work with ok, I made a few little standard little cuts here for the carnation, and when I arranged my carnations, I just arranged him wet and kind of curled him around a little bit. You can do that or you can curl him up and do him up ahead of time and let him dry. I also dusted them with an avocado green color before I arranged him right now I just wanted to show you what it is that I'm doing another thing that you can do is that when you're making your leaves you can dust that whole sheet of gum paste and then cut your leaf and then go back and do an accent color another trick that I use for my gum paste leaves because like I said, when I do these I do hundreds of them I don't do three or four I do hundreds and I have sheets of them out and I'll do them all and like a color and then I will go back and airbrush so if you have an airbrush that could become one of your better friends near brush can also be horrible because they make a mess big time okay now back to my little k licks I'm going to dampen the edges or each little center area okay? And I did this one I want to put that on the small little rose I don't generally add a k licks to my larger roses just because when you arrange them you end up not even seen it or a lot of times if you add a k alex it's really to hold pedals in place so if your pedals don't need to be held, don't worry about it my little my little k licks air popping off they're not stick and nice you can go to a lot of effort to ball these and do all kinds of fun things with him but depending on what it's for and how fash need to go you can also just keep it simple. Okay. Would've been nice. It's centered that up a little better. And my roses soft enough. If I try to move it, I'm in trouble. Yep, broke that. Okay, so I'm gonna set this side too dry these other two little k licks I made for the carnation the carnation buds again. Not for the big ones. So if I take my little birds and I add the k licks and when you are creating things at a gum paste you khun crew you khun stick what gum paste to what? Gum paste and you can stay dick wet gum paste to dry gum paste but you cannot stick drag on pace to dry gum paste that doesn't. It just doesn't work. You have to have some wet gum paste in between the two. See how that's starting to look more like a little carnation bed with k licks on the back. And then the other thing that I did for my little carnation buds is I just took a little bit of the green, rolled it into a ball because carnations have a little ball but sand on them, touch a little gum on to those little balls and then just attached him so that we have a little finished, if the's carnations, air dryer it caesar toe attach and poke stuff onto him when they're half went like this. But you can see how we got kind of a cute little look.

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