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Creating Email that Stands out & Sells with Julie Gora from MailChimp

Lesson 22 from: Build A Stand-Out Business

Tara McMullin

Creating Email that Stands out & Sells with Julie Gora from MailChimp

Lesson 22 from: Build A Stand-Out Business

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

22. Creating Email that Stands out & Sells with Julie Gora from MailChimp

Lesson Info

Creating Email that Stands out & Sells with Julie Gora from MailChimp

All right, welcome back. We have got a killer lesson for you guys. This one is going to be super special, but first, let's, take a look at what our goal is for this lesson. It's to create email marketing your customers. Look forward, tio, do you think you could get it so that your customers actually look forward to your email, maybe miss it when it's not there? That is our goal, but first, let's, look at where we've been. So in the previous lesson, we talked about how a vibrant community helps your business to stand out, and that your email list is a great way to think about your community, and that a welcome gift is a great way to get all the right people into your email community. Now we're going to figure out what to do with them when they're there. Ok, but first let's recap what we did in session four, so in session for you audited your website to create a plan to incorporate what makes your business stand out. You wrote a stand out business bio, you created sales messages that hel...

p individual products stand out. You built a compelling community with a focused point of entry, that's that welcome gift, and you created your digital sales and marketing plan, and we've been talking about how strategic vision needs to be paired with careful execution when you don't have one or the other you can't get those big results so as we enter session fire we're going to be talking about maur careful execution and how careful execution turns strategic vision into big results the whole goal of session five is thinking about how everything we've done so far khun b can become incorporated into every part of your business so let's look ahead at what's coming up in session five in session five you're gonna learn how to stand out in your customers in boxes with julie gora from male chimp well, we're getting to her and just admit it, you know, experiment with social media strategies on my favorite platforms and see how maybe those platforms might work for you or how you could apply the same ideas the same way of thinking toe platforms that really excite you were going to craft a blogged you love and that your customers will love tio we're going to build a fascination anthem and learn how to sell you and we're going to put it all together with a pitch that stands out sounds good you're looking forward to that yeah, we've got a lot left to go, so even though this is our last session of build a standout business, we still have a lot of lessons to pack in a lot of good stuff to do yet all right, now let's look at where we are in that bill to stand out business process like I said that we are in our final session now this is lesson twenty one create email that stands out and cells now we have talked a lot about you noise in this boot camp how much noise there is in the market how much noise you're being bombarded with his business owners on a regular basis? Is there anyplace online or offline for that matter? That's more noisy, then your in box now there is nowhere more noisy than your inbox and you know your customers have the same problem whether it's their work e mails or their business emails or there or emails about their interests or hobbies or their family everyone's in boxes are noisy places, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible to stand out there. In fact, email remains the number one way to communicate your vision, position your business, serve your prospects with content and sell on line. No other platform even comes close. You guys have heard me talk about email marketing a lot and we're about to go to a whole new level. This really is one of the most effective and efficient things you could do for your business, so how can you tap into what makes your business stand out so that your emails break through the noise and a little bit julie's going to share just some kind of you know point by point by point ideas examples of how businesses she watches stands out via email so think about how your unique purpose your unique point of view your unique positioning can be woven into all of the e mails that you send to your customers to your prospects. So unless in nineteen we tackled welcoming new subscribers with a free gift in this lesson will discuss the day to day month to month process of achieving your business goals through email marketing and again man, I don't want you guys to miss this email marketing is the best way to reach your business goals if you want to make money if you want to be known for something if you want to stand for something, build your reputation if you want effectively position your business and if you just want to educate, excite or entertain your customers email marketing remains the best way to do that so I want to hear from you guys what scares you when it comes to hitting the send button shelly I'm gonna bore my audience you're bored people that it's gonna suck anything else amy reid tendency I think being redundant and sure sure anybody worried they're going to get in the spam folder? Yeah tiffany oulu about their good wringing yes sit sometimes psychologically I know it's tough with stuff, anything else? Bridget I feel like I'm bugging people. You feel like you're bugging people? Yeah, do you guys feel like that sometimes too? Sure, sure. So one of our goals for today is to basically knock out all of those challenges, all of the things that scare you, you shouldn't feel like your emails or bugging people. You shouldn't worry about those unsubscribe. You shouldn't worry about being boring and there's actually things that we can build into our email marketing to ensure that that doesn't happen. We all know that the problem is we get to much email, we get too much email. So how do you create email that customers actually want to read? Well, julie gora, brand manager at male champ, is going to tell us all about that we've got some really fun stuff, some stuff that that's totally new to anything that I've talked about on email about on email marketing before, on creative live so let's. Give julie a big round of applause and welcome her right now, thanks for coming and for having right? So we want to start off with standout formatting because the I think the easiest way that you can start standing out is by making sure you're content, makes sense, looks good and is taking advantage of all of the wonderful features that male champ and all the other email marketing service providers have, yeah, yeah, all right, so I'm going to turn it over to you well, switch places and, uh, take it away, I so for this lesson today, there are some important elements of a successful newsletter there's pretty much five that I'm going to go over today, so the first one is subject line um, the second one is making sure you've got engaging content. The third is having a cohesive design and layout. Going along with that is the imagery you can have all the imagery match what your sight already shows or what your brand artie shows and finally, a really good called action you want your customers clicking on what you want them to click on and doing what you want them to do. So the first being a subject lines, how do you stand out? Um, you, khun b you want to be clear, concise and descriptive in your subject lines you want people to know what they are reading, you can have fun with it, you can keep it short, you can make it a little bit longer, but this is the first thing people see in their in box, this is that two second decision. Do I want open this, or do I want to delete it? You want to keep the language consistent to your brand? So if you're more of a fun brand, um and you have a lot of fun with their words, you can keep your subject line that way, but if you're more straightforward and you have a really goofy subject line, people aren't going to understand where this came from. So you want to keep your language consistent with what you already have out there. So mel chip now has support for subject line emojis, which are really fun in a really fun thing to test we've been playing out with them, playing around with them internally, they're awesome, their fun. They get people to open your email, but I warn you, not every single email client, um, supports them right now. You can't really see them in chrome as an example. So you're gonna want to test those there's some that show up in every in box and there's some that, um, just show up as a blob. So you want to test those, but we can go into that a little bit later when I talk about a be testing, um but they are un fun new thing that will help you stand out in the inbox. And also something that I often forget about is the pre header text, which I'll show you an example of in a minute. The pretender text is the first words that show up in the inbox after the subject line, so they're a little bit more of a description of what's in there. You could have a little bit more fun. You can explain a little bit more of what's in your email besides just that subject line you probably agonized over for hours, so I'm going to show you a few examples. The first one here is modern farmer magazine um so the pre header copy and this is blessed my cheddar the subject line is modern farmer that she's making monk edition so I'm going to show you what it looks like on the internet to show you a little bit bigger. So right here, this is that pre header copy. This is what you're going to see after the subject line. Modern farmer that she's making monk edition is blessed my cheddar and then you can see this whole email. It starts way that she's making monk article and there's some other stuff in here too, obviously, but they want to kind of draw you in with the cheese making monks. There was one about squirrels that I'm so sorry, I think there's one about goats that I almost used as an example as well, they had a really fund pre header text and the squirrel excuse me, the goat edition and that first picture was good. I think that consistency piece is something that people often forget about, too. If you want your subject line to stand out over and over again, your subject line, your pre header text and the body of your email all has to kind of be pretty kans system. Yeah, I mean, I can't reiterate this enough subject line is really important. I've talked to lots of people for block post or just interviewing them, and they agonize over the subject lines. I don't want you to get scared. Um, you don't just want hours on it, but this is the first thing people are going to see in this is what is going to entice them open your e mail so you want to make sure you've got a good one, um and think about the e mails that you open on the daily basis in what what they say to bring you in, so back to the keynote, we've got another example which is beta brand, which is a san francisco based company. They sell some really fun clothes and they do a couple different things with their subject lines on the left you see we've got uh is it the left or the right? You see the one with the dresses? The first subject line is three jesse's a dozen looks that's pretty straightforward first thing you see when you go in there um if we can show it on internet it's a much longer email then what is showing there so three dresses a dozen looks at the subject line we've gotta giffen they're showing all the different dresses and then it just goes and goes about dresses and then the other stuff that they offer so that's one way to do it and then they also have a little fun with their subject line. Sometimes so back to the keynote presentation, I'll show you the second example which is new designs for patriots voodoo doctors in sec lovers what does that even mean really makes you wanna flick is that it makes you want to click so if we can go into it on the internet, I can show you what it would look like in your inbox see the priest pre header subject line or sorry the pre header shows you what they're talking about seersucker seersucker extravagance, a shorts, blazers, pants and more but for patriots, who do look doctors in sec lovers, if you scroll down, you can see that might be for the patriot, this one's definitely for the voodoo lover it's black seersucker. I've never seen that before, then they go into these ah, yoga pants, and they do a lot of crowd funding so you can see what they're working on with. Those are too different approaches to subject lines. This company has a really fun out out there kind of personality, so they can kind of get away with both, but that, um, does it just a couple examples? So if we go back to the keynote, this last example is what your email would look like with emoji. So we sent this e mail out internally it's, a male chimp newsletter, and we wanted to announce to our customers who use male chimps snap, which is an app that makes it easy to send image based emails just from your phone. So we kind of we wanted to send a snap e mail to our snap users, telling them that we have emoji supporting our subject lines, it's a little bit meta, but so that the subject line with subject line emoji support was here is here high five and, um, we had the high five hands, and you can see we use ists amore emojis in the text which show up pretty well. We weren't that's always been supported, but like I said, test so we ended up sending this out. We segmented our list. We sent two examples out. One had the emoji and the subject line, which was for anyone that we knew is opening on their phone. You can see that information who's opening mobile. And then we sent another one to people we saw were on ly opening on their computers, so that way they weren't getting an emoji that didn't show up so it's a little bit about subject lines. Um, the next part is content you want to keep your subscribers engaged. Your news what I heard that was one of the concerns people had taken. Sure they weren't boring anyone or being redundant. So you're gonna want to start obviously with a headline, this is goingto show them what exactly they're getting enforces this she's making monks like you want to read about the issues making monks right? Um, definitely important, like the subject line, but this is where you can start, really getting into your content in another thing is, um with all your content, you can link back to things so you can link that headline back to wherever you're trying to point people you can personalize it in male chimp, we have these things called merge tags, which if you collect subscribers names you can use, emerge tag in that whenever they get their email, it says, hey, julie, and then if you're writing a note or it kind of starts that way, they don't make your subscribers feel like this is just for them, and it makes them want to look forward to your talking to me and then there's ways to make it, so if you didn't collect their name, it doesn't just say, hey, first name, I'll say it just high you can also personalize by adding special content just for your newsletter subscribers, which I'll show you an example of but that's another one. I work a lot with bloggers, and they're all why would I sit a newsletter for the reading, my blogged, but you can add special continent there just for the people who are subscribing to your newsletter to ceo. What are they offering me today? What can I get just by being a newsletter subscriber that's special that no one else gets you want to keep your language consistent with your ran like I said, for subject lines, but it's the same with whatever you're going to be writing in your content um, if you're someone who just keeps everything lower case, keep everything lower case if you're if you kind of talked like stream of thought talk then you could do that in your newsletter you want to keep everything consistent I'm sure terror has been talking about your brand so bring that all into your newsletter and make sure you're pinpointing the message that you want to send not being redundant like make sure that you have something to say if you're sitting in his letter it's a tip we give a lot don't send a newsletter just because you feel like you need a sitting newsletter you'll have anything to say don't feel obligated to sit in that newsletter out send it out if you got something to say or something to share and I already said this offer special newsletter only content um so I'm going to show a couple examples the first one is mouth foods um I just heard a block post about them for the male chimp dog about they're content in the language that they use but if we can go into the internet to show you what this looks like in your inbox so this email is about springing forward you just lost an hour what you go to reckless and you forget to set the clock ahead tomorrow indie pop tart it's mouth food sells indy foods so independently made foods that you're not going to see on the shelves of all your grocery stores and they have a lot of fun with they're content and what they say and they even told me that their male chimp new letters are kind of where their brand identity, the words that they use kind of started and everything kind of went out of that so you can see the content they have beautiful photography, they speak to you like your friend talking to you about those um indie pop tarts explaining them set the clock forward and plug in your toaster happy tasting but then await you just lost an hour of sleep let's show you all these coffee things that we can sell you so that's kind of keeping all the content relevant and related and, you know, adding a little something extra down there you know you're selling pop tarts, but you could also be selling coffee because that goes along with what this emails about. Yeah, julie one thing that I know a lot of people struggle with a lot of my clients struggle with us, they try and jam pack as much information into an email it's possible and so that point that you had about really pinpointing what the message is pinpointing what you want people to do, our pinpointing the story that you want to tell I think a super important and this is a really interesting example of how you can put more than one product in an e mail because the message is so is so narrow is so focused that you get that story no one's going to be bombarded with anything but there's lots of different options for engaging it as well I love that yeah and what they send out pretty regularly a few times a week but if you're sending you also have to think about how often you're sending so if you're sending once a month it might be a little bit of a longer email but again you want to make sure you've got that that content pinpointed just just ramble like scroll scroll school they you're going to lose interest probably towards the end mouth foods also does a good job with the hall I mean obviously with the holidays or selling food they just started sending emails out about easter candy but they also include passover offerings they are hitting everyone in those emails so another really great example that I always like to use is this blogger named goran star, eh? I don't know if you've heard of her she is a french fashion blogger she lives in new york she sends out once a month and her content is beautiful she starts with a little letter letter to her fans and even you can see sorry school down too fast she signs it um you know, I thought there was a signature there maybe not, but she talks about what's been going on in her studio there's all this is content that she's not necessarily sharing on her block she is interview someone who works at her studio every single time it's a different person hears a playlist of what we're listening to in the studio this month and you can go listen to it on spotify um she also sells stuff so maybe three of her favorite things in the shop this is special content right here just for people who are subscribes to her newsletter up something's not showing up here but there's usually something right here but this is, um every month she has a club exclusive this is just where the people who signed it for her newsletter you khun when a competition you can get a discount on something and it's just for the people who she calls her club which is her newsletter subscribers she shows maybe her old favorite six block post from that month some of her favorite pins sometimes it's instagram photos maybe there's an ad in there but every month it's pretty consistent with these sections and she's sharing things that she's already posted but she's also giving extras for the people who are on her um who are on her newsletter and okay, so we'll go into cohesive design next so cohesive design as you've seen in all these examples I mean we can talk about it as much as you want but they're all pretty cohesive in their design so first you have many template design options, a really great resource I can give you guys um met one right down might wantto look it up. It's, we have an email design guide if you just search male chimp email design guide it's the girl that goes step by step for great higher you know the hierarchy of putting your logo in, um, setting up your template, choosing if you want one column or two column and it's very basic, very straightforward and it's a really great um, it's a really great resource for if you are stuck and don't know what to do, so we got plenty of options. You could do one call and you could do to call him. You can start with one calm at the top in three below, and these are all things that you can easily dio in male temper any espy um, that's. Why you would use the espy if you don't know how you can't code your own html, we make it pretty simple to put your photos in design it how you want, um consistent branding you could put your logo in there you can match all the colors you can pick the hex code from your website and make that you know the buttons or whatever the exact color you're already using on your website. At a picture uh we'll have lots of pictures but you could put your logo in there um you want to make sure the brain is consistent with your website again that you don't want them getting your email and saying, where did this come from? I don't remember this color choices again is another thing and that going along with cohesive design is imagery. Well, it goes like I said, but also photography like beautiful photography goes a long way. I just read some buzzfeed article about why you should be using beautiful photography when selling your house in the difference between a good home photographer and just pictures you took on your phone is like night and day they probably sold her house way faster same goes your newsletter you know those mouth food images in photos really helps sell that food, so you want to try too use great photography if you can't, especially if you've got a product you're trying to sell um and animated gifs you saw it in the beta brandy male they're supported but it's the same with the emojis in the subject line. Not every email client supports them, so the trick with animated gifs is if the milk linus and support it it's going to just take a screenshot of the first shot of your gifts so just make sure the first shot is something you'd want in the inbox but it is a great way to show how to do something we use it in male chimp to show how to d'oh aah! Something in the ap instead of a video it's also a way to show maybe, um whole product line if you've got three different shirt you're trying to sell, you can use a gift to show them instead of putting a bunch of pictures um but also make sure it's not too big because it will get stuck in and boxes and maybe not open so file size you wanna test that out too? So I got some examples. Um the first one is monkey wrench, which is in a male chimp newsletter and we can show I can show you what that looks like on the internet when in your inbox. Um so we sent out a quarterly newsletter called monkey really great newsletters half or uh its quarterly we dude it's tips tricks, blogged post new features, you know, kind of things and they all have a theme. So this one's thing was funny business. So this just shows the design and honestly, this was built in our dragon drop editor we didn't custom code this, you know, some of the photos are edited, you know, we used one of our designers toe build make this image right here but we built this in our drag and drop editor and you could make any male that looks like this to um so yeah, this is quarterly since a little bit longer but there's a gift there a beta brand I think you know we like to use him as an example um we'll get to it next but calls to action you khun see what these calls to action are um yeah so that's pretty consistent design the next one is an example of someone who is doing more um just text based emails next draft they send down email every day the top ten kind of topics in the news or the top nine and then kind of miscellaneous is the last point but this is just an example of how a more word based email can also be really beautiful the design you've got you've got his logo you've got the matching text um that looks incredible yeah this one's custom this one is not something he would that was built in our dragon drop editor but you know a plain text email doesn't need to just look like you know times new roman on a you know, in your in box and there's places for that if you're just sending a quick note to your subscribers you khun dio a pretty basic text based email but this is a way that one text based email looks really nice too and then the last one is this one canteen by natalie this is someone who sells her items on etsy this was built in b campaign builder in this's just drag and drop in male chimp she put her logo here all of these links back toe you know the link in her store on her site and this is just an announcement to tell her friends that she's going to be selling at a craft beer but I'll tell you secret this is my sister I built this campaign and it took me twenty minutes you can do it to um so yeah so that's just another example of someone with doesn't have a ton of time doesn't have a ton of resource is not custom coding and this is a beautiful email you guys have any questions about formatting maybe any unique challenges that you you feel like you're facing in terms of creating a beautiful are really engaging email amy it's it's a little off but what her e cards socially cards or the social sharing so she's talking about the is at the very, very last step of sending an email the social card feature that gives you the image for twitter image for facebook or the image for google you might be able to find their own ideo you know it's just probably I think what you're what image is going to show up if you tweet about your newsletter right exactly that's all it is aside from the more image based google promotions tab, so you know how some people use gmail, where there's your personal e mails and then there's promotions, emails, and they're separated out, and some people have that such a regular inbox, and some people have it set to a visual inbox. And so that social card, if they're in a visual inbox, shows up in it, makes your email stand out more on that promotion tab, but then the other pieces that one actually, you know, the way you've got all of those e mails up is that the perma link the individual earl for each of those campaigns on so male gym makes it really easy to socially share that archive link. And so when you share that archive link, if you've added a social carter, you've identified a social card when you tweet it or when you facebook, it that's, the image that pops up, and that way, your, you know, it's going to look good. So now you're not just standing out in an inbox, but you're standing out on twitter and facebook as well. So it's, just like a featured image on a block page, are like, ok, got hurt more you're customizing, you're making sure that that image that they're seeing you already saw, I think that if you weren't doing anything with social cards maybe the first image that's in your newsletter would be what would show up exactly so like for me, my header of my emails is my low goal and its toe lined over to the right side, and so when I go to do like the default social card, it actually comes up white because it cuts my logo off. So what I do is go in, and I switched that email or I switch that image even if there's not another image in the email I pull, I've got a couple of like stock ones, they're not stock photography there like me and for another computer or like my head shot, because I know at least my picture is enough to get more people opening than just, you know, zero you know a white box so that's something I go in and switch out, you also have an option to put a different headline and description when you do a social card and so that's a good way to better optimize your email again for twitter or facebook because your best subject line for an inbox might not be your best tweet or your bust facebook title, and so you can't change it between platforms you just pick one, but whatever is going to be a good headline for twitter or facebook is going to be probably better for the other uh, vice versa, and it may just be your subject line, but you've got options. Okay, good, because I always program it, but I have no idea where it shows up. Yeah, may and it may be that, you know, maybe no one's sharing your archive lank, and so you're not seeing it at all, but it's there in case someone does, and it does give you the opportunity like I don't post the links to my archive on twitter or facebook when I sent out an e mail because I post the link to my block and instead, but especially if you're sending out something like this, if you're sending out anyone of really any of the emails that you showed that's not that's, not just block content like I send out I would be I'd be posting those links to and so I'd want those toe look really good. Okay, perfect. Yeah. Good question. So that's, what we've got on formatting, right? Or do we have more called action hall toe action? Oh, my gosh, that was like the most important part. I am so sorry. I know that's what I call action is the last piece but probably might be one of the more important when absolutely so with your called action. You want to be clear, you want to say what you want these people to do, you can use fun language if you want, but you wanted to be clear you want to be visually recognizable um, you can link images you can link words, here's one thing that I like to tell people people are going to try to click on your images you'll see in a minute when I show you some of the report images what they look like, but people are click anywhere, so if it links to somewhere I mean they're actually going to that place, so if you've got a product and you're showing an image of the product but you're called action is just a few words that are underlined or buy the product or go see the product you're missing out on valuable clicks people could go straight to your website because they clicked on on the picture of it. So, um, but also if you're if you're linking, texted, underlines just like anywhere else that you be liking text so people can see that that's where they're supposed to click. So, um, I'm going to use tat lee, which is uh, really basin really great emails every tuesday they have totally tuesday um these are just two examples of some other newsletters, but you can look at this and you can see where their calls to action are on this first one, it says shop gold, click on that it'll you can go to all their gold tallies. Um, I'm not taking you to these on the internet. I don't have links to them, but the one on the left, the hand is a gift. It kind of goes like this and on the bottom where it says, make it rainbow today the rainbow, kind of like disappears and appear so and then that's a button to so you can or called actions. You click on that, go to the rainbow one all of the tat leagues there that they're trying to sell the images click through, but the text also clicks through that's underlying there. Um, same with the other one. You can see those calls to action. They are clear, they're taking you to where you want to go. Um, this one, uh, with the girl in the skateboard is they're having a twenty five percent off sale, so they probably got really high click right on this one, but you can see where they want people to click and down there at the bottom. Nick, I know her, I'm friends with her, she hides little things in there, anything that's underlined. Take you somewhere and she almost easter eggs even up there at the top with the pre header copy those take you to block post which not a lot of people are utilizing that as a place where people can get extra I haven't really seen that a lot, but neither of us yeah, so that so there's that one on the right there talking about how they're moving not take you to a block post about their new space I'm sure not everyone clicks there but she knows that she's hiding these things in there she even asked me she likes you too you want a hit in this one? So yeah, you know that's something a little bit special an extra two there's little easter eggs header in the in the logo it's an easter egg or the pre header attack? Yeah, I don't have this links but right clear there's free header text where it's underlined and that doesn't naturally take you anywhere but she knows like if there's something underlying someone will click on it so those usually go to block post these down here, she says somewhere over there and they have these really funny things that they do tally hacks where they take like three different tallies and mix them together to make one emit like one fun tattoo, so those down there usually hacks you know, she signs her name nick and team tally I don't I think the ones with nick it'll show something with her in it and team tattling maybe something fun they been doing at the office, but every you can see everywhere that's underlined links to somewhere and it's getting people to click on an e mail, go back to your website, maybe buy something, maybe just fall in love with your brand so much that they want to click on that every time and it's different in every email to and nothing converts like a button so like you know they've got the images where they're where they're linked here, but inside that image there's an image of a button like that red box I mean that's the first thing I would do it, I'm just going to click on that red and it's no, I'm sure it's no different it's just the same if one image that's linked, but you know where people click where it looks like there's a button and you know one of the other great features of the dragon drop system on male chimp is that there is a there's a button module that you can just drag and drop right into your template, so if you've got to call the action in the middle of your text, break the taxed up into two content bach but to content blocks and drag that button in there because that's going to make people click and you can change the text in that and you can change the color you could match it teo your brand colors like I said just write down that hex code or memorize it for whatever your brand colors are and you could make that button that color really really easily quick question so you khun dragged the button into your own picture no, not something that's this is yeah, this is a code okay, but honestly you could probably make that looks pretty similar and drag and drop but I know this one is custom each email so that's photoshopped that button but, um I showed the example of the monkey wrench word said like reed read the block post that was from our dragon drop editor that you could just drag that button over there change the text change the color to what you wanted to be and it's all there and it's noticeable I used that quite a bit and it works really, really well so that is the way questions about template ing or designer layout perfect. Yeah there yes, it makes it easy to look like you're a professional like html newsletter coder and no one is different yeah and it's so fast just so fast it could change it out so easily for every monday it's the same style like you were talking about so it's consistent, and one thing I didn't mention is for these templates, you can do a few, you can have one that's for your monday email when that's for just messages from me when that's for your monthly mail and save those and then later when your right is sent out that monthly. Emily, just open that temple and just swap out the images, but you can have them all ready to go. Yeah, so, you know, we've talked a lot in this boot camp about how I could tell you what works for me. Someone else can tell you what works for her. Someone else could tell you what works for him, but if it is it, you don't know if it works for you or what works for you might be different. And so luckily, email marketing is one of the easiest places to figure out what's actually going to work for you what's actually going to make your email stand out, not just my email standout male chimp has that built in with a b testing and so I asked julie if she could talk a little bit about how you go about setting up that a be testing campaign and what things you might be looking for you. So in male chimp you could maybe test three things really easy so I sounds like a lot of you are to use milton when you go when you have different campaign type options and one of them is an a b test it's not a regular old campaign, so you're going to start picking a b test you could maybe test three things super easily right now in milton subject line, which are you talked about a little bit but that's where you could test out those emojis you contest out along subject line versus a short subject line up ah funny subject line versus a more straightforward when ah lot of people do that with the subject line I think is probably the number one thing people test that's what I do most you contest day of the week um if you're sending once a week and you want to see if things perform better on a monday or wednesday, you can do that another one people really use a lot is time of day teo you can send if you want to send it out at two o'clock eastern time and then tried at two o'clock pacific time and see what gets more we also have something that you're not going to baby test this well, you might geo location is a future where you can a b test based on the I p address that you're this might be a little bit a little bit too much information but basically if you're opening an email from the same I p address every single day mail time starts to learn that from your subscribers and then you can send it out just based on the time zone that they're in that's not your location this is the time sense sending so you could sort it out you want to go be in those inbox eleven o'clock their time zone so you don't have to do like eleven o'clock pacific which would be wait later eastern time so these are three things that you could maybe test and you're gonna learn a lot from this you're going to learn what your readers like to open what time of day they're opening mohr I mean the more you test the moor answered you get and you contest to different ways you contest by sending fifty fifty like sending taff your list this subject line happy list this subject line the male chin kind of does the numbers intelligent who's the winner and then you can use that for next time or you can maybe test a portion of your list so say you've got ten thousand people on your list and you want to test with two thousand of them so you can send one thousand of them subject line a one thousand of them subject line be given a certain amount of time to open, send whatever, and then the winner gets sent out to the rest of your list, so they're two different ways to do it as an egg example of that sunday night for the you know, the live, uh, kick off that we did here I a b test it exactly like that. Twenty percent of my list got one subject line. Twenty percent of the list got the other subject line. One subject line was, are you tuning in? And the other one was learned with me free for a month and that one one, but but, yeah, it tested those that forty percent of my list for for four hours and then automatically chose the winner based on open ins and send it out to the rest of my campaign while I work the rest of my list while I was sleeping so it works so well, and over time, you can really learn what's what's gonna work to stand out. Lisa, is there a list size like minimum that makes it statistically liable? That I'm not sure honestly, a b testing, at least if you've got a smaller list, it's just going to help you it's going to help you make that email that stands out, you're going to see you're gonna learn about your subscribers um I can't you know people ask me best practices what's the best thing to save my subject line when's the best time of data sent I can't give you that answer because it's different for everybody so a b testing help you learn about your subscribers that's probably the best the best thing it does for you so if you are questioning your subject line of your questioning like I don't know people are opening at nine o'clock maybe I should send it at eleven o'clock that would probably be your best reason to ap test stuff just to really learn you know data is king everyone's talking about data? This is your a little way of having this data on dh with a smaller list too you're probably going to do more like the fifty fifty maybe split so even if you've got so sick twenty people on your list ten people getting one thing ten people getting something else that's going to give you that data back that you need where is with the size list that I have? I can do twenty twenty, twenty percent twenty percent and feel like it's a cyst statistically significant it just it just looks a little bit different, but I think it's absolutely applicable to a smaller list a swell yeah, yeah, I would definitely definitely recommend a v testing if you've got questions about what's working and what's not, um but when it gets to the point where you're doing the twenty percent sitting this and setting the other eighty person might not be statistically relevant for a smaller list but maybe testing still is important I got a question so the a b testing you would select that when you're setting up the campaign that's the first step so you log into male chimp and new click on creating campaign your options are regular old campaign a b test rsst email and uh plain text so that's the first thing you do is pick baby and you can't go back you have to start over yeah so yeah that's a freebie okay, great and the other thing that I get asked about a ton with email marketing is what am I actually looking for once and email is stand out what's a good open right where you've been find my open rate how do I know who's clicking and male champ and every other e s p to gives you so many different options to figure out this stuff? So I'm hoping that you could give us just a taste like that maybe even the top couple of things that you look for to figure out whether that email was good and what you might do next so what metrics do you want to pay attention to you? I'm going to give you three top things that you want to pay attention to opens that's how many people are opening it how many times they're opening it clicks what they're clicking on what links were clicking on um and how many times they're clicking on those links and although I can't say this is what you should aim for we have industry built benchmark's built in so I will touch on that because I know that that's something that is important too especially to entrepreneurs how do they compare? So the first thing here is opens this is just a meal this is a male chimp example of what you'll see when you open your report um so for opens this first number here is the open raid that's the percentage of your list that opened your email this next over here is the average so if you sent more than one email this will be what your averages so this email maybe wasn't performing as well as your last one it'll show it'll show you that this number is the number of people that open your e mail these are, um these air individual people not so okay that's in the ricky will obey me thiss number here is total open so this factors in if someone opened it ten times in another potion open it once that's the total number of opens so that last one thousand six hundred seven that's how many people that you sent two on your list that opened it so out of three hundred thousand six hundred eighty five people, one thousand six hundred seven opened it but I got four thousand thirty eight total open so people may be sharing it with their friends people might be going back and reading it later I know with the emails that I look forward to every day I might go open them three times or more um with opens and milton puke in mostly espys you can see what countries people are opening and this is kind of cool this is showing I send out an email every quarter for bloggers and publishers tips, tricks, blood posts so this is the example I'm showing here out of all the people that opened my emails mostly from united states but I've got people I've got fans in the u k I've got fans in australia okay fans in canada and I got fans in the netherlands was like that's pretty cool you can and like anywhere that's great out that's where people are reading so there's someone in south africa reading my email that's pretty cool um but those top five so you can see that too so you could be like I have customers all over the world and you can prove it uh also with opens you can see who's opening at the most so phaser just arianna test email addresses but you can see that each of these opened it twice you, khun go in really grand, you owe grand, you'll early and see who's opening it. How many times were you khun see? Also has information about your about your customers and make notes about them and everything? I'm not going into that today, but you can see who's really engage with their emails and maybe send the people who are opening at a time segment to mountain send them something a little special. The next thing is, clicks clicks is what people are opening up, what people are clicking on once they open it. So again, this is that screen you'll see when you first log into reports this first number is the click great clicker it's going to be a lot lower than open rate? People don't always click once they open that up, but they are reading it if they're opening it, especially if you've got a lot of words in there a lot content they might not be clicking through, but if you're selling something, you want to have a higher click, right, you want to see that people are going to your website. So that's, what the click rate is for that email that's the average for most of your e mails, that's the number of people that clicked out of the people that opened and that's a total click so someone might be really interested in that one shirt that you're selling and they're clicking out like twenty times in the email so that takes that into account so there's a couple ways that you can see what cliques are popular this is really, really great this is something that, you know, like, if you're selling a product and you're showing a few things from your product line, you can see what people are really interested in, and maybe you should make that in another color maybe you should make more of that maybe should restock that. So one thing is click performance. So here you're seeing all the links of people are clicking on left is total clicks and the right is unique click so the right is, um, the number of people that clicked on that the left is the number of times it was clicked on, so you'll see for that the second one down, you'll see it had four total clicks by two people that's basically what that means and then this is a click matt, this is really cool I think I mentioned it before, but this is anything that links you can see what percentage of the clicks were from that link yeah, so you agree, peter yeah, yeah, so I don't have this bigger mike o'shay, so this link I built this campaign so I can tell you this link went to her tumbler. No, I think what your etsy shop, the's all went to meet her at the stopper her tumblr page. So people are, like, really interested in her weavings? Maybe not really interested in her, dear. Her string wrap, deer antlers. People were clicking on the her friend that she was showing with going to her website. She called her out on their people clicking on the renegade craft their link. Um, and people were clicking on the map to figure out where to go to see her at this craft there, and then finally put your social media down there. People can go and see what's on her instagram around her on her that's, tumblr, facebook, she's not really on twitter so we didn't put that down there, but link to her website one way that I used that is especially in writing sales emails where I've got one thing that I'm linking out too, but I'm linking out to it in multiple places in the email because I'm really interested to see ok, are they gonna click that first link? Is it? Is it that that's really strong called action on the end, so yeah, so that's I use that future a lot and like I said earlier, sometimes if you're sending out, maybe when someone theory, milken get really long so you can kind of see, like where people are dropping off or if you're sending more content based emails versus sales based emails you khun see what kind of stories people are more interested in, what people don't really care that much about sofer you know, when I send out my quarterly email, people love the blawg posts, but maybe aren't as interested in the feature updates I tried, I put them all in there just in case, but you can see exactly what people are interested in so that's clicks and finally industry benchmarks. This will show up when you log in. Um, it was in that first image that I showed you for clicks and opens. What you're looking at here is these are the industry and benchmarks for open rates, so it'll show you into show you're in. That's what? Your list averages so the industry averages obviously mine is really well performing. I had someone e mailed me after I met them at a at a conference. They just started their email list. I think they had, like, less than a hundred people on it, and she mailed me and really nervous like I only had a thirty percent open rate she had a hundred people on her list means thirty people open it I had to let her know like that's great you know you're not gonna have one hundred percent open right but this at least shows you a little bit of how you compare um the other thing I have to warn you about his we don't necessarily it's not comprehensive what industry orin I have bloggers who technically they're publishers I guess but they call themselves crafters and d I y because that's what they blogged about so it's not all inclusive but it's a it's a good it shows you pretty well how you might compare same here for click rate top is your average bottom is the industry average so this email's performing pretty well even though thirteen percent doesn't seem like a great number it actually is I'd say anywhere above fifteen percent would probably fifteen percent or more on most things is pretty great for an open rate even though it doesn't sound yeah emails a numbers game well but people are giving you their email address because they want to hear from you right? So hopefully these people are the ones that are opening your e mails and looking looking for draining it yeah, absolutely yeah all right, any questions about that analytics about the metrics that we should be paying attention tio when it comes to email one thing that I'd like to remind people to is that, you know, with those benchmarks and with even with your own statistics, is that, you know, can you say thirty percent is good or fifteen percent is good or fifty percent is good? You may not be able to say that across every industry, what you can do just like with any metric in your business is watch the trends. So your goal is to say, ok, I've got a forty two point, nine percent open rate. I'm going to see what I can do over the next six campaigns to move that up to forty five percent and see if you can shift your average open rate, you know, into that territory. Another thing is to you're going to probably be watching your list growth that's probably another thing that's really important to you? The bigger your list gets, your numbers are might get smaller because you've got a lot more disengaged people. You can always send out an email saying, hey, do you want update your preferences? Maybe only get an email for me once a month is something you, khun d'oh, but, you know, as your list gets bigger, these numbers might get smaller and that's not something to be worried about, no, absolutely, absolutely all right, julie thank you so much. All right, so do you guys feel a little bit more empowered to figure out not only how to present email that stands out but to figure out what you can kind of include and what things you might try to get your email to stand out and get your email to become email that your customers really want to read? Yeah, awesome! I'm cool. So how can you lose use what you've learned so far about what makes your business to stand out to craft email? People really want to read? Is there an idea that anybody has that the really excited to move forward with by email? Shelly yeah, I make all of my images clickable make all of your images applicable. Fantastic. Yeah, I totally agree with that. Willis ester eggs. I love that. Yes, especially for your brown. That makes a ton of sense getting getting in there and seeing where you can poke, you know, poke some holes and have some fun. And there I think it's a great idea. Cool anything else, shelly animated gif way actually innately jazzing up the pre headed text. Yeah, I use it, but I'm not using it to like his full capacities. Yeah, one of the things I like to do is ask a question in the subject line and answer it in the in the pre hunter attacks, it just keeps things flowing in that inbox view. Really nice, but there's all sorts of things you could do with that. I love the idea of putting a link in the three hundred. Yeah. All right. So speaking of easter eggs surprised you just found the fifth quiet power strategy. Easter egg is if you go to terra gentilly dot com slash egg five answer the question and get your free pdf copy of my brand new book. So it's terror gentilly dot com slash egg five answer the question and get your free pdf copy of my new book. So you guys want to find out what your homework is for today? Okay, we've got some serious homework for you. Seriously awesome. And a fact of homework design and send an email to your list based on what you learned from julie and the things that help your business stand out. Well, you guys all commit to sending an e mail today to your list. Excuse me. What will you commit to sending an e mail today? Thank you. Alright, include a call to action that relates to your kp eyes. So in session three, we talked about what what metrics, what results? What responses are actually going to create results in your business, get you closer to your goals. So I want you to include a call to action that relates to them, and it doesn't have to be. Hey, by my thing. It just has to be something that relates to your kp aj's getting you closer to goals once you've got that done. Once you've hit, send on that email post a link to your campaign on facebook and tag terra gentilly and creative live and heck tag male chimp to esso post a link to that archive link. Like what we were just talking about earlier with amy. Post the archive linked to your facebook page, tag terra, gentilly, creative, live and malcolm, because we'd love to see the campaigns that you create after this lesson.

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