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Baby Safety

Lesson 5 from: Pregnancy and Newborn Photography

Ana Brandt

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5. Baby Safety

Newborn safety is a must for photographers. Learn what to do when you are sick, how to keep everything sanitary, and how to make sure baby is safe at all times. Go through the baby safety checklist to ensure a safe session.

Lesson Info

Baby Safety

before I jump into the baby's safety slide I want to say that I was really rushed there in the end and I wanted to tell you what I would do differently and how we change if I was in the studio what was bugging me technically never mind that I was completely cooking in my shooting I was like if you look at the pictures I'm like shooting like this forget about that and forget about all of that but what was bugging me was the baby's arm if you notice the baby was leaning like this on her arm and she was getting started to get discolored and I would have if I had more time or in a studio I would immediately switched we weren't on that long enough so I wasn't worried about her circulation cause that's when you should stop and repose but I didn't like the arm placement in post allah jested it'll be fine it'll be good it was a moment a very quick moment but I just wanted to have to get it off my chest and say that and it's like the arm placement I would have fixed to the arm or the hands I wo...

uld have adjusted a little bit I was trying to turn mom and dad's face a little bit more up we were shooting lightning fast I have minutes to see spare but in the reality that was a session and there are times repairing so like I gotta go I have to like leave I've had men like I gotta go back to work or like are we done or the toddlers running out of the room I went from zero to one hundred fifty miles an hour in that last segment because I was out of time if we were in the studio and we and I said the prince do we have five or ten more minutes I would have preferred affected that a little bit more I believe that we're ending the day with another family I believe maybe so if we are I'll do a little bit better on the family posing but I just wanted to get that out we're going to go into baby posing maybe safety safety and um you know listen there is no photo in the world that is worth taking the risk of the safety of a newborn baby and my hope is that that's a given right it should be a given obviously I don't want to assume but if you're going to photograph newborn babies you have to be safe if you're a pediatrician and you're taking care of babies and children you have to be safe if you're delivering a baby any time you're caring for another b you have to be safe so the idea of an image it's never more important then the safety of the baby it's just that simple there are times where we've tried to do shots and you think it's not gonna work when we were doing the prams shot she wasn't settling and I was like I don't know I don't know if we have this and then I just want to take her out and hold her because I could feel she was settling and I was like let me just hold her let her know it's safe I've got her and let's try it again if I were to do that again and she was still I'd say it's not gonna happen the same with the baby on the dad's arm we were trying it right wasn't happening there's no reason of force that okay it's not gonna happen we can do it safely certain we pull back we have to remember you know his photographers we want that image we want that that perfect baby shot okay I've been struggling for the perfect baby shop for fourteen years and I will probably struggle for the rest of my life because you're only as good as your last shot right you get you get that shot that you've been trying for a year you like okay now what next right so I look it photography as it's a lifelong journey I'm never going to be done I'm a perfectionist I'm always going to see a flaw in my work and it's going to push me to move forward and do better the whole time you have to be safe with the baby always discussed closes ahead of time with a client and never guarantee a shot you're a photographer not a magician okay the safety checklist uh um I had a suggestion to my producer of that we should make it a poster that should go in everybody's studio but I think there's some legalities with that that we gave it to you we don't want a demon as the yes I just wanted to point out you actually don't have to purchase or enroll oh it's free it's absolutely free yes free for everybody in the funeral okay so did you like the little commercial okay safety checklist I'm gonna go over it with you and I'm gonna explain along the way me clean feet hands hair pulled back the sanitizer I have long hair you see tiffany and I both have long hair when you shoot with long here and it's in your face what do you do you move it away with your hands what have you just done you've put all kinds of germs on back onto your hands so my people usually see I work with a headband most of the time was my bangs are the same length as my hair so I have headbands in like every color five hundred of them and my hair is usually pulled back the more pull back I can get it away this isn't a beauty contest I do not wear this much makeup what I'm doing anymore in session and I try to keep myself clean I look at my nails if I haven't had a manicure I'm cleaning my nails I'm soaking them bare feet in this summer time I'm going to tell you guys if you're shooting bare feet have clean feet I can't tell you anything more gross than being in a newborn session next to a photographer who is bare feet and they're dirty and my assistants know how I feel about that if we're walking around bare feet and wanna hardwood for even if our cleaning people were then I'm right before we're very aware that oh my goodness we should probably go put our shoes on or put socks on just imagine you're squatting down a photograph a baby and your mom's just looking at your feet in their dirty not good babies have immature immune systems I haven't immature immune system I have a compromised immune system I cannot get sick if I get sick it's not it's it's gonna be a long road baby's air very much the same way well they're more than I am my means system is compromised an adult and I really can't get sick but now take a newborn that's fresh out of utero seven eight nine ten days they have not been in exposed to everything that we have been exposed to you may be carrying something that you don't know you're carrying so before you have a newborn session think of everyone you've been in contact with four days before because you could have just been at a party that weekend and you know it you leave a birthday party and you look around in here like they were tense to kids at that party and no one told me and you were just there and if you're somebody that gets easily sick you know who you are you're around someone with a runny nose boom forty eight hours you're sick if you were that type of person don't do it just don't I promise just don't do it I promise you the parents will be so much better if you're honest with them and be like you know what I feel like I'm coming down with something I don't think I d'oh I will get checked up give me twenty four to forty eight hours to make sure I'm not coming down with something or I am sick go to the doctor and get on antibiotics give yourself that time get your shots I have to get my shots because if I don't get my shots I can get even sicker so I do get my flu shots and my pneumonia shots but you know everybody's different you may be a perfectly healthy person that never gets sick just still get your shots I feel like if you're taking care of babies you have a responsibility to be the best that you can be that includes the food that you're eating before you have a baby I watched the foods that I eat I to the minute because I want to be the best that I could be having assistant okay tiffany all proved this morning right how valuable an assistant iss I'm telling you that she's a part time photographer she works for me part time and she's a mother she cannot afford having a regular assistant she still gets an assistant because it makes her ten times better as a photographer ten times better I'm not saying everybody go out and hire somebody I'm saying start forming a support group in your network you know photographers we tend to be loners right I'm a loner I like being alone I really d'oh I I'm fine being alone we tend to be loners in our own little space and we don't want to let other people in and we don't want people to help us because we got it I'm here to tell you you are a better person when you have somebody that's there to support you tiffany makes me look good every day do you know many clients call me and I go hey tiffany like on my voice now can you tell anna most of my voice mails are hate if can you tell anna or hey anna and tiffany every blue moon it's hannah because they know that it's a supporting role and the biggest compliment I can get is that they liked my stuff brandy marissa aaron alex jen who helps me from san diego get a support staff never leave a baby unattended they tell moms this why would you be any different right they tell the mom don't do it who had a baby fall off the bed three times I'm a champ three times my my third child we have a california king bed a couple months old she's in the middle of this big on a california king bed I'm over here in our open bathroom my son sitting at the edge of the bed watching cartoons boom mom eva fell off the bed she rolls off and falls next to my son who's still watching his cartoons and I'm like the third one I'm like oh my god like are we are they going to take our kids away like three times we did this and so thankfully all three of my children are fine and doctors will tell you that babies are more resilient than we know but I might go my gosh and I think she liked bounced off of evan and he he blocked her fall but but you can't leave a baby an attendant she was a couple months old she wasn't rolling yet though and make sure she going she's going nowhere they will go they will go they have reflects action reflex actions and jerking motions so the pictures of this baby baby lucas on this lifts himself right up where you going lucas he's like in his eyes aren't even open and he lives himself right up so what what's happening over here is my assistant is right here and if this head isn't if she thinks he's gonna lift up the heads on the back the hands on the back and no I'm not retouching it I told you that never pressed a baby's soft so I skipped one pay attention a pew baby cues or discomfort little baby emma showed house right she liked one way versus the other she liked being swaddled in comfortable she showed us when she was uncomfortable and you want to you want to pay attention to that you should be so turned into that session there should be nothing else going on one hundred percent of your focuses on that baby you know no matter what I did that morning how I woke up how I'm feeling if I have cramps when I'm shooting there baby my focus is on that baby you never press the baby soft spot and every baby soft spot is different on their head but it's at the top of their head but you have to understand that this head is not fully developed yet you know so they have they have their sides of their faces that are pretty safe to turn you saw when I'm turning the baby's face I'm right here I'm turning sometimes from the back of the head I'm not going up here when when an assistant is holding she will gently holds up here on the top of the head never pressing you have to be oh so gentle so you have to watch the purple feet hands or limbs okay babies they're immature they're sisters were mature their circulation is not flowing like we are you ever sit on your leg for a long time and you get up in your life and you're an adult now picture a baby and they're all curled up in a position that they don't have they don't have the circulation so the minute you see they're starting turning purple or a little ping I tap tap tap tap tap I changed their position and I tap tap tap tap get the circulation going and move them okay why noise come on now if you don't have white noise uh you have to witness you have to I'm not saying there's one way noise better than the asked that arrest you saw we had a little thing we bought an amazon we have the iphone you have the little teddy bears asked the parents sometimes the parents were like oh we've got something so I'll tell the parents who have any levees duminy sound machines any white no ways um what do you have I have some for parents that are like their whole houses babies r us right so ask the parents what do you have bring it why not talk to them you know I don't really do pre consult every blue moon but we do a lot of phone education tiffany called every single one of our models today and we talked about food I mean talk about food I think we're gonna talk about food at some point we have to talk about food it's in here somewhere um but white noise talk to the parents say we were gonna have white noise we're gonna have heat ask your parent if the baby's a hot box because we do have a town pound maybe today and I've gotten some babies that are hot boxes they're like oh no my babies like ten pounds he sleeps naked as a jaybird we've got air blow in and he's happy that is very rare most babies especially girls um I like to be wrapped and cozy and warm and keep in mind you're allowed to voice your opinion I've had situations where parents come and I wrapped the baby and I'm sure you've had this you wrapped the baby the baby's cozy passed out and the parents look at you and go will you come in my house at three a m no problem four hundred dollars an hour I'm there so my smile because I've been there we've all been there if you have a child you'd been there if you haven't you'll get there if you have a baby if you don't that's okay so anyway point wass okay so babies like passed out in the parents looking at you like with the hat we've had this baby ten days doesn't close your eyes once you have her three minutes she's wrapped in a basket sleeping when times got bad like the dead say I spent three thousand dollars on a crib and she's sleeping in a ten dollar bowl I'm like a pig twenty four ninety nine for that at marshall's and yes she's sleeping and they're like what's going on and so I just started talking to them is it warm in your house no we like it cold that might be a situation you might have you noticed how warm we are right now and they look at me like yeah we didn't think of that we just we don't like it hot well your baby does and you know other times they'll be like why is she asleep because she's wrapped really tight to rap no we don't wrap how do you wrap I've taught parents had a rap and so it's okay if if all the sand the parents like like your halo's on and you're amazing and you've just been given like this great honor because you've made this baby comfortable and happy and so I think it's a partnership it's a partnership between you and the parent not only establishing and trust I don't know everything about their baby but hey good news today right so let's work together I'll use some of the tricks up my sleeve you tell me a little bit about her she likes to suck her thumb she likes a pass for she doesn't and between you and I we got this okay I need a heater need heater I don't recommend heating pads use your camera strap I see a lot of photographers not these cameras traps I do not like the neck ones because they get caught in my hair and they bug me in a h when I discovered the wrist strap I was sold I saw one of my photographer friends had it I was like oh my gosh I have to have it what the bonnet ties under the neck we had talked about that briefly don't want to choke a baby quick question which drop are you using so I'm using a very generic wrist strap from amazon dot com I couldn't tell you the brand because a friend of mine had a really cute one and she got it from some cute strapped company I'm sorry I don't know strap companies and I literally couldn't wait and I went on amazon dot com and I googled wrist strap and that's what I have I'm sure they're really cute ones on the market out there and if you find a q one said new to me but yeah I don't know what a good christmas idea something the sunday for christmas I'll take it I'll take it I love them I love them and I want them on every camera I have I just think there you don't know what you're comfortable with you know I also see a lot of photographers with the whole risk the with lola the waste thinking this is kind of what I wear my pants already find out you'd never even have I don't really wear jeans when I'm shooting so I can't have anything happy on my waist so if you're a waste person to a waste okay so she's earning questions before I go on we've got time to talk we do have questions but just with regards to safety alone some questions did come up so let's ask a couple of those hold on one second what one of the questions that we had from sue was how do you advise your parents that are coming to dress for these shoes and some good question solid and simple I want the focus to be on the baby so stay away from stripes patterns busy logo's as faras whether the color you wanted to be what's going to look good in your home it could be black white gray purple pink I mean you stick with more mano tones and I like things that are going to be classic that you're going to still like ten years from now when you deal with a lot of busy patterns or stripes or things like that you can't see the baby so I asked them what color is your home are you dark woods are you whiten beachy because if you're white beachy wear light colored clothes if you're more dark wood and warmer colors where brown's or blacks solid colors are going to be flattering because women have just had a baby I tell them where what's comfortable where maternity dresses we use a lot of our maternity gowns for pregnancy the gown the mom was wearing that's from our shop that's actually gown we use for pregnancy and I fortunately through to my bag and I said can I give you this dress to wear it's the pure love mama dress and it's just a very forgiving dress we've addressed to write in black so it's just so forgiving I tell women you want things that are forgiving I do even so cow so women pop in in there they haven't gained any way they look amazing but the majority of women like you just don't feel like wearing clothes so where's something that's simple solid comfortable that just drapes the body as faras men I tell them where with their used to wearing third gene's guy wear jeans don't make him wear slacks if they're not a sox guy polos t shirts button down shirts where what they are if they're suit guy they want to come in a dresser little wear a dress shirt and if there are jeans and t shirt guy let him wear an undershirt and if they've got a hot body would take off her clothes just so the bow tie's okay I love the booth could I would put the baby in a bow tie and it would be perfect because it's about what is it about you something about me you know it's so funny I will talk with us in sales to sometimes tiffany will be like well I wouldn't spend that much money on a picture or I wouldn't wear that good because I'm not shooting you were selling to you you know I mean it's the same thing I mean I wear that but that's not me it's your picture your home your baby so have a question that came up from marie do you ever put your pinkie in a baby's mouth to soothe him or her it seems like a no no but it works mind no no I just don't I I just I wouldn't want someone else's finger in my baby's mouth I asked the parents I've got parents there so there's no reason for me to do it but it works yes use the parents pinky so I know she's asking if I would do it or if the parents would do it me no apparent yeah I asked the dad to do it because she was a fun sucker and I couldn't get a thumb in there it's like this with thumbs like this bank so I said dad to come do it um so let the dead let the parent mom and dad do it that's a really good at doing the thinking cool on but we have a handful of questions that just came in about the heating pad yes I know you addressed it earlier would you mind causes the safety as safety and just why you choose not to go in that direction why I choose not teo is because it's a heating a direct electrical element and it's a near a baby's skin I cannot control the response that that baby is feeling to the heat I know that I put heating pads on me and electric blankets and they're very warm on me ever use them and you feel warm down to your toes where you almost sweat I have no idea from a medical standpoint what a heating pad does to a baby regardless of how many layers it isthe and because I don't know I don't want to use it if you can tell me that you know for a fact it's safe and it's okay and you know how that bad baby's temperature is affected that's great I know that if I don't know enough about something that I won't do it also the other reason is I feel like if you did that the only thing that's warm is that specific area where the heating pad I want the air warm because like went if first text her hands were freezing no no no no no I want when that baby turns when the baby is lifted when the babies with the parents I want them to be warm otherwise if they're warm here and you lift him out it's like you're in a hot shower and you get out you're freezing right and so I don't want that had shower effect I want them to stay in the hot chow with them to be in the sauna not in the shower so they're in asana this isn't closed open area that's warm wherever you removing that sauna you're warm they read you regulate their body temperature you can do whatever you want the minute they start extreme ing you saw when I took the rap off what happened she felt here she got cold so I want that baby to be comfortable I don't want it to be hot cold hot cold hot cold she'll never settle okay anywhere questions we're good ok the newborn nurse a k a the baby whisperer I think look all photographers should treat themselves like a newborn nurse and baby whisper when I say all photographers I mean all of those photographing newborns if you don't photograph newborns you know for a minute all it should say on lee weren't photographers should treat themselves like a newborn nurse and the baby was for having all of the tools and supplies readily available here's what I see happening I see that a photographer will see another photographer and idolize that photographer and be like that photographer's amazing because she has like fifty baby poses on facebook first role you're only seeing like when pose every day from that we're not seeing the other ninety nine hundred she shop and then they put that photographer on a pedestal like she has to be the only baby whisper in town no she's not she is one just like you should be one if you're saying you're a new born photographer I think you should all be baby whispers I think you should all have the tools available that you need to make a successful baby session we should all be amazing props always check props before placing them in so I was going to talk and then bring it up with me about how tio figure out the size of baskets and things for babies one of the things that I do is lisa if you got that egg basket is we saw that the baby fits on an arm right if you think about it you put the baby's head in your hand it's like a little egg basket it's on the floor underneath one of those baskets and the baby's bodies here so when you're going to the store put your hand in every basket if your are your arm if your arm doesn't fit for laying down thank you look thiss I consider baby okay when you're dealing with something like this without the blue bucket up there this bucket here you don't want to go to why you see that dad's holding her and you see her position it's still very similar of where she's tucked in you don't need anything too big but I do this test a lot for my hands and I run my hands all around it am I catching anything is a splinter get it off sand it off get rid of it because if it's gonna touch you it's gonna touch the baby even if you have blankets and things that could poke through the blanket um loose threads or tears tiffany caught a loose thread when we were over there what could happen to that thread it could get around the baby's neck kicking around their finger it could it could it could do anything I mean it's it's you know the same reason why you don't keep plastic bags around children you've gotta watch for all these little details rugs little loose hairs are bugs that are caught in their sharp pointy edges you want sturdiness of all the props when you put a prop down this is a very light basket ok so what what am I gonna do in this basket I'm gonna fill it and with something really cozy and sturdy and if not I'm gonna put a weight on the bottom before I put anything else you could get those circular around workout weights and then put the thing over it and all else fails we have an assistant hold I have no I would rather have an assistant or a client help than anything in the world more than any way more than anything else baby fax the newborn carries a third of the weight in their head their top heavy they have strong reflexes these air facts I wrote a little book called baby fax that's here somewhere where it has all these little things that these air just fax not every baby is going to do every pose they're just not going to do it and the sooner you recognize that acknowledge that until the parents that the rest is history and you don't need to do every pose and every newborn session I feel like people think they're never getting another newborn again so they do know we're in session there to get the froggy and get the taco I gotta get this and they've got a string of poses and if I don't get it by god you're going to get another newborn it's okay I promise you you'll get another newborn babies are affected by the food's momma eats we have to talk about this I'm gonna go through the other ones and go talk about that some babies run how we talked about that educate your clients of baby poop and pee that's okay we wash everything I watch everything in all clear for me because my kids are very sensitive my kids react react it's like a blessing and a curse I'm glad that I have all these issues so it helps me with my kid with my clients but I just I'm not gonna tell you a particular particular detergent I'm going to tell you that use things that are free of dyes that's it there's better brands better brands whatever find a good brand when you wash things use things that are free of dyes oh go to facebook like my page and you received the belly baby love climbing guide I guess that's happening but let's go back teo babies were affected by the food moms eat and I'm here to tell you I've got three people to tell me that this is true but there is a little food list the nursing guide that we include in our belly baby love client guide and it's a little nursing list that all moms get ahead of time this list is thirteen years old because my son is thirteen it was given me by doctor elizabeth o'connell in newport beach california when I came to her crying sitting in the corner on a chair with my head down while my husband held the baby and he did everything and she after all was done she looked at me and she said are you okay I started crying I'm not okay I'm not okay I'm up all night my babies like beating my boobs I'm engorged I'm trying to nurse and he's like fussy and gassy and I'm not okay what a blessing she wass all pediatricians out there if you just ask your clients if they're okay she gave me a list she said what do you eating I'm like I had a cheese steak sandwich with onions because I had a c section and I was in the hospital for five days and I haven't eaten it was like the best sandwich ever and she's like and that was your last um gassy vegetables sparing we have the whole list but it's asparagus and cucumbers and green beans and tomato sauce and things that are spicy and on and on and I had a beautiful greek family that was the most studio a couple months ago and the baby's fussy fussy fussy they tried everything they even slept in two days two weeks and I finally was like did you guys talk about the food list and he's like what you mean we're greek lead everything and I pull up the list and he goes oh my god we everything on this list for dinner last night I mean everything and he's taken a picture with the iphone is going gone honey like everything tomatoes cheese he's going gosh we're greek and so he's ordering dinner as we're talking he's freaking out he's good he's excited that he has a solution I said try it I'm not gonna guarantee it I'm going to tell you that if I did not eat tomatoes and a baby that slept through the night I'm gonna tell you that if I ate a pizza pizza we were up all night and you experiment you start by eliminating everything and you eat comfort foods like bread and pasta and and things that are comfortable and me and and but you stay away from broccoli and you stay away from those you know pinto beans and and I go and just try it and when they came in from anywhere in session I am proud to say they had a new baby and you know tiffany and I always wait till they come in for the ordering appointment there like is it good is it good because we want to know did he change their life and I have clients they're like you changed my life you changed it it changed my life and I talked to the parents forty eight hours before their session we don't want the meeting things on this list it's that simple if if you think your baby doesn't have a problem you'll just sleep ten times brenner but I promise you if you're nursing follow this list and you will come in with a healthy baby I believe that even some of the models for this workshop talk to tiffany and said they were already following the listen notice to change it will make or break your newborn sessions I promise you all the passive fires in the world are not gonna help if you've had broccoli last night your mother we talked about scheduling really briefly anywhere from eight ten twelve days as little as six days is possible my favorite is ten days you want to wait till mama's milk comes in baby needs to eat a few photographs to the old baby it's gonna be rough it's not gonna be fun you can successfully photograph a newborn until six weeks of age I have photographed every single age you can possibly think of to three months wait does not matter premature babies should reach their birth way and build up their immune system but it's not required some premature babies take longer to build up their their weight than other um but I'm saying if they're born two three four pounds I have had clients their babies have born been born three pounds let's try to get that birth weight up a little bit what we tell our parents when they call when we at the pregnancy session or even pre pre baby email called text with baby's weight and birthdate because it's not just about they're ten days old I've got a six week old baby weighs seven pounds before so you need to know both oh I popped out of ten pound baby really how fast can you get here I'll stay five you know because they can survive on their body fat a little longer you know or I popped out of amy and she's three and a half pounds okay let's wait a little bit how long do you want to wait I mean I'd probably want to wait so she's five and a half six pounds maybe check with your doctor I mean especially if we're going in the winter months it's very there's some nasty bugs they're going to start going around these next few months maybe check with your doctor and find out if it's ok um you know you want to pre educate your clients don't turn anyone away talk to them I mean I want to photograph every baby if I could obviously I can't you know I've got to sleep sometime but I'm not the only photographer in the world either and don't don't turn them away let him know that that you can help them out how are we doing do we have any questions we're doing awesome we have just a few minutes okay want to do you and I should start with the ladies in the audience do we have any questions yes we do do you have like gripe water or something for them and would you you know would you give it to them or you're gonna have the mom give it to them in the studio yes yes yes and yes uh we have a little baby boutique next door to my studio where we carry great water because we used to buy it for ourselves buy it by the cartons and then parents when I had a dad lean over and say I will pay you any amount for that bottle of gripe water if you'll give it to me yes I believe in great water it's ginger and fennel it's one of the most natural things on the market it is won awards it is very soothing to babies and I highly recommend it I used it for baby number three I had about five bottles at any given time and never left home without it and if I didn't become a question around we forgot the great water I tell when we when we talked to parents we leave do we talk to them how are they are they are the gassy if they ve night mom go I totally totally I went by your list all's good okay great cause I was kind of fuzzy oh I had a quart of strawberries on the on the way okay that was on my list no berries of any kind so give any great water with you do you ever give your baby great water I asked them know my doctor mentioned it um sometimes doctors advise against it ask him why there doctor advised against it I'm not here to go up against a doctor but if they say yeah we've tried it it's great if they say we've never tried it I said do you want to try it would you like to administer it do you want me to administer I asked the mom the dad they're in control and if if they let me I absolutely will yes you say again what type of water right water g r I p e it's ginger and fennel and it's found in healthy stories like mother's market thank you good bye babies bliss so I don't know if there's imitators but babies bliss was the original kind of creator and that's the only brand that I use because I don't trust any other brand uh I'll take tea second story that I had a mom called me up one time he said I'm not coming I am three other boys rep mall I'm crying there crying we haven't slept in two weeks I'm not coming my photo shoot you are coming no not ur this conversation went on for ten minutes I hear the baby crying I promise you just get to my studio we will unload you at the curb just get in here and promise I'm going to take care of you I promise promise promise she got in here within fifteen minutes the baby had great water and was sound asleep and that dad was like done whatever like give me every bottle you have I will pay you anything and done I mean it's it's on the market for a reason it's great yes talk to the parents don't just shove it in the baby's mouth in the corner but yeah in fact I didn't pack it for here and he said to my assistant in the hotel and pack great butter impact right butter she's like that's okay that's okay and like we could front too so we get it but I don't have any great partner today so hopefully we're good question do you have any special type of insurance because you're working with babies as a photographer absolutely day one I had insurance I believe I have two million dollar policy and I raise it every year I very first thing hey my daughter my dad's an accountant the very first thing I did a one was I open up a business checking account I filed my name I got insurance I have had insurance even before I had a studio for my equipment for me for my clients I believe I posted there's no amount of insurance in the world that could perfect protect the safety of a newborn baby but I feel like if you're working with the newborns kind of have to have insurance I mean I just I could be wrong but I really feel like you should how much is a policy it's not that much money me really isn't I mean hundred dollars a month maybe I know that you know there's there's so many affordable policies I feel like you can not afford to not have insurance policy

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I enrolled in your course because I was wanting to expand my photography business to something other than weddings. I never knew just how amazing and important pregnancy and newborn photography would be. I am feeling so much joy, love, inspiration and the need to do this now; all because of you and this course. You have captured me and led me to believe I was meant to do this type of photography. Thank you for your amazing course, your talents in what you do are unmeasurable! I look forward to learning more from you in the future while watching your course over and over. I can't wait to start this new journey of imagery. Thank you!

Mindy St Onge

I cant believe I got this on sale! So happy with this purchase. The one thing I feel I would have changed is I feel she rushed through the newborn sessions really quickly and spent ALOT of time on maternity. I would have liked to see a lot more of the newborn posing and info versus a dozen maternity. But all in all its full of a lot of great info and I love that its not voice is true time so I can see how she is interacting with the clients. Thankyou Anna I love love love your work always!!

Kate Marsh

I loved this class! I learnt SO much and I have actually gained confidence with my work from watching Anna. She is a great teacher and I absolutely love her work. This is definitely the best class I have purchased on Creative Live. Thank you! :)

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