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Axe-Fx Master Class

Cooper Carter

Axe-Fx Master Class

Cooper Carter

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Class Description

The Axe-Fx Master Class is your advanced training on utilizing the most important capabilities on your Fractal Audio Axe-Fx. You’ll learn about setting up the Axe-Fx to get the sound you want in the studio and on stage. Cooper Carter will discuss:

  • Live rigs: How to set up rigs that use both direct and a cab on stage and the important differences
  • Cabinets: Installation of 3rd party impulse responses (IRs) and making IRs from your own cabinets.
  • Effects blocks: Tips to unlock the full potential of chorus, compressor, and delay effects.
  • System configuration: How to switch up firmware, patches, and more.

You’ll also learn about the most untapped, underutilized part of the Axe-Fx: modifiers. Cooper will show you how to use modifiers like ADSR, LFO, sequencer, and pitch. You’ll also learn how to use external pedals and switches to get unprecedented control over values and scenes in a live setting.

Watch the Axe-Fx Master Class taught by master guitarist and music instructor Cooper Carter and learn how to get more out of your Axe-Fx.

Class Materials

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Cooper Carter - Axe-Fx Master Class Slides.pdf
Cooper Carter - Axe-FX Master Class
Cooper Carter - Axe-Fx Master Class IR
Cooper Carter -- Axe-Fx Master Class Bonus Q and A.pdf

bonus material

Cooper Carter -- Axe-Fx Master Class Syllabus.pdf

Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

Cooper is great! Knows the Axe-Fx inside and out, the class provides EXCELLENT insights regarding ways to maximize it's power (especially for live playing). Cooper is the real deal. A great investment to get the most out of your AxeFx

Bernie a5cffc

Another great tutorial. Every aspect of the Master Class covered informations that I can use. The Axe-FX II is a magical box and Cooper Carter is the right magician to deliver what it can do. I have purchase both Axe-FX courses by CC and it is now my goto bible to mastering this marvel. If more secret can be said about the Axe-FX II, I am definitely first in line for more. A great investment and must have for all Axe-FX users.

Razvan Cirligeanu

Hello there, This is the next step if you are serious about the AxeFX. It helped me to use features, great features, that I wouldn't EVER have the patience to explore by myself. Yeah, I am lazy... Coop makes it easy, I got more than I expected from this class. One demand: Please, Coop, upgrade the info, there are so many great updates since you recorded this class. Thanks, Razvan

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