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Your Business, Your Way is the Only Way

Lesson 1 from: Build A Stand-Out Business

Tara McMullin

Your Business, Your Way is the Only Way

Lesson 1 from: Build A Stand-Out Business

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

1. Your Business, Your Way is the Only Way

Lesson Info

Your Business, Your Way is the Only Way

Hello and welcome to creative lives my name is chris jennings I am here I'm going to be your host for this special live lesson that we're doing with tara gentilly and this is her course bill to stand out business now we're here on the money in life channel but this is actually unlike anything we've ever done here on creative live and we are really excited about it there's gonna be something out there for everyone no matter what channel you typically watch us on now this is going to be special because over the past few months we've spent a ton of time and effort to put together this course and tara has created twenty five lessons. This is a comprehensive plan to help your creative business stand out from the crowd now there's really only one instructor who could do a special course like this on creative live if you don't know who tara gentilly is, you must have been living under a rock for a while because she's been on creative live quite a bit she's a regular instructor here she's spok...

en around the world on entrepreneurship money and the new economy her work has been featured in fast company forbes and design spoons just to mention a few we're honored to have her back here on creative lives, so please welcome taraji until e isa pressure it supplies back here on creative lives were so sided now I know that you've put a lot of time and effort into this course this is special this is unique it's not like something we typically do here, so I just got to know why this topic like why did you feel like this topic was worth the special format on this course? Well, you know, I work with lots of business owners and they put so much time and energy and effort into their businesses and a lot of times that energy and effort kind of falls flat because they don't know how to make their business stand out they don't know how to really earn the attention of the people that are going to buy their products or or contract their services. And and so I really wanted to put together the kind of the comprehensive guide to see standing out in a crowded market because I think that's ah that's a problem that you all face all right? Absolutely. So we're ready to get started I'm gonna let you take it away sweet thank you so much. Thanks, chris. He guys welcome welcome to you out there. I am ridiculously excited to talk to you about this particular topic. So what is the big problem here? Your business feels invisible, right? How many of you guys feel like you're business feels pretty invisible out there? Yeah, okay, it is crowded that market, you know yeah, just the whole the whole internet, the whole world it's a crowded place to be doing business in and that means you end up searching and searching for the right formula the right set of tactics that excellent plan that's going to get your business noticed instead of somebody else's but here's the thing the key to standing out in the market it's not someone else's former formula it's not on the outside of that your business it's inside your business the key to standing out has to come from the inside out if you don't know what it is that makes your business uniquely compelling that makes what you do different and more effective you can't stand out nothing you do on the outside is gonna work nearly as well as it could, so we're going to spend the next twenty five lessons digging deep into what internally makes your business truly remarkable, truly compelling, truly worthy of standing out on we're goingto work step by step by step to bring that from the inside outside. So we're going to start way down deep inside and by the end of this workshop you will be doing, you know, regular small, easy activities that bring that out and help you to start standing out right away all right? So the biggest threat to your business today isn't external its internal I think we all feel some some sense of threat, some sense of competition from from the other people the other businesses is that are out there offering similar products offering similar services you know what it's not them that we need to be that we need to be worried about it's not the rest of the market that is, that should be top of our mind it's us we need to fix or understand what's inside of our businesses and then all of that stuff just drops away it's a really beautiful alright, so every successful business has a unique stand out style, a unique standout style and that's really what we're going to be discovering what your unique standout style is and so what we've done is actually put together a template that you can download when you purchase this course that allows you to stack up everything that you've learned throughout the boot camp and put it together into your unique standout style guide so you can have sort of this little book that you can print out or a little slide show you can put on your computer so that every time you're thinking about you know, are you going to do this marketing tactic or that marketing tactics are going to follow this formula? That formula is going to make it up yourself where you going to follow someone else's lead you've got the answer in that stand out style guide all right, now, let's, look at another big myth were our first big meth really of this boot camp? And that myth is this the more saturated the market? The harder it is to stand out, the more saturated the market, the harder it is to stand out. I've been doing this for years, and probably the number one question I get is my markets really saturated? What can you tell me about, you know, standing out or it's really hard to stand out because my math market is so saturated? I'll tell you who the number one culprit is too it's jewelry designers on life coaches, jewelry designers and life coaches love you guys, but this is a myth. If this is a meth, every market has its challenges, every market is a difficult market to stand out and that's, why you need ah plan, you also need to understand or or recognize how other people are standing out so that you can see the potential in yourself. So we've got some pretty kick, but case studies coming up in this boot camp, we've got alex bloomberg, formerly of this american life ceo and co founder of gimlet media. I'm obsessed with the startup pollock I just I don't know about you, we've got soup, rice, who's, a creative, live celebrity on photographer we've got leased a condom meghan almond chase jarvis who's, one of the co founders of creative live I am so excited and frankly, a little nervous to talk to some of these people. We've also got two guest instructors that are going to be helping me out. One is julie gara from male chimp I love male chimp and male champ is just study in standout style. They have got their style nailed, and so julie is going to help us help me explain howto build email marketing that stands out because you know people's inboxes or like the busiest, noisiest places there are. And then my friend tanya geisler who's a coach and a speaker. She speaks on the impostor complex, but she's also got this idea called your brand of joy, and your brand of joy is going to help us understand how we can guide our business is based on our guiding principles in order to stand out as well. So look for those two to find folks coming up later, so during this first week session one, you will find seven ways you're using your own quiet power, and I'll tell you more about that in a minute and apply them to your business, you'll discover the language you use to be more compelling. Naturally, you'll create guiding principles to help make decision making strategic direction easier you'll analyze your market to find your unique opportunity to stand out and you'll turn that opportunity into an unknown fair advantage for your business. So let's look at today's goals because I love goals. So first of all, I want you to be able to identify why certain marketing falls flat and I want you to discover the seven key components of standout businesses and finally starting today I want you to take action. I want you to take action on at least one aspect of your quiet power to make your business stand out. All right? So you're gonna have lots of options for homework and I want you I want everyone here to take action on at least one thing and if you take action on all seven options I have a special prize for you there's so many prizes in this book camp. I'm so excited. All right, so this is what it's gonna look like this week. Those air how our lessons pan out but let's get started with this first lesson, your business, your way is the only way your business your way is the only way. This is not a choice. This is how you have to stand out in the market so let's start with tina fey shelly I love tina fey. I listened to her all last night while I couldn't sleep so from her book bossy pants, she says when people say you really really must do something it means you really don't have tio no one ever says you really really must deliver the baby during labor when it's true it doesn't need to be said how many of you feel like all marketing advice is people just saying you really really must be on twitter you really really must be on instagram you really really must pin ten images a day oh my word it is all noise it's noise and it takes our attention off of what's truly important those things that make us uniquely compelling those things that make us uniquely effective it you know every marketing tactic out there doesn't work for everybody else there are things that you know great awesome people do that if I tried it it would fall flat because it's not based on what's going on inside my business it's based on someone else's idea of what works for them yet we follow these formulas we we execute them flawlessly and then we wonder why they fall flat that's why that's? Why marketing false flat because it doesn't align with what's going on internally in our businesses it doesn't align with our quiet power oh so this is another kind of confusing thing and that's the gap between promotion and visibility you can promote, promote, promote, promote, promote your business and still feel invisible you can feel like no one is listening like no one is paying attention we want to find the place where promotion and visibility meat and the place where promotion invisibility meat is when the story that you're telling from the inside out in your business meets up with how people perceive you the way that you're naturally compelling so that's what we're going to be getting at each piece of this boot camp is designed to help your promotion actually achieve business visibility in the market sound good great now let's look at your favorite online learning platform and mine creative life can you spot all the ways creative lives stands out just from this tiny snippet of their home page I'm gonna put you guys on the spot what do you see here on just this little square? The hints at how this company stands out in a very crowded market. Melissa well, they're showing thie ah the live video class format absolutely yeah, so right here just this very format you guys in the room this production this stage me this is one of the big ways creative life stands out who else does online learning this way? Hello. It is awesome. Okay, what else? Yes yeah, the watcher free class like this such a low barrier to entry and such an invitation for people yes, exactly. So watch now free that is a huge piece of how they stand out you don't you don't need to wonder is this going to be worth buying or not? Hello you can listen and watch and decide for free very cool what else? Yes I actually think it's the simplicity of the home page design combined with the different subject matters that are being offered it's not sue clutter but you can see how robust offerings are beautiful so this kind of play between minimalism and simplicity and the diversity of content brilliant ashley she's still my one more and then I'll show you all the ones that I found yes, I find the terminology that they use for the different sections really interesting money in life for example instead of a business channel music and audio craft and maker those air very distinct turns of phrases that speak directly to an audience segment I think absolutely I totally agree. All right, so let's see all right, we mentioned watch now free it's creative no one mentioned this. This is a online learning platform specifically for creative people what's next oh, the production quality here. Oh, my gosh. These people are all professionals. It is such a treat to come here and work with them and I think it stands out you know, every time you watch uh top experts uh on air host like chris uh, in studio audience, you guys make this experience. You create such a beautiful relationship with the instructors that the online audience can identify with all the different channels. That's it okay, so should watch where I'm going. So, yeah, so that's a big picture. Look at how this business stands out, but it also works on a micro level two. What makes this facebook post that I put up a couple months ago really stand out and look not only didn't get not only was it super popular when I first put it up, I got a lot of traction out of paying to put this up as well, or paying to promote this is well, so it says, what did you do in twenty fourteen that you shouldn't. I chose five unconventional things that help my business more than double revenue last year you can find out what they were on my brand new block post. What makes this stand up? What do you know about me that makes this work really well? Fifteen I think the points that you put shouldn't in there really makes you want to go and see because even if you don't know you you would still be curious but if you did know you you would know that I shouldn't have done them but I did them anyway and they worked for me right exactly thank you tiffany said that more beautifully than I could have that's exactly right? I've got a reputation for doing things a little differently and so if I say I did things I shouldn't have done you know what that means? What else? You more than doubled your revenue very interesting to me yes, absolutely so also known for having really big goals on for working really hard at achieving them and so saying that I'm more than doubled my revenue is immediately not only just like tiffany said is it interesting you don't know me but if you do know me it makes a ton of sense and you want to click that link so absolutely this this idea of standout marketing of standout presence works on a micro level and on a macro level it's something that when you understand it at its core when you understand what's going on inside your business to make it stand out you khun you can plant those details all sorts of places to relieve the benefits and boy baby peas or some benefits okay, how many of you would like twenty, shares on a post on really that's just the visible shares that were we're more than that all right, so here are the seven key components of a standout business. First of all, using your strengths you know, we get coached that we should work on our weaknesses and awful lot are we hear that in traditional jobs I say bull hockey use your strengths, leverage your passion and not just this idea of, you know, follow your passion or use your passion to make money no use the verb passion you know I have a passion for or that you know, this feeling that I'm clearly talking with right now I'm leveraging my passion right now I'm super passionate about helping you understand how to stand out, find your unfair advantage know how you do what you do differently and why that benefits or customers I have a clear focus focus looks good on you one of the key reasons I see businesses fail at standing out because their messaging and their brand is all over the place when you have a clear focus, people pay attention, build your business on your guiding principles know what's important to you and make decisions that are in line with that share your vision gin not just for yourself or for your business share your vision for your customers do you know where you want your customers to be in five years? Do you know where you want your customers to be in ten years I do I want them to have thriving businesses that stand out naturally that are full of ease that make them feel powerful that make them feel influential that's what I want my for my customers what do you want for your customers and then finally speak with a unique voice don't say the same things as everyone else and please don't say them in the same fonts speak with a unique voice these things all inform your decisions your brand building your marketing your product development your sales all of those key components get woven through the threads of your entire business whether it's how you work with your team to how you build systems toe all the pieces that happen on the out side that customers can actually see over the next twenty five lessons will unpack and decide on each one of those things now let's talk a little bit about this idea of quiet power quiet power is that power that doesn't come from the noise in fact noise can't give you power it can give you influence it can give you attention for a small amount of time but it's not long lasting quiet power is the kind of power that comes from how you do what you do differently from that unique voice from that intense focus from that keen perception that you bring to your business that's where you're quiet power comes from that quiet power doesn't change and so it lasts it might take you a little bit longer to build a quiet power business. It might take you ah, little bit more work on at the the onset tio start the engine in motion to gain that attention but once you started once you get that engine rolling it comes naturally so that all you have to do is kind of flick one piece of your business and the results come pouring out the other end does that sound good? Yeah that's what quiet power is all about it's about understanding what you really want to create, how you really want to connect with others and how you do things differently that's your quiet power strategy all right, so let's look at seven ways to find and use your quiet power to stand out. Now I'm gonna go through each of these seven things and each of these seven things has a small activity that goes along with it. Here's your challenge complete as many of these quick activities as possible before the next lesson ares okay, complete as many of these activities before the next lesson airs the first person to complete all seven will receive a free autographed copy of my new book quiet par strategy all right, so and I'll tell you how to claim that at the end okay, so this is your challenge now even if you just do one of these things you're on the path to standing out today so that's pretty cool alright first look to those you admire who do you admire who does their thing? It doesn't even have to be the same thing is your thing I'm not looking for your mentor I'm not looking for the people in your industry that you're like I wish I could have a business like theirs for people anywhere could be your mom it could be a celebrity it could be an artist who do you admire? I started well I got maybe in the first ten minutes I started this lesson off with tina fey I admire tina fey. Tina fey is my barrett animal um I love how she could be quirky and wacky and intellectual at the same time I love how she's ambitious I love that she really doesn't care what other people think I love that she is always doing her own thing and not influenced by what's going to make a hit tv show I mean have you seen unbreakable kimmy schmidt that is bizarre and I loved it. I look to tina fey as one of the people that I admire who do you guys look teo who do you admire? Janice oh, um I admire like a lot of the old time philosophers okay? And I take their like quotes and meditations and it really inspires me and when I share that with other people, I get it back. So it's, a really good connection I feel with beautiful. Who else? Brand? Oh, sure. I for me, it's. Not an individual person as much as kind of like what you were saying. It's it's. The idea of the craftsman who slaves away in his shop. You know, he's got the plane and he's planning the wood away to make just a beautiful piece of furniture. That's, that's. Something that I really admire. Beautiful. Bridget you're nodding a lot. Who do you admire? No, I was not into I decided to pick on you anyway, um, I don't know. I'm ira lot of chef. Okay, is there a particular john george? Okay. Awesome. And why? Because he's mastered. Well, he's basically has a restaurant empire and has really mastered his craft in a way that is pretty amazing. Awesome and it's. Not really what I strive for, but that's it's still an amazing thing. Yeah, the the idea of it is very attractive to you. Even if you don't want that exact thing. That's exactly what we're looking for here. We're looking for the idea of what you want to create. Not nearly not exact. Not an exact representation okay those are the people that actually can inform and influence you I think mohr than people who have just done what you want to dio because when you follow people who have just done what you want to do you end up kind of putting yourself in their box and this whole boot camp is about getting out of their box and making your own okay about boxes they're good but we want to be an hour box not their box okay so your activity for this one is to post a quote from someone you admire on that social media channel or on a social media channel post a quote of someone you admire on a social media channel see these air very easy nothing hard here all right let's look at number to identify how you do what you d'oh differently than others identify how yu do what yu dio is different than others how do you do what you do differently sally hogshead says better isn't better different is better different is how you stand out different is how you make a connection with someone when you identify how you do what you do differently than other people providing similar solutions you make a connection with exactly the right people so how do I do what I do differently I liked to go deep I am not interested in telling you the one two three step formula to awesome facebook marketing I love reading those articles I like listening those podcasts I like watching those videos I want to know that stuff but for my work for what I spend all my time doing it doesn't thrill me I'm very happy to send people to those those kind of tutorials those kind of lessons to get that kind of help once you've identified that that's what you need I'm interested in helping you figure out what you need and to do that we have to go really deep that's how I do what I do differently and it helps me stand out in my market very very well how do you do what you do differently michelle oh my gosh I don't know I mean what I do is different yeah I've never seen joy like the personalization right that's it that's your difference and not only personalization but really meaningful personalization beautiful who else? Kate um well a lot of ira vetted practitioners offer food lists and go buy formula and I feel like it's much more important to understand how we live in the belief systems behind and toe work on the change making device which is our mind as much as the changes that we actually make so it's a little bit like he said it's deeper than a formulaic do this this and this and that's how you get healthy beautiful how about one more? Yeah megan I focused on simple and elegant solution so in the gardening world there's lots of products and kind of a lot of gimmicky type things on and I don't like any of that I just want to find the simplest, most elegant answer our way to do everything and linger no gimmicks just elegance I heard a fall keep keep that elegant word in mind for later on in the boot camp please all right, so here's your activity for this one update your about paige to highlight that difference update your about paige to highlight that difference and I don't mean go and rewrite your about paige unless you need teo but we'll talk about that later in the boot campus well, we will actually be writing standout business bios in the last year in the second to last week, but for this activity all I want you to do is think about how you do what you do differently and highlight that difference somewhere preferably towards the top of your about paige all right here's activity number three consider what makes it easy for you to connect act with new people consider what makes it easy for you to connect with new people now I'm an introvert and connecting with new people is scary but I know how I connect with people new people best it's right here I connect best when I'm teaching on a stage in front of a group in front of you guys that's how I connect best with new people so in my business, I look for every opportunity I can get to get on a stage so that I can connect with lots of new people at once that makes me really happy, and it feels really eazy e's full for me so that's one of my conditions for connection, being on stage, being seen as a leader, and then when I get off stage, I love talking to people I love answering those questions, but I like to preface it with this, okay? I hate walking into a networking event. In fact, I really just don't do it anymore, because why, if I hate it, if it doesn't work for me, why should I do it? And so another benefit of this boot camp is going to be editing out all of that stuff that you hate doing in your business finding another way around. All right, this is my way around what's your way around, kathy. I don't know if you're asking that I was gonna give you what you teo I had the same thing I loved to do what I call networking with a purpose, eh? So that's, why I'm very involved in my community and on sit on boards of directors because it gives you a task at hand, but you can then make friends you know, with people sitting around you? Yes, absolutely. Yeah, it is. I do very much the same thing I've loved meeting people in my local community by being involved in the business community on dh infact I end up volunteering to teach a lot in my local community because that's, the easiest way for me to meet me, you people. So, yeah. So that's that's wonderful. Thank you so much for that. Who else? What makes it easy for you to connect you, tara, I like anything where I'm on stage, whether I'm performing our teaching and that can be a physical stage of any kind, a living room concert or anything like that. Or it can be online doing interviews either as an interviewee or as an interviewer or live streaming video or recorded video. All of those kinds of things beautiful. Does anyone, like, go into networking events? Shelley? Thank you. I was going to say we need bridget here, but bridget lions. But thank you, shelly. What do you love about networking events? What makes that easy for you to connect with people? Well, I love hearing people stories, and so I like to get to know people intimately and, um it plays into who I am I like to listen and I like to pull out like the authentic behind people and what makes them tick and what makes them who they are and so being able to be in a networking room where I know everyone is there to do the same thing actually puts me at ease beautiful I love that that would terrify me but for you that's one of your conditions for connection love it we all could have different conduct conditions for connection and we'll get to that later and weak too will identify what all of those are and we'll look for what marketing channels or what opportunities present themselves that we can use to make those conditions happen. So with this one in mind your activity is toe update a social media bio here's what I have in mind for this I want you to tell people how you best connect tell people how you best connect do you want them tio tweet you and uh you know we'll set up a one on one call do you want them tio uh book you for a speaking gig? Do you want to find out where the local networking events are in such and such a community put update whatever social media bio makes the most sense for how you connect and update that bio for me it might be, you know, updating my twitter bio and saying I love to answer business questions on twitter so at me with your biggest question and I'm happy to answer or I'll give you my perspective that would be a great way because twitter is another way that's another one of my conditions for connection because I could do a little research before I answer I love twitter as you will see throughout let's look at number four highlight what color's your world highlight what color's your world by this I mean, what is it that you are really passionate about again not that kind of follow your individual certain singular passion but those things that get you really worked up? In other words, what really bugs you? What really bugs you is a good way teo to kind of quantify or to identify what it is that you're super passionate about. So one example is that it really bugs me when people think that the answer to every business problem is new marketing tactics new marketing tactics is not the answer to every business problem there's pricing problems, there's business model problems, their sales process problems there, email marketing problems there's so many problems internal organizational, systemic problems marketing doesn't fix everything in fact pretty much fixes nothing, but it seems to be the thing that everyone wants to learn all the time, so I do a lot of work kind of putting out there other solutions other ideas you have this problem you may think marketing is the solution have you considered this that's one thing that really colors my world? It's one thing I'm really passionate about. So what really bugs you guys? Melissa uh what really bugs me is the prevalent cultural notion and notion that so many individuals have that creative expression is frivolous and self indulgent. Really? Bugs may thank you. Perfect tiffany cheap materials okay, mass consumer products all right, perfect. Actually, that astrology is cheap crazy will fortune telling just b s like it's just that it's like this crazy thing that you know wackos d'oh. Okay, great. How about one more gate can be fixed with a cleanse? Eyes sample? Yes, awesome! We have a lot of people who like going deep here is audience awesome. Perfect. So what? Color's your world right? A facebook post inspired by something that really bugs you right? A facebook post inspired by something that really bugs you, that kind of call to arms really stands out in marketing and that's that's essentially what we're putting up here is a call to arms so cates might be you don't need another cleanse here's what you need instead well, here's, what you need to understand mine might be you don't need another marketing tactic try these three things instead uh tiffany's might be please don't spend five dollars, thirty times on on jewelry with cheap materials here's why investing in great products is awesome I would like to say I'm wearing some of tiffany's hearings today thank you tiffany uh alright number five think of a time when you were a spy especially persuasive think of a time when you were especially persuasive we like teo say about ourselves about our business is well, I don't want to be sales e I don't want I don't want people to think that I'm just selling them something here's the thing you're in business as you're selling things in fact, all of your daily activities are about persuading someone to something whether it's to click a link, sign up for your welcome gift, buy something from you tweet something for you whatever it might be ninety five percent of your day is spent persuading people to do something for you yes and of course ninety five percent of their day is spent doing the same thing we're we're persuasive people and each one of you has a way that you're naturally more persuasive what works for me isn't going to work necessarily work for you what works for you isn't going to necessarily work for me I'm pretty I feel like I'm pretty persuasive and I can't use every technique that's out there I can use the techniques that work for me when was the time that you felt especially persuasive? Um, any time I'm in front of a group talking about what I just shared or any variety of that because I get so fired up about it, and I have so many reasons that I just bang, right? Yeah, you're really persuasive when you're able to kind of embody that passion exactly you absolutely, cathy, I'm very persuasive when I could tell a personal story that helped them see what I'm trying to convey that point that I'm making beautiful meghan persuasive, I feel like in one on one relationships when I can ask questions and learn about them and relate to how it would really help them in that personal relationship, and we're going to learn more about what that looks like an lesson, too, right off sweets so on online audience think about a time you were especially persuasive and then updated product description to use that technique update a product description to use that technique. So megan just described getting people one on one so she might not update her the description of the product itself. Instead, she might say, you know, click here to get on my schedule for a free consultation I'd love to talk to you, I'd love to learn more about who you are she could also update the product description and say, you know, over the last two years of talking to my clients talking to my friends, talking to other people who struggle with this issue I've learned x y and z and so then you're incorporating that that desire that need to learn more about someone else but you're doing it kind of in an upfront way all right so think about a time you were more you were especially persuasive and update a product description to use that technique six leverage your story leverage your story now when we were talking on saturday night before we all got started with this crazy experience nothing here I heard a story from one of our studio audience members that I would really like for her to share so tiffany could you tell us about how you started making feather earrings so back back in two thousand ten feather earing started get very popular and I saw them and I realized that hey I tie flies and a lot of that stuff is the same materials out of my fly fishing kids so I I did some of the long loose feather earrings I did a lot of feathered hair extensions at the time and then I utilized these goose buyouts to make my spikey feather hoop hearing which takes takes a lot of very intricate little tying to dio and so that really tied into my flight experience really tied into the whole feather earring trend and that's actually how I started my business really in that story not fascinating, no, not everyone has a fly fishing story to tell, but we all have stories that relate to how we do what we do differently relate to what we're passionate about relate how are business started that allow us to create that connection with people that really helps our businesses stand out? You know, my story is that my formal training my education is not in business. My formal education is in religious studies. I studied theology in college, but I'm up here talking to you about business. Would you like to know the story of that? My story is that I have always been deeply interested in how other people see the world, and from the time I was man ten until now, that's taken the form of better understanding the world's religions, people's, individual sets of beliefs and codes of behaving. And now I use that to my benefit and to your benefit to teach people about business, because business and marketing especially is all about understanding how other people see the world so that you can reflect that back to them so that you can make a connection, whether it's through your words or your products or your branding whatever aspect of your business so that's how my experience my story ties directly to what I'm doing today, why and how it benefits you so here's your activity for this one and this one is the hardest of all of them film a two minute video sharing your story and how it benefits your customers film a two minute video sharing your story and how it benefits her customers it doesn't have to be perfect you could film it on your cell phone or you can film it with your webcam on your computer. Two minutes is a suggestion make it short but take a piece of your story tell that story and think about how it benefits your customers and share that benefit as well because that's the most important piece your story in and of itself isn't the important piece the important pieces how your story benefits your customers that's what stands out okay here's the last one you guys ready for this one embody your favorite flavor of ice cream and bob embody your favorite flavor of ice cream so today I'm going to say my favorite flavor of ice cream is coffee really? I like whatever flavor of ice cream is in front of me except for pepperman, which is my boyfriend's favorite flavor that he can have all to himself I think it's disgusting, so what's your flavor favorite flavor of ice cream yourself baseball nut is my favorite flavor baby, but I don't like ice cream but I eat that okay, awesome janice tigertail what is tiger tail? See nobody's heard of it that's why it's my favorite I go in search of tigertail ice cream when different locations I go too because it's unique and different and it's not available in a lot a place I have to know what is in a tiger tail ice cream kind of like orange sherbert and black licorice. Really? Yeah, I'll bring in some for everyone. Okay? And I love what you said. I love that you said I love it because it's unique and no one's ever heard of it like you like esoteric kind of things right and that's part of your standout style this is not actually a frivolous exercise. This is just a fun way to think about how you internally stand out what it is about you that that really is important to you that you really love that you're passionate about. So thank you for tigers out. How about patrice pink bubble nice. What do you think that says about your standout style? You know, what's funny is that I think that now reflecting on my website I actually think that pink bubble gum is reflected in it because there is these little bubbles that kind of night migrate through the site but for me it's very nostalgic and is very memorable of from all of the great things about my childhood, so what yeah, it's, playful and beautiful. All right, so this activity is super easy. Tweet. If I were a flavor of ice cream, I would be if I were a flavor of ice cream, I would be and use the hashtag standup is so we can all see it. I want to see all the ice cream flavors at the end of this att the end of this lesson. If I were a flavor of ice cream, I would be stand up this hashtag stand on this. All right, so here's today's homework. Choose at least one action to take today to take, to add a fun, fascinating or compelling detail to your businesses. Stand out style.

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At first I was tuning in to watch live from my computer at work but I kept missing nuggets (because I was at work obviously) so I just bought the entire course. I have been doing the exercises at my pace and I love it. I had done my Fascination Advantage test before but didn't know how to incorporate them into my business. I am Mystique and Prestige. I thought I had to be loud and showy as a photographer which does not suite my style. After finding out that Sue Bryce has a Prestige and Mystique advantage (which truly made my day) I now see how I can make those advantages work for me. Tara has taught me so much already. I finally feel confident in my choice to not do wedding, family or boudoir photography. For a long time I felt like those were the only options. But I know now that I can do whatever I want as long as I fill a need and I have a good business model. But most of all I feel focused and confident about the choices I am making as a photographer. This is a feeling I've never felt after taking any other workshops or reading any other self-help books. I am a Tara Gentile fan for life.

Amy Lamp

I can't say enough good things about this course. Tara provided so many new ways for me to think about my approach to the business I'm building -- from branding and personality, to vision and goals. The sessions are very methodical and focused, with actionable steps that help us move in the direction we WANT to move, not the direction that others say we should. And that's my favorite part of this bootcamp: that the key to a stand-out business lives within each of our unique styles. The sections on Fascination Language were pivotal for me. They got my brain energized about all of the ways I can use my natural approach as an advantage, as opposed to feeling held back by things that drain me. I was also impressed with the questions from the audience, how smart and relevant they were, and how astute Tara's responses were. If you missed the live broadcast of this bootcamp, the cost to purchase is well worth it.

a Creativelive Student

This course has totally transformed my way of thinking 'business' & relating it to & using my unique qualities as a person to help my business stand out...never saw this link before, thanks Tara! What Tara has done with this course is help me become my own business coach by helping me to recognize my vision; my uniqueness & how I'm going to bring these together to make a successful & profitable business. I would recommend it a 100 times over :-) Thanks Tara & Thanks ar e helping to create star businesses! :-)

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