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Authentic Family Posing

Tamara Lackey

Authentic Family Posing

Tamara Lackey

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1 Class Introduction Duration:07:07
2 Four-Point Lighting Duration:07:38
3 Organic Directive Posing Duration:20:41
5 Posing Groups: Focal Plane Duration:06:21
6 Photographing Complex Groups Duration:12:47

Class Description

It can be difficult to get authentic expressions while shooting group shots, but the best family portraits have personality. Learn how to help your subjects open up in Authentic Family Posing with Tamara Lackey.

In this fun and upbeat class, you’ll learn group posing tips that produce flattering shots without sacrificing genuine expression. Tamara will take you step-by-step through the dos and don’ts of group posing and offer lots of helpful tips on keeping the whole group happy while doing it.


Leo Williams

Tamara Lackey has a skill for teaching her expertise that is always amazing to learn from. I saw some reviews saying this sounds like she is advertising her book. However, I never got that feeling. In fact, referring to her book sounds like an extension of this class for those that want to learn more. The Class itself is a GREAT refresher, and it is PERFECT for a quick recap if you are going on location. This class does seem to be straight to the point in a good way, and there are great takeaways, such as her lighting technique and lens choice. I rec​ommend this class : ).

a Creativelive Student

I agree with the others that the info was great and useful, but I would have loved to have seen more. While the price of $29 might make one "assume" it's just a little tidbit, I was hoping for more! I love Tamara! I have some of her other classes and it wasn't a waste of money, just would have liked to have seen more ... like even more of the videos of actual shoots. That's so helpful for me ... to see what happens with real live people at real live photo sessions.

a Creativelive Student

This is a very good training for beginners like me; I was able to get a better understanding of the basics when working with a Family. I agree that there are many other good and mode advanced training in Creative Live. Keep the good job.