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Fill Your Customers Need: Case Study with Sue Bryce

Lesson 7 from: Build A Stand-Out Business

Tara McMullin

Fill Your Customers Need: Case Study with Sue Bryce

Lesson 7 from: Build A Stand-Out Business

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

7. Fill Your Customers Need: Case Study with Sue Bryce

Lesson Info

Fill Your Customers Need: Case Study with Sue Bryce

Hey guys welcome back welcome back you want to know what our goal is for today all right? So the goal for this lesson is to pinpoint why potential customers are already looking to buy your product in the first place because here's the thing when you can pinpoint why your customers are already looking to buy your product you can market it and sell it based on that so you don't have to do is much your product is going to naturally stand out to your customers because they're already looking for it which is really pretty fun so let's review what we did in the previous lesson remember you've got to speak your customer's language you need to know what words they're using what questions they're asking so that you can reflect that back to them so that they understand that you understand in the previous lesson you identified the conversation your customers air having and what it sounds like so you can join in but let's look at where we are today in the process so this is less and seven fill you...

r customers need now you are not the only one dealing with noise your customers are constantly being bombarded by noise whether it's television advertising whether it's billboards whether it's internet advertising whether it's social media they're being bombarded with all sorts of different messages all sorts of different opportunities all sorts of different hey you've got this problem I've got the solution and that noise stacks up and you know it makes them kind of tune out this the same way you guys to now when all of that business noises hitting you and you can kind of stay well this's just too much and too overwhelmed your customers of course are doing the same thing with whatever it is that's on their mind or in their media channels so when you pop your marketing messages into your customers facebook stream may be in the middle of their favorite tv show or into their inbox you're competing with a lot to get their attention right we might not want to talk about competition in terms of who's business whose product is competing with ours but absolutely we are competing with other marketing messages other sales messages other just, you know, great content messages that are out there in social media in traditional media and really just, you know, in people's inboxes as well. And so it could be really difficult to grab people's attention to really earn their attention so you can't hope their customers decide toe want what you're offering you can't hope that what you're selling is suddenly going to just stand out to them like that north star that they've just been waiting for unless you show them why they already needed why they're already interested in that product so it kind of looks like this exactly what you've been waiting for and it is my facebook stream where it's in my twitter stream and it sounds good it looks good it's exactly what I've been waiting for that's how you stand out, you don't stand out by being louder, you don't stand out by being noisier, you stand out and your product message stands out by meeting your customers with what they're all ready looking for. So you wanna start with what they want, you've got to start thinking about what it is that they already are looking for. And so in the previous lesson, we did that perspective math. You guys remember the perspective map and in that perspective map, we identified certain things that the people are already looking for so let's take seashells example from that perspective map what were some of the things that people are already looking for, what it comes to giving a gift something that's extra special and that's extra special meaning and something that has meaning on dh er what was the meaning behind that or what? Why were people looking for something extra special? Um, because they cared about the recipient and they wanted to show that, and they also want to look like, uh, they care, of course, everyone wants to look like they wanted to be important. I wanted to be here said they wanted to impress someone, yeah exactly all right and let's lose the business astrology example to what were people already looking for that you identified actually on your perspective map um ways to make money and easier way um also put off making sure that they're on the right track and confirming the idea yeah, I love that idea of confirming their idea that to me that's really, really powerful because we've all got great ideas. I I actually think we all feel pretty confident in the ideas that we have but there's always that one nagging little piece of doubt like a what if this just falls flat again or what if no one pays attention or what if this isn't the right thing for me? What if I'm following some shiny object and not really the path that I'm on? I think we all go through that that cycle of thought, right? And so if you come at people with a message that says, hey, I can help you confirm that confirm or deny that this is the right idea for you that's something that's already on people's mind and something that they already want they want that self assurance that confidence in there the idea that they have and so when you present that message it's automatically going to stand out more because it's what they're already thinking about yeah, then you need to ask yourself, what is it frustrating your prospects on the path to attaining that we don't need an apostrophe there then what is frustrating your prospects on the path to attaining that so rochelle what what stands in the way of people uh giving a gift that really stands out that really makes them look good uh preparation you have you can't just like go to the store and pick this up you have to be prepared yeah and put a little bit of effort into it yeah this isn't the impulse gift card buy at the supermarket, right? Exactly this is something that takes quite a bit of thought right? What frustrates people or what gets in the way of people confirming their ideas honestly a lot of his fear fear absolutely they seem to I think they get confused whether or not like you said they're following you know their specific path or if they're just kind of going under shiny objects syndrome and so I can really get in there and say we'll know you want this because this is like literally what you were born to do and so that gives them a sense of confirmation and validation improve they were on the right path yes this idea of frustration this is your opportunity as a product creator a solution provider and a marketer frustrate shin is your opportunity so you know what people want you need to identify what's keeping them from getting that because sure, lots of people probably are actually going to figure it out for themselves they're going to d I y it they're going toe, you know they're just going to work through the block, whatever it might be, they'll break through the fear they'll do the preparation, but a lot of people, walt and that's why this is your opportunity when you khun think about how your business keeps that frustration from occurring or how your business comes in and interrupts that frustration that's a message that people want because they're already on the process once they've identified what they really want, they're already trying to achieve it, but they're getting frustrated, they're getting blocked, and when you jump in and alleviate that block when you take that block out of their path now, you are not just another solution, you're a hero and even more even more so you're making your customer the hero, too, because now they've got the idea that they could be that they could be really confident and they've got the gift that super impressive when you take away that frustration when you take away that fear, when you take away the pain, you become the hero and your customer becomes the hero who doesn't want to feel like a hero? Yeah, now the last piece of this is asking, how does your business helped them alleviate that frustration? How does your business help them alleviate that frustration? When you congrats wound your marketing message or your sales message in the way that you alleviate that frustration differently? Does that sound familiar? Then you can be assured that your message is going to stand out. People are going to get it how many people? How many of you guys feel like my customers just don't get it, they just don't get me, they just don't get what I d'oh yeah, this is this is this is a this process, this three step process here start with what they want, figure out what's frustrating them and then ask how your business helps alleviate that frustration that's the key to helping people get it right, you have to start where they're at that's, what stands out that what that's what's earns people's attention and then when you alleviate that frustration and you do it in your unique way, you know, they may not understand or a veda when they get started with you, but they're going to understand what you're trying to help them accomplish and that's the key right that function, a transformation of what you're offering is the key to really helping them understand what they have available questions no, you guys are feeling good, okay, awesome, well, we've got a very special guest for this lesson. And her name is sue bryce she's, a photographer and an educator she is a bona fide creative live celebrity and soup rice has a very a particular talent for a leave it alleviating the frustration, alleviating the pain that women face when they're in front of the camera lens she's really good bringing out the very best in her photography subjects by making that connection by seeing in them what they might not see in themselves that frustration that they and that fear that they have all right, so I'd like to welcome soup rice up to there she is hi hi, thanks so much for being here. Thank you for asking may absolutely so I'd love to talk to you a little bit about kind of your process and how you approach bringing out the very best in your photography subject so let's start with a kind of what women are really hoping to accomplish when they get their portrait's taken how do they want to feel? How did they want to be seen? So for that I'm listening to you speak this morning has been wonderful. I definitely realized the moment when I defined what my unique sort of path walls or what my purpose wass and when I did that everything changed in my business so I spent the first probably twelve years just trying to be a successful photographer and then I spent the next twelve years delivering the promise which was I'm going to take the best photograph he would be the scene of yourself wow well I feel like that's what women want they just wanted to look and feel beautiful and I also realized that as a woman and as a business owner when women were all dressed up and looking gorgeous you know that moment when you have the dress on and you've got beautiful makeup on and you feel the prettiest you've felt in a long, long time and you look in the mirror and you just think I look fabulous and then you go to an event and you see a photograph and it's hideous it's on you were just like I didn't look like that I looked like the hottest I've even looked at my whole life and look at my head off I said I didn't look like that in that dressing it a kid to me that uh the camera was just so cruel and I realized in that moment I could actually see the most beautiful moment so I can see it and so I can capture it and therefore show back to you so it wasn't that women were hoping I would make them beautiful it's that they would be shocked that I could actually capture what they see in the basement and when I realized that I was like oh, I can deliver this what is this? My purpose that is absolutely incredible and I just want to kind of reiterate what you just said, which is that when you realized that your business completely changed oh, because it's stop making it about me! I was just trying to be noticed I was trying to get paid I was trying to be good enough my industry as trying to market myself and put myself out there and build something and it really had zero to do with may and my intention was suddenly threw everything I did and the way I posted on social media the way I connected the way I talked about my before and after the way I talked about women that I photograph them, my intention was so clear because my purpose suddenly transmuted and infused into everything I seem ended in the way I talked about what I did was no longer please notice me it was this's what I can do for you and being that you're the one paying may I should be able to translate that message really easily because it's you that I'm serving that is so beautiful, so beautiful and everything that we're trying to do here with spook cap, so when you work with women who aren't professional models, what do you think is their greatest fear when they're in front of the camera? I don't work with any professional model, okay? I only work with every day on women like myself my I think everybody I identify very quickly what you don't like about yourself because it's the first thing you'll talk about when you get in front of the camera and then I simply um take control of you I realize that everybody will relinquish control at a certain level if you're confident and strong and I definitely get them to trust me as quickly as possible by simply taking control of their fear and that moment in I assure them that even though they don't like this and they don't like their chin and they don't like their arms and I've seen a bad father like this before and I've had a bad experience in front of the camera even though they have experienced all of it, I quickly take control of it and say you can't see what I can see and then my job is to deliver on what I store and what I saw is their most beautiful moment, so if I can capture that I can get it every single time beautiful in a previous lesson, we really talked about what makes you especially effective or especially compelling and I think that what you said about taking control is probably one of those things that makes you esu especially compelling and especially effective and I think that that's really beautiful and we each have a different way that we do that and I love that you pinpointed that that's exactly what makes you more effective and compelling? Well, I loved your last segment my fascination profilers prestige mistake well, there you go. That is not surprising to me in the least whatsoever awesome yeah, but I love that what you said about that because you know it's so important that we work through our truth and yeah, I don't feel like you know it's a funny thing when you're confident in what you do, I can still take a bed photograph or have a bad day or not connect with someone I mean, I'm I'm human, but the truth is is when you stop making it about trying to impress people and instead make it about serving people everything changes yes, absolutely absolutely let's just yes um so when you look through your lens when you look through the viewfinder, what do you think you see differently than other photographers? Um, micro expression I learned a long time ago that I have an incredible empathy and empathic nature for people and how they feel and I can read micro expression really, really well, my father gave me a book on body language when I was about thirteen and I was kind of fascinated buy it back then and I'm still fascinated by it I study people when they talk when they're telling the truth when they lying when they're uncomfortable when they guarded and in front of the camera, the millions of micro expressions that go on someone's face that cause discomfort in awkwardness is extraordinary. I feel like it's helped me as a person and sales it's help me in life and it's something I identify really easily. And so I use it. Yeah. Is that something that you incorporate in your marketing in anyway? Um, well, the irony is people always say to me when they look at my marketing, which is largely image based, you have this ability of connecting through the eyes that most people die. So yes, there is probably in the top three things off comments on people with regards to my magnet. Brilliant, and I think that proves one of the points that I'm going to get to later in the boot camp, which is show don't tell so it's not about you marketing, you know, and saying I I'll capture all of your perfect micro expressions. It's, let me show you how I can connect with your eyes in a way that no other photographer can I feel like that's. Probably. What do you see it in the last station about marketing is not solving your problems, I really, truly believe that I show, don't tell actually became my philosophy for marketing about eight years ago. Where I started teo realize that the least I talked about it and the more that I showed people the more people were captivated by it and totally believed it because a lot of people can talk be is that the truth is if you can show people you know if you can really show people and your intention is infused in there it's so obvious two people people feel it it's such an energy when they see you marketing when they hear anything about you it's so obvious yes absolutely sue thank you so much for this brilliant case study where can we find you online? I'm at super ice dot com and I'm on twitter and I'm on facebook surprise photographer and I'm on instagram fantastic thank you so much that was so enlightening and I enjoy watching the wrist of your classes I'm really loving hearing what you've got to say and I took a really wonderful note something really interested may about the ice cream what talent what icecream would you be because this is really something significant about how I built my business I hate ice cream on and I kind of grew up like that and I also grow up with this idea that I don't have to do what everybody else does I don't want to be a flavor of ice cream I hate ice cream and people call me a widow's not liking it because everybody likes ice cream right? And then I started to laugh because I thought to myself, I used that in my marketing I am I launched a glamour product when it was completely did not because you know, you know, it was dead because it had run its course and it had, you know, died because nobody evolved it I grab told of it because I was like nobody's going to tell me I can't do this it's that kind of was like, I hate ice cream was like, I'm that person yeah, no, I think that's great, I mean seth godin with say, weirdos rule the world, right? So I think that's absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much. I think we could we could have a lot to talk about over coffee. Well, thanks tio all right, so like suicide saying value is about transformation, she transforms the experience of women and front of the camera tau women in their portrait ce and shows them you know who they already our shows them how they already feel about themselves as beautiful as put together as capable of so much but she trance she transforms that fear that the camera can't capture us. The camera can't show me who I really am she transforms it into this amazingly beautiful product I think that we forget that value is transformation so often we think of value is features in our product, I'm going to give you this many lessons over this much time it's gonna be videos, it's going to be work sheets? That's, not transformation or that's, not value value is transformation in this boot camp, the transformation is going from having a business that feels invisible to a business that feels like it's stands out and not just feels like it stands out, but does stand out it earns people's attention. It gets you more sales, it makes you more money, that's the value that's, the transformation that we're experiencing here. What transformation do you create in your business? Meghan? Well, I was thinking specifically about one of the classes I taught recently, which is about planning your garden, so a lot of the most successful gardeners I know don't wait until the first nice day and spring and then say, oh, my gosh, it's time to start gardening, they really give it it doesn't have to be complicated, but to give some thought to it. And so what? I heard from some people that took my class where that all of a sudden they feel like I'm one of those people that has organized and I'm ready to go into the season, I know what I'm going to do, I have my seeds, I have my plants have a plan you turn unintentional gardeners into intentional gardeners yeah, my mom starts planning her garden and like january the moment the seed catalogs start coming it is no holds barred garnered in planet it's pretty awesome. Ah bree on what transformation do you create in your business and the transformation I create is actually empowering my clients to create transformation in their clients so helping my clients to, uh help uh you know, create create a new life experience for a new experience in their business or to change the way that they go through there there day to day experience um it's kind of like second degree transmission, but what that does for for my my client is it makes them feel empowered and like they are ah doing the work that they were meant to do in the world. Yeah so as a client of yours. So if brianna's an instructional designer and she's worked with me on my last two creative live workshops, I can tell you that the transformation that you create is have is helping someone go from ah geek with information teo a effective geek with a clear message and that is beautiful when I can step up on this stage and know that I'm going to be effective and that I have a real message and that it is imbued in every single slide in my joy enormous aquino presentation I feel really good about that I don't have to be nervous at all every time I get up here, I know that I'm going to give real value to you and to you about one more uh lisa yes, so when people like trust their creative process basically it gives them the courage to create beyond the predictable courage to create beyond the predictable so the before there is kind of, you know, following everyone else's instructions yet well following other people also having so many ideas and not knowing where to start or things like there they can't find the people they want to collaborate with this kind of like there's all sorts of roadblocks in behind that beautiful and then the transformation is to creating something that's beyond the predictable yeah, beautiful I love it all right, so the need your business fills is part of your stand out style you've got to be able to understand that transformation that you're creating and you've got to be able to articulate that transformation from where from starting with what someone already once I want to be an effective instructor, megan's clients want to be intentional gardeners lisa's clients want teo create unpredictable, unimaginable results you've got to start with what people actually want and fill that need with a transformation that only you can provide by breaking down that frustration block breaking down that road block that's in their way questions about that patrice so one of the things that's really important to me as an attorney is that when I worked at previous firms, I felt like clients were not in the loop in terms of the education piece of the law who was very much so I know it's being handled by my mom attorney what's important to me is empowering clients in the sense of confidence that it gives them when they actually understand why I'm doing what I'm doing and how I'm making decisions, so when people don't think of that as a need immediately when they think of why they need a lawyer, but I know it translates into confidence in how they're making everyday decisions. So how do I convey that in a way that's concise that conveys that is the piece of mustang and elston yeah, so thank you for asking that question because I think that that's probably something that's on a lot of people's minds, and this is a hard lesson that I've learned over the years is that I can't get too far ahead of my customers with my sales message, so I think that you need to back up all the way up to why they think they need a lawyer in the first place, whether it's, their filing a trademark application or there, you know, hiring their first employees, whatever it is that they're they're wanting legal support for really do you think that you've got to start there, then the way you make that message stand out is you say you know what's important to me is that we not only help you with this thing that you need now what we put you in the driver's seat so that you feel more confident you feel more in control of how you are addressing your own legal situation so that when we're in a meeting you feel every bit as much in control is ideo and it's a real collaborative experience that might be a really good way tio communicate that and so the where you're meeting them, that thing that they've been looking for is actually just the answer to their question, you know, just like in my business, the question I need to start with most often is how do I make more money? Um and I can think, oh, you know, that's a little simplistic that's a little bit reductive but what's most important to you guys making more money uh maybe second to that is how do I make a bigger impact or how doe I spread my influence or my reach? But most of the time how do we make more money is where I need to start to get people's attention then I can say now here's, how I'm going to do that differently for you and the frustration peace can come into that, too, because what you can say is, I know you need legal support, I know you need that trademark application filled I filed I know you need legal support around hiring your first employees, and I know that in the past you've been frustrated with the legal support that you've gotten because you felt kind of at the whim of whoever you were working with. My goal as your lawyer is to collaborate with you, tow, educate you to put you as much in control as I am, so you never feel like you're at my whim and you always feel like you're in control that's a message that's really going to stand out? So now you've you've, you kind of laid out both what you know they already need what you already know their frustration is and you've been able to say here's, how I do what I do differently and how it benefits you yeah, beautiful, any other questions about this? I know this is a sticking point for a lot of people it's it's that idea of how how do you show up in a way that makes people get it right off the bat and, you know, just like with patrice just like with me, probably just like with meghan as well, sometimes you gotta back way up you got to go with that really simplistic message the perspective map that we did in less and six is a really great way to get there it's a really great way to see exactly what your customers are really asking ah, and if you have any questions about that or you don't know the best place to start a social media people are asking questions asking the questions that they want to have answered every single day and they're putting it out in public for you to see social media is that arena right that's that forum where people are literally asking questions it's a big part of my day of social media not because I broadcast that much I broadcast a lot less than a lot of other people dio I spend a lot of time with social media every single day because I want to know what questions people are asking I want to know what frustrations they are airing I want to know where they're getting hung up because then all I have to do is come out with a block post or my own facebook post most and I can all I have to do is reflect that back to them and say here's here's the question here's your frustration here's how I can help you do that differently sometimes I'll tell you right off the bat sometimes I'll say you can hire me right bram, what happens when you find yourself in a situation where your customers don't necessarily have the vocabulary tea, even know where to begin to ask the question. So in my case, I'm dealing with coaches or consultants or authors, that sort of thing who, you know, they have a book, or they have an idea or a message, and they they want to do something with it, but that's a black box to them or they don't, you know, I want to create a course around it or teach a workshop, but they don't have a vocabulary to explain or to be able to even know what to ask around that other than I just should do this thing. Yeah, so you have to back way, alright there's an idea there's ah timeline or or a spectrum that you can use to think about where your customers are at one end of that spectrum is the most awareness. So some customers come to you knowing exactly who you are, exactly what you have to offer and that's, why they're there, right? All you'd have to say to them is, hi, I'm terry gentilly, and I've got a brand new boot camp called bill to stand out business would you like to r s v p and they're like, heck, yeah right that's all they need to know I wouldn't even have to tell them what the title of boot camp would be I just say you know you could show up and learn with me free for thirty days right that's most aware then there's a solution aware so they know how they want to solve their problem but they don't know the provider they want to solve that problem so you can market to them saying I've got the solution that you're looking for email marketing service providers are a good example of this because we we go out or most of us go out looking for which provider we want to use we know we need email marketing we know we need a service for that which one are we got to use and then there's some points in the middle then there's problem aware which is I know I need help reaching my customers and so you might say hey do you want help reaching your customers do you want to know what the number one way to reach your customers is its email marketing now let me tell you more about email marketing and then let me tell you about my particular provider for that or my particular solution for that so there's multiple pieces so we start off with one piece hey this is what I have for you that we have two pieces I know you want this here's what I've got for you then there's three pieces here's your problem here's the solution here's my particular solution and then there's one more point which is not aware at all and you actually khun market to people who are plete ly unaware of their problem and your solution and you but you have to start way back so for you it could be as simple as so you've written a book now what if you were to put together a webinar? I'm not sure why I've never thought about this for you if you were to put together a webinar that was simply called you've written a book now what? And you connected with, say, book marketing people and you did some strategic partnerships around bookmark it egg and you did this webinar and you say, let me show you what building an online course khun do for you and let me give you three best practices for making that online course more effective based on your book that's the first piece of the puzzle then you identify what problem they have from there so you're working them back right? Then you identify the problem, then you offer say, this is what the solution is and then you say here's, the solution that I've created for you and so it's this it's working them from where they're at tau, where you need them to be to buy but it always starts with what they want now, not what you want them to want now, okay? And that's, that is such a huge problem is we start with what we want them to want. Now I want you to wind toe learn how to build better business models, you don't want that, so I kind of have to trick you, and when I say trick, I don't mean I don't I don't do anything nasty, but I have to show you why building a better business model is important. This idea of standout style of building a standout business you want to stand out? What I want you to want to know how to position your business, but you don't want to know how to position your business. You want to know how to stand out, right? It's that it's it's, not it's, not a bait and switch in a bad way, it's a bait and switch in a good way. I hear what you want I hear whatyou need I've got the solution for you. Let me tell you about it in a way that you're going to really understand that you're going to really care about and how in a way that it's going to really benefit you makes sense, yeah, shelly, with your bait and switch in a good way, eyes kind of what I guess my business is all about with with business juice I work with a lot of creatives and I try to help them educate them about their number yeah, but they don't want to know about their number no no so what do they want? Enough um they want to know why their package doesn't work they want to know um you know why? Why there's money going out? But maybe money is not coming in they don't they don't necessarily get it kind of brands point like they don't always know what's in the black box? Yes, and so I'm wondering if that same timeline up would apply absolutely it applies you gotta work them backwards step by step or for you it's it's working them backwards for them it's working them forwards first you're gonna understand this, then you're gonna understand this then you're going to understand this now I can provide a solution for you now you might actually do that in part of us part of your coaching process, but you're also going to do it is part of your marketing process as well because you want to set them up with the right expectations and this is why content marketing is so great because content marketing happens over time, so say you've got that auto responder siri's a sequence that everyone talks about right which and an auto response her sequences when someone signs up for your email list, they automatically get a set of emails that set of emails is a great way to work people from complete unawareness of what you're offering and what problem they have to that place where they're really ready to buy from you and they're not only ready to buy from you, but they're ready to buy what you want to give them, which creates much better relationship on dh it's going to create a more consistent results as well. Yeah, this idea of working them backwards, starting with what they want, alleviating frustration after frustration and getting to them to a place where they can actually buy from you is something that a lot of you are going to want to utilize that something I utilize its and it's something that you can utilize this well but of course you have tto personalize it for yourself. All right, let's, look at today's homework so first of all, I want you to articulate the needy want to fill for your customers? What is it that they want that you want to do for them? What is it that they want that you want to do for them in its most simplistic, most reductive, most sounds exactly like what they're already saying too you were saying to someone because it's probably not you it's, probably someone else form then I want you to find three pieces of supporting evidence on social media of this need this is important because I don't want you to make any assumptions find three pieces of supporting evidence on social media for this need now you can use your perspective map that you did in lessons six to tell you exactly what you're looking for you're looking for people saying this or this or this or you're looking for people doing this or this or this and maybe you find out that your perspective map wasn't quite on well, you can adjust that to everything is changeable, everything evolves so find three pieces of supporting evidence on social media and then finally identify how what you want to create will do this differently from other solutions on the market. How does what how does the way you want to solve this problem do it differently from other solutions on the market? All right, let's look at where we're at now and where we're going so up next our next lesson is going to be no your conditions for connection did you know that we all have different ways that we connect with people? We all have different ways that we naturally form relationships, meet new people and influence others we're going to identify exactly how you do that so that you could incorporate it into your marketing campaigns from the social media channels you choose to the in person events that you host to the way you show up online. In general, we can incorporate your particular conditions for connection into your overall business strategy. Sound good? You want to learn more about that grain? You'll have to come back for the next lesson.

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At first I was tuning in to watch live from my computer at work but I kept missing nuggets (because I was at work obviously) so I just bought the entire course. I have been doing the exercises at my pace and I love it. I had done my Fascination Advantage test before but didn't know how to incorporate them into my business. I am Mystique and Prestige. I thought I had to be loud and showy as a photographer which does not suite my style. After finding out that Sue Bryce has a Prestige and Mystique advantage (which truly made my day) I now see how I can make those advantages work for me. Tara has taught me so much already. I finally feel confident in my choice to not do wedding, family or boudoir photography. For a long time I felt like those were the only options. But I know now that I can do whatever I want as long as I fill a need and I have a good business model. But most of all I feel focused and confident about the choices I am making as a photographer. This is a feeling I've never felt after taking any other workshops or reading any other self-help books. I am a Tara Gentile fan for life.

Amy Lamp

I can't say enough good things about this course. Tara provided so many new ways for me to think about my approach to the business I'm building -- from branding and personality, to vision and goals. The sessions are very methodical and focused, with actionable steps that help us move in the direction we WANT to move, not the direction that others say we should. And that's my favorite part of this bootcamp: that the key to a stand-out business lives within each of our unique styles. The sections on Fascination Language were pivotal for me. They got my brain energized about all of the ways I can use my natural approach as an advantage, as opposed to feeling held back by things that drain me. I was also impressed with the questions from the audience, how smart and relevant they were, and how astute Tara's responses were. If you missed the live broadcast of this bootcamp, the cost to purchase is well worth it.

a Creativelive Student

This course has totally transformed my way of thinking 'business' & relating it to & using my unique qualities as a person to help my business stand out...never saw this link before, thanks Tara! What Tara has done with this course is help me become my own business coach by helping me to recognize my vision; my uniqueness & how I'm going to bring these together to make a successful & profitable business. I would recommend it a 100 times over :-) Thanks Tara & Thanks ar e helping to create star businesses! :-)

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