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Advanced Flowers Part 1

Lesson 4 from: Cake Decorating: Gorgeous Gum Paste Flowers

Lucinda Larson

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Lesson Info

4. Advanced Flowers Part 1

Lesson Info

Advanced Flowers Part 1

So let's start with this rose but again that I did so I did a larger cut I bowled it but let's just kind of refresh it real quick so we're going to refresh on the back side I did a larger one so it was easier to be seen and I'll flip it over to the front run the ball down the center so it gives it the pedals a little cup we're trying to make this look as natural as possible let's go ahead get my brush wit try not to throw my gum glue all over my work area and I want to run the gum glue up either side of the petal and in the center take my larger cone that I made earlier it's not totally firm but it's firm enough that I can work with it and we'll count this is pedal one two, three, four and five I'm going to start with one bring it up, wrap it tight around that cone I can even add a little more gum glue here at the top just so it wraps tight like toe make it look and we're going to go with pedal three rapid around pinch it on so it doesn't come off give it a little curl back and then we...

're just going to start wrapping petals and this last one that I took that I have to do is you have to kind of tuck it in so you can see that the interlock because that's the way roses grow make a little tight and then let's come back with our fingers and roll it out we have to work quickly while the paste is still pliable and not cracking a break and yet tuck it in and there's our rose bud toda let this dry a little bit and then we'll come back and add another row all right now in the meantime let's go ahead and do our carnations and a carnation a pink carnation you see those but this is not a pink carnation this coronation is white with a pink center and I have a trick that I can teach you on how to do that let's get my gum paste workable I'm going to roll out paced well, let it through my pasta machine I want to take it to the five and I want to cut a small center and you know what works best for cutting a small center it's the back of one of my decorating tips we'll use that one because it's not cooperating so I'm just using a standard they're creating tip and I'm going to cut out several little dots I need at least four petals to create one carnation and I use um one pedal or two pedals for the little buds okay that's good do I need pink for anything else on these air white I'm just going to kind of grip along here so they could get everything covered before we call it a day things out of the way so I could work little corn starch on my pace because it is adjusted little sticky. Well, this pace to a five, okay, now, here's, what I'm gonna do with these little dots that I cut out mina space, um, kind of toe touch him down there here post pushing into place, I'll use my ruling came to make sure that they're attached and if they're not perfect little dots, I don't care adds to the interest in coloring of the flour, but I do want it fairly level ok, then I'm going to use this fancy cutter from the back of my large tip again, and I want to center that is business I can without really seeing what I'm doing around each little pink dot, and while I have this white rolled out, I want to cut with my tear cutter, my teardrop cutter, I want to or leaf cutter, whichever you have access to, I want to cut a couple of these so I could make the calli lilies. Now, normally, when you're working, you focus on one flower, you're not doing three and four and five flowers at one time. Normally what you're doing is you're focusing on making one flower hundreds of times so it's a little different when you're trying to go from flower to flower to flower, but the truth of the matter is, is when you're doing these, I would be doing daisies all at one time if I was doing roses, I'd be doing roses all at one time I wouldn't be doing daisies, roses and calla lilies and this and that, so if it seems a little disjointed, that would be the reason. Okay, so let me move my plaque of coronations over here, let cover up some of these petals so they don't dry out like I said four petals for a flower for the carnation. They look a little strange at this point, like their little pink eggs libels staring at your something turned that so I can work a little more center for me. Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take my vein ing tool, and I want to use this thin end or the sharp ege, and I'm literally going to cut and pull into that pink and bring it out to the edge, so I'm ruffling and cutting that edge because carnations have rough little edges just keep working around. This is another one of those situations who isn't this exciting watching her do this? He got it after about the first thirty seconds. I do not like doing carnations in butter cream. I think they're just a waste of time, but doing them and gum paste there can be so pretty. And I would say, is probably considered an old time flower now. So if you were doing a cake for a grandmother or somebody, this would be a beautiful little kate to do. Or a young teenage girl. Um, years ago, we used to have to do him quite often for wedding cakes, because that's what people were having in their weddings, where carnations I truthfully cannot tell you the last time I saw a carnation at a wedding, it's been years. We now see a lot of gerber daisies and wildflowers and all kinds of fun, interesting and off. Wonderful, bright, awesome colors. Before years ago, when I first started cake decorating and my mother had to drive me to deliver wedding cakes because I could not even drive a car. Uh, yes, weddings, we their baby blue, baby, pink or pure white. There was not much outside of baby blue or baby pink, and we always had paper bills and hard to believe. That was only ten years ago checking to see if your wake. So when I first started delivering wedding cakes and I was about fifteen years old, I had four brothers and sisters and my mother would drive us and every kid would sit in the car holding a cake we don't hold cakes and my id fred and worry about every rowboat track there was to cross and everybody behold the cake and I'd be tell him hold their cakes right certain brothers I wouldn't allow to hold the cake be all stressed and worried get there and get it set up it be pretty and I turned my hundred dollars or fifty bucks whatever it was because they were still cheap accident that was a lot of money for a fifteen year old that's how I bought a lot of my tools and supplies was from my cakes and my baby sitting ok so going around I've got the last one going here see how they're ruffled and crisp on the edge we got the pink center going on okay now what I'm going to do now they've got those old done take my gun glue going to dampen the center of each one of those kind of in a more across the just in the center I want to pick it up I want to fold it in half with the pink on the inside and then the first one I'm going to do kind of in a little accordion shape and I want to put some moisture so it kind of sticks together and to do the second one the same way according fold it in half pink on the inside this when I'm in a kind of accordion next to this one let's get that outside wet so they'll stick together separate those pedals so they have a little ruffled edge to him then the next two I'm going to fold in half these I'm not going to accordion these I'm going to and I want a pinch the end so they kind of thin out attach well with each other do we eat to each side so cm putting it together and then I'm pinching that bottom part and it's making those pedals kind of spread let's dampen one side of that and I'm going to just wrap it around the base at this damp again to damp wipe off the excess and wrap it around the other side and that is our carnation is that not a simple little flower and yet look how pretty it is and then when we put it with our green it'll be stunning so let's set that over ah hold it here for a moment you can see and then let's sit over here so it can dry well just said it uh I don't want it in the flower former said it right there ok so I've got I've got enough to do two centers or a center or not a center excuse me a little little buds okay and just like I did before sharpened out poland ruffle that edge does not have to be super precise it just has to be you can't do only part of it you have to do all of it and the tour but you know what you just keep on going it doesn't matter it's a carnation you can also instead of doing this in pink you can also incorporate rid haven't be kind of stripey read those air very striking you control so dumond baby blues carnations generally speaking though are fairly um pale colored flowers they have a good scent and that is a weird thing I can share with you is that generally speaking, your more pale colored flowers have got better sent to them you're more vibrant color flowers generally do not have much of a cent pinch that together do that little cigs egg shape pinch it in the end you could even glue it if you wanted to I'm just going to pinch it and then that is ah bud and once we put the green on it, you'll really see how it looks like a good and any time that you could do a flower and create some buds to go with it those air great one they're not is time consuming and to their great little fillers they make it look natural as opposed to having all full size flowers of course you know if you're doing something with a particular design in mind he might have to change that okay we'll just set those over here look them dry and then let's go to our calla lily I want to of all the back of these calla lilies with my tool I'm going to start at the top bring it down almost to the base not quite pressing hard so it has a little movement and then what I want to do is start at the top and pulled down so that it kind of curls back this is the back of our calla lily so once on each side try toe not stop like that pull that little edge down bring it down now that's her back so let's turn it over and one of the things I'm going to do is I'm going to take my ball tool and working in a circular motion and build out this space a little bit so it wraps easier that so basically all I'm doing at this point is I'm just kind of spreading the paste out so it's a little larger than what my cutter made it get my brush with my glue ghaem paint on the sides and after base how you guys doing over there I want to take a little larger center of the longer one because I chose a big size pedal I want to set it right here and then I want to essentially put that my center in the center rap my calla lily now some calla lilies when they're very new are very tight and then we want to give this a little motion here have a little motion bring my center so you can kind of see it and that would be are completed callin louis I have it on a wire so I want to put it into the phone pad and let it dry and I've got three more that air glued and ready to go we got a whip right along here so centered up rapid tight and calla lilies at the base are just pretty smooth and bulbous so you want to kind of rapid simply at the bottom there put a little movement into it so it looks natural make that point look ok? And like I said earlier the's little calla lilies air great for putting in with other flowers most people don't expect him. The other thing is he said, if you do and for wedding cakes of course percent in the center um and now these air fairly good size but you could do um really tiny in miniature you can do in very large. The big trick is if you do in large, make sure your center is set up so that you can it will hold up and not fall off if it's too moist not set up and dry enough you'll have issues if you let your center set set up ahead of time it'll be much easier. And I kind of like having them have a little ruffle. It makes him look more natural, in my opinion.

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