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Day 26: Video

Lesson 40 from: 30 Days of Photoshop

Dave Cross

Day 26: Video

Lesson 40 from: 30 Days of Photoshop

Dave Cross

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40. Day 26: Video


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Day 26: Video

welcome back once again to another lesson this one's going to be an interesting one for a couple of reasons first of all the function we're going talk about is pretty interesting and it's going to be interesting trying to limit this to an hour we're talking about video here and this is fairly new the last couple of versions of photo shop see essex and cc editing and working video in here to me is this brilliant it's very interesting so because I haven't little around an hour so I'm not gonna get into every single aspect of it I'm going wet your whistle and get you started and give you some ideas and the cool part is we're going to start off where when I'm going to really use video per se at least we're going to start with video we're gonna end up creating video and then we'll also talk about how you can bring video in to photo shop all that's required here needless to say when you work with video larger files everything else but today's lars capture really nice quality video that we ca...

n now edit in photo shop and the cool part is it's using concepts we already know how to do especially if the things we talked about throughout our thirty days here so let's take a look here so first let's do a quick review of working on image soon so we can relate that to video so I have this image I want to make some changes to it so first thing I'll do is let's convert that to a smart object so that I condone a smart filter and let's over blurt a little bit and then click okay and then lower the opacity way down so we get this nice kind of soft focus effect and then let's add uh maybe a radiant map adjustment layer on top of that uh black and white adjustment layer so aiken really tweak this the way I want some sliders around just looking at it to see what I like kind of like that maybe what has had a slight tint to it not that much though maybe less just very subtle so there we go got a nice little effect happening where we've done some things all of which in our nice non destructive manner oh did I forget to mention this is a video of course I did that deliberately but is to make the point that all these things that we are not headed photoshopped due in for a shop like adjustment layers and smart filled with smart objects can also be applied to video and that's one of the great things about this again it's not a full blown editing software like some other video editors but gosh the fact that we can take advantage of all things we know how to do in photo shop like layers and mass and adjustment layers of smart filters and all those things we've been talking about but also with video that's pretty amazing now just so you don't worry well I don't even have any video you don't have teo even start with video we're gonna start off by showing you how you khun create a video from still images and then we'll do a little bit of video editing again this is just tow get you started to wet your whistle in the world of video so let's close this down and I'm going to make a new document I'm gonna make it twelve eighty by seven twenty which is a typical video format and click okay and fit onscreen now down to bought on the timeline panel which is what we're going to use and by the way if you didn't see it it would be here right now that's just a regular old photo so all the time up until now when I've been working in photoshopped this has been there it's just been not a time line but in this case I said I want to create it into a video timeline and you see I have these options in here with different tracks and everything else and we'll start off by creating a um a slide show out of a siri's of single images were going to use that or create that by using this command called add media and then we'll go on find the folder we want now one of things that I've done here I discovered the first time I went to do this looking at clips just by their name because I couldn't really use a bridge to help me at this point it was hard to tell which ones were landscaping wench wants your portrait or tall or wide so as you can see here I went in and I previously named these files with a w in front of sake a these are wide images and the others are tall images so will bring some of those in it brings him in automatically and it automatically makes layers and the only real difference is in this thing called a video group instead of the normal kind of group we have in photo shop and if I drag across this timeline you can see it's switching images and they're all really really big at this point so one of things that I'm want to do is just convert each of these two a smart objects I'm just doing this really quickly I could now that I think about it have used my keyboard shortcut that I defined earlier with actions but oh well it's too late now and then and the reason I did this I'll explain in the second wind made them smart objects first now we're going to free transform and let's move our timeline I have to ask you about there hold on okay let's try it again free transform commander control zero and I could scale these down to fit in my window aerial scales all them now the reason I did smart objects there is because in case I decide to scale one of them start big and scaled down I can steal them back up again because they're smart by it scaled them down first and then made smart obviously I'd lose some of that ability so at this point I have basically I have a slide show and I want to make this first part I don't need that in there at all so I wanted to start on this image and now is it goes through you'll see it's going to switch images and if I hit the play button it will do it automatically at this point I have the world's most boring slideshow for a couple of reasons first of all all this happening this is going a few seconds and then switching images secondly there's no real movement of any kind and third slide shows without music are just like killer it's like the most boring thing the world so here's a cool concept I'm in photo shop and I want to work on this slide show so I add audio and this could be standard audio formats mp three's whatever it might be bring it in here and now I have a slight which had very least we'll have music so it's better but it's still kind of is not terribly interesting because all that's happening is we're saying show a picture show a picture show a picture well this little pop up menu allows me to say well let's least make it a little more interesting let's take transitional effect like a cross fade and put it right between these two and right between these two and right between these two so even though this is not standard photo shop operations it's pretty straightforward to consider applying this kind of thing so now let's take a look at it again so looking better now these little clips down on my timeline this is a track that's related to this group now at the moment that's fine because I'm putting one of them lived there going basically end and end but what if I wanted to have another photograph in here if I was working with layers I'd make that a separate layer outside of the group and I do pretty much the same thing here so let's add one more image this time we'll pick one of these tall ones and once again I'm gonna convert this to a smart object but you'll see what happened here is that automatically put it inside this group of its in this group is going to be somewhere on this line so I'm gonna take this and dragged it outside of the group and as soon as I do that you'll see now it's on its own track and you start to get used to the fact having multiple tracks like this in a photo shop now let's free transform her down to fit like that and move over here now at a certain point you're going to notice that you're going tohave teo I've limited with my screen size here for recording so you have to kind of find a happy medium of enough to see the tracks in the video here and right now there'd be no real difference but if I take this and move it along somewhere else now you'll see as the video is playing it starts to treasures now this one's in there now it's still kind of big so let's scale this one down even smaller put it over here somewhere that's a little better it's still kind of jumps in really quickly so once again I could take one of these little things like say let's just fade this in so now it will at least fade in now way back in beginning when I brought in these layers and turned them into smart objects one of the reasons for doing that as I wanted to be able to do things like move and scale and all that kind of stuff so let's take a look at how we can do this for example will start off with this layer right now it's sitting just sort of appears what if I wanted to kind of come on from the side or maybe from this side and come across so basically when it first starts I really want it to be over here so if we look inside here you'll see there's options that say like transform opacity and style these are the things that I can change over time so at the beginning I want this photo to be in this position once I am get to the end of this I want it to be over here so now it puts a second little indicated reza called key frames and now you'll see what happens is when I play my video fades in and it slowly over on and I probably wanted to maybe stay there a little longer so I want this key frame to be over here let's get this this over bits are not running into a wall like that and I also would like it too fade back out again at the end just about any time I'm trying something in here I want to see what it looks like I try something on the timeline and then I hit the play button to see what it looks like okay now that I look at that I think that's a little too slow so I want to move this second key frame so it moves over there and then it will stay there for a while so something like this okay so that's kind of looking more interesting now let's look att this one that we have already brought in here and we can kind of do the same thing let's collapse this down a bit come to this one and look inside of it and see what can we change in this case well let's say initially I want her to be larger like this has entered I couldn't do that because this is a smart object so at the very beginning of this object I'm going to choose transform then I moved to wherever I want the transformation to finish I hit free transform and scale her down to the size that I want and hit enter so each case I'm basically saying started this size and at this size or this position or this opacity or this style so you can see now let's just halfway through now did you notice there how when I previewed that it looked kind of jumpy at first that's for the sake of speed it's rendering it fairly quickly so I can at least given get an idea of what is going to look like then once I'm happy with it if I play it again a second or third time it should have rendered you look really closely you see there's this little green line on top so it should probably already look a little better see that's better okay so all we're really doing at this point like I said is just bringing in layers if you were looking at this and said well I need to put some text on here where do you want the techs to go do you want it to be on top of everything so then you'd put it on up here in a separate group and text in photo job works the same as excuse me texan photoshopped video is what I meant to say works the same in as it doesn't anything it's just of the layer stacking order and then we're telling it overtime I'd like you to either move or change color or change opacity or all those kind of things so this is one of the ways where you can start off with a bunch of still images and then start combining together and again this don't forget my intention is to get you really just basically started here to show you put a bunch of images on a timeline and start playing with a couple of interesting things to know about me and get this a little bigger so you can see what's happening one of the things I like about this the most is that you don't have to learn a whole bunch of shortcuts for example if you decide maybe this uh first photo was on their little too long if you shorten it everything else just automatically adjust itself or if you want this middle one to be a little longer you just adjust and everything kind of moved at worst you may have to move the key frames to kind of catch up with where you move things but that's basically the idea of taking a bunch of still images and putting them together one of the time very very quick and easy to do now when it comes to adding video clips the same concept applies so let's go in here and I have some video clips and let's see what we got here let's originally kind of number these given idea of what I was roughly looking for let's just start with this one so here's a clip and as I go through it it looks like this got a little movement going on and one of things that you'll find there's two things I want to mention first of all I borrowed a piece of video equipment called a slider which you put your camera on it can sort of slide side decide it makes such a difference when I looked at it video clips I done where this move the camera was static the whole time it's so much more interesting to have a least a bit of movement going on the other thing was when I recorded these clips for the purpose of putting together some training on video I thought I had so much video wow you need to capture a whole lot more video than you want to end up with because usually what happens is at least in my limited experience and I'm sure as you get better att recording video this would happen less I would stick on a particular scene a certain amount time thinking that was a good amount when I looked at it and photos I'm like wow that's way too long so clips that I my head imagine would go for six or eight or ten seconds look better at three seconds or something like that so here here's a clip of my couple brian and rachel just sort of have almost dancing we had some music playing at the moment and it looks pretty cute but again it's it's almost a little too much of that one scene so I might decide right about here where the camera starts to move it's really what I want so I come to the beginning of this clip and you see I have a really nice pop up preview and I find the right spot right there and now it automatically readjust dunn's then when I get to a certain point maybe somewhere around here it's not the cameras and moving so I do the same thing I come to this end and it's giving me that same kind of preview and I'm trying to get right around the point where the camera stops moving right about there now look up at the top you saying its now telling me that that's now a three second clip that I thought was going to be probably twice that long but the problem was that it just was too long when you look at it so let's add some more and let's see think maybe this one this one and we'll go with this one and at first it just puts them side by side it does that same kind of cut and now we start looking at and saying well where do we want to cut this one and somewhere here I really like the way he's looking at her right here so I might take this all the way to here to find that spot right there and then again it closes it up and then I start to zoom in for reasons unknown because now I look at it look doesn't look so good and see now is we're going we've got this little transition going on now where to me this starts to get interesting is right now I'm just putting video clips on I'm kind of putting them into and and they're re sizing and that's kind of interesting but where it gets particularly interesting to me is when you start throwing in the photo shop aspect of things for example maybe you have a video clip in let's pretend as this one where it wasn't quite as sharp as you want it or maybe because it's so backlit you're not quite as happy so you think well what would this look like if this one clip was maybe black and white so how would you do that normal and photoshopped those who saw before we might use a black and white adjustment layer and I want to adjust it accordingly and let's just make some adjustment here but notice one thing that's happened is that this adjustment layers automatically assuming that it's on ly going affect this clip immediately below see that little clipping mass kind of indicator we talked about before that means that now as I'm watching playing this video this clip is going to be black and white but like anything in photo shop this is still editable so if I decide maybe I want to be tented or lower the opacity so that we get kind of a very washed out color effect maybe that's what I want to happen next and all of this I'm doing just by moving my mouse back and forth to kind of find the place that I want if I had music which in this case I did I would add the music first across the bottom in its own audio track because that way as you're starting to edit you might find times where for example in this case the words of the song included things like lover won't you hold me well to find times where they were holding each other as opposed to a walking made better sense and I'll show you in a few moments the finished video of my first production ever that I did with video and I to me it's I'm actually pretty happy with it considering I'd never done video before I've film stuff in with my camera that I just sat in there didn't do anything with but to actually try and put something together and more important this case actually went out with the intention of filming a bunch of clips that I could put together anticipation so it's open I'm gonna show you one the behind the scenes kind of the photo shop layout of what it looks like when you're creating a video with multiple clips on what kind of talk through what's happening here and I'm gonna have to go really small so aiken show you this so here's thie audio clip going across the bottom and for the most part initially it's a bunch of video clips one after the other but then as I started trying to do some other things I wanted some overlap a little more so that's where I got a second video track and then as I went even further with that I got even more so and then even added some text that scrolls across the bottom so you can see here I got a whole bunch each one of these layers is another video clip in some cases like this one right here if you look really closely you'll see it says the name of the file of six seven three six and then six seven three seats left six seven three six copy what I wanted to have happen was at a certain point they're walking and I want to create kind of a slow motion effect so I cut the clip in two and then changed its length so move more slowly so I'll just start to show you the idea of what this looks like in them well actually look at the finish one in a moment I want you home a whole man toe hold well so's wrong joe hold on okay I'm going to show you the full one later on let me just cut over here where you can see we were doing this uh wasn't here over here sorry this walking part I should've stopped he also emotions so motion look at that and all I did in that case was I took this clip and I just split it and you do that by holding down control or right click and choosing split clip and then in the second part of it one of the options closer here here is the duration out would have originally said say three point six seconds and I made it seven point two so it took longer and therefore became slow motion so all of these things are just mohr video clips on top and then towards the end here somewhere here I wanted to have some scrolling video so basically I took a type player and did overtime this type player says start the position down here off the screen and then make the end position off the suite at the other end I'll show you that in the second separate document is kind of hard to see here so as I was going through let me this quickly talk about my experience mostly because I'd never done it before and I wanted most of us haven't I over the years had played a little bit with video eating software but frankly it was to me it was kind of confusing because I didn't use it every day this I was using a photo shop things I already knew how to do so I was putting things on layers if I decided the order was wrong I'd switch the order the layers I'd look at a video clip and think it's a little this one's a little too dark for some reason let's do an adjustment or to just that one clip or this one maybe I was a little off on my exposure so maybe all trying play with that and add a filter to make it look more almost like a high key kind of deliberate effect to do that and then when it came time things like scrolling tax I was like well I got a text block I can move attacks walk up and down how can I move it over time so it takes some getting used to and this is again just a really quick overview of some of the key things we can do but let me at least show you this one example I have a simple thing we can do with video on here let's once again make way I could have this is where I could have also made a preset by the way there actually are some already in here film and video but just old habits die hard in this case and let's fill it with black I'm gonna create a video timeline okay so now I'm going to take my type tool and make a block of text and right now it's a giant text so let's make it considerably smaller typing is getting worse as the thirty days goes on and let's just make it white so it's easier of course I could do all these standard text things we talked about before I could take all this texts and spread it out a little bit increase the tracking and the leading is already quite high and where we talked about one of the things that happens is because I made the font size smaller the leading is still really too big so use my option or all key with the up arrow key and then to a couple of returns and go produced bye me now for this toe work I need tohave text that's longer may doesn't have to be but I think it looks better if you make type that's like longer than this and it does add a bit more okay so now I have a block of text I start off by putting it right off the page so right now nothing's gonna happen so first of all I say well how long do I want to go for it so let's take the bottom layer and stretch it out this much and then take the type player and stretch it out the same way but right now it starts off the screen so I theworld down my type in a second I want to transform it overtime so I hit transform take my move tool and I'm gonna drag it all the way up a ce faras I can can I go front of oh didn't quite get it all right let's try that again after zoom out even further for this to work I need to be ableto scroll it so it's right off of one engine onto the others always make this smaller ok so I hit transform at the beginning and then at the end I want it to go right off the other end so now the text scrolls if it's too quick or too short then you adjusted if you realize that you missed a bit of text like I want to say it's all about wait now just to show you the kind of possibilities that we can get to let's do one other quick example and again my goal here is just to kind of get you started showing you some ideas of the kind of thing that's possible to do all right so here I have a slide show that I was building on and doing the same kind of things you saw before with some movement and everything else in a certain point when this photo stopped I wanted to change it to let's see what kind of fade into black and white and then I've got text that kind of moves here but what I really want to do is I want to make the text so that it doesn't only move but it looks like it's coming from behind her now if this was normal photoshopped normally and I said I want to make the text look like it's partially behind her we would do that by adding a layer mask so there's no difference here it works exactly the same way so I click on the appropriate layer and let's hide this for one second I make a selection all I'm really worried about mostly is this edge right here and make sure I have enough of her face then on back on this type player I addle air mask and then inverted soc otherway around so now you can see it looks like the texas behind her so when we talked about working with mass one things we talked about was if you unlinked that the mask it will stay put from the type so now I can drag this over I already have kind of a transition thing happening so now you see it looks like it's coming out from behind her so that's the kind of thing that I think it's so interesting and working video and photo shop because you use the same thought process you would for a still image like when we talked about the layer mass thing we made it look like text was behind a person simply by adding a layer mask and then we unlinked the layer mass so we could move the texan adjusted well this is the same principle all it's really wearing on top of that is saying oh and we want it to move over time using that key frame so the part that I think usually throws people off it first is doing things over time with key frames because that's not that's the one part that's not a standard photoshopped function but if you look at it really all it is a saying I want to start here I want to end their and your chain making the change over time either transformation meaning moving or scaling opacity or even style so you could even have a layer style that changes over time like a drop shadow that suddenly becomes more obvious or less obvious or something like that that's kind of where this whole thing works now I want to take a moment to show you the finished video of secret kind of sea and off I can scale this fit the screen probably not walking let's get a little better so here's the finished video it's only a minute and forty four but I want you to watch the whole thing to see this in c minor this whole thing is done in photo shop no I want you home a whole man love your whole day a love so strong I love joe going home man no oh no oh ho man well then let's is wrong help me kid morning k comes around may let your hands go to give me tio tio now some of the things that you might have noticed in there and this sort of talk to him a little bit to think about some of the possibilities here most that was putting clips back back to back er and in with a few transitional effects but there were occasional things like one clip of them standing up against the building where it looked a little soft focus so I went with that and made it even more so and then there were a couple of times where I tried to do a zoom focus back with my camera with somewhat good success but then at the very end of the video that was actually a filter that added opacity overtime so I was able teo achieve the effect that I wanted so I think it's really interesting to consider using video in photo shop now one thing that I would couple of little tips and again please don't take this the wrong way I am by no means a video expert far from it I've done a couple of videos now and I'm intrigued by it but I learned a few lessons along the way and I've talked a few other people and so I'll give you a few suggestions based on my very limited experience of things that can help you even though when I'm importing the clips into photo shop I have to just go import I would still use bridge as a place to kind of see what have I got here because in bridge I can open up this preview window here on the side and when I look at a clip I can actually scrub through it in here and see what it looks like to remind myself and then and you can use bridge to change the order of clips and marked the ones you want to lead the ones you don't want it doesn't let you do things like cutting the clip to say only want part of this but at least you have the ability to kind of change the order now I deliberately named them because I knew eventually in photo shop I'd have to just go import media and would be looking at file name so I put the numbers in there to help me which is an option you could you could do the other thing was I picked this song and I thought it was really cool for this one and I thought I had lots of video and then I put the video of the excuse me the audio track down of the song and then I started doing all the video clips and suddenly there was quite a bit of the song left so I had to go into uh some basic audio software and cut out the middle part of the song that kind of repeated to make it shorter so that goes back to that statement I made earlier if you're capturing video you need to capture probably more than you think and one of my colleagues in the business is rich harrington whose video expert and I can remember his exact expression but he says something the effect of video is all about deleting the stuff you don't want so you're cutting out leaving the segments you want so therefore having mohr video than you think you'll need is going to serve you better than thinking oh I've got plenty and then realizing if you're trying to do like a minute and a half video you made me a lot more than that to get that and to me it made a big difference and maybe you'll agree that having video that even had a very slight movement in it and trying to do that by hand would have been okay but having one of those piece of equipment that does it like a slider that just made it a whole lot easier so because that bridge is going to be a nice option for us because we can preview it and then we can re order everything let's pretend I had reordered than in bridge I could select them all can choose batch rename and all I'm gonna do is put a number at the beginning to say I want the current file name but I'm going to say put a sequence number two digit at the beginning and then the file name so that way we'll end up with something that's like now that's already has it of course but you get the idea that this is going to show that it will number them so that's how you conduce a automatic batch rename now I feel like I zipped through a lot of those things pretty fast and that was my intention was just to kind of give you a feeling for what you khun do with video and photos let's look att some more specific examples here so for example one of things that's kind of interesting is if you have a whole bunch of photographs now I specifically took a whole bunch of photographs to do almost like stop motion animation but these could also just be kind of time lapse photography where you take a series of photographs you don't try pot or not and it could be doing yourself or putting it on a timer so it takes like one photo every ex seconds that part's up to you and you'll have a whole bunch of these individual jpeg files open one of them and see that it is well it's pretty close to our twelve eighty by seven twenty for video so that should be okay and I need to now create a video timeline and at this point I want to add if not all than the majority of those photos into here so I go to add media and just have to navigate to where we're at just here I wondered I open uh six nice one let's do it by name so I make sure that I'm there we go I'm gonna select there I won't probably you all understood the sake of time so many of them and it open and that will automatically add these clips to the timeline there we go now if I just ran it like this it would be very slow you see each clip is up there for all that amount of time now what I ideally like to do is change the length of any one of these clips the problem is right now there's no really easy way to do that when they're this type of clip so one of the options we have available to us is too and I should go back and show you I'm just going to this little pop up and you hear convert frames into frame animation what this does it takes all of my frames out goes to for anyone that ever looked at video in earlier versions of photo shop like c s foreign hire this was kind of what you had to deal with so what this allows me to do is munch your way this one is so long but anne who like select that click on the first one shift click on the last one and on any one of these I'm going to tell it let's make these point two seconds and then will play that and see what our animation anything looks like and I'm deliberately I don't want it to look like a video wantto look like a siri's of still images that are kind of jumped jumble together like this so that looks like it's going to work now one of things that we haven't talked about so far and it's very important aspect is this is editing and creating video and photo shop now we have to get it out of here into a video format so let's go to the file menu and shoes export render video and then I would give it some name but on the desktop let's put it it's something that we can find and then in here is just a matter of what kind of settings do you want h two sixty four do you want medium quality or all the different that's a whole another topic we're gonna stick with size as is keep everything else same hit render now if this was a video like we did before with the couple engagement video this would take a wild export this is going to take you will see it takes like that thirty seconds or so but the more video it is of course the longer it takes to export so here you can see it's it is as we said exporting it out this is the lengthy potentially lengthy part of working with video on there we go now we goto our desktop messy desktop as always and here's our animation and we go get the idea now this is another example of the first time I ever did a test of like this time lapse thing I took my camera and just sat in the parking lot and went click click and I deliberately handheld and move my camera and I thought like I've taken so many photographs and because I had them going so quickly the whole thing lasted like nine six and so this would be another case where mohr is better you can always remove some of them but if you put your camera on an interval time or we could say I want you to take one shot every five seconds every ten seconds whatever you want for a total of so many shots I've seen some really interesting examples where people do this and they hold the camera in their hands they're walking down the street so every soul so many seconds there is another video and you get that kind of time lapse animation of kind of effect so kind of a cool thing because again it doesn't actually require video to create it you're bringing in still images that you're turning into video and the only kind of trick to this one is at the moment and maybe this will change with the moment the simplest way to change a whole bunch of individual photos to a shorter time frame is to convert it to that frame animation then you can select them all and change him at one time okay let's do another example of if I wanted to create something to use in video so for example maybe I'm recording a series of videos maybe some tutorials I don't know and at the end I want to have some little thing or like the beginning when the movies that they like someone so productions and they have their little logo in english what does some little thing so let's see how we might build that up and what I think you're going to find hopefully interesting about this is once again it's using the techniques we've been learning throughout our thirty day class talking about layers and layers styles and all that kind of stuff we just happened to be adding cem movement in here so let's set up our original outwait let's use a preset dave that would be good how about they're twelve eighty by seven twenty huh okay way squeeze it down to fit and fill this with black and I want to create a video timeline because whatever I do in here I want it to be video baby so let's take our type tool and get some text in here this is the kind of thing you'll discover is just part and parcel of working with photo shop a while back apparently I used optima bowled with a lot of spacing in it and I don't want that any more so I have to go in and find the typeface I want and make it bigger and then start to use that option or ault and the left arrow ki tto bring the tracking into a more reasonable amount and then make it bigger but you may have guessed already by looking at this that I'm not going to be happy with that yet because I don't like the spacing between the a and the b so click once do my little bit of turning with e option or alter the left arrow a little bit more here the v in the ear touching each other which is a little too close and the same with the sea and the r that's a fairly typical situation of me trying to get it looking as close as I can tell what I want now I'm gonna press commander control a for select all v for the move tool and then click on the little alignment button up the top that way make sure this is nicely aligned in the center now as we talked about now if I hadn't been playing around with styles and deleted and previously had saved a gold style in here but it's since gone so I'm gonna have to just do that part again but normally I would have a style that I'd save that would be a nice beveled glass or excuse me gold look so this will give me an opportunity to show you again so we'll do chisel hard change the size and then go in and click that little contour thing to get the result I think I like that one right there cool now let's add one other little bit of text and put in some more don't know why my typing ability is just going downhill fast and I wanted to be something different but I do want it to be I thought I'd put the caps lock key on that clearly I didn't so let's turn into all caps through little pop up menu here now I want to be smaller and spread out so it's around the same with not gonna pause for a second do that same select all moved tool centered to make sure this texas centered which it appears to be so now I could do a little bit more of that tracking to try and make it line up the way that I want already we're starting now I already have the bevel nimbus look I want here I want to reproduce it so I hold down the option or lke to copy this laywer style on the other one now I've got this look the way that I want now ignoring for a moment the fact that this is video if this was just a regular photo shop project at this point one things I would very likely do just to make sure I preserve everything I have is take these two layers and select them and convert to a smart object and that preserves as we've seen before the ability to do other things also makes these two layers act as if they're one but I still have the bully at them separately so even though this is inside of a what's ultimately going to be a video parties I'm showing you this is to remind us that as we're working and video were still using typical photoshopped techniques to get to the end result we want all right so now let's see what would I like to do with this video maybe I wanna have a kind of ah highlight zip across here or something so let's make a new layer and on this new layer I'm gonna take my polygon alas o'toole and just make some kind of shape I don't know why I did those little kind of diamond edges because that's really got nothing to do with it and we're gonna fill this with white and then apply a blur now here is a case where I suppose I could make this a smart object and do a smart filter blur but I think I kind of have an idea of what I want to do with this point so now let's see what happens if we change the blend moto overlay it's a little too subtle about screen now before I make too many decisions about that one of things that I should do is I want this highlight thing two on ly show up inside the text the way we do that is we turn this into one of those clipping mass optional click in between them and now we've got our little highlights so now I can start looking at the choices of overlay and hard light and then all those other things um let's go back here to screen dodge was checking them real quick to see if there's one that I like better than others I think overlay just do a quick test of apps with my move tool yeah see it's doing enough that's ok that's good that's what I want to have happen okay so now back to our kind of video aspect of things here I overall I want the text and the background layer to be on this long so I'm basically establishing the length of my video for now I will certainly be able to change it I also want this highlight think kind of go across the whole thing so the way we do that is we're going to start off take our move tool and drag this so it's just about off the edge and then remember we go to this little twirl down menu let me make this a little bigger and say position initially start here and at the end now take my move tool and drag it straight a cost to end there now you see how this little highlight that kind of zips across my logo when we play it it's pretty slow at first kind of like really slow and that's probably because I when I scaled this out I scaled way too far because I have it on like fifteen seconds or something I want to be much shorter so let's see now still pretty slow and that's in part because our logo is there so long so let's do this let's take this end and bring it in so we're basically going to say initially start the love without anything on it and then drag that little zippy dude uh thing across that's my technical name for it okay now it goes across still pretty slow but that's okay you get the idea of how we're doing it I've got loop playback turn on so I can see I think I would still not terribly happy with this I want to make this even quicker sits there for a minute and then the little highlight goes across so that's looking mohr like I had in mind let's just save this just to make sure that we don't end up having to re do any of that work at all to always maximize compatibility that means preserved all this stuff now the other thing I might want to do is put a lens flare on here now that if I were to do a lens flare directly inside this document the only problems with that is if the lens flares not big enough you'll see a very definite edge so one of the tricks that I found works kind of nicely for working with the lens player is make a new document and in this case I'm just gonna manually do it myself I know I want it to be basically around double the size so twenty five hundred by fifteen hundred that should be more than big enough so now it's much bigger than my other document I fill it with black gonna make him elliptical selection just to even further restrict it to certain areas all feather the edge of this by right or control clicking now we go to render lens flare and this is showing us the options we have I think I like this one or this one probably this one and I can determine c would add too much brightness week lose it all completely somewhere in there and I can affect the position between the flare and a little reflection that it has something like that okay and d selected so now I can take that and drag it back into this document and initially it puts it as part of this clipping group which I don't want in this case I'm going to just one group it or unmask it and for now it just show pops up there and shows completely every time you have something late colored on a black background if you change the blend mode to screen that generally takes away a very high percentage of the black they're still technically a little tiny bit there but overall you see now I get this nice kind of uh flair thing happening and now it's up to me to decide what I want to have happen my thought was once this little highlight thing goes across right around there oh that actually timed out time really well but I want this to be pretty short but I don't want to take this kind of pop on there like that so let's see what happens not sure if this is gonna work but let's try fitting it in and then waiting it out I don't see what that looks like not bad but I think maybe the fate needs to be a little faster I'm gonna zoom in closer so I can see and then just take this favour make it much shorter that was just the default kind of thing that you can't but I just wanted to almost be like a little flash like that is probably on just a little too long still because I really wanted just to kind of bash a little bit like that not bad and if I had more time and effort that I might also add in this one some kind of position thing were moved slightly or it rotated maybe I don't know let's try that I might just end up undoing this whole thing but we'll give a shot so let's zoom out a little bit for this and we want to say ok at its original position once we start to see it a little bit here and I'm gonna move this area and let's it free transform and rotate it a little bit and hit enter now that didn't work sometimes that we'll work but other times it doesn't seem to want to so let's see if we put it here and maybe to show the transformation controls now okay so the rotation thing probably doesn't look like it's going to work quite the way I had imagined in my head but let's see what we got yeah it's a little something so let's see what this looks like normally we would do further testing but I just want to I was gonna hit the wrong thing by mistake export that's what I want to render video by the way I should show you that when you're in the timeline there's also a little button here it allows you to render and you khun often let's see if there's one yet down here render video so all the same thing doesn't really matter so let's render that cover up the previous test that did it some earlier date that I happened also call logo you see doesn't take too too long to export and let's go on see what this looks like a code or desktop find there's logo here's some bad I mean like you some work and of course I need to have some kind of music to go along with this because that would be just not good without it so I don't know that I think I have any appropriate music but I need something that's just kind of go bom bom bom you get the idea that if you haven't guessed already I like working a video it's fun because it takes the things I already know how to do in photo shop and enjoy doing and then add some extra bonuses by saying and we can make it move and we could make things fade in and out and we can turn things around do all that stuff but let's look at our quickly example here even at this point I've done all this work and then I look at and go oh wait I need to change this this is still a smart object so I can still go in to be able to change it there's all my information and now I didn't do it in this case but I could have made these smart filters as well to be able to edit them but ultimately even all the video part is very non destructive because aiken decide for example that whole position thing doesn't work for me so I click again on little stopwatches removes it completely so now it just fades in and fades out again and that to me is just that that's kind of a fun aspect the fact that I khun again take these functions I already know how to do in for a shock and work with them and export them as video so fun fun stuff so too different kind of sides to me for working video one is I actually have some video clips that I've recorded myself and I want to put them together in some way that could take some time and it's also frankly going to create a fairly large file gonna be fairly ram intensive to be able to do all that but it is possible I certainly wouldn't want to do a half hour movie that way but if it was a five minute video or three minute video I would certainly consider it especially if this is the main tool I have I don't have some other video editing tool but equally interesting to me is the fact of starting from scratch where I have a bunch of still images and I want to make a slide show or a time lapse or this kind of idea I'm trying to create a little tiny opening and closing logo thing for a video that I'm doing or something of that nature the fact that I could do all of this in photo shop you know there's tools out there wonderful tools like after effects but I opened after effects once and stared at and went yeah I have no idea where as here as you saw except for the very last couple of steps that said now make it move every other operation was standard photo shop stuff in fact people that I know that use after effects they often build all their graphics in photoshopped lenders make the move and after effects so if I can do similar kind of stuff granted not the same but in this same tool to me that's pretty darn inter so what I would suggest you might want to try a little exercise is make yourself a new document in the video size and you can see there are pre sets for video you can find the one that says twelve eighty by seven twenty create the little if you don't see the timeline panel make sure you can see it and then click on the create video timeline button and then just add some media and the media khun b aah bunch of still images like in this case some I have a bunch of photos that I'm gonna add in here so I just had those in depending on the sizing you made to scale them in order to do that I would suggest that we go through and do our lips wrong keyboard shortcuts are smart object realized that I had to reset photo shop after I had made that little action shortcut things so anyway you see the idea convert them all the smart objects and then we can select the mall transform hope select them all he said transform them to fit by nature they will automatically appear and end this one is was just nothing so we can always delete that now we have just are photos and then start playing with transitional effects and also some of these options for transforming or changing opacity and see what you can come up with I mean this is an exercise in just experimentation to see whether you find video is something you really enjoy or maybe not so much if you do decide to a slideshow don't forget to consider very carefully make sure in fact I'm shouldn't say that don't consider it just add audio slide shows without audio are killer they just mean in a bad way they don't they're not very pleasant for the audience to watch so make sure you're adding audio if you're doing a video and that way you can spend a bit of time experimenting with the world of video and see what you can do with it and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as everyone else that I've talked to so far that just loves working and video in photo shop so have fun doing that we shall see you tomorrow

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