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A Shoot with Sue

Sue Bryce

A Shoot with Sue

Sue Bryce

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Class Description

Be a fly on the wall for a REAL portrait session with legendary photographer Sue Bryce! This isn't a normal photography course; there are no students or chat hosts — just Sue, her assistants, and her client. From start to finish, Sue will walk you through getting your client into hair and makeup, creating and styling four different looks, shooting a variety of poses, choosing her 30 sellable images, and then post-processing the best photos. You'll get to see how Sue works when she's shooting photography uninterrupted. Truly a legend at work.

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Ratings and Reviews


I love these video's!! Sue is just amazing! She know how to make any women look her best and brings out their beauty within! I am learning her style and putting it to use on my clients! My dream is to have her photograph me too! I want these kind of images of myself! Thanks Sue for your willingness to open up and share with everyone!


How good did her client feel after that session!!! Start to finish an excellent class- Shots were amazing, relaxed, well paced work flow.... enjoyed this class very much

beth guterman

Sue always educates and inspires. This course, like most if not all of Sue's other incredible classes teaches us how to connect with the client to capture the most income and the best images for the client. A win win relationship!

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