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Create Your Digital Sales and Marketing Plan

Lesson 20 from: Build A Stand-Out Business

Tara McMullin

Create Your Digital Sales and Marketing Plan

Lesson 20 from: Build A Stand-Out Business

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

20. Create Your Digital Sales and Marketing Plan

Lesson Info

Create Your Digital Sales and Marketing Plan

Hey, welcome back, guys. All right? This is gonna be this is going to be a lesson that sets up a lot. In fact, this lesson actually sets up all of session five. So let's, take a look at our goal. Formulate a plan to market your business online based on your unique standout style. That's a good goal and that is what we are going to be tackling in this lesson. But before we do that let's, take a look back. In our previous lesson, we focused on how a vibrant community helps your business to stand out. When you think of your email lists as a community and welcome new members with a free gift, you have the ability tio to stand out and to and to build a new audience that is attuned to your unique style. When it comes to marketing and sales, people tend to think that mohr is better. Do you guys feel a lot of pressure to be on every single platform to be showing up everywhere, doing all the things? Yeah, wilmore isn't better focus is better and remember different is better too. So focus and di...

fferent is the key to really creating a marketing and sales plan that keeps your business out info front not always feeling like you're chasing behind. You don't have to do mohr. You really can focus. You really can edit. You really can concentrate on a couple of things that are gonna be really effective for you. And they might not be the things that are effective for me. It might not be the things that are effective for ashley. There might not be the things that are effective for cathy. Whatever it is that makes sense with what you want to create, how you want to connect, how you do what you do differently. That's, how you should be showing up on line. So the goal today is to create a focused plan for moving toward your chief initiative, moving the needle on your kp eyes and moving you into the driver's seat of your marketing and sales sound good, sweet. So let's review what? What? Uh, what is your quiet power strategy? What are the different pieces of your quiet power strategy? First, what you want to create? You guys know what you want to create? Sort of. Yeah. Okay, how you want to connect with other people? Because not everyone connects the same way. We each have unique strength when it comes to connecting with other people and what makes you uniquely effective and all of those things come together to bring a focused vision toe everything you do in your business, matching it to purposeful execution and that's really what we're talking about with this? This digital sales and marketing plan is purposeful execution making sure that every action you take on a day to day basis every tactic you try every formula you start experimenting with has a unique purpose and is built to execute your strategic vision. All right, so you're digital sales and marketing plan has to start with your chief initiative. What is it that your chief initiative requires ofyour marketing and sales? Is there something specific that you are selling as part of your chief initiative is one of your sub goals. Teo launch a new product to riri to redo and existing product? Is it about growing your list? What what's your chief initiative and which of the sub goals that support that chief initiative can you incorporate into your digital marketing and sales plan making sure that you knowing know where you're headed means that your marketing and sales plan well, stay focused. One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs making is just trying stuff instead of actually having a particular destination in mind. So we absolutely have to start this plan by remembering where we're headed on dime curious let's jogs and people let's jog our online audiences memories what are some of your chief initiatives in your business? Ashley what's what what's your chief initiative? My chief initiative is too I do like a v I p session workshop with clients where I traveled to where they are we spent the day together hanging out and I helped them map out astrologically their plan for the next year beautiful so design and launch a v I p offer yep perfect bridget what's your chief initiative to build out my personal chef school build out your personal chef school and not just build it out but how about sell it out yeah without the ball right? Yeah good, good good good cathy what's your chief initiative it's who launched some form of product either like a a guide or a book or even a little program. Okay great briana well I originally I was going to do a revenue gold but then you said that it has to excite me and that's not revenues exciting don't get me wrong but it's not gonna get me out of bed in the morning right? So I was trying to think about like what? What can I translate that into? And where I've gotten to is to basically be fully booked in terms of having a stable of clients in a wait list for my three key offers so that you know I know where the next client's coming from with predictability perfect great excellent chief initiatives guys alright so that's that's where we're headed now how are we going to get there how are we going to get there is key performance indicators when we know what metrics to follow when we know what numbers to pay attention tio we can create action plans that actually move the needle on those numbers so when we were going over key performance indicators I mentioned that one of the things that is a k p I in my business is how many new conversations get started in our membership community every week and so one thing that I do is if I notice that conversation has dropped off a little bit because I'm watching that number week to week is I can go in and I can chime in or I can start a few conversations or I can ask my community manager to do that hey you know claire, we're we're a little behind in the engagement right now is there some way that you could you know, ask a couple questions? Could you post a link? Could you start a new conversation and that way the community stays engaged so right there part of my internal marketing plan is starting new conversations when I see that k p I dip and I also know then that you know the more I encourage those new conversation so maybe that's something I do on our q and a calls or it's something that I do via email marketing I could encourage those new conversations in the community as well to bring up that number so that's. A specific action that's related to a k p I so bring back to mind what some of your key performance indicators are. So, you know what actions or many actions? Maybe you need to utilize to move the number on those move the needle on those numbers. What are some of the key performance indicators that we had in the group? Shelly, what was one of your key performance indicators? To remember how many new conversations I have face to face? How many new face to face conversations and that's such a great k p I for you, since one of the ways you want to connect with people is face to face love that melissa subscribers on my newsletter subscribers on your newsletter perfect that's, another k p I that I am constantly tracking constantly looking at that's a day to day one for me. I want to know how many subscribers signed up to my list every single day, because that way, not only does it make me really happy, and I want to kind of kind of even just energetically be walking that welcoming them into my community. Um, I also know that, you know, maybe some days I have certain actions and other days I have other actions, and I'd love to be able to to see how those things parse out you know, maybe that facebook post that I put up really drove subscriptions that day or maybe I finally remember to be tweeting out my landing page a couple times and so that that can push the needle on um that particular k p I and I want to be ableto correlate those two things together kate what was one of your uh k p iis email sign ups female sign ups as well okay awesome so we can formulate our digital sales and marketing plans to be constantly moving the needle on our key performance indicators so that's going to be something that we're looking at in just a bit as well then conditions for connection conditions for connection remember when we talked about this in a previous lesson I said that everyone has unique conditions for connection I really like being up on stage I really like having a platform to share my strong opinions and my understanding of things and so part of my digital sales and marketing plan is to be regularly appearing on creative live as well as you know other stages as well but this is a really effective marketing action for me I get to broadcast out toe lots of people absolutely free of course there's also the opportunity to buy and that's helpful is well but this is a great marketing platform for may it may not be a great marketing platform for you not everybody is going to want to be up on the creative live stage that may not be how they feel really comfortable, ineffective connecting with people how do you guys feel comfortable, ineffective, communicated or connecting with people? Janice teaching workshops so smaller groups or medium size groups in size groups great uh, tiffany visually visually absolutely yeah so online platforms, pinterest, instagram, you know, even beautiful blonde post yeah, you really you feel really connected to your people when you're just very comfortably sharing your images out there yeah, yeah, absolutely any podcasting perfect? What is it about podcasting that allows you to connect with people? Well, I have a feature on my site where people can submit topic ideas as long as it falls under a certain genre that I cover and that has generated a lot of conversation via the web where people will contact me on twitter, instagram and say, oh my god, you covered my topic and then they'll they'll talk their friends and then it generates a conversation and different get platforms great, great you're not only using your ability, teo, you know, create interesting content through your podcast but your ability to kind of use the power of the net work to spread the word about your podcast as well that beautiful two different conditions for connection I love that all right now all of those things you're chief initiative, your key performance indicators, your conditions for connection, those air, the things, the dictate which media or which marketing channels are going to be most effective for you. Like I said, creative live is actually a great marketing channel for me. This is media that really takes advantage of my chief initiative, mikey. Performance indicators and my conditions for connection twitter is another one because I can answer people's questions. I can do a little research on people first, I can kind of be my natural introverted but outgoing I'm an outgoing introvert, right, eh? So I could be my outgoing, introverted self on twitter, and so it becomes a really effective channel for me to use also, I like using major media as well, so I like having my opinions and my perspective out on media like fast company or forbes that makes me really, really happy as well. And so that's part of my digital marketing plan, what do you think are some media or channels that you wantto experiment with? Because of what you've learned about your chief initiative, key performance indicators and conditions for connection, anything come to mind that maybe you weren't originally thinking about janice well, taking like the in person small group workshops and try and google hangouts? Absolutely, yeah, google hangout sous such a fun tool and there's actually tools that work with google hangouts to to make it even more effective and easy to use. And I think that's a great idea, absolutely, kate saying the same thing google hangout because it gives that opportunity tohave that presentation, that kind of on stage? Yeah, feeling, but also the feedback, and then to have that virtually yeah, powerful. Yes, we can get that back and forth going, but you also have a stage which for many of you here is a great condition for connection for you, not for everybody, but for some of you here that's really, really awesome. Anything other than google hangouts for shell. I'm gonna utilize pinterest more clean ignoring it. What? What is it about pinterest that you think ties into your kp eyes and conditions for connection? Because the more people see my work, the more interested they are in it. Absolutely. I totally agree. It's great work. Thank you. How about one more, meghan? Over the last year, I keep getting little whispers that keeps saying, like, shoot video in my garden. Yeah, I'm pushing it away. I so I think I'm gonna commit to it this season because it's not something that a lot of garden bloggers and educators are doing and it's something that gardeners love is to look at other people's gardens yes, gardeners do love that a t least I know my gardener mother loves to do that I'm committing to it right now and say, well, I'm committing to it with you two I just hired some video people to work with me on video as well always been terrified of you, which I realised sounds ridiculous but of course the one working with the wonderful folks or creative live it's not so terrifying to me it won't be terrifying to you either just practice makes perfect right? We can do it megan we do it respond video patrice I'm thinking something like speak pipe for my block I don't know what that is tell me what that I like the so I like the one someone intimate connection speak pipe allows people to leave like a voice message for you on your block okay, I can that way when I'm writing my block post, which I love, I can actually do it and speak directly to a personal message that someone left for me because that's the part that moves me fantastic brilliant that that is how individualized marketing works thank you, patrice there was such a great example to like jump off of that's what works? You don't have to do everything in fact don't if you try and do everything you're going to spread yourself, then you're going to spread your message then you're going to sing spread your community then this is about focus and it's about using what makes you different. So now what I'd like to dio is actually hot seat someone and get on dh start creating a digital marketing and sales plan right now so who would like to be in my hot seat today? Patrice, you want to come up here so you have that awesome answer yes so have a seat thank you I'm gonna hop up and and use the chart in a minute but for now tell us who you are, what you do and where we can find you online. My name is patrice perkins of creative genius law and you can find me online and creative genius law dot com permanent I'm an attorney for creative entrepreneurs awesome. So what's your chief initiative my chief initiative is to land three organizational contracts to facilitate a legal education or direct legal council services through the organization's great and what are some of your kp eyes mark ap eyes would be definitely email open right? The the number of legal strategy sessions that I'm having part month client retention rates so for me it would be the client that renews their initial contract in my client referral right create and what are some of your conditions for connection definitely getting having a one on one call with someone before they commit so that we can make sure we were fit for each other and you connect really well one on one let's do one on one and it's either by phone or in person so if they're local it could definitely be in person fantastic okay, so I'm gonna hop up and we're gonna look at what this we're gonna take a look at what this looks like so we're actually going to start with what you want to create and how you want to connect so what do you want to create your your chief initiative is about getting these contracts what is it that you want to create for the people that would be listening in those contracts that would be that that are hiring you that are have questions about the things that you are really an expert in so I actually I want to create a legal education program that's memorable and that's actually going to impact a change in behavior in how working creative entrepreneurs are even making decisions for their business on a daily basis okay, so game changing yes nice and what are some of the questions that this is going to answer when do I need an attorney? What can I do before I'm able to hire an attorney what are some of the issues that I should be thinking about regularly? How do I protect my work? How is using social media going, too? What are some of the legal issues I should be aware of around using social media? It's a market, my work? Um, what should I think about how before partnering with someone? Um, should I partner with someone? What are the things I should be aware of before signing a contract? When should I sign the contract back and go? Oh, no, that was perfect, okay, I just want to point out exactly what she did is what everybody should be doing. You should no, those were really specific questions that your customers are asking I love it. Some of them were a little bit more on the here's why you should hire me side like the question of when do I need an attorney? They're absolutely there's educational value in that, but it's not the question people are goingto ask coming to you think I'd be much more the questions and people are going to ask our look, I loved what do I need to know legal lies when I'm bringing on a partner when I'm partnering with someone, or how do I protect my I p you know? Are people going to steal my work on social media right right those that's that's kind of how people are going to phrase things as they're coming to you and then absolutely as they grow in awareness there they are going to start asking questions like wow is the time to hire an attorney and then you've got that down what else do you want to create in terms of this light programme I'm were just like what what do you want to bring into the world what kind of impact you do you wanna have really want ah ah huge part of it is a change in how people see lawyers in the law so I always say that the law doesn't have to be used always as regulatory red tape I want people to see the law as a way to nourish their creativity and the really create new opportunities I love that thank you what else you want to create? I want to create a shift from the creative entrepreneur who's doing their thing as a side hustle so the creative entrepreneur who is doing their thing full time and then eventually the creative entrepreneur who is now built a legacy because they no have ah business that is worth something and can be sold because of the attention that was paid to their I p where they have a strong legacy through the impact that they were able to make by using their eye brilliant, brilliant brilliant I love it this is good because this leads me into the next question which is what results do you want to create for your customers or what we're for just anyone who's paying attention to your brand. This is one big result, right? So yeah that's a s oh, I have a couple of one so on a very fundamental level I want them to feel protected in confident and putting their work out there in knowing that they've taken the proper steps and that it's not just going to be swipe from them so that's the fundamental but for me it's more of the, um I can actually do what I love and make money from it. Yeah, I don't have tohave the starving artist mentality anymore. That's a myth so is more is that I guess? Mind shit, yeah, absolutely no that's perfect. All right, how do you want to connect with people? You've already mentioned one on one you want to connect with people want one want to connect with people in the classroom and workshop, right? Right. And I prefer in person not a classroom. Okay, but in person for me, I always teaching art galleries so in our calendar so and I've caught in coffee shops small group ok, cool, so yes, so very informal unexpected place is because that breaks down the barrier of this huge weight that comes when people start thinking about the law. Yes, I have ideas, anything else other ways you want to connect with people, I think that's it. Those workshops typically small groups are great. I like connecting with people through like panels because I also take a very holistic approach to the law. And I think it's very important that when I'm speaking about it so also for its also be paired with other perspectives. So I think anything that provides that panel type of experience is effective and I love it. Okay, perfect. Um, grace so let's, take a look at your marketing plan. So you've already mentioned what was the plug in that you said about the getting that one to one going on your blogged speak pai, speak pipe and that's that's just like a plug and right that's not like a plat form. You have to say, I think it's like a plug in and I think it's free. Okay, cool. Um so first of all, let me ask you guys let's, I don't want to talk anymore what opportunities in terms of media and so creating media and then channels for delivering that media, what do you see as opportunities for patrice tiffany? Creative mornings would be a great one any broadcast you know, things like that obviously but once the creatives listening on and you could be a keynote speaker because there's not a lot of people doing the creative law aspect okay straight up mornings also has an in person and so you should see if creative mornings has an in person in chicago they haven't they haven't in person here yeah absolutely I'll say do actually yeah what else guess logging on more creative website okay, I would not discount guess blocking it all what do you see here that you think guess blogging is really gonna work for patrice if she gets to the audiences like maybe she wants to actually be on you know, websites where lawyers go for things like that kind of thing but there must be places where lawyers goes that they're looking for something a bit different where people are going to look for something a bit different like I know when I've used oil I've been looking for other like someone who's alternative and to find that person is really difficult it must be places that you can go for that and that's actually interesting I'm coming from lisa because um I'm like the unexpected part that you bring and I actually liked to hang out in unexpected places because my people aren't going when lawyers are going because I don't want to deal with lawyers quite you know, going food, which is how the worst shop in the coffee shop has played out because people that's where my people go yeah ok so then yes, I know. Sorry. So maybe like design sponge biz ladies would be a fantastic place for you to guest host um refinery twenty nine. Yeah, shelly, you could post on like any of the stock sites that have blog's like the bigger stock sites like like like a stock photo s oh, yeah, stocks here. I stock photo. Absolutely. Okay, cool. Another thing that I see working potentially really well for you is actually instagram. So talking in terms of channels you're where you like to show up lends itself really well to the vision visual media, right? Fair. And so if you could work I mean, I don't know I've never seen a lawyer working instagram as like their main social media channel before what if you dove into instagram learned everything you could about howto optimize an instagram profile on an instagram stream? Not not with like promotional stuff, but you know, here's the art gallery and presenting at here's a beautiful shot at a coffee shop hears you know me with a bunch of people at my latest workshop in this amazing spaces I actually I really, really loved it and what's funny, I put off instagram forever and I probably joined about four months ago and I have about twenty post up but I haven't figured out how to really really use it yet and I think that's perfect when you know creative life hossam insta graft yeah I'm sure supes zimmerman would love to have you take a look at some of her course oh uh yeah I think so there's a really good ideas in here shelly seen in chicago how do they do speakers during first like the first friday like art stuff well yeah I mean, I've done so many workshops someone a professional advisor on a professional development committee for the chicago artists coalition so yes so that's very much my scene there great so I would love to know what top three things and it right instagram down yet what are the top three things you'd like to focus on for now because if you are to do all of this you would go crazy yeah this is where it gets difficult can you just tell me tha this was your idea and I think this is a great idea I loved how you really lit up you thought about we're thinking about the speak pipe idea you also really lit up when you were talking when lisa mentioned guests posting and you thought I could show up in unexpected places so we're just gonna let design sponge kind of stand in for all the different sites that you could be doing that on and then I'm partial to my idea, which is in the ground, because also instagram is such a neat platform because you can feed it out, do so many other platforms. So if you hook up your instagram account too facebook and twitter now you're you're kind of spreading out of love, but you're still concentrating on that one thing that you can really rock out and that's, because we just talked about me wanting to showcase my clients because my clients are just phenomenal, and, um, I want to do the day in the life of yes and write all that instagram piece will be where that yeah, and remember when it comes to getting your business featured on other media outlets as well. So even like a guest post on something like design sponge that actually telling your client's story could be one of the easiest ways to get that pitch picked up because everyone wants to say, hey, will you feature me? Well, you feature me well, you feature me where is a few sick? I have got a great story about one of my clients, and I'd really like to tell it on your site, because I think that that story reflects what so many of your readers are looking to dio that pitch? Yeah, that much is so much. I think it's so much better received by the editor, so I think that's great and you also see here that even though we didn't talk about it, how she does what she does differently is baked into each of these things yeah, so now we've got a digital sales and marketing plan that really stands out and all of these things can go back to building your email list as well. So you know, speak pipe is going to give you a way to create amazing block content that people aren't going to want to miss, so they're going to sign up for your email list guest guest blogging, putting posts up or just even being featured on other media outlets as well is a great way to guide people back to a landing page so you can get them on your list and then instagram I would put a landing page up in your bio so instead of just creative was creative law genius dot com right create a creative genius law creative genius law dot com so instead of just putting that in your profile it instagram I do creative genius law dot com slash free or slash gift so that people are coming back to a landing page that's specific to getting them on your list perfect perfect is that I get excited thank you so much for treason any questions about how we did that what you want to create, yes, so you're meaning, like in the larger scheme of here and talking about more of the larger scheme of things, and we did a couple different, we did it a couple different ways. She did start off by talking about mohr of that product focus or more of the program focus on then we also talked about the impact that she wants to create, and then we talked about the results that she wants to create so you can be creative with that because you're going to show up in marketing channels in a lot of different ways. And so if she on lee did an instagram stream that was based on her particular legal education program and probably could be kind of boring. But because we've added in all of these other colors, changing the way people perceive the law going from side hustle toe, leaving a legacy feeling protected in confident, making and doing are making money doing what you love, then that gives you a lot more to play with in terms of creating content, and later, when we do how to stand out on social media, I'll show you exactly how I'm kind of incorporating a lot of different things that I want to create into the actual media that I'm putting out there. Okay, but this gives us some variety and just gives us some opportunity to think about what some of those different media, media and channels might be. Thanks. Yeah, any other questions? Got some quick tips for you? First one is due mohr of what you love, and I don't necessarily mean your work. I mean marketing do more of what you love. What I hear from a lot of people is that they really love that is one or two things, but they don't get enough time to do it because they're also doing this. That and the other thing dhoom or of what you love, which leads me to the next tip don't do what you don't do what you've tried and don't like don't do what you've tried and don't like. If you don't like a particular type of media or a particular type of channel, don't use it. You need energy for marketing. People can tell if you're just showing up to show up. Don't just show up to show up, show up with a purpose, show up with energy, show up with passion when you do that, you can get way more traction out of one or two channels, then in all of the channels and that's tip number three, work one or two channels until you've mastered them. Work one or two channels until you've mastered them. So for patrice here, now the speak pipe thing, I think that seems like a kind of constant, ongoing thing and that's, not something to really necessarily master but guest posting an instagram you can really create a system for both of those things. What I would suggest is that you focus on one to start so either guest posting or instagram and you direct your your direction, you direct your action on optimizing one of those two things, so you might go and read a tutorial every morning or best practices or what's hot and instagram now, for instance, every single morning so that you're learning constantly new tips and tricks, you're giving him a try. You're experimenting every single day and when you really start to feel like, okay, I could do this one in my sleep, but I'm getting great results move on to the next one, but this is something that this is what the really effective passive income people do so well, you know, the kind of people I'm talking about where they have figured out one thing that they want to create one way they want to connect with people, and they figured out what one type of media or channel is going to work best for them and they do everything they can optimize that one thing and they do it really, really well and really effectively, and until they've mastered that one thing, they don't move on, but what do I see? What the vast majority of my clients and I see them trying everything, just trying to see what's gonna work? So what I'd like for you to do is think much more like those people who are thinking in terms of optimization, focus, focus, focus, choose one or two things and work hard on them until you master them, then also, make sure everything in your plan ties back to your kp eyes and gets you closer to chief initiative. If you're wondering whether this is the right channel to choose whether this is the right media, whether this is going to work for you, think about how that media or channel is going to get you closer to your chief initiative, think about how this media or channel is going to move the needle on one of your kp eyes, and if you can't make a direct path between those two things, don't do it, don't do it. Are you guys going to be able to check some? They're cross some things off your to do list yeah, and are you going to be able to go and create a really intentional sales and marketing plan for your business? Awesome! Your digital marking plan is part of your standout style. You see, the other thing about trying to doom or because you think mohr is better is that you end up just kind of having this wishy washy online presence it's, where you feel like you're never getting ahead because you're spreading yourself so thin, people can't focus on what it is that you're saying, because you're only able to show up every so often because you're splitting your time between so many different things. When you have a focused digital marketing plan, your business can really stand out, so your digital marketing plan is part of your standout style. So questions before we move on to homework no brilliant let's look at today's homework. So first is to complete your digital marketing and sales plan and there's a place for you to do that right in those worksheets that you've got, uh, and if and if not, you just put it, put something together like this what you want to create, how you want to connect on what two or three things you want to start off trying, okay, two or three media or channels that's, all that's all your digital marketing and sales plan is then choose two to three channels that will be effective for you and reach your desired conversation, in other words, where are your customers hanging out? What did they, where did they? Where can they show up? Where are they, and what are they talking about? How can you meet them there?

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