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Best Workflow Practices for Architectural Photography

Mike Kelley

Best Workflow Practices for Architectural Photography

Mike Kelley

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Class Description

Architectural retouching can be daunting – this class makes it easier to manage all of those layers and adjustments and helps you tackle complex edits.

To get you started, fine art and architectural photographer, Mike Kelley will share his preferred method for image organization, culling, and selection. He’ll go over all of the basic editing tools he uses and explain how they can be used to create an architectural image with well-controlled light, color, and mood. You’ll learn an easy-to-follow system that will keep you organized and make managing enhancements to architectural photos much easier.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2

Class Materials

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Mike Kelley - Best Workflow Practices Architectural Photography - Reference Guide.pdf

Ratings and Reviews

Andres Gomez Salazar

This was perfect for me because I have a lot of experience with the shooting of the files to start the postproduction with, but My skills on doing the retouching after the shoot is not so strong. This was good, clear information. He talks of the workflow, the tools, how to do things in more than just one way, connecting the shooting, the editing and the retouching all together, putting information in a context. This was so far the best class I have bought from Creative Live. Thumbs up for Creative Live and Micke Kelley on this one.

Rachelle R. Vetter

It's a course by Mike Kelley, and so of course, it's awesome!

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