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Sell Products That Stand-Out: Case Study with Chase Jarvis

Lesson 18 from: Build A Stand-Out Business

Tara McMullin

Sell Products That Stand-Out: Case Study with Chase Jarvis

Lesson 18 from: Build A Stand-Out Business

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

18. Sell Products That Stand-Out: Case Study with Chase Jarvis

Lesson Info

Sell Products That Stand-Out: Case Study with Chase Jarvis

Everybody all right let's take a look at our goal for this lessen our goal is to use your stand outside style to create products that excite your prospects and sell easily what did it be great if sales was a lot easier yeah ok so we're going to work on that in this lesson all right, but first let's take a look at what we have done before the weigh you the way you introduce your business has to count you have nine seconds tow hook people so whether you're writing a new about paige whether you're introducing yourself to someone whether you're sending out an email introduction the way you introduce yourself the way you talk about who you are, what you do and why you're different has to count your business bio should highlight the who what why and difference of your business now let's take a look at where we are in the bill to stand out business process this is lesson eighteen products that stand out now products that stand out do two things first they communicate clear and distinct value ...

and this is generally the place where I see business owners go wrong. They don't actually know what the clear and distinct value off what it is that they're selling is they don't communicate clear and distinct value and the reason why is because they don't know I'm going to give you some tools or some some ways to frame up how to think about what the clear and distinct value is for the products that you sell we spend way too much time thinking about selling the product and not nearly enough time thinking about how to sell the clear and distinct value now the products that stand out also do something else and that's contribute to how a business stands out products that stand out contribute to how a business stands out in other words, the products that you develop should be directly related to the difference of your business how you do what you do differently from others in your market it needs to be baked in at the product development level baked in the marketing level and baked in at the sales level you can incorporate your difference in tow every aspect of how you develop market and sell your products now if you're having trouble selling your product it's likely that one or both of these things aren't happening I'm I would love to hear from you guys what some of your challenges are with selling your products your services or other offers melissa uh when people go through my programs they experienced massive transformation and give me these amazing testimonials but communicating that in a way that gets people tto want to buy I've never not been able to do that well yeah I think that's a challenge that a lot of people face and I think a lot of people are actually nervous toe either tell those stories of extreme transformation or the people that are telling, telling their own stories of extreme transformation don't have the right language to actually make that value that transformation really concrete and tangible, because remember earlier we talked about how value is transformation if there's no transformation if there's no change that's perceived by your customer there's no value, but to be able to sell something really easily, we also have to have the words we have to have the language that makes that value that transformation really concrete and tangible on dh, so that that burden falls on us. And a lot of times we have to give our customers better language to tell their stories with so we'll work on some of that today. What other challenges do you have? Lisa yeah, if I have fifteen people in the class, they had fifteen different, like totally different results because I can personalize to them. And so it's like, how do you express that? That one class can do all of those things? Yeah, that is a such a big challenge that people have. You guys experience that a lot, there's just a lot of diversity in the transformations that you can create no matter what you're selling on one mistake that I see business owners making is trying to make generalizations. Instead of really telling those personalized stories of transformation, and so remember back when we were talking about how it's always about personalization, not generalization don't try and paints with broad strokes when you're doing a sales conversation or writing a sales page instead, feel free to use those really specific examples highlight the diversity of the value that you create don't try and wrap it all up with a bow show, people, how you know, how many different experiences they might have and maybe invite them t pick out which one or two they would really love to see themselves. Then how about one more challenge? Yeah, bree on, uh, for me, one of the challenges just getting the right product in front of the right person, especially in such a way that a lot of the people I deal with ten toe like tio do things themselves. And so for me, the the challenge isn't, you know, for them to choose between the competitors and choose me is between choosing me or choosing to not get help it all and so being able to to show that you, you know, that there's there's a better way than what you've been just doing on your own, on finding the right people to receive that message in that way, yeah, absolutely so. You've got a challenge to educate. Wow, you are talking about clear and distinct value and how your offer is different. How it makes your business stand out brilliant. Thank you guys for all of those challenges. So we've got a very special guest coming up right now, that's going to talk to us about how he he has created a very ah product that's that is extremely stand out that sells easily and who's really a product. That's really created its own space in a very crowded market, and that person is none other than chase jarvis he's, a photographer. But even more importantly, he's, the co founder and ceo of creative life. Thank you so much weight. I have a good morning. Good morning. So I want to start off by kind of asking you about what opportunity you saw in the market when you I had this great idea for creative lives. Sure it will. First of all, there's myself and cofounder craig's wants I'm so full credit to craig as well. There was actually it was kind of interesting. We're both working in our own worlds, and it wasn't about seeing a particular market opportunity. It was more about scratching our own itch, so my background is as a photographer excuse me, as you said, and when I quit everything that everybody else wanted me to do to become a photographer, I dropped out of medical school, build on a phd in philosophy and stop playing soccer at a very high level two following my dream, there was nothing there was nowhere to get any education that was a very closed environment, like, wow, this is really like I didn't want to walk across the hall from the phd and philosophy department to the art department because I've already been let down here, and I just figured I'd had to go out, go out swinging and figure it out myself. But it's stuck with me that there was no opportunity, so I I followed my passion went on to have a very successful career in photography, but through the school of hard knocks, and I just ended up broadcasting my experience built up a following totally unintentionally, and it stuck with me that when I had left pud proper education, there was nothing there for folks like me in and around that time I've been friends with craig for a long time, and he was he owned a mac business, and he serviced the photography studio that down like theirs got to be some way he wanted to get out of his daily, hourly thing. And his itch was trying to empower creatives my background was trying to help people understand their mission to become a creative. Maybe we should put something together so it was less about what was out there and where could we fit in and there's no time there's nothing that's serving this group in this group and not this group. It was very much of scratching our own it's, which I feel like for entrepreneurs are those starting your own business is a phenomenal way too. Think about what it is that you want to do, because if you're not thinking like that, when times get really hard it's gonna be it's gonna be tough because you're solving someone else's problem or some just niche market opportunity for us, I'd lived the trajectory of of what it was to become a photographer from nothing. And so the thinking is if we could service that group, we would have a built in audience. It just came to came to be that that now millions of people all over the world every we reach every country on the planet every month. Yeah, that's incredible two billion minutes of free education so said, the opportunity that you saw was almost more internal than external, yeah, and it was validated I don't want to pretend that it was just self serving because along the way of you know, sharing my experiences of becoming a photographer, and craig with technology, empowering creatives that we were certainly hearing from others and learning about the opportunity that was there because people say, oh, man, I want to learn this, but I'm already in a job where I'm in a job I don't like I wanna have some sort of transformation in my my hobby, my career of my life and there's not a lot of resource is when you're marching down the well, when we were marching down the lanes of our respective professions at that time, we listened to the marketplace people that we were that were in our crew, uh, or in the future people that we worked with on a daily basis there is this just a common residence, and we were solving our own problem, but we heard along the way there plenty of opportunity to help others. Yeah, absolutely. Well, I think a lot of other people have noticed that need as well, because the market has really changed since you guys started creative live five years ago, right? So five? Yeah, that's what it says on the website of two thousand ten spring yeah, wow, so exactly five years that is amazing. Congratulations. What is it about creative live, what is it about the way you guys think about this business and this product that allows you to stand out in what is now a pretty crowded market in terms of online video learning sure, I sears they could talk about this for a half hour because it's something I'm very passionate about I've been talking about it for five days uh maybe I could distill it down into a couple of nuggets I think the first it were very differentiated on who is on our stage you for example completely world class of what you do and not to disparage any other learning sites there's a lot of great opportunities out there, but there are very few who truly bring the best in the world. Pulitzer prize winners new york times best selling authors emmy award winning directors academy award winning actor is like the best of the best and so that was something that we you know we thought very, very deeply about like it's there's a lot of great teachers out there in the world, but wouldn't you want to learn from someone who actually lived it rather than studied it academically? That's you know, the way that I taught myself how to become a photographer was by paying attention to the other people who are really successful in trying to figure out like deconstruct what they were doing, so what if we could bring that to the stage so first and foremost is world class people the best of the best people who do not just teach and let's see the second one is thinking about teaching something that's in demand like if you were why do people use underwater basket weaving? I'm going to use that one if you were teaching underwater basket weaving it wouldn't be as relevant but we know from the market like that people want to know how to build a business scratch there's more opportunity now than ever before in the history of the world the democratization of creativity of access to tools of audiences so let's have it be relevant and so what's part of the zeitgeist we like to capture the zeitgeist um and then third I guess it's it's actionable that it's not pontificating for pontificating sake I love ted talks I think they're great chris standards in such an amazing job it's eighteen minutes it leaves you salivating but there's not really actionable takeaways and very toe have actual takeaway stuff that you folks at home can go and do today or tomorrow to me that is a huge differentiator so it's sort of a fuss toe retrace our steps on this this thinking still very much drives our vision today it's like the best people in the world doing stuff that's really, really relevant and that it's that's actionable and you'd think that wouldn't be a huge differentiator that what that sounds like what you would want all education to be like are all inspiration, but it turns out that it's a tough combination and we we're working out every day, but I think you've done a pretty good job. Yeah, absolutely. You guys have helped me immensely with thinking more in terms of making everything really action oriented it's a group hug, yeah, wake up and there's all kinds of other differentiators live the fact that someone in nairobi in nebraska can ask you a question in real time and feel like they're part of what it is there we're learning here. I mean, so my we're here in san francisco, creative live, and my desk is about as far away from this studio as you can get, and when the session kicked off this morning, the applause I was like, oh, that means I'm on producing because it was just so much there's like so much energy here and then that live aspect can translate all over the world. Yeah, absolutely. So you've touched on this a little bit. I'm curious what you and your team look for in terms of the content that you choose and how that ends up shaping the final prod project product, the workshop that someone buys or broadcast that they're tuning in sure well, let's, let's use that same lens that we were just talking about the right people, for example, that that's a core component of the content but also I wouldn't ask you to teach something I wouldn't ask you to teach calculus I don't know about your calculus skills never but there's it's very much we want people who are in the moment in their world in a way that few other people we have talked about productivity want tim farriss to teach that absolutely, you know, mr four hour we're talking about starting businesses in silicon valley. We want reid hoffman, the founder of linked in billionaire, to teach that when we think about posing, we want sue bryce to teach that class and I think sue was a guest on this last well, and these are the people that not just great people are not just the right subjects with the confluence of those two things again, it's just a very powerful elixir when you put those things together. So yeah, I don't know if that you feel like that gets for you, you want me to go quietly? Absolutely so I think last thing um this is my gift started way could talk all day this's my fourth time here, and every time I come here I am absolutely blown away by the team that you guys have gathered as part of creative live, and I'm I would love to hear from you how you run this team and how you influence this team and how that influences the final product in a way that makes it stand out I think like none other well, I think even there's a little bit of ah, if I get auto correct there's a little bit of ah ah a position and even the way you phrased the question, which is how I run things first of all, this is very much a graft grassroots bottom up organization culture is not something that's created and the top and disseminate it it's the living, breathing people that come to work every day and we have the good fortune of delivering value to the world note again not to disparage entertainment industry. There is value there or any of the other industries but but we have transformed people's lives and we do so on a regular basis and that sort of energy is very attractive because you may or may not be familiar with steve jobs the famous ceo of apple when he was all right pee when he wanted to get john sculley to come work for him to be the ceo john sculley was then the ceo of pepsi and and steve said to john, do you want to sell sugar water your whole life or do you want to make a change? You want to make a dent in the universe and I feel like creative live recruits for itself because it's a very mission driven company, the fact that we, you know, have given way to billion minutes of free education. Start getting the bees, and it starts to get freaky. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I know, but it's, not really something sure, businesses are run, but it's very much. We have set a vision of trying to transform the lives and unlocked the creative potential of millions of people, and just turns out there's a lot of people who want to be a part of that, and so it's more tapping into a vein that exists in the world and creative live recruits for itself. The students are best advocates from all over the world. That's the number one way that creative lives discovered is by word of mouth. So I like to think that it's, the culture and the way we run things is just it's, a ubiquitous sort of like a force field of awesome wade been talking a lot about guiding principles and personal values and how they helped craft how your business stands out. And I think, exactly what you just said is a beautiful, a reminder of how that works and just how pervasive it could be in a positive way and your business for sure, there's, no doubt about it, and it's more than just putting a sign up on the door or on the wall about what your core values are like, you need to live those core values, and those are the values that we use as a filter to make decisions. Is this creative? Does it create access to world class content? Is it community focus these air, like some of our core values? And if we answer no to those questions while we're thinking about a new program or a new instructor or a new channel, then we don't do it because it doesn't meet the things that we've said when this is not like this thing that's influx all the time, we're not changing our core values every other weekend. These things have been around for years, and they really helped govern and driver business, and I encourage whether you know it's, not just about one hundred twenty percent company, whether your soul, a producer and entrepreneur like what? What gets you out of bed? Put those things on your wall and it's just it's. Remarkable how effective those guiding principles can can be it helping you make decisions? Absolutely. Thank you so much for making my point my pleasure, any other points I can make for you, yeah, very comfortable, I want to thank you, sir. So much for kind of shedding the light on why creative lives such a standout product why it sells easily and just how it's really made an impact in the market that that you've pioneered really full credit to everyone who goes to work here every day it's a big time team effort thank you so much thank you very much all right, that was pretty incredible wasn't it yeah yeah we love that okay I love this product I love this product on loving this product makes it extremely easy to sell so whether that means for me sending out multiple e mails to my audience about the fact that I'm gonna be here and then I'm going to be creating something with this amazing team or whether it's talking to individual people on twitter on facebook in my communities and saying here's what you're going to experience this is the transformation you're going to get this is the clear and distinct value going to receive when you tune in every day at nine a m pacific that is a wonderful position to be in as a creator and if if we could get anything out of this lesson if I can give you anything in this lesson it is ah plan it's a former hate the word formula but I was just about to use it it za framework for understanding how you can create that in your own business so that you are never ashamed to be selling what you're offering so that you never feel like you are bothering or bugging your audience because you always no, this is why this is why I'm selling this product. I believe in this product and not only that here's why you should believe in this product. D'oh. Pretty awesome, right? All right, now, let's, take a closer look at how you can create that framework for the products that you sell. So, first of all, products are tools products are tools, tools help us do things. So whether it's a hammer and hammer hammers it nails something into a wallet, bangs a piece of furniture together, or whether it's a drill and the drill makes a whole product, our tools, tools do things they allow us to accomplish what we want to accomplish. The value of a hammer isn't that hammer. The value of a hammer is that it allows you to drive a nail into a wall to put a piece of furniture together. The value of a drill isn't the drill it's the whole that it creates does that make sense? This is extremely important. We don't sell products, we sell outcomes, we sell that accomplishment. Products are tools. So what do your customers want to accomplish with your tool? What do your customers want to accomplish with your tool? You know the learning that happens here it creative live you want to learn how to become better photographers you want to learn how to become a better designer you want to learn how to become a working artist you want to learn how to build a standout business that's what people are coming here to accomplish their coming here to shift their identity they're coming here to learn news skills they're coming here to change the environment that they live in and whether that's coming here just opening up their browser and checking in at nine a m pacific every day when there's new content available on creative live that's what people are trying to accomplish what are people trying to accomplish with your products brand uh they're trying teo look like rock stars to their audience okay they're trying to embody that identity is a rock sir awesome what else michelle what do you have a customer is trying to accomplish with your product aware jewelry that um relates their personality to the world or shares meaningful moments with the world yeah I love that the second piece there they wanna wear jewelry that shares a meaningful moment with with the world and probably acts as a reminder of that meaningful moment to them as well what else? Patrice they want to build their business and know that they are doing it the right way in a way that's going to protect them and not harm, yeah, another segment you said protected and confidence so they want to feel protected and confident feelings are great things are great, great accomplishments that your products can offer people that change and feeling going from stressed out toe on top of the world, going from vulnerable to protected, going from unknowing, too confident that's, big transformation, that's value and we can do that in lots of different ways. We can change people's behaviors, we can change their skills or give them new skills. We can change their environment, their beliefs, their identity, lots of different layers and levels of value and lots of different options. So make sure that you explore all of the different levels and layers of value that your products offer. So always ask yourself if I'm creating this product, what are my customers wanting to accomplish that this product is a tool for what's your drill, what's your hammer on? What do they want to do with that now? How does your tool help your customers accomplish this differently? We've talked a lot about difference over the course of this boot camp. How does your products help your customers accomplish this differently now? Ah, hammer is a pretty straightforward tool there aren't a lot of variations on a hammer I'm not a tool person, so I may not be up on the latest innovations in hammers but a drill there are lots of different options for drills right there's hand drills there's electric drills there's cordless drills there's drills with with interchangeable bits there's so many different kinds of drills and I don't even know what I'm talking about there and I know there's a lot of different kinds of drills and the right drill for the right job for the right person might be different every single time ah lot of people don't just have one drill right? They might have multiple drills or they might choose to spend more on a particular drill because they like the way it accomplishes the job differently which that's kind of the added bonus in this particular lesson is that when you figure this stuff out very often you can charge mawr for your work because when you know what, what it helps your customers accomplished and you know how it does it differently and you were able to clearly articulate that you're able to charge mohr and people understand why you're charging more and they're willing to spend more so how does your tool help your customers accomplish that job differently? Bran just like like what chase was saying with actionable learning for me it's about helping them tio show up like a rock star for their audience by crafting a remarkable actionable learning experience that changed the lives of their own customers beautiful lisa how do you how does your tool do thatjob differently I think it comes a lot of energy I teach them to manage the energy in such different ways that they have a little ease with whatever they'd like to create wonderful, wonderful cathy right down there ideas because those are awesome also remember your difference difference yeah is the same thing like the energy helping them be a rock star boss helped create that culture that yeah awesome cool and how do you do that differently by making it fun and in small actionable steps so that's why it's right? Yeah actually about that I be the fun piece is really huge for you because you know, if you think of corporate training, I mean we all had jobs at once point right before we had businesses on dh I've gone through some corporate training and it was not fun and I even worked for a fun company like borders was a fun company we did not have some fun corporate training it was not fun, so fun is a huge differentiator for you right now and if you can bake that into every part of your product and how you say sell the product it's going to so much more easily, right? Yeah, any questions about those two questions or about anything that we've covered so far? No okay, we're going to do ah hot seat and I'm gonna bring meghan cane up to the stage and megan I hope you don't mind but I'm gonna take a sip of t so that I don't completely lose my voice I want you to be able to talk tio can you tell me who you are, what you do and where you where we can find you online? Sure meghan cane help people get the most from their vegetable gardens and you can find me at creative vegetable gardener dot com okay, so first of all I love what she just did there because she told us what her tool her product helps us accomplish right there in her introduction what did you say help people get the most from the rich a double guard right? She didn't seat say I teach vegetable gardening she said I help people get the most out of their vegetable gardens you're a ringer, huh? That's awesome. What else does your does your like? Individual your workshops, your you have workshops, you have e books and he booked multiple e books to e books and then a few I'm kind of transition online class. I've taught a lot of live classes and then I used to do design an installation for people but I'm moving out of that as well so I really love the education piece I like to teach people how to do it for themselves perfect let's talk more about that what's the barrier for them what's the barrier to them being able to do it for themselves I think there's a lot of information out there and so I think people are confused um and overwhelmed so I think that's one of the most common words like I'm overwhelmed I don't know where to start, right? Okay, so you take them from not knowing where to start and feeling confused and overwhelmed to, uh to have a plan really to know what to do yeah, you have a plan to know what to do and then how do they feel? Um confident, confident yeah, get hopefully successful. Yeah. Um knowledgeable um yeah, and probably proud of themselves. Yeah. Excited. I think a lot of time yeah, people get excited about it so her product helps people go from overwhelmed and not knowing where to start toe having a plan feeling confident, feeling productive, feeling proud of themselves about their gardens. Does that sound like clear and distinct value? Now how does your product do that differently? I focus on helping piece, so I feel really strongly about master the basics first and then worry about all the other stuff later because there's a lot of there's a lot of fluff but there's also a lot of really fun details about gardening and experimentation and but but I think people get overwhelmed by all those things and so master the basics get results first, and then you can start to bring in all the details on the fun, the fun experimentation. So, do you see other people in your field kind of focusing on those, like details and experimentation pieces and their people aren't getting the results they want because they're not getting the basics down? Yeah, I think so. There's a lot of there's. A lot of things I look and I think that's too complicated. Like, why? Why would you do it? I'm all about simple solutions, simple and so, yeah, there's a lot of time that I just think that's way too much work that doesn't make sense, it's going to take too long in another lesson, you use the word elegance, right? Yes, of simplicity and elegance. Those are two of your differentiating factor, so master the basics and do it with simplicity and elegance before you move on to trying to figure out other stuff or you're just going to stay overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. Right, right. Yeah, I think I always say that if you're if you're not getting results, it's not. Fun and you don't feel successful, and so you're not going to stick with it, and so I want people to be lifelong got gardner's, not just try it for a year and think, oh yeah, that was fun, I'm going to be one to something else, her if I want to suck people in so that you forever good. Now, is there a particular product or service or offer that you have that you're having trouble selling? Well, I have ah, larger vision of having what I'm calling smart start garden school and so oh, I love it keep going um, and within there they'll be different classes, so my vision is that eventually people are there's all these people that are working through all these different classes that different point, so maybe your brand new and you start at the beginning, but maybe maybe you have a little bit of experience, but you want to delve deeper and so all these people working through all these classes at learning lots of different things, I love it. So I love the name too, because just the name tells us what's different about this program or this this opportunity on dh that's, that's one of the things that I want you guys to learn is that it's, not just about how you sell it but it's got to be baked in and sometimes we can accomplish that with the name I I'm pretty terrible at naming things it took me a long time to get to quiet power strategy, and I kind of stumbled on it and was like, oh, I should probably do something with that because that's kind of the thing, but you've got this great name that tells me what I'm going to get out of this. I'm going to get a start on, I'm going to get learning from the starting point on and it's going to be smart so smart to me says simple and elegant in one very fun word I love that word. Um, yeah, soon you're working on this. Do you think there is a particular challenge that you haven't selling it? Well? I did the first class, which was all about coming up with a plan of the season. I did it twice, first with the living room strategy, which worked really well, and then I was a little bit disappointed with the second time, so then I launch it to my whole list and it sold so well with the living room strategy and I was like, oh, my god grew so great when I launch into my whole lesson that was like, yeah, I sold, but not not as much as I thought gotcha gotcha these things happen I don't know that that's necessarily indicative of a particular problem and perhaps just needing to grow your reach did you hear from anyone that they didn't get it or that they didn't understand why why they should take it no no okay, fine. Um and that's something that happens a lot is that if you're getting a lot of emails like this sounds really great, but I'm not sure this is right for me or I'm not sure what I'm going to get out of this even though I'm really excited about the opportunity that's a really clear marker to you that you haven't communicated that clear and distinct value on dh that you can you can take what they say because most of the time they'll tell you what they want, right? So they say I would really like to be able to learn this or I'd really be ableto like to be able to change this thing. And so if that happens to you it's actually it made stink in that you might not sell through that particular sales cycle, but you could use all of that information all of that data to rebuild your sales copy your marketing potentially even the product it's self to be more focused on those particular results that people want so in the way that you're building out this product, you said it's video right no no it's not video video although now I'm thinking so I'm I want in april I'm going to have the next class okay which right now I'm calling smart start spring into action and so it's all about well that my vision is I haven't made the classic but I haven't outline is that well you'll learn something and then you go into your garden and do it um so uh s so that because I think one of the what I hear from people on what I see is that people wait too long to get started in the spring I start early you get you get things out of your garden a lot sooner and then you maximize the whole season and there's a lot of confusion I get a lot of random questions about like I don't know how to plant this or how do I grow carrots sir, you know, lots of different random questions and I think I can cover in in some of that with the structure in that cool very cool. So are there ways of delivering this product or have you built into the product ways to deliver it that play back into that different so simplicity, elegance and having a plan mastering the basics? Well, I think the I think that part of it will be have a lesson going to the garden and yeah, I think that's pretty simple simple rizzoli's orient very results or you because then people are like okay I'll go do it um do you think how do you think incorporating video would either improve that or take away from the value because I know this is something that your kind of wrestling with right well I think people like to see a lot of people let learn by seeing someone do it in the garden so I think that will add to it like this is actually help you I plan to see it you don't want a plan you don't have to take like words on a page or you giving instructions translated into okay this is what it looks like into your in your brain and then here's how I'm going to go do it in the garden it's just right in front of you all I have to do is exactly what megan just showed me how todo right in the past I've explained it with pictures so it would be like step by step this is whatyou dio but that actually doesn't feel like the most simple way to do it interesting yeah just because it's easy to put easier to put together doesn't necessarily mean it's simpler for the user right right awesome you guys kind of see how we've we're talking about building her difference into every aspect of the product great any questions and I mean I think it sounds like you've got this you're doing a great job, thanks. No, I mean, I guess it's just continuing and and I've learned a lot the last few months, and part of it is actually going through branding lisa, I guess I have to give her props because she's, she helped me with a lot of this stuff. And so now I feel more clear about what I offer, and I feel like it's just gonna take practice toe, toe to bake it in, like you said to everything, just keeping, not reminding myself like, okay, I'm offering results, I'm offering simplicity and then, yeah, speaking sure really apparent. Yes, and it is a process, right? You're not gonna leave this lesson and go redo all of your products, top to bottom and work these things all in all it once, you know, it takes time. It takes the development of your business. It takes the development of your understanding, but this is this is the goal. This is what we're worth. Great. Thank you so much, megan. Yeah, so I feel kind of stupid cause I feel like I'm getting stupid. I don't want anyone to ever feel you bet I'm getting really stuck on this. How does your tool help customers accomplished that differently? Because what I go to is well, I don't really know how other people are doing this, so I don't really know how I'm doing it differently. Oh, well, then you need to find out how other people are doing it really? And so then I would encourage you to go backto lesson three, where we talked to meghan on men and we analyzed the market and you you named people you named because you were in the high, but I think I've gone through their programs. You need to go through on one or two of their program, okay? Really, really and truly it's it's going to burn your mind and open up your eyes to a whole new opportunity for you? Because until until you know you can't, you know you you don't know how you're doing what I have gone through some programs of people who are in overlapping or similar knishes or whatever sure as me, but I was thinking like, maybe also, I think maybe not instead of, but in addition to this phrasing of how, how does your tool help customers accomplish that differently? How does it reflect on me? How does my tool reflect my unique right, unfair advantage or whatever? Yes, exactly that's not really what we're looking at, so you said you're unfair advantage was kind of a very transparent, messy process that's refer selected in you actually being an artist a working artist no working musician and so when you're working with a client as a creativity instigator you're drawing on all of that messy experience that you have and your ability to just kind of dive in and see what happens that's that's the differently piece and so yes I do think that you know, maybe taking a class from stark or taking a class from leonie you know, some people that you mentioned back in that lesson that that would be really helpful for you to see how your difference could create ah different results the same results but in a different way be more attractive teo different people but yes, absolutely what we're really talking about here is your unfair advantage that personal difference that you are bringing to your business as the business owner and as the visionary behind it I think also I'm uh hoping I'm not the only one who has this feeling of because I'm in the middle of it it's um you know it's hard for me to see the you know that this is where the gold is you know what I mean? Like this is just who I am I'm just unopened book but to my clients and my people who go through my programs that's hugely valuable but it's just normal for me yes oh you mentioned earlier in the lesson one of your challenges is translating those customer testimonials or those customer transformations into copy that allows you to explain what someone else is going to get out of the program? What I would do is go through all of the records you have of those transformations, the stories people have told you, even if you're just coming, you bringing them back to mind and thinking, how did me being a working artist, a working musician being messy and transparent? How did that ah, benefit? How did that create this benefit for my customers? How did that contribute to this distinct benefit for those customers? Great, because if you get it from the book, the entrepreneur's guide to customer development, the authors and their escaping me right now, but that's, the name of the book, the others, talk about how your differentiating factor isn't the compelling reason that people buy it's, how that differentiating factor benefits your customers. And so that's, what we're really talking about here is, how do we, how do we tie in your difference, your unfair advantage to the results that people are looking for, what they're trying to accomplish? Because that, and the way that it does that that's, the benefit that becomes the compelling reason people buy? Why do people join my quiet power strategy program instead of other programs? It's? Because we don't use we don't use formulas, we use individualized coaching and personalized plans to get people results. It's not the individualized coaching and personalized plans that's the compelling reason to buy the compelling reason to buy is that those individualized plans on coaching benefit the customer benefit the client in that they feel better about their business. Is there more at peace? They feel more ease? They feel more aligned to the things that they're doing in their business on a daily basis on dh that those feeling that way is also getting them results. They don't feel squeezed into someone else's plan, they feel relaxed in their own plan. That's the compelling reason to buy makes sense yeah, great, thank you, absolutely, you know, really, even just like the lean startup book talks about that as well. So by eric reese r I e s lean startup on dh also another book that I always recommend to people is nilufer merchants eleven rules for creating value in the social era and so you know those those cons that concept may not be included specifically in those two books, but those two books are both talking about that, and miller for merchants book is very is it isn't easy read um, I mean it's jam packed, but it's it's a pretty quick read, okay? Yeah, I love book recommendations so when your products reflect the clear value they offer and how that how they create that value differently there much easier to sell when your products reflect the clear and distinct value that they create and how they do that differently? Your products are much easier to sell. People not only know why they should buy this product, they know why they should buy this product from you and why that's uniquely compelling to them as customers that's what makes selling easier or one of the things that make selling easier? You guys want to find out about today's homework? All right? Here's today's homework choose a product you'd like to sell more of, so no matter what, what you've got on the market right now to something choose something small to something big to something in the middle choose one product you'd like to sell more of and then rewrite the product description to clearly communicate the value it the value it provides and how it creates that value differently. Essentially, I'd like you to just give it a little sales copy makeover thinking in terms of the clear and distinct value that that product creates the results, the outcomes, the transformation that that product creates and how it creates those results outcomes transformations differently if you incorporate that into the first third the first quarter of your sales copy you will get more sales, you will find it is easier to help people see why this product is the product for them. Then, once you've updated that product description, post a link to the product you've updated to facebook. Put it on your facebook page, you're posting your products on your facebook page anyhow, tell your audience about it, you don't have to say, hey, I updated this for terra gentilly. Just say, hey, I'm really excited about this particular product right now. I love how it does this, and I love how it does it differently for you, uh, post a link and then tag me. So tag terra, gentilly and tag creative, live so that we can see what you've accomplished and help you celebrate that, maybe even share it alongside of you.

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At first I was tuning in to watch live from my computer at work but I kept missing nuggets (because I was at work obviously) so I just bought the entire course. I have been doing the exercises at my pace and I love it. I had done my Fascination Advantage test before but didn't know how to incorporate them into my business. I am Mystique and Prestige. I thought I had to be loud and showy as a photographer which does not suite my style. After finding out that Sue Bryce has a Prestige and Mystique advantage (which truly made my day) I now see how I can make those advantages work for me. Tara has taught me so much already. I finally feel confident in my choice to not do wedding, family or boudoir photography. For a long time I felt like those were the only options. But I know now that I can do whatever I want as long as I fill a need and I have a good business model. But most of all I feel focused and confident about the choices I am making as a photographer. This is a feeling I've never felt after taking any other workshops or reading any other self-help books. I am a Tara Gentile fan for life.

Amy Lamp

I can't say enough good things about this course. Tara provided so many new ways for me to think about my approach to the business I'm building -- from branding and personality, to vision and goals. The sessions are very methodical and focused, with actionable steps that help us move in the direction we WANT to move, not the direction that others say we should. And that's my favorite part of this bootcamp: that the key to a stand-out business lives within each of our unique styles. The sections on Fascination Language were pivotal for me. They got my brain energized about all of the ways I can use my natural approach as an advantage, as opposed to feeling held back by things that drain me. I was also impressed with the questions from the audience, how smart and relevant they were, and how astute Tara's responses were. If you missed the live broadcast of this bootcamp, the cost to purchase is well worth it.

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This course has totally transformed my way of thinking 'business' & relating it to & using my unique qualities as a person to help my business stand out...never saw this link before, thanks Tara! What Tara has done with this course is help me become my own business coach by helping me to recognize my vision; my uniqueness & how I'm going to bring these together to make a successful & profitable business. I would recommend it a 100 times over :-) Thanks Tara & Thanks ar e helping to create star businesses! :-)

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