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Baron Fig: The Story of a Startup

Joey Cofone

Baron Fig: The Story of a Startup

Joey Cofone

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Class Description

Baron Fig started as a project between two friends and is now a fully staffed studio with a line of products both digital and analog. Creative professionals spend vital time in their notebooks, so it's important that they're comfortable using them and that they fit their needs. There isn't a book or a brand out there that they absolutely loved, so these two friends made it!

Hear the behind the scenes story of this startup, from idea, to kickstarter funding, to prototyping the physical product, to creating the digital counterpart in an app. Learn what it takes to build a successful studio in 'Baron Fig: The Story of a Startup.'

Ratings and Reviews

Julie Zeigler

40 something looking for inspiration to do a startup. Thanks for some inspiration., Cool name and notebook

Anneli Holm

Such a lovely and inspiring story

Realto Mokhua

I'm inspired, Great story/course.

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