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Enter the Conversation

Lesson 6 from: Build A Stand-Out Business

Tara McMullin

Enter the Conversation

Lesson 6 from: Build A Stand-Out Business

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

6. Enter the Conversation

Lesson Info

Enter the Conversation

All right, everybody, so we are starting session too, but first, our goal for today so our goal for today is to target the questions, desires and concerns of your ideal customers, because when you know what they're asking, what they want and what they're worried about, you can create messaging that really stands out to them. It could be like your kind of reading their mind, which is a really good feeling. Alright, so now this week, we are talking about crafting your quiet power strategy, which is all about figuring out the strategic way to do business your way. And when you're doing business your way, you're not in your business is naturally going to stand out more because your way is going to be grounded in the things that are really and truly unique and compelling and effective about you. So the problem is that when people decide they want to do business in their own way, those people tend to fall into two camps. The first is that they make it up as they go. Essentially, they do busi...

ness kind of willy nilly. They, you know, it's sort of well, try a little of this because that seems cool and all right, well, that didn't work, so I'm gonna try this now and then I'm going to try that and you just met. You don't know what to expect from them there. Their business seems to have no direction, it doesn't have a clear focus and they don't feel focused. They don't feel like they have a clear direction if any of you guys feel like I felt like that. Yeah. Most ofyou. Okay? Yes. So we don't want to make it up as we go. I mean, I'm all for experimentation, but I'm also big on focus and strategic planning, right? So, you know experiment but don't make it up. This you go. The other camp is following someone else's lead here's the thing how many of you had jobs before you started your business? Is all of you great. Now how many of those jobs had bosses? Yes. And before you had a job. Where you in school? Yes. And did you have a teacher? Yes. And so you have been conditioned. You've been taught over your entire lifetimes that there's someone who knows better than you there's someone else who can provide leadership can provide direction. Who has a system that if you learn that system, you can follow it, so the problem is that we look in our businesses for that, someone else, we want to follow someone else's lead instead of our own. We're looking for the boss. We're looking for the teacher. We're looking for the parents. Well, now we don't know that that's what we're doing, we think we're just looking for the right way to do this or the right way to do that or the best practice here. The best practice there but that's what we're doing, we're looking to follow someone. Else's lead here's the thing. I want you to pay attention to what I have to say. I want you to utilize what I offer you, but I don't want you to follow my lead. I don't want you to do everything that I d'oh here's. Why it's not gonna work it's not gonna work, you aren't me, and so you can't do what my business does and hope to get a good result out of that. And the same thing goes for every other person, every other guru, every other expert that you've followed, you can't do it their way. You can pay attention, you can learn something, but you can't do it their way so business owners that make it oppa's, they go lack focus and have a difficult time making decisions. They have a hard time gaining traction because of that lack of focus and the lack of decision making they don't have the intense trust of their customer base is because when you're unfocused and you're kind of just making it up as you go there's not a whole lot hold on, teo in terms of trust and they feel like they're always reinventing the wheel do you guys feel like that sometimes like, oh my gosh, I can't believe I have to figure out how to do something new again. Yes okay, I don't want you to ever have to reinvent the wheel, all right? I like innovation, not reinventing the wheel business owners who follow someone else's lead keep having to go back for more, you know, have you bought how many business courses have you bought? How many this have you bought? How many that have you bought? You always have to go back for more because you don't trust yourself, you wonder why all those great tactics all those great ideas aren't working you feel uncomfortable with parts of the plan, you know, just like melissa shared with us in session one you know, she followed this great piece of advice, a piece of advice that might work really well for someone else and, oh gosh, it's screwed up her whole life for a minute, right? Or longer than a minute I hope not um and also people who follow other people's leads don't see the whole picture just the next tactic and they get stuck in the weeds trying to do everything right so let's review those seven key components of a standout business that we learned way back in less and one businesses that stand out used their strengths leverage their passion find and leverage their unfair advantage they have a clear focus they build their businesses on their guiding principles they share their unique vision and they speak with a unique voice and that my friends is how you get out of the noise you know there are so many people doing the same things speaking the same messages back using the same fonts on but all contributes to the noise our job here now today and on throughout this boot camp is to find your quiet that place where you control ask yourself that place where you can craft a strategy an understanding ah focus that helps you stand out in the market you can you can almost create like ah bubble of quiet around you where people stop listening to the noise and start paying attention to what you have to say or the message that you are putting out there for them that's a pretty great place to be I would always like to have a bubble of quiet please all right, so you're quiet powers quiet power strategy combines three things first of all what you want to create second of all how you want to connect and finally what makes you uniquely effective and we're going to be looking at each piece of this throughout session too and when you combine those three pieces you bring a focused vision toe everything you do in your business and you match it with purposeful execution it is pretty much the exact opposite of doing business willy nilly making it up as you go it's business your way but with a strategic focus, a strategic plan in place and focus looks good on you focus looks good on you people pay attention when you're focused they pay attention when you know what you want, what vision you're creating where you're headed, what you really want to be creating, how you really want to be connecting with other people focus makes people pay attention focused doesn't just change the way you work focus changes the way people perceive your business focus makes your business stand out so let's take a look at what we have four session to our first just lesson in session teo is enter the conversation and from there will peace out little parts of crossing this quiet power strategy that you can use to stand out so in session teo you will discover the questions your customers are asking you can answer them in the way on lee you can you'll identify the need your product fills and I know this is one the trips a lot of people up, so I'm looking forward to that lesson you're going pinpoint your conditions for connection, you're going to invest in your unique point of view and create content that what people want to read like and share you ready to get started let's enter the conversation now remember back from session one markets are conversations and if you want to connect with people, which is what marketing really is it's all about connecting with people if you want to connect with people, you have to speak their language now this is a little bit different than your fascination language I want you to be able to use your customers words I want you to be able to speak to them, to create messaging for them, to create images for them but speak that that that reflect how they're actually talking about what they want, what they need or what they're asking that's that's how you actually go about connecting with people. So why does marketing fall flat? Have you guys all had the experience of putting something out there, a facebook post and email sales page, a brochure, a local event and just having it completely fall flat? Yeah, me too me too it still happens you know I'm pretty good at figuring this stuff out by now, but it still happens from time to time I still make a messed up so why does that happen? First the voice you're using doesn't sound human when you use jargon whether it's, coachspeak or photography speak or um I'm arab a dick speak it doesn't sound human it doesn't sound like something that's already going on in my head there are on ly a number there are only a very few amount of people there's a very small amount of people that think to themselves gosh, I wish I could help someone I wish I could find someone to help me speak my truth how many people go around saying that but how many websites do you see that on? How many bios do you see that in how many elevator pitch is do you hear that and oh my word that is not human, okay? It is not human the language you're using doesn't mean anything to your prospects same thing what you're talking about has to mean something to me and to mean something to me it it really needs to reflect back to me a question that I'm asking myself a frustration that I'm going through a desire that I hold deeply to mean something to me what you say to me has to match up with one of those things ah and your contribution to the conversation lax focus it's very calm and I see this all the time that the business is messaging will be one thing one day another thing another day and another thing another day and those businesses that are hyper focused on messaging um and I like to think of minus one of them is weaken it feels almost redundant right? How often I say thanks like if you could count the numbers of times I'm going to stay quiet power over the next twenty five lessons and it's going to be crazy but you know what? It's focused and you'll remember it and it will stick with you yes that's a really interesting thing for me because I have programs that are very different topics but they all haven't underpinning with the nurturing and, you know, bring bringing people's ideas into life. So does that like focus to people like looking in from the outside when I have such very different topics that I'm playing with potentially you have to be very careful about making sure that underpinning isn't just an unstated theme and is something that I was actually pulling that message together and a lot of times what I see a lot of times the way I handled that with my clients is to put something into their business model that kind of stands for that underpinning theme so it is that signature product it's the book it's the program it's the event that they become known for and then everything else under that seems to put lee back to that one thing but if that one thing is unstated it doesn't work you need you need a very clear focus to make diversity in your messaging work does that make sense yeah because I haven't underpinning so okay thank you yeah yeah absolutely absolutely all right we're about to do my all time favorite activity brace yourself thiss activity is something that not only I do with every single client I have but it is something I myself use every single time I am creating something creating messaging, changing directions whatever when I sat down to think about how I was going not only craft the idea for this boot camp but then the content for it and then the messaging behind it I used this activity you can use this activity for messaging for blogged posts for product development you can use it for all right it's the perspective you guys guessed that already all right so the perspective map is really simple it is a box that has four smaller boxes in it it is a quadrant of things is a four quadrant id box er in the upper left hand corner it says say upper right hand corner and says do lower left hand corner it says think lower right hand column it says feel this is an opportunity for you to read your customers mines sound good? Ok, when you read your customers minds you can figure out what you need to say to sound human you figure out how you're going to answer their questions in a way that's meaningful to them you figure out how you can address their concerns and desires in a way that makes you a lot of money. Okay, so I want you guys to all think about two, three, four customers that really light you up. These are the customers that if you could put them on a xerox machine and make that's that is really dating me, you could put them on a photo printer scanner combination and make a thousand or ten thousand more of these people you would be so happy. Do you have those three to five people in mind? Okay, the important thing here is personalization, not generalization. When we set out to think about what our clients are saying doing thinking and feeling most often you go back to that ideal client profile that you guys have all done about twenty times. Not ideal client profile is an amalgamation of a lot of different people it's based on a lot of different assumptions on dh it's a story that you've decided to tell not one that you've necessarily observed that's generalization what we're doing here today is personalization, the messaging, the language, the things that you developed for your business it should be based on individual people and their questions, problems or desires so once you've got those three to five people I want you to think about um what they are saying doing thinking and feeling about your business they do think yeah and actually you know what I said that wrong they're not saying doing thinking feeling about your business they're thinking doing saying feeling for about the problem that your business uh of fixes for them or the frustration that you're trying to alleviate what is it that's on their minds in fact a really best practice for this is actually forgetting about your business and just thinking about how these people are interacting with their spouse, their kids, their friends what are they talking about when they go on a coffee date? What are they talking about over beer what are they talking about over dinner or tea? That's your thing all right do I have a volunteer to help me demonstrate the perspective matt or shell come on up have ah seat or ah, yes I think that my direction was to go like this we'll see if that's correct. Yeah, why don't you grab that one? Okay, you get out of my chair. Oh, awesome. All right, so tell us who you are, what you dio and um uh, where we can find you online my name's rachelle and I make jewelry and I specialize in custom photo jory and you can find me at the red scorpio dot com perfect thank you so what problem question is your business kind of what's on people's minds when they go looking for a product like yours I would say that they're like ingberg gift rather than buying something for themselves perfect so gifting is essentially a theme of this particular perspective now we're going to drill down using the map to find out what they're actually thinking about but the gifting is what we really want to kind of want to fight right now so let's actually start with do because I think do is probably the most active piece here what people do when they go looking for a gift um well they can go online and google okay something that they have an idea of google if they have a specific idea or something that they might think the recipient is into okay they might google things that they think that the person who's getting the gift my appreciate sure like interests yeah personal interests right okay, perfect. What else did they go on? D'oh um they might actually go to a story my coat store like really early that door stuff okay, so they go shopping right? What else they probably brainstorm ideas about the person that they're purchasing the gift for okay, do you think they collaborate um with the recipient or with other people yeah they probably dio yeah all right um what do they say about gift finding experience? Um my ideal customer probably wants to get something that's different so they say oh, I'm so tired of the same old thing or I don't want to just buy a gift card who me okay uh no gift cards great and they might say that they want to give a gift that's going to make them look I wanna look brownie points you want to impress yes that's what that under think I wanna impress okay um what do they what else were they thinking about? Um I think they're thinking that um uh my jewelry is more like a special occasion type of thing so they're probably thinking that they want to give something that like rises to the occasion okay yes meets expectations vacation or these expert I would yeah and it's appropriate for you know you're not going to just you know, by someone in t shirt as a wedding gift. Yes, yes, exactly how did they want to feel giving the gift? Well, I think they want to feel um that they've given effort that they've they've tried uh put thought into it there they're thoughtful and that gift is meaningful and they want to feel special and they want the other person to also feel special yeah, I think in your very interesting case that probably everything that the person wants to feel giving the gift they also want the gif t to feel you will see with the exception of like I am the best giver gets the best gift giver in the whole wide world I think people I know that I like to feel like a good gift giver yeah, I mean it's a good feeling when you give something and someone reacts yes you know, so maybe maybe the flipside of that for the gif t there is like respect like I respect you and your awesome gift giving ability yes cool. So what kind of questions do you think your baby some what we've got here? What kind of questions they're going around in their heads um I think it's she's like availability like what is out there that I can give that is meaningful that not, um you know, like buying someone a car but it's uh, you know, someone's gonna appreciate it and they're going tio appreciate all the thought that was put into it. Awesome. Awesome. Um yeah, and I like this so tired of the same all same all too and the gift cards think how can I give a gift that maybe even useful without giving a gift card? E I think you know, we could broadly to find use awesome so this is great the sets us up really well for the rest of this lesson thank you no thank you all right so when you're doing the perspective map you can use the map to write killer headlines so michelle could take this perspective math and say right ah headline or maybe an email subject line that says are you tired of the same old gifts or maybe that could be part of like her headline for her opt in incentive you tired of the same old guests here's how you can create personalized gifts that wow people every time well now we've got two different things going on in here see see how amazing this thing is all right you confined killer you confined great product ideas as well so you know where shell's got amazing product line on a lots of different options there but if she were to say wanna branch out into a different type of product I would advise her to take this exact same perspective map and think what's another way I could help people fill all of this what's another way I could answer these questions of how do you give a useful gift that's not a gift card how do I give a gift that's not the same old thing. How do I look good as a gift giver so you could create a brand new product using everything that this perspective map lays out for you as well yeah you could you can create you read my mind content one of my favorite responses to a new block post is oh my gosh how did you know I was thinking about that and I have gotten people to respond to things like literally they thought I was somehow reading their mind or their email or their private twitter conversations right? It is just so much fun to creeley create content that elicits that response and because when you dio it creates this amazing immediate connection and when you've got that connection your customers are much more likely to buy and ah and teo to pay attention to what you've got going on, they're much more likely to have to see you as standing out from the rest of the market you can create irresistible sales coffee and you can create content that people want to read like and share okay so um remember back to when I said your language and your customer's language um we're talking a little bit about two different things what we really want to look at is where your businesses language and your customer's language start to overlap where do your where does your language, your businesses, language and your customer's language overlap now that's where when I'm going to bring back up the ah the archetype chart for the fascination advantage because within this chart there are adjectives and those adjectives can be used to create better headlines better sales copy better content because when you know where your language and your customer's language overlap, you can kind of pinpoint them pinpoint where you need to be is a business on this chart so we shall what was your fascination? Languages again? Um innovator and mystique mystique ok eso innovation and mystique so what? I'm hearing what where we came back over and over again was exceed expectations impress look good what I'm hearing from your clients is that they're really actually prestige or a dented okay and so I might say let's let's not throw out mystique but let's move on from that a little bit and think about where innovation meets prestige because your product is very kind of you rockstar creative unusual, right? And so where does it meet prestige cutting edge elite progressive now I don't know if you have necessarily describe your product is cutting edge a lead more progressive, but the idea is that um you know you can you can play with this and play with those ideas I think going into with the saurus and just looking at some creative options for how you khun bring together creativity with excellence might be a really good option, another really good option to what might be passion so looking at the rock star archetype is your product bold artistic and unorthodox yes ok and so there's some opportunities there to play with adjectives that are going to sound like what your customer is already thinking about what they're already feeling, how they want to represent themselves and and the product that they're buying and really drive with the way you naturally connect with them, okay, makes them yes, thank them. Make sense, all of you. Cool. So I think we've got time for another hot seat to someone else. Want to come up into a perspective map? Ashley, come on up. I'd love to have you up here. Just listen, just I was starting to see if that'll work that'll work. All right, so, actually, I'm gonna have you start off by telling us who you are, what you do and where we can find you online. So I'm asking johnson, I'm a business astrologer. You confined me at ashley de johnson dot com and that's a s h l e I g h smelled funny, but it's awesome. And yeah, that's. Armin. Okay, perfect. So, um, business astrology, why would someone need a business? Astrologist, I think people, I have come to me for business astrology just because it's, not your average. I guess coaching counseling type experience is much more individualized very, very, very highly personalized, because it's specifically about you, like I can't give the same advice to you that I will give you no let's say to melissa or amy because you all are completely, totally different people born in different places, different times, everything so highly customer and so and you're giving advice or you're giving direction based on astrology on kind of all aspects of business or people come to you with all different sorts of issues or it depends on the issue of question some people are coming because they may be just starting out in business and they want to know if they're on the right path someone may already have an established business and they want to know I'm thinking of launching this product or service, you know, when should I launch it? Or you know, what should I be doing? A wishing my marketing strategy beat because I can also look at your business. Your business also has a chart on dh kind of look at it as is this a person and just say okay, well, your business would benefit from marketing in this way compared to some other kind of way all right, so let's, just call that business success people want to be successful and they're in business and you are one of the options or the service that you provide us one of the options they might go after? Yep, so now let's forget your business all right, forget your business. Do you have those three people in mind that I asked you to think of earlier? Yes. Any specific main I do not need their names. I just need you to tell me about one or two of them. All right, so one person runs a really successful coaching practice. I'm kind of their high end. She charges like about for a ninety day I guess workshop with her like one on one like fifteen thousand dollars so she's of their another person is a va okay, she's not really interested in starting her own business per se, but she's just interested in utilizing her talents in a more effective way. Okay, and then another person is an attorney. Okay, great. And why did they come to you? What? What were they saying that started to leave them towards looking for some sort of solution? They were looking kind of for confirmation like that kind of had an idea that they were wondering, should I try this out? Also, there was a bit of, you know, this aspect of my business on my marketing isn't it doesn't feel right to me, you know, there's something else I should be doing that's more true to who I am, something doesn't feel right, so I like that one what else um the nelson category well, I don't know if they're on the right track or they want to move on to the next stage of their business. So what can I do to push myself to the next level? Brilliant what do they start doing? What other things did they do or what what is their daily activities look like before they purchase a solution or take that next step in working with someone self help books, business books, getting a business coach brainstorming on their own and also just randomly reading horoscopes a lot of them have some vague interest in astrology but there's no they didn't really know how to go deeper with it or didn't really have the time or desire to really get that deep into the study of its really good really good, really good probably some reading blog's and here yes, definitely all right what are they thinking and try and think like what would be behind this saying peace like yes on the outside they say I really want to confirm this idea what are they thinking when they say that I want to make some more money alright, I wanna make more money and I think they're also saying I want my business to feel like a source of I guess joy and not of stress like not even joy for say but just I want to feel energized for my business energy anything else that they're thinking under the surface um I think of those surface of thinking there has to be an easier way yeah that's exactly what I was thinking they're here beautiful yes so um what kind of blond post do you think you could write from one of these ideas let's see that's one thing I definitely struggle with because actually I haven't started like blogging get with my business just because I didn't I want it to be kind of like oh you know, look at your moon side and this is you know I don't want to like teach people astrology per se because you know as these are all just kind of my job to know I don't need them to know strategize needs to know enough to know what I'm talking about but that's kind of something I struggle with okay, what was your fascination archetype um mistaken innovation so provocateur okay, um I think that telling other people story is might be a really interesting way for you to say you know, I actually I was thinking of eso flow disclosure I'm obsessed with chipotle so I had to pull a free lunch yesterday say wonderful on and so my thought has been to start doing I guess profiles are like block post of me like kind of breaking down chipotle's business chart because for example like if we're going to get into strategy for a minute chart has twelve houses like a clock and so the six house is about health you day to day work routine all that and so tripoli has it saturn and aquarius and it's six house so saturn is the planet that deals with teaching us our lessons it's what grows up it's what makes us kind of create discipline and kind of just makes us you know big bad boss and with it being an aquarius aquarius all about innovation, new ideas, originality and so for chipotle a they learn their lessons through being able to innovate when it comes to health wellness day to day you know routine and things like that and also on the six house deals with work environment and so the six how was actually ruled by virgo? So if you know any of our goals they're usually very efficient very detail oriented on doll so it is kind of the aesthetic so if you go in sintra poli you notice it's you know it's a system that's a line you go through the line everything is clean and very burgo although you probably love the same even though they may be stretching it a bit differently like there's a direct systems when I went there yesterday I was like I just won I just want normal so yeah so yeah ok, so good all right yeah no, I absolutely love that idea and I would say you know that as you start working with more people too if you get congee permission to tell even just, you know, case studies of your clients even if you can't use the real name or business to show different you know, different results that they got different creative ways around obstacles because of their chart I agree for you you know, blogging astrology doesn't make a whole lot of sense but telling these really interesting stories does and I think about something that both you know, you could be really proud of what your clients or your customer based even just the people that follow you it's very share a bowl I think I would I would share that I mean, I'd share that chipotle example in a heartbeat okay? Another way that you can think about this too is that you know, baby blogging isn't your thing blocking isn't for everybody but instead you could you can use this to inform conversation so say you go to some networking events around chicago and you hear people start saying hold man, I've got this really great idea and it's going to take some investment on front I just wish there was a way of me knowing or having a better sense of where what the what the opportunity is here on dso you know that's a perfect place to chime in and reflect back to them that understanding and say you know I've got kind of a different solution to this maybe you'd like to hear more about it let's go it's good because I was wonder like how did I like bring up like, oh, I do business astrology without like but the way you just said it with, you know I have a different solution for you. Yes, and what is important better isn't better different is better, right? And so instead of you coming up to somebody and saying I can solve your business problems better using business astrology I've got a different way to solve your problems. You might have tried everything else you might have read all the books but have you considered this it's? Not for everybody but if it's for you, I'd like to talk to you more about it monetario alright, you're ashley you all right now? Let's, look a little bit of a different piece of this we've got both with michelle and with ashley, huh? To to areas of life really that happened or the you know, the solutions for that for each are many. There are many different solutions that someone can come up with gifting there are many different solutions that people can come up with for learning how to make more money being more successful in business, so we want to think where else is this conversation happening? Where else is this conversation happening and in this case let's not just think about the different businesses where this conversation is happening because most businesses today our media properties as well right you have a block I have a blah give a podcast you have a video channel whatever your your media property as much as you are a service provider or product creator but let's think about some of the other media where these things were happening so let's go back to re shells example well maybe we'll go back to re shells example there we go where is the gift giving conversation happening? What's um different media where the gift giving conversation is happening facebook and pinterest pinterest is huge for sure where else uh mainstream advertisement yeah absolutely so on television on the radio uh in magazines where else logs blog's in person in person so we mentioned advertising we haven't mentioned editorial yet for major media there's lots of gift giving conversations happening in major media editorial uh real simple magazine martha stewart um oprah oprah absolutely oprah's got that kind of nailed where else what? Um what do you think? So your product is a little different it could fit totally into oprah or really simple but where else is there any kind of like more niche media where that conversation is happening? I don't know what it is that you are more whatever that jewelry magazine but it's huge well think of it, bill armoire I'm not familiar but thank you um uh with this it off beat bride dot com oh, I didn't know about that. Oh, you should know about that rockabilly bride ee could see that going over well, yeah, all right let's talk about business where's the business conversation happening everywhere it seems you know so I know it sounds that way but there's lots of other people talking about lots of other things just because you always talk about business and that's all you read doesn't mean that's the only thing people are talking about I get that a lot. Okay, so, um well, uh creative live would be one place this conversation is happening. Copy. Blogger fast company ink forbes what fortune fortune we're all species cool b school shark tank? Yeah. What if what if yes? All right. Yes, this conversation is happening everywhere and you need to be aware of all the different places the conversation that you're participating in is happening. The perspective mop can help you do that because it eliminates your business from the equation. Because when we look, you know, for instance at ashley's perspective map you have no idea that this pertains to business astrology, right aside from this one little thing reading horoscopes, how many of you guys read horoscopes? I read horoscopes yeah, this this has nothing specifically to do with ashley's business, so this is a great way to take these ideas and figure out all the different places your conversation is happening, because when you know where the conversation is happening, you can insert your business in that conversation, you can write a guest post, you could be a featured expert, you couldn't have your product featured in a gift guide all of these different places, the conversation is happening isn't our opportunities for you to meet your customer talking about what they're already thinking about feeling, saying and doing makes sense that's where that synergy happens between what you're offering your thought leadership or your creative, uh, content and their needs. Okay, so the conversation that you're in and what you have to add to it are part of your standout style. You need to know what that conversation is, what that conversation sounds like and where else that conversation is happening. Melissa question, yeah, perspective, map so I'm looking at it and, um, I'm I'm not clear on or whether it even matters whether to, uh, phrase the say whatthe customers feeling ah as a positive or a negative like my customers feeling frustrated, my customers feeling depleted, my customers feeling hungry, or should I phrase it as their feeling? They want to feel, well, fuel, they want to feel fired up. They want to feel excited by life, so the answer is both excellent. You need to be able to talk from both sides because our customers actually want us to acknowledge their pain or frustration or want, but they also want us to be able to acknowledge, like the more goal oriented, desire oriented side of it. You want to be able to say, I know you feel x y and z, and I know you want to feel x y and z, or you could also say, I know you feel x y and z, and I also know that you're hopeful that there's a solution that you're excited about the possibilities, you know, whatever it is for your customer, does that make sense? Yeah, thank you, absolutely very good question. Okay, so yes, the conversation you're in and what you have to add to it, the different voices that air there, where that conversation is happening. It's all part of your standout style. In order for your business to stand out, you need to know who else is talking, how that conversation sounds and what unique voice you have to add to it today's homework is to identify the conversation your business is a part of books erica uh, named three to five questions your customers are asking that you'd like to answer so the perspective map is the place to start, and while you're thinking in the say and think category's, think about questions, you know, so for ashley, it was how can I confirm this idea? Uh, how can I make all of the pieces of my business feel aligned? Feel right, how can I get to the next stage of my business? How can I make more money? Why does this feel so hard, right? Those are all questions that your customer is asking that you can answer in a really unique way, so it all of you to do the same thing? All right, on the name, at least five other voices that are happening in that conversation, you can go back to your market analysis to look for that mme or or you can think about media what other voices in the media so, whether it's media outlets or individual journalists, individual thinkers, individual writers, producers, think about what those other voices are in the conversation. All right, let's, look ahead up next, we're going to be talking about filling your customers need we're going really pinpointed, okay, so in the next lesson, you're gonna use your perspective map to identify the need you want to fill for your customers. So instead of hoping people decide they want what you're selling, you're articulate why it fills a need they already have. So instead of trying to convert them or sell them on what you're offering, you say, I see you having this problem here. I made this for you down good, alright, great, we'll cover that in the next lesson.

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At first I was tuning in to watch live from my computer at work but I kept missing nuggets (because I was at work obviously) so I just bought the entire course. I have been doing the exercises at my pace and I love it. I had done my Fascination Advantage test before but didn't know how to incorporate them into my business. I am Mystique and Prestige. I thought I had to be loud and showy as a photographer which does not suite my style. After finding out that Sue Bryce has a Prestige and Mystique advantage (which truly made my day) I now see how I can make those advantages work for me. Tara has taught me so much already. I finally feel confident in my choice to not do wedding, family or boudoir photography. For a long time I felt like those were the only options. But I know now that I can do whatever I want as long as I fill a need and I have a good business model. But most of all I feel focused and confident about the choices I am making as a photographer. This is a feeling I've never felt after taking any other workshops or reading any other self-help books. I am a Tara Gentile fan for life.

Amy Lamp

I can't say enough good things about this course. Tara provided so many new ways for me to think about my approach to the business I'm building -- from branding and personality, to vision and goals. The sessions are very methodical and focused, with actionable steps that help us move in the direction we WANT to move, not the direction that others say we should. And that's my favorite part of this bootcamp: that the key to a stand-out business lives within each of our unique styles. The sections on Fascination Language were pivotal for me. They got my brain energized about all of the ways I can use my natural approach as an advantage, as opposed to feeling held back by things that drain me. I was also impressed with the questions from the audience, how smart and relevant they were, and how astute Tara's responses were. If you missed the live broadcast of this bootcamp, the cost to purchase is well worth it.

a Creativelive Student

This course has totally transformed my way of thinking 'business' & relating it to & using my unique qualities as a person to help my business stand out...never saw this link before, thanks Tara! What Tara has done with this course is help me become my own business coach by helping me to recognize my vision; my uniqueness & how I'm going to bring these together to make a successful & profitable business. I would recommend it a 100 times over :-) Thanks Tara & Thanks ar e helping to create star businesses! :-)

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