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Adobe® Mobile Apps: Design and Illustration


Adobe® Mobile Apps: Design and Illustration


Class Description

The Design and illustration series of apps from Adobe® allow you to create sketches and layouts using your mobile devices. In Adobe® Mobile Apps: Design and Illustration, Erica Gamet will show you how to navigate four apps in the Adobe® Design collection.

Adobe® Photoshop SketchIllustrator DrawIllustrator Line, and Adobe® Comp Creative Cloud let you work on your smartphone or tablet and transfer that work to the desktop version of Adobe® Creative Cloud. In this class, you’ll learn how to get the most out of each of these apps and find out how working on your mobile device can spark some awesome creative projects.

Software Used: Adobe Creative Cloud 2015


  1. Adobe® Photoshop® Sketch
  2. Illustrator® Draw
  3. Illustrator® Line
  4. Adobe Comp Creative Cloud®

    The napkin is so yesterday! Learn how to mock-up a layout design on your mobile device.