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Stand Out on Social Media

Lesson 23 from: Build A Stand-Out Business

Tara McMullin

Stand Out on Social Media

Lesson 23 from: Build A Stand-Out Business

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

23. Stand Out on Social Media

Lesson Info

Stand Out on Social Media

Welcome back. Welcome back. Okay, so this is this lesson is going to be a little bit different cause I'm gonna kind of shed some light on what I'm doing right now to stand out and to make my online presence known. So let me tell you what our goal is for today, our goal is to use it social media strategically to get results, so I'm going to be taking everything that you've been thinking about vision wise strategy wise and boil it down into social media execution that's actually geared to get results and not just waste your time cool. So let's talk about what we did in the previous lesson. We had julie gora for male chimp here, and she talked about how email is the best way to reach customers. And so you want to make your emails the one's that your customers look forward teo so that if you disappear for a little bit, you get those emails that say, are you still there that I miss an email? I don't think I'm getting your emails, can you tell me, can you tell me if I'm getting you know what...

your last email wass that's what you want that's the kind of response you went to your emails gotta break through that noise now let's, take a look at where we are in the build a standout business process oh, my, this is session five. Lesson twenty to stand out on social media we are nearing the end of the build a standout business boot camp. I know I'm very sad to write, but we've got a lot more to pack into the next few episodes. So, first of all, do you ever get the feeling that you're talking and nobody's listening? Do you ever get the feeling that you're talking and nobody's listening? I've been there, but I've done that before. Luckily, I know you guys were listening right now, right? Yeah, but when you're sitting behind your computer screen and you're popping those sweets in and you're you're, you know, making your facebook page posts and all that good stuff, you know, it can really feel like nobody is listening when you don't get those likes that you want when you don't get the retweets, when nobody comments on your block, it can really feel like absolutely no one is listening. And so what we're going to talk about today is maybe some different techniques that you could use to really stand out on social media. And like I said, I'm gonna pull back the veil on my business. Tell you point by point kind of what I'm doing to stand out on my three favorite platforms now your three favorite platforms might be different, and if you haven't figured out what you're going to focus on on social media, I highly encourage you to go back to the lesson where we talked about creating your digital sales and marketing plan so that you can be sure what media and what social media channels you want to use to market your business. But I'm going to talk about mine, and hopefully that gives you some ideas about how you could be approaching the media and channels that you want to use to get the results that you want. So here's four things that stand out media does in social environment and social what I mean by social environments is the actual, like communities. So the twitter platform as a social environment facebook is a social environment, and each post that we create each tweet that we send each image that we put up that's media, so we're looking to create standout media in social environments just to be clear there, okay, so stand out media leverage is how you're perceived, which we talked about in lesson to sew your fascination language the way other people see you and connect with you immediately stand out media leverage is how you're perceived. So every time you're thinking about what should I post next on facebook? What should I tweet next? What should the next topic for my webinar be reference that fascination, language or you top fascination languages and think about you know what you could do to play into that how you could show up even maur the way you're already naturally perceived, because that way you're going to create that instinct connection with people people are going to feel really comfortable receiving that media hearing from you and it's much more likely that they're going to click the light like button, click the retweet button or sign up for your webinar standout media also makes people feel like they belong like they're a part of your community. We talked about that in less than nineteen when we talked about building your email list and creating a welcome gift and really creating an email community that welcomes people. So when standout media makes people feel like they belong, that means that you're mirroring back to them how you see them, what you see there pain points as what desires they have the kinds of things that they want to learn, the kinds of conversations that they wanna have with you. It's another key component of standout media standout media, also adds value, and we looked at that in less than eighteen when we talked about creating and selling products that sell easily so stand up media adds value in other words it creates those tiny transformations that build trust with people that make people understand exactly what it is that you have to offer to them and then finally stand out media takes advantage of the platform it's shared on in other words, not every type of media is best for every type of platform or every type of social social environment in other words video we've they've tried but video doesn't play real well on twitter right? And so you may or may not want to share video on twitter maybe you put up that vine on dh and it gets tweeted out but is that is the engagement really happening on twitter or is that happening on vine? The same thing with instagram you know so maybe you put of great video on instagram and the interaction and engagement happens there is it really happening on twitter it's not something that you you're taking advantage of their so you want to be really conscious about the platform of the environment that you're using and think about what types of media play best in that environment not just from a technical standpoint but from a what are people here to consume, what people really like seeing here or reading here or listening to here so before sharing media on a platform consider who's using this platform so for instance linked in has a very specific audience right it's it's a social network for professionals, another platform that I used is untapped now untapped is not something I used to promote my business. Do you guys know what untapped iss let me tell you about what on top is untapped is a craft beer social networking platform where you can go in and where you can go in and ah, you know how? Create a directory list of check in we'll check in and I haven't had a beer yet today check in all the different beers that you consume because for us craft beer fans it's a lot of different kinds of beer, right? You're not just sitting down every night with a bud light you're drinking the double sour wit with fear line lee for your drinking, the whiskey barrel aged imperial stout and of course, every brewery makes a different kind of everything. So you got to keep track of all that stuff, and so we were raid it. I read a description, I share it on social platforms, I take a picture of it, I love untapped now it makes no sense for me to promote my business on untapped whose businesses doesn't make sense to promote on untapped berries, right? So breweries take great advantage of untapped one of the breweries in a story of fort george does a great job being on untapped in washing and seeing who's checking in and who's enjoying the beer and who's, maybe writing it on a little on the lower side and, you know, so so there's a there's, a platform and a type of business where you're matching up audience and business and media really, really well, now, maybe your business has access to a platform like that, too. I don't know, but there's all sorts of social networks out there just because I use twitter and I use facebook doesn't mean that there's not one that's that's more specific to you, patrice, is there a lawyer's? Uh, social networking asked me if I hang out there so there is one what? You don't like it? No, I don't like tio that's that thank you that proves other points that I've made so that's perfect, alright, so think about who is using the platform just another example of this everyone's on facebook, okay, not everyone but the vast majority of people, at least in the united states or in english speaking countries are on facebook, right? So with one billion users, probably your customer is hanging out that right but not every customer is on twitter we find twitter is really useful for people who are wanting to reach people in the media so people in traditional media people in new media twitter's really helpful for creatives and full for entrepreneurs, business owners there's a lot of those people there and so think about whether that's a platform you want to use based on who you're trying to reach if you're not trying to reach those people might not be a platform that you want to use um then why were they there? Why were those people they're what are their goals? So one of my goals on untapped is to get badges and to get badges like yes, I know it's very funny the more beers in one category I drink the more badges I get in that category just just to be clear here so one of my goals is to get badges and to get badges I have to try different kinds of beer, so actually one of my goals is variety I'm not nearly as good as this as my partner who has many more badges than I do because he drinks many more kinds of beers than ideo whereas I am an ipod girl thank you very much all right, so but and why are they there? What are they hoping to accomplish by being on that platform? I'm hoping to have library of beer or at least in library of information about the beers that I've hade so I can reference it at any given time that's why I use that platform, what? Sometimes connecting with other beer lovers and seeing what other people are drinking so that I can add it to my wish list that's why I'm there why're people on facebook to connect with loved ones to connect with friends and family from around the world, right? They may or may not be interested in your business message while they're doing that, so think really long and hard about whether your business message is best served in an environment where people are regularly connecting with friends and family. Now they're also connecting with news and media as well on facebook, and so I think that platform is rapidly expanding and taking up a big part and not obviously it's rapidly expanding, but I think our how we use it is also rapidly expanding, and so there may be a niche for you there that wasn't there before. Um and then twitter, why do people use twitter? Why do people use instagram? What are they hoping to accomplish while they're there? And does your goal for adding value add up two bit being a success on that particular platform what's their mindset? What is your what is what are the user's mind set? When they're there, are they really open to different kinds of messages? Are they looking for something really specific? Do they have a particular question on their mind? What's their mindset when they're using the platform that you're considering putting your media onto? And what else are they doing at the same time? So twitter and facebook they could be doing anything else at the same time? That is those air tabs that I have open on my computer almost all the time guilty, right? But other things like untapped it's, not something I have open all the time when I'm checking in on untapped I'm on my phone, I'm probably talking to my partner about whatever beer we're drinking or I'm talking to you guys about whatever beer that I'm drinking, and I'm not doing a whole lot of other things, so I'm really focused on this one, a thing that I'm doing really focused on just that platform eso it's not and and why I'm there so it's. Not that you've got much more focus in terms of the message that's available, and so maybe with your niche social media platform or social media environment, you've got on opportunity to do much the same thing now our whole goal with this particular lesson is to go from overwhelmed to targeted strategy. So that instead of feeling like you have to be all things to all people on all platforms, you couldn't just focus on those two to three channels that you identified in your digital sales and marketing plan. What are some? What are some challenges that you guys have had when it comes to standing out on social media? Kathy, the marrying the what I do differently with where my customers hangout and I think if I'm more targeted, that will help my message. Yeah, are you using linkedin? Yeah, okay, um, because I assume that's that, well, that is where my customers hangout absolutely, I think that's exactly where you should be, and, you know, that platform is really interesting and that they've they've worked in so many new kinds of features, like even just being able to create long form content on the site, you know, if you're contributing articles and sharing really unusual points of view or, you know, busting certain misconceptions that you see auras assumptions that you see your clientele making that's a way to stand out and to show people how you do what you do differently, but still taking advantage, leveraging the strengths of that platform in the mind set of the people that are there makes sense what other challenges have you had, tiffany? I like focus and in my post and I go about it and then focusing on one thing or the other I feel like that having that chief initiative really helps with the focus now but yeah and in terms of your digital sales and marketing plan if you landed on those like one two or three channels that you really want to be focused on absolutely what are they instagram pinterest and then blogged and actually blawg kind of ties into my email absolutely right I do a vlog post that just goes out to my email and that goes on top of it, you know? So it affected all ties to that brings up another good point to do that is just because you're focusing on one or two or more maybe three channels doesn't mean that you can't use those channels to populate other places too and so maybe you've got a twitter handle you've got a twitter page that is that that's being updated but it's being updated by another system so you don't have to go in and and be there very often maybe you check in once a week or everyone even once every couple weeks to see what's transpiring see if someone's message to you whatever you don't need to look at your numbers there and I think that that's something that we worry about too it's one of the challenges that we face is that when we ignore one of these platforms, and then we look at our numbers on it, we get really down about ourselves and unnecessarily so, because just because your your twitter followers might not be growing rapidly, if you're populating your twitter followers with your instagram campaign and your instagram profile is gaining numbers rapidly, then then that's a mark of success there, and you're just kind of covering your bases with her twitter profile and that's fine is okay to ignore things in your business. It's okay to stop doing stuff, all right? Any other challenges when it comes to standing out on social media? Yeah, yes, sometimes the speed of the fade it's, just like you just disappear. Yeah, absolutely. When I talk about twitter, I'll talk about how I slow down that that speed and yeah, it's one of my most effective twitter tips ever. Amy, did you have one, too? Yeah, I am I don't know what to do about all this eyes. I im pretty much everywhere. Thank you, too blinked an instagram like all of them instagram, my love, because it feeds out to the other channels, right? So I think I get thorne with, um, I put a lot of eggs in the facebook basket, and then when the algorithm changed, it was like all this activity that then went teo like dormant and I got really depressed mad at facebook for good hot minute which was not in service of me but I did it anyway no way getting out of facebook doesn't serve anyone and I'm like don't they know we don't pay good money for this you just made my dad yes exactly so I'm going to talk to you then about some of the things that I'm doing to dramatically boost my reach on facebook because that's kind of one of the channels that I've decided I want to concentrate on next I've got email marketing down an assistant really great system I've been on twitter and optimizing twitter for years and facebook I'm I'm not new to facebook I've been on facebook as long as I've been on everything else but I just didn't focus on it before and so now that I've kind of got those other systems down I'm focusing on facebook so well I'm going to talk about three different platforms just go ahead and bring that up I'm gonna talk about three different platforms um I don't want you to think you've gotto optimize three different things all at once. This represents a pretty long period of time that I've been working on each of these things I'm more more talking about three different platforms so that we can see some really different examples of what you might look look at doing or look at how to do for whatever platform that you really want to concentrate on for now that I'm so for that I'm ready to whittle down and really good I'm curious though a pinterest I'm fine keeping as almost like a personal thing you know that's how my butt if there's kind of some of these superfluous ones that I'm not using anymore I also don't want it to hurt my brand because if somebody were to stumble on it they're like this hasn't been updated since oh nine do you suggest pulling like if my youtube channel is um up today like no so I wouldn't pull anything infact you know and I wouldn't say go out and find every social channel you can and stake out your name there but as social channels get more popular or as you think your audience is there and might be looking for you make sure that you've claimed your username your handle your page and then just put put a little in your bio say you know I'm used this for personal use, you know, find my business here and maybe maybe you don't use pinterest but you do use instagram so you know I'm so glad you found me on pinterest this is some place that I really love using for me check out my instagram page at whatever your instagram pages just in it just as an exam okay okay cool yeah so let's go ahead and bring up my social media stuff and let's take a look at this book this is my facebook page yep there we go okay so a couple different things that I've been doing here so you don't see it in this view because we're not logged in on purpose but a new thing that facebook has done is given you the ability to put a little call to action button here have you guys noticed that have you tried to get it works who would have thought right um just this week a whole bunch of new people clicked on that button and even even after even before that even before like a lot of people were visiting my facebook page was getting you know a nice little trickle there and so minus gear back to my landing page it's actually related to what my cover photo is so my cover photo says there's a better way yours download the free quiet power strategy map that's the link two to the map but then that's what the click here or sign up sign up button that's what the sign up button clicks through two too so it's all related and it's doing really well and I would have been shocked but that's one thing that I'm doing on facebook to do teo to maximize my my presence here now let's take a look a little bit further down the page um here's something that's new and this is actually related to the boot camp built a standout business with tara gentilly does anyone know what's going on with the with video on facebook? Lisa, do you know what's going on with me on facebook? You upload it directly, they'll give you a lot more visibility absolutely if you upload your video directly to facebook in other words, if you don't put it first on youtube and then link from the youtube video to facebook and you you do you do it like this so not only will it do that fun autoplay in people's streams, which I love I'm like this I'm like an auto play junkie. I lay in bed in the morning and just watch videos of like puppies auto playing on silent but so if you upload it, it'll start auto playing and peoples feeds, but when you I cannot even tell you how much exponentially more reach you get by just uploading your video director facebook now if you're watching this a month from now, it might have totally changed. I don't know, but this is one of the things that right now is working really well and you can put a video on your about yes, so then if you go to this video, so when you upload a video, you have an option of clicking feature this video on when you feature this video it goes not only doesn't go really big on your videos page, so let me see if I can get that so my video goes really big right here do you see how beautiful that isthe? And do you see that it's been like two, forty three times and got nine hundred eighty three views? Now that doesn't mean nine hundred eighty three that doesn't mean it's reached nine hundred and eighty three that means nine hundred and eighty three people clicked play it was yeah, it was gone it went out to the organic reach on that was about three thousand that's two thirds of my facebook reach right now and like I said, facebook it's a small platform for me it's something I'm just starting to put attention into that's incredibly effective and it was absolutely free now think what would happen if you boost that post? If you if you to sign and add to that video, you're going to get really cheap exposure on your video and maybe your video maybe video is great media for your business now video's not great media for your business don't worry about this, but this is working really really well for me we did something really similar with the book the trailer for my book as well and so this one got eleven almost twelve hundred views and this one I think actually probably did better because it was actually more visual this one I'm talking to the camera and so if you're not playing the audio it doesn't there wasn't a lot to look at this one you could follow along the whole video without hearing it and still get the impact of of what I was talking about questions about that now good good good well my likes went up while we were talking I like to see that okay um something else that I'm doing um this is not a stupendous example but here's something else that I'm doing so first of all this image is tied in teo this of course this boot camp right I'm using the hash tag and featuring one of our guest instructors but look at what look at what's going on up here so anyone know what's going on why I formatted this this way amy because using a bentley you khun track this exact um how many times that you're talking about the bentley and particularly on wasn't talking about the bentley in particular but I like where your your train of thought was going there yeah that's one thing that you could do I could track that post specifically and track that back on my site that's not what I'm doing there that's just my standard bit lee for this course anyone else see what I'm doing there? Melissa you're asking questions? Yes you're soliciting engagement? Yeah, so I'm soliciting engagement and asked a question, and I did it in the form of a headline, so most of my post now have essentially have headlines on them. On other pages, you'll see it all in caps. I don't like to be that noisy or that loud with my post, so I haven't I haven't gone that far, but I do really like thinking about that first line of my post as a headline, so that's, one of the techniques that I'm doing to you, that's one of the ways that I'm really leveraging what's working on this platform right now, andi, I'm really tied into my branding, you know, this is the font that I always use views with us, the little icon e things that I've been using all throughout this bootcamp, but I'm using on my site as well, and so this just really ties in in very nicely. Now I want to show you something else that this I learned on a podcast and forgive me that I don't remember what the podcast was, but see how you've got your your likes right here. If you click this, it tells you how many people are talking about this look at that that's what you want to see, uh, so this people are talking about this number this is a cent. Well, it's, it is what it says it it's either someone commenting, someone mentioning your page, someone sharing your post it's basically, how much outreach and inner engagement you're getting, they don't count likes in this at least that was that was that's my understanding of this. Now check your page when you have an opportunity and you have to do this on a computer and not on your phone. But check your page. I would bet that your number's probably like in the two to five percent range, which is pretty normal. This mine is in I guess I'm a little under twenty percent now, but it's been, I've been getting in around fifteen to twenty percent. I've been doing things to get people sharing and commenting mohr on my posts so that this number goes up. Now the reason I want this number to go up is because the higher a person scented of my total likes this number is, the more facebook is willing to push my post out into the news feed. Does that make sense? Okay, I know I'm getting really geeky here, but this is what I mean when you're talking about optimizing a particular channel, you don't just want to try stuff, learn how to really use this. Stuff and there's lots of great creative live videos on how to use different platforms you know, megan almond has won on pinterest sue zimmerman has several on instagram there's all sorts of different offer options on dh just even googling how kanai optimize my facebook page is going to give you a call plethora if information, the purpose here is that once you know what you're trying to accomplish and why it's no longer noise now its signal. Now this stuff matters to you, it's not something you have to keep up with, its something you are being proactive about seeking out isn't that exciting? Yeah, okay, so I've just put you now in the driver's seat of your social media that's huge, right? Okay, cool let's. See if I can come up with one other thing to show you. Oh, yes, lisa, are you sharing your posts out anywhere from that page or you literally having whatever traffic comes to you and then allowing that to share like I share my posts out in different ways in also my page? Yes. So sometimes I will grab the perma link. So if you do, I'll grab the perma link here and I'll tweet it especially like I didn't do that this morning, but this pain, this post that says what's your brand of joy had I actually been sitting in front of my computer and not recording the boot camp as we were doing this, what I would have done is write, clicked on this, copied the link and then said, what's your brand of joy us hashtag standout biz on twitter popped that lincoln and directed people back to twitter something I don't really do any more is share my pay page posts on my personal page, I'm really keeping my personal profile is personal is possible and trying to keep the business stuff on my page, I don't actually want to incentivize people friend requesting me. I don't mind if people friend request me it's really not a problem, but it's also like yeah, that's that's not the point of that. This is the point of that amy you to schedule? Yes, so all of this stuff, like from the last three days, is scheduled to uses the facebook schedule earlier. I do always when you use the facebook schedule er don't schedule your facebook posts and who'd sweep or something like it because facebook likes facebook, so if it's coming from facebook, you'll automatically get more reach than if you were scheduling it from ofthe platform ice cattle all myself from later graham and then that you have to manually itjust like on alarm where you have to manually load it onto instagram and well you understand what s so it's like on live posting from instagram it's almost like I just have a little help on its I can schedule it out but what I have found is that and I think it's because facebook owns instagram um I get way way more visibility if I post from instagram to facebook then if I use the facebook scheduler interesting now that's a new one for me which is cool and that could change by the time the people see that way don't they know we don't have yes this is yeah but this right this isn't about like the actual techniques I'm using this is about me like these were things that I sought out like how can I get more organic reach listen to a podcast on facebook marketing and I learned how to get more organic reach another thing that I've changed just in really recent weeks is how many times I post on my facebook page I had just been posting once a day on my facebook page and now my goal is three times a day I know it seems like a lot right the thing to keep in mind is that not everyone is seeing all three posts my most engaged people are and they probably appreciate it but not but not everyone is seeing all those things the other thing that I started doing another secret or not secret but ical things so this is a fast company article what I did here I really like just laying it all out, eh? So what I did here was I there's a there's a couple different pages on facebook that I go teo for research uh fast company being one of them because I love fast company and my audience less fast company harvard business review being another one because very few people who do what I d'oh also read harvard business review and post from harvard business review I'll of harvard business review and I think my clients would too ah, and they dio esso I use their pages and what I'll do is I'll skim the headlines not just for something that I think is interesting or useful and then go back and read that article, but I'll also look and see how many times it got shared because if because facebook knows this link got shared this many times so it got shared on extra amount of times on their page. If I post that link, they think this is a good article people want to see this and they push it out to more people more people in the news feed patrice your cover image how you actually may your link to the choir power strategy map looked like a button even though technically it's not a button right andi I was curious to see what we will see when you click through there like what's in your description get take that extra I might not have actually done that let's see no I didn't okay I should go in and fix that uh yeah so it doesn't but it does kind of prompt so it's it's not something that you could actually click but it it prompts that here's where you want to go right so it's just it just makes it look more like a call to action and then like I said I do have that sign up button that lives right down here right now okay okay um yeah I think that's probably what I've got for facebook right now let's take a look at twitter yeah when you're finding the fast company huh and hpr you're finding them in facebook you're going to their pay yes because I actually want to see how many times they've been share ok and commented on alright michelle did you have questions questions about called action but because right now it takes people to my store but there's also the option to subscribe in which one do you think your show is that something I should just test out? I would test it okay? You might even think about sending them to a different social media platform so if facebook isn't where you know you get the most results from maybe it's something I can't really do get do you get good results yeah then I would just experiment and see you know make it your shop one week your face your landing page the next okay see see what happened experiment with it absolutely that's the best thing that I can say is I'm not saying go copy my facebook strategy by all means play with some of the things that I've suggested here but these are the different things that you can target your learning teo and experiment with all right let's take a look at twitter although this might be a terrible example right now because I've been tweeting so friend frantically keeping up with giving up with the boot camp but the one thing that I've done here is in my bio I've got a hashtag quiet power strategy it tells you both what my book is that you should go by right and it tells you this is the conversation I'm having I'm having a conversation about quiet power strategy if you want to know more about it used the hashtag or click and look up the hash tag because that's a link you can click on that and see who's talking about quiet power strategy and maybe it's just all my tweets but then it's my tweets on quiet power strategy um and then I say what result that I create for people I help entrepreneurs create personal plans for wealth, peace and ease and then I say bond huffer check do you know who knows who bond? Hoffer is janice and briana briana's bond offer bon offer is is ah, religious philosopher and thinker and just really smart dude in general. Yes, absolutely. That's not so bond offered what bond offered chick was the name actually, of my very first blogged it was the name of my it was my very first. Everything pretty much on social media. That was my handle back when we didn't use real names. Just remember that andi was my was my okcupid profile. What about my partner too? So very, very handy for social networking, but anyhow, every so often in fact, just yesterday, I got a tweet from somebody referencing bond hoffer, check here, you know, here read this link it's it's a scholarly article on bond offer that was just in, like, this publication that I got thanks, dude, that was awesome. I really appreciate that. So it's it's almost a conversation starter it's part of that unique point of view that unique perspective, this is me investing in my unique point of view. Then I always say where I am, I see so many people that don't say where they are. I mean, if you've got real privacy issues by all mean, don't don't put it on, but I love seeing where people are I love seeing where you live and and what you might be doing because of where you live and of course I've got my link on dh then yeah this is going to be a mass because this is this is all boot camp related but but those are some of the things that I'm doing here twitter is where I talk back and forth to people so I might not talk back and forth with people on facebook but let's see actually uh let's look at tweets and replies because this this is still a mess but at least you can see this is how I use this platform at at at at at at I love talking back and forth there is no expectation on twitter of me like giving away the farm answering people's question the on ly eh, expectation is that I see you I respect your question here's something for you to think about because that's all I can do in one hundred forty characters and I love this I can I can sit during a break I can take ten minutes away from whatever I'm working on an answer a whole bunch of people have that conversation with them and feel like they have them feel like they have a real connection with me because I have a real connection with them, melissa so you've talked a lot about how you like to answer people's questions on twitter how do you do that? In hundred mean? Like what kinds of questions are people asking that you can answer on twelve let's? See let's, look at what one of these wass okay, so here's one so this is two two answers to answer or two tweets to answer one question you could see she fairy favorited them so that's. Good. So she said, I'm the royal guard mistaken prestige. But how do I apply this knowledge in my business? Where do I go from here? Great question. Build your business with clear channels for listening to your customer and never compromise on substance, and then the other piece wass then use that to mere back to your clients, how you see them and inspire them to big transformations. So this is I mean, if you have any problems being concise, I highly recommend using twitter because I I used to have huge problems being concise, I used to be I was so wordy, and I think twitter has really helped me with that. I really have to focus on what the important parts of my message are with the important parts of the answer are sure I mean, I could write terry see photo there about, you know, a hole business plan based on her being the royal guard. But I don't have time to do that on facebook. I don't in the room to do that on facebook and what's even better. She doesn't expect me to do that on facebook, and so I love giving that kind of a snippet answer back, and it really does make people feel connected to you if you've got if you've got that value for one on one conversation, if that's one of your conditions for khun action or like me or an introvert, and and you do know that talking to people one on one is a great way tio to connect, but you also really want to scale your business. I find twitter is a perfect place to do this, cathy, right to my question from like the first week of episodes, I am getting much better at twitter, but so when I follow somebody or somebody followed me and I say thanks for the follow love what you're doing got that part down, she sent me a twitter right back that said, great to see you. What can I do for you today? And I then again, I like freak out because I'm like, I don't want to stop the conversation because I get off on that one on one connection, but I also I'm like, I don't need anything from you leave me alone back off on her part that's not a great strategy I don't think that's any reflection on you I honestly think that's just not a great strategy it used to be the big thing used to be auto diem's where you would follow someone and they would automatically d m u with here go sign up for my free gifts, which I still get that I don't want to cancel it but it's just like, okay, I would lie about person immediately, okay, cross my line. I mean, they're like in my space exactly. Yeah, and is that good for anybody? No, no, and it doesn't work on this platform. There might be other platforms like even like google hangout might be a place where actually getting in people's space like or having clubbing the gumption to get in people space is actually a really good idea this one of them right now. Let me tell you lisa about how to combat twitter fatigue. This is one of my all time favorite tips, lists, lists, lists I never followed my full stream in twitter. I never follow my full stream and twitter I use hoot suite, but there's lots of different ah platforms that you can use to do that's a lot of different twitter clients that you can use to do this you build the list in twitter so you're saying essentially, I want to group these people together so I can see just these people's stream alright and there's both public lists and private lists. So I have a public list that's, all full of people in the media, people who are thought leaders in entrepreneurship and business, I have them all on one list and that's a public list, you can actually go in and follow one of my lists. I also have a secret list that's called my tribe, and some of those people are just my friends that I really want to follow and see what they're up to on a regular basis, and some of those people are people. I want to be my friends, all right? They're influencers and my space that I'm directly connected to in one way or another, but I want to strengthen the relationship, and I know that by following what they do on twitter and retweeting them or saying, hey, that was a great article or asking them a question that I'm slowly building that relationship. Now I do that on all my different list, so I've named to that I think everyone should have ah, private list that's for friends and people that you want to get friendlier with. And a public list that's media and influencers in your space if you're working in multiple spaces you might have multiple list for that one and then there's another one and this should probably be a private list a cz well that is people that represent your ideal client so kathy for you that might mean you know, hr director's at certain businesses and these don't actually even have to be prospects I mean these could be that you shar directors of fortune five hundred companies were fortune one hundred companies but you know they've got the same problems that your clients have and they're probably more likely on twitter and so you can put that list together so you see what they're reading what they're talking about what questions oh I know it's so good so let me tell you that in watching what my ideal clients do on twitter I have turned ideal clients into paying clients before like for real like I have made high paying client relationships by following and interacting with people on twitter and it's nothing that I ever intended to do it was always a research and relationship building thing but it has happened multiple times and it's a beautiful beautiful thing ok the other thing with the media and influence or think I've started relationships now with people who are in the media and who are influencers in my space such that will have conversations back and forth like these people are way more important than me and they have wayward better ideas that's the impostor conflict coming back again right but they liked talking to me and they respect my work and they re tweet an article from time to time I'm talking like big name like best selling authors it's one of the ways I first started relationship with sally hogshead and with her organization but lots of other people as well so we're talking new york times best selling authors were talking about people who advise fortune one hundred companies people who are writing articles that get read by millions of people that I've met because of my twitter strategy all right and it's all about the list questions about twitter yeah more general question about social media what is your thought on outsourcing it I think it's a bad idea okay um outside of like I know I've got to tweet about this I think I'm gonna write a whole bunch of tweets and have someone scheduled them for me uh that's not to say that I don't think that social media strategist or social media marketers have a place to totally think they have a place but and and it might be good representing your brand you never think it's a good idea representing you so if I'm if I have the expectation as someone who's just followed you though these tweets are by patrice you better be the person writing those those tweets okay, does that make sense? Yeah, it makes sense I just I hear two different things to different schools of thought on it so that was why that's my school of thought and I am very solid on it e I feel very strongly and I don't want to put any social media marketers out of business I really do think that there is a distinct need for those people and people who really know how to optimize certain channels. I don't necessarily think it's in the micro business space and like I said, I think it's much better suited for a brand than it is for an individual. If I see your picture you better be writing that social media update I will thank you alright and last but not least I want to take a look at instagram. Yes, you did mention who'd sweetie on your twitter stuff for boundless can you just touch on that first? Oh yes so who'd suite is a place where you can actually see multiple lists at the same time, so if once you've built all those different lists you can go in and build a view on hoot suite where so like I have it so that it says at mentions my tribes, that private list just I actually I have another list that's now just the people who are training to be business coaches with me and so I've got their stuff so that I can tweet their stuff whenever I see it come through, not always, but whenever I see something useful, I really want to promote these people because I'd really like for them to be doing more of my job than I am. Yeah, exactly. So I've got those people there, and then I've got my dems and then I've got that media influencer lists and I can look at them or look at least multiple lists all at one time and those lists by virtue of the fact that they've got maybe twenty five to seventy five people in them move much slower than the whole stream of people that technically I follow you can actually separate your twitter lis because I haven't like my facebook, linkedin and all that's in there, but yeah, no, I just had to have a bit of twitter, I'm not that's really? The only thing that I used to have sweet for is twitter, there's all sorts of different things you can use it for. But it's great scheduler for twitter it's a great idea generator for twitter like who's, we will help you generate ideas of lists of tweets to post actually I think that's just in the pro version but it's pretty cool the analyzer tweets and they say oh you must like articles from fast company and entrepreneur and ink and so here's some headlines that you might be interested in and then you just click some buttons and they schedule them for you it's like pretty cool but it's a great time saver and so if you're not using like an r s s reader or you don't have that routine down it's a great place to just find great content I wouldn't never suggest just letting them populate your field what I do is I let them generate those sample tweets and then I click through and I looked at the articles is this something I want to share is this relevant to my people or not if it's not I don't schedule it and if it is I d'oh cool yeah it's super cool did I answer everybody's question yeah okay I kind of lost my train of thought this is my instagram feed and I have some pretty strong feelings about instagram I think instagram is not a great place to market your business unless your business is actually a visual business so like melissa and I were talking and melissa's feed on instagram which I follow is full of her original fine art brilliant and she should absolutely be sharing that now she doesn't normally say here go by this this thing she shares in progress shot she says you know this is what's inspiring me today what do you think about this thing and it's? Not just me me me me, me even though it's all her art right? Cool tiffany same thing with you I don't think that there's no problem I have no issue with you putting lots of shots of jewelry in your in your in your stream. Meghan omine does the same thing lots of progress shots lots of I'm experimenting with this idea or someone gave me this idea and now I'm working in the studio on it and you know so lots of lots of that and it's still not me me, me, me, me, it's, here's what I'm working on here's what I'm making for you and I think that's much more interesting, but for those information marketers out there, I have to say I really think those streams that are full of quotes on top of pretty images are really boring and I'm sorry if I'm speaking to about any of you out there, but I don't think it adds a lot of value know if you find that for your audience, it adds a lot of value that people are really into it please by all means keep it up but I'm not going to follow you and that's fine, I may not be your audience here's what? I think instagram is really great for what I've found in instagram to be really great for as a thought leader, information market or service provider. I like to tell people about what I'm doing and the things that I do when I'm not working on my business. So sometimes it is a business related thing like that's a slide from this presentation, right? And that is a gluten free pineapple and sauerkraut pizza from the fort george, and that what what was there before was also a nip like that? That's me, I want you to know I'm eating pineapple and sauerkraut pizza because I want you to know that power pineapple in sauerkraut, pizza exists and it is delicious. All right? Um, and then I also want you to know that I'm in san francisco in that building with super cool, and I also want you to know that this cruise ship past my house and that was really weird, and andi, I take a lot of pictures of beer, and I take a lot of pictures of food there's been a lot of selfies lately, too, but this was the other night at mckellar bar in downtown san francisco. This was out on the river walk and me being so, so excited about how gorgeous it was that day, and just being outside and mean there um this is at the top of the stairs overlooking my town. We pull this one out because super cool so I live at the bottom of these stairs right over here but it's a straight shot down into downtown historian all the water and it's just it's awesome and like tamarisk said it's awful where you live so yeah, just fun stuff like this is me and sean geo cashing because this is something that we're really into right now and we're having tons of fun about it. I actually use this picture in my blogged later to write a point about, you know, knowing where you're going will get you doing all sorts of crazy things you might not otherwise do like traipsing through the woods, which is not something that I am normally doing. In fact, the joke is these are now my geo cashing earrings, but anyhow, this the point of my instagram feed is to give people an idea of who I actually am it's not about my business it's not about promoting my work it's not about anything other than here's who I am and here's who I am is extremely important to my business, so I love the idea that I can use this platform as a way tio have fun with that relationship building this is not some place where I have any expectation of growing my following very fast or following numbers to me this is about putting things out there that give you a better idea of who I am and what I'm all about any questions about that cathy how do you link it to like do you link it to facebook or any of that? Are you so I think, yeah, I do push my instagram feed through to my facebook profile not my page as of yet, who knows? I might change my mind on that, but it goes through to my profile and then it also goes through to my twitter although sometimes you know, sometimes I choose not to do that, but most of the time I clicked facebook and twitter and so it does go out that way but it's for the same reason like then I'm feeding my twitter feed with something that's unique about me and who I am and same thing with facebook s o that's that's what that's all about lisa will say use a lot of hash tags grand what's your point of view about that because I never bring with hashtags let's see like I would use like three or five but no no yeah like when you were laying carpet one that's a really good idea so I'm pretty sure that I use that here tio pdo yes y yeah abused both the hash tag px carpet and at px carpet p d x hashtag I love this airport like it but that's what he likes maybe that's just my feet were pulling up the carpet in pdf going on keep jesus oh in my kong course the original carpet is still there but in the tunnel between long term parking and the airport, the new carpet is there also they just named p d x the old px carpet the grandmaster of some parade downtown it's very bizarre we love our airport, okay? We love our airport and this carpet means a lot to us. Yeah, I s so I've been experimenting with hashtag just because I really like this platform and I do actually want more followers just not like this strategic way so I've won that I use a lot is actually craft beer and I found that just hashtag crash craft beer brings in lots of new beer beer people liking my pictures, which is great because then I go back and follow those people because I want to see what they're up to like this it's not like I said it's not strategic it's about just utilizing the platform for everything it's got for me and like what I want out of it any I was just gonna make a suggestion about that I got a really great tip about instagram hashtags that's worked really well for me and I test out a different set of hash tags in chunks and I do it based off of what you were talking about, like searching out who your ideal clients are and what they're talking about and what hashtag they're looking at so that's really advantageous to find two group yourself in with with with what they're looking for, that they're searching for so that's been really helpful and you can also take him out and then put in a new set of hashtags later and you'll pop up again. Yeah lot of different options, tiffany so I have my instagram that I'll shoot off to my facebook page that will then facebook will shoot off to twitter, do you? Do you have? Is that fine? Is there any way? Is there anything that you see where it's better to have, like original links or one thing linking? Not that I'm aware no, that would be something that if you have that, like space pacifica question like that's a good thing to go find your signal in the noise on and just go like google. That question is there. Is there a better way to do this? Essentially put all the words you just said into the googles and see what happened on maybe do it every so often so that you know what the you know, the current up to date strategy is that for me I don't know because it's not part of my strategy but if it's going to be part of your strategy than that's that's what I would think just one thing so I don't have to think about yeah other social media is that I don't I'm not truly focusing on yes we're not really fasting on it then I wouldn't worry too much about optimizing it yeah just worry about optimizing the platform is you really want to focus on that's what this has been all about is just showing you how I'm optimizing the platforms that I'm really interested in and I might not be optimizing instagram but I do experiment with things as I said to get the most out of it for me not in terms of my business but me as a person okay, yeah shelly just a little bit more I mean there's a lot in my business I have two different businesses one creative business one's a coaching business and so I know I've been told by my creative mentors to have a curated instagram count for my creative writing that totally makes sense for you. So just like I was talking with tiffany and with who else did I mention melissa that you know, if you're if your business is really visual than instagram is probably a platform that you're gonna wanna optimize and so curating you know, and being very careful about what you put out there is, of course, makes a ton of sense. I don't have a very visual business. I like the things that I like, and I like taking pictures of them and and so that's how I used that platform. Yeah, well, uh, yeah, I was going to say, uh, so I mostly don't share pictures except of my art in process and finished art because the people that I want to attract, too, my instagram feed well, people who are coming to my instagram theater, mostly other artists, so they're not really my customer base, but in an ideal world, the people that I would want to attract would be people who would be interested in my art, and they, for the most part, are interested in seeing my art rather than seeing like, they want to see the feed filled with my art, they don't want to see the feed filled with pictures of me and a burger. Absolutely, absolutely. So I really hope that the takeaway that you've gotten here is that everybody you can use every platform differently, depending on what you are really what you're really after, okay, and we could talk about this all day. But we're not going to so how could you adapt my tactics based on what makes your business stand out? What platforms do you want to be on? How could you better optimize the places that you are already or the places that you're getting results that's what I want you to be thinking about that's the kind of information I want you to seek out instead of just kind of letting the social media information barrage you with its huge ness really focus in on what you want to be getting out of the couple of social media platforms that you are putting time and energy and maybe even money into optimizing what other platforms would you like to try based on what makes your business stand out? So I've talked about facebook I've talked about twitter and I've talked about instagram let's hear a couple other quick platforms that you want to try that I didn't talk about lisa I love soundcloud soundcloud yeah I've been wanting to experiment with that one too we'll see but yeah, that sounds great on that that platform is is really cool in terms of what it's allowing people to dio and everything that's built into it yeah, nice what else? Shelly tumbler tumbler I think there's huge opportunity on tumbler it's not been something I've ever gotten into, but I could totally see that working for you absolutely one more amy youtube youtube yeah absolutely youtube is a great social network with the huge built in audience on dh you know a great place for people to find you and your business and learn more about what you d'oh all right you guys ready for today's homework all right because like I said we could talk about this all day but I think folks out lot online would like to get busy on making this stuff happen so today's homework is to choose two to three social media platforms that you would like to focus on then create a tactical plan for increasing your visibility on each platform so lot in the last session we talked about kind of a strategic plan for years digital sales and marketing now I want you to be thinking about a tactical plan what are the two or three things that you're going to dio for each platform that you're going to use to make sure that you're working toe optimize that platform and then tweet at terra gentilly and at creative live and tell us what you're most excited about trying on social media so tweet me and tweet creative live and tell us what your most ex sighted about trying on social media and if you're not on twitter you can at us pretty much anywhere with those handles on we would just love to hear about what you're going to be working on over the next few days or a few months

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I can't say enough good things about this course. Tara provided so many new ways for me to think about my approach to the business I'm building -- from branding and personality, to vision and goals. The sessions are very methodical and focused, with actionable steps that help us move in the direction we WANT to move, not the direction that others say we should. And that's my favorite part of this bootcamp: that the key to a stand-out business lives within each of our unique styles. The sections on Fascination Language were pivotal for me. They got my brain energized about all of the ways I can use my natural approach as an advantage, as opposed to feeling held back by things that drain me. I was also impressed with the questions from the audience, how smart and relevant they were, and how astute Tara's responses were. If you missed the live broadcast of this bootcamp, the cost to purchase is well worth it.

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This course has totally transformed my way of thinking 'business' & relating it to & using my unique qualities as a person to help my business stand out...never saw this link before, thanks Tara! What Tara has done with this course is help me become my own business coach by helping me to recognize my vision; my uniqueness & how I'm going to bring these together to make a successful & profitable business. I would recommend it a 100 times over :-) Thanks Tara & Thanks ar e helping to create star businesses! :-)

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